Yearling Sales of 1924, Daily Racing Form, 1924-12-20

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YEARLING SALES OF 1924 The second installment of the yearling sales of 1924 is here presented, the youngsters being grouped under their respective sires: KING JAMES, b. h, 1905, by Plaudit Unsightly, by PuTsehearer. Seller Buyer. Color and Sex. Dam. Price. nimyar"stud B. L. Squires, Agt Chestnut colt Amelita 1,100 Monietta Stud C. T. Worthington Bay filly Theodorita 1,000 Monictta Stud L. Denny Bay or brown colt Florist 500 KWANG-STJ. b. li, 1913, by Cicero Galicia, by Galopin. Himyar Stud J. E. Davis Bay or brown colt La Marsellaisc S.500 LAST COIN, b. h, 1912, by Ultimus Half Crown, by Cyllene; or, HIGH TIME, ch. h, 1916, by Ultimus Noonday, by Domino. E. Daingerfield and Dr. M. E. Johnston.... Goodstone Stable Chestnut colt. British Fleet 2,500 ZiEMBERG, b. h, 1907, by Cyllene Galicia, by Galopin. A. B. Hancock E. J. Tranter, Agt Bay colt Peep 15,500 Laurel Park Stud Co E. B. McLean Bay colt Silver How S.000 Laurel Park Stud Co W. Daniel Chestnut colt Nun Monckton 2.50J LIGHT BRIGADE, br. h, 1910, by Picton Bridge of Sighs, by Isinglass; or, TREVISCO, ch. h, 1914, by Tredennis Tho Test, by John, o Gaunt. Monietta Stud P. Connelly Bay or brown colt Margaret nampson T5.30O Jas. P. Headley International Stable Black filly Lady Clara 1,650 Bosque Bonita Farm....C. T. Worthington Chestnut filly Mollie Elliott 1,300 nimyar Stud F. Mcllroy Black colt White Slave 1,100 Bosque Bonita .Farm.... J. O. Keene Chestnut filly ....La Recolte 1,003 J. N. Camden and C. Nuckols Tj. Carey, Agt. Bay filly The Baroness S00 Mrs. B. Viley J. Pratt Bay colt Belle of Stonewall.. 750 Combs and Camden J. P. Welsh Brown filly .Pousettc 375 XONG SET, b. h, .1907, by Rabelais Balle Perdue, by Reverend. Laurel Park Stud Co Grecntree Stable Chestnut colt Pommerin 2.100 Laurel Park Stud Co W. Daniel Bay colt ; Ilarama 1,500 LUKE McLUKE, b. h. 1911, hy Ultimus Midge, hy Trenton. Black and Keene E. Leigh Bay filly Carmen 5,000 Himyar Stud C. Weidemann Chestnut colt Lucille Morois 3,00! G. Watts and Sons W. L. Sand Black filly Civil Maid 1,300 MADRIGALIAN, br. h, 1908, by Armeath H. Madelaine, by St"tford. K. N. Gilpin J. E. Davis Bay colt Aunty Sunshine .... GOO MAGNETO, ch. h, 1909, by Star Shoot Marie Frances, by Sir Dixon. F. Johnston T. Mueller Chestnut colt Mytilene 750 F. Johnston E. Bush Chestnut filly Eloisa 275 MAINTENON, cli. h, 1903, by le Sagittaire, by Marcia, by Marden. A. K. Macomber Mira Monte Stock Farm. Macedonian, Ch. c Philiflpa 3,500 A, k! Macomber Mira Monte Stock Farm. Chestnut filly War Tears 3,500 a! k! Macomber G. II. Sliimp Bay colt Jona 3,100 A. K. Macomber Mira Monte Stock Farm. Bay colt Mackelyne 1.S0O a! k! Macomber B. L. Squires, Agt Chestnut colt Pigeon Pie 1,700 MAN 0 WAR, ch. h, 1917, by Fair Play Mahubah, by Rock Sand. American Remount Scr...Mrs. F. A. Clark Brown filly Star Puss 8,000 MANILARDO, b. h, 1916, by Bayardo Gay Laura, by Beppo. Laurel Park Stud Co II. Uegiono OiUjtnut filly AdoI::id.i Bridge .... COO MASTER ROBERT, ch. h, 1905, by Mazagan Flocarline, by St. Elorian. W. J. Glover J. Murphy Chestnut filly Ruth 200 McGEE, b. li. 1900, by White Knight Remorse, by Hermit. A. B. IlanMk and W. S. Thrclkcld Log Cabin Stable Chestnut colt ...Bonny Doon 4,000 C. W. Moore estate P. Youkijis Bay filly I. Donna Mamona 1,150 C. W. Moore estate M.. E. Johnston Bay filly Little Whit S50 . McKINLEY, b. or br. li, 1916, by Macdonald II. Mrs. Despard, by Isinglass. E. Cebrian O. W. Leonard .- Bay filly Hurry Up II 1,850 E. Cebrian F. Johnson Brown filly Freewill II 1,000 E. Cebrian J. A. Payne Bay filly ...Gibbs 1,100 MIDWAY, cli. h, 1914, by Ballot Thirty-Third, by Sir Dixon. T. C. Piatt F. C. McAtce Bay filly Cain Chaser 250 MINT, b. h. 1909, by Rock Sand Mem Sahib, by Ladas. D. Peed M. Morten Brown gelding Marion Rose II 100 MONT DOR II., b. h. 1911, by Val dOr Lonolinoss, by Ayrshire. S. n. Velio Ilarned Bros Chestnut colt Home Sick 950 S. II. Velio L. Jones Bay filly Move On 550 S. U. Velie... Ilarned Bros. Bay filly ..Dancing Sun 200 MOUNT WILLIAM, br. h, 1911, hy General Symons Prized, by St. Simonmimi. Laurel Park Stud C0.....B. D. Gibson Brown coir .. .Jalisco 1,000 NEGOFOL, ch. h, 1906, by Childwick Nebrouzc, by Nebuleuse. .Seller: : - . . Buyer.. - ... Color- and Sex-. Dnrn. rrlrf. Xalapa Farm -. ...Knncoeas Stable ...... ..Bay or brown colt .Adana ........... . ... 1.i,.0j Xalapa .Farm ...Parkview Stable .........Bay or brown colt ......Colonial- Dame. ..... 14,C00 11. II;; Xalapa. Farm .......".....II. Oliver ......... ......Brown colt ........Base Leaves ... 12.000 A A. Xalapa Farm : II. Oliver ....Bay colt . . .Den se Field .". 12,000 IJ. IJ. Xalapa Farm 0. Clay .Chestnut filly ..Folly Pennant 10.000 A A. Xalapa Farm ............ W. F. Ilitt.. .....Bay colt Forever 8,703 Xalapa Farm D. B. Gibson Chestnut colt Mixed -Color- 8,500 Xalapa Farm II. Oliver Bay colt Mileairc 8,000 J. j. Xalapa Farm F. B. Shreve Black colt Hidden Star 7,500 si Xalapa Farm .......... ..F. B. Shreve .......... .Black filly ......... .V. . .James Frances-.... 7...00 si Xalapa Farm ............ H. Oliver Brown filly ......Blue Plum .......... C,r.00 jj Xalapa Farm .......W. F. -Ilitt Bay or brown filly -.Uvouia c-100 SI Xalapa Farm II. Oliver Bay colt Largo .001 si Xalapa Farm J- B. Respess.........". ..Bay colt ...Denise -Field G.003 si Xalapa Farm ..... ......Parkview Stable .........Black filly .Toujours 5,000 si Xalapa Farm E. J. Tranter, Agent ....Chestnut filly ...... Broom -.Straw 3.500 si Xalapa Farm ......J. C. Milam Brown filly ....Blue. Plum..: 3.000 si Xalapa Farm. ........... .L. Rosenberg .Chestnut filly .........Broom4 Straw -.800 si Xalapa Farm ......Mrs. F. A. Clark Chestnut filly Crl de Coeur 2.6C0 G. Xalapa Farm ...W. F. Ilitt Brown filly Bed Cross Girl . 2,600 si Xalapa Farm ............ t. B. Gibson . Bay filly .....Coat :.. 2.010 Xalapa Farm .....J. Edwards. .... Brown colt ...Brace Up 1.800 Xalapa Farm". "W. L. nernstadt .Bay filly Coat 1.S00 L. B. Combs W. Jennings Brown colt Brace Up 1,000 Tj NORTH STAB III., ch. h. 1814, by Sunstar Angelic, by St. Angelo. Xalapa Farm..... New Jersey Stable Chestnut filly Land League ....... 4,300 Xalapa Farm II. Oliver .Chestnut filly Land League 3.300 jj Himyar Stud F. J. Farrell Bay colt .Seemly 3,203 Kstill and Madden ...Audley Farm Stable ....Brown filly ....Coy Maid 3.003 E. Cebrian J. E. Madden Brown filly Coy Maid ; 2,000 , S. OISEAU BLEU, br. h, 1909, by Gallinule Petit Bleu, by Eager. Laurel Tark Stud Co..... J. K. L. Ross .Chestnut colt ..Stratbglass ........ 4.100 A OLAMBALA, ch. h. 1S0G, by Ornus Blue and "White, by Virgil." Himyar Stud C. "Weidcmann Chestnut colt Amans 3,100 A " OMAR KHAYYAM, ch. h. 1914, by Marco Lisma, by "Persimmon. A.. R. "Hancock M. Field III Bay colt ..Bobolink-II 8,000 Xalapa Farm Parkview Stable Chestnut colt Discretion II. 8,000 A. B. Hancock W. F. Ilitt Chestnut colt Chemulpo 3,100 D. u Mrs. L. Viau. Miss II. Chambers Chestnut filly ....... ....Maidens Ballet 2.EO0 D. Mrs. L. Viau M. Goldblatt Brown filly . . .V. . . Follic Levy 2.G00 D. Bvlair Stud I. Oppenheim Chestnut filly .-The Beef 2.C00 u D. A.B. Hancock Lilane - Stable Brown colt .............The Marchioness ... 1,800 D. Mrs. L. Viau M. Goldblatt 4.. Brown colt Tatricia IV. 1,200 A. B. Hancock C. P. Winfrey Chestnut filly Delft 1,100 D. Belar Stud J. E. Madden Brown colt Lady Carnot 1.000 l D. Belair Stud G. McDowell .. Chestnut filly . . . . . .Parthen!s .. 1,000 D. A. 15. Hancock L. "NVaterbury Brown filly Virginia 800 D. - Mrs. L. Viau.. II. Kavanangh Chestnut filly ...Honey Cell ........ COO i, D. D. Hancock and Nichols P. McQuiston Golden Age, b. c ...Geld . 530 W. W. Darden A. Sciiardt Chestnut filly . . . .Galli-Curci ........ 500 Mrs. L. Viau H. Kavauaugh Chestnut filly ...Enfilade 400 1 ORMONDALE, b. h. 1903, by Ormonde Santa Bella, by St. Surf. "White and Madden......... "W. E. Coe . Bay colt Kitten 500 FATAUD. b. h. 1910, by DarleyDale La Poetica, by Masque. 1 Donegal Farm T. Mueller Bay gelding Brandon Belle 700 PENNANT, ch. h. 1911, by Peter Pan Royal Rose, by Royal Hampton. j. Himyar Stud V. F. Ilitt Bay filly .Early Morning 4,103 j A. I PETER PAN, b. h. 1904, by Commando Cinderella, by Hermit. n-myar Stud M. nirsch Chestnut colt Lucrative 5,800 II . H. and J. II. Gaines... A. J. Wells Chestnut colt Ahnagh ...".....".... 2;C00 II. P. -Whitney and . C; Nuokos M. J. Farris, Jr... Bay or brown filly. ... .Neil Wilder . 800 A. S. Labold ". T. Piatt.... . Chestnut filly .....Cliulita ............ 750 PETER QUINCE, ch. h. 1905, by Commando Fair Vision, by Touchet. nimyar Stud F. J. Farrell Bay colt Chorus Girl II. .... 5,000 , A. 15. Hancock ..J. E. Widener Brown colt ...... ."..Waldena ...... T.K 4,200 jj Bosque Bonita Farm Audley Farm Stable ....Chestnut filly .Ch-n .Chin ...-. 3,700 , Kstill k Madden E. A. Thornton Chestnut colt Heliosis 1,000 H. Black .... . ...T. Mueller Bay filly . ...Irish Song ......... 1,400 Bosque Bonita Farm . ...L. Denny Chestnut filly . . . . . Andrajosa 1,000 3. N. Camden and C. Xuckols C. Micklewait Chestnut filly . ....Margaret Hastings . 800 T B-lair Stud Smith Baker Chestnut filly Nebula ............. 550 Black and Camden L. Denny Bay filly .Irish Song ..: 400 1 PHALARIS, br. h, 1913, by Pclymelus Bromus, by Sainfoin. - Himyar Stud W. T. Anderson Bay colt ..." ..Carnival" . 0,500 POLTAVA, gr. h, 1917, by Polymelus Tagale, by Le Sancy. Laurel Park Stud Co J. K. L. Boss .Bay colt Grecian Fairy ...... 2,003 PRINCE PAL, b. h, 1917, by Prince Palatine Wilful Maid II., by Sundridge. Xalapa Farm W. Zeigler, Jr Brown colt ...Crystal Maid . 12,000 Xalapa Farm W. Zeiglcr, Jr Chestnut colt : Phantom "Maid 10,003 ; Xalapa Farm Parkview Stable Bay colt ...Rose of Roses ...... 3,200 B. Martin .S. Baker .Chestnut coft ......Playful Edith 550 E. B. Bruner ..W. N. Shpbrook ........Bay gelding .Fleeing Venus .... 100 PRINCE PALATINE dead, b. h, 1908, by Persimmon Lady Lightfoot, by .Isinglass. Xaapa Farm C. B. Shafer Chestnut filly Quixota 10,000 Xalapa Farm Parkview Stable Chestnut- filly Mille Fleurs 9.000 Xalapa. Farm II. Oliver Chestnut filly Even Break 5,030 Xalapa Farm R. J. Walden Chestnut filly ...Even Break 5.000 PRINCE PHILIP, gr. h, 1915, by Roi Hcrode Santee, by Santoi. Laurel Park Stud Co W. Daniel Chestnut colt ....Iliyme 1,100 RADIANT, b. h, 1910, by Sundridge Doris, by Loved One. Xalapa Farm Parkview Stable ........Bay or brown filly Saboticre 3, GOO RALPH, b. h, 1911, by Sempronius Bashford Belle, by Falsetto. I. S. Wiggins J. II. Nichols Chestnut colt Bocma .. .. 350 i D. P. Marshall .J. Lopez., ..Bay filly.........." ..Cutter! 300 I. Weil II. Ahrens ...Bay filly Zudora 250 R. T. Judy...;.. M. Morton ..Bay filly... Rosemeade .. 175 . RAPID WATER, b; h, 1901, by Rapallo Water Girl, by Watercress. Est. of G. W. J. BisselL.Woodlawn Stable .......Bay colt ....Mettie Bereaud .... 2,000 Est. of G. W. J. BisselL.Woodlawn Stable Bay filly ......Filigree 850 r Est. of G. W. J. Bissell. .K. Walker Black filly Sister Emblem 800 i Est. of G. W. J. Bissell.. S. Babser ; Chestnut colt i.Icaria 700 ! Est. of G, W.. J. Bissell.. C. T. AVorthlngton Chestnut filly Maria C 350 Est. of G. W. J. Bissell. .G. R. Bryson .. Chestnut . filly ".Alberta II SCO RIRE AUX LARMES, b. or br. h, 1937, by Rabelais Weeping Willow, by Le Sancy. E. Cebrian K. Walker. Agt. Bay filly Scramble-;;..; 2,100 ROCHESTER, br. h, 1S07, by Rock Eand Capariscn, by Sir Visto. Laurel Park Stud Co J. K. L. Ross Chestnut colt Fiancee 1.C00 i ROCK FLINT, ch. h, 1910, by Rock Sand Trigger, by Meddler. Laurel Park Stud Co Log Cabin Stable Bay colt Veldt 3,500 I nimyar Stud G. C. Winfrey Chestnut colt .Sleive Bloom 830 I ROCK VIEW. br. h. 1910, by Rock Sand Golden View, by Hastings. Belair Stud - Mrs. F. A. Clark Bay colt Smilax 1,500 A. B. Hancock P. J. Lavin Chestnut colt Tread Lightly II. .. 1,000 A. B. Hancock C. T. Worthington. .... .Brown filly lane Straith" . ." 500 ; Carr and Piatt Harned Bros Black filly..... Hannah 300 Glen Helen Stud F. Byer Chestnut coif .Kentigerna 250 ROYAL CANOPY, gr. h, 1914, by Roi Herode Cream o th Sky, by Lorl Melton. .. Laurel Tark Stud Co: .T. N. Camden ....Grey colt Loveless 2,203 1 ROYAL II., b. h. 1912, by Your Majesty Lady Ethel, by Sir Geoffrey. M. Cox.. E. Clymonds . Bay filly Espano 325 RUNNYMEDE, ch. li, 1908, by Voter Running Stream, by Domino. "Napa Stock" Farm A. B. Spreckels J. Ilealy Runcloud, ch. c Pourquoi 2,100 Napa stock Farm . A. B. Spreckels n. M. Howard ..Babe Garrett, ch. t Clarice B 1,100 Napa Stock Farm A. B., Spreckels...... P. Younger .Runall, ch. c. .Micco S05 Napa Stock Farm "A. B. Spreckels AV. C. Anderson Runerva, ch. f Preservation COO 3 Napa Stock Farm - - A. B. Spreckels E. II. Garrison Freda D., ch. f Salara 500 Napa Stock Farm x - f A. B. Spreckels .F. Byer ;Runsoro, ch. c .Sorority 450 Napa Stock Farm ,A. B. Spreckels ,.E. Sictas .Runebb, ch. f Ebba 450 " Napa Stock Farm . . A. B. Spreckels S. B. OHagan .......... Sala, b. f ; Corinne 350 Napa Stock Farm i A. B. Spreckels F. Byer .-Rungal, ch. f I.cggogal 200 n Napa Stock Farm A. B. Spreckels n. Rigione ...."... .Grace n.; ch. f Salalhe . 150 0 RTJSSLEY, b. h, 1912, by Minoru Merry Gal, by Galcpin. Laurel Park Stud Co.....W. Daniel. Chestnut colt ...Royal Applause .... 3,100 . i SARMATIAN, b. h, 1917, by Sardanapale Mousse des Bos, by Ajax; Belair Stud K. E; Httt ..Brown filly Votes 2,103 3 Belair Stud R. K. Fairbairn Bay filly Daphne 1,000 Belair Stud E. G. H.HI ....Brown colt Aile dOr 700 0 Belair Stud W.-Sklnker .....Brown colt .....Polysanda 400 0 Belair Stud H.J.Byrne -Bay filly ...Sadawa 200 SEA ROCK, ch. h,- 191C, byVulcain Sea Spray, by Star Shoot. W. B. Watkins K. F. "Whitney Chestnut colt Miss Fauntlcroy 1.503 0 W. B. Watkins S. Ross Chestnut colt ......... .."Queen Wolf 1,000 0 "W B. Watkins S. Ross Chestnut filly Vrackiuet ......... 1,000, 0 11. II;; A A. IJ. IJ. A A. J. j. si si jj SI si si si si si si G. si Tj jj , S. A A D. u D. D. u D. D. D. l D. D. D. - i, D. D. 1 1 j. j A. I , jj , T 1 ; SEA SICK, b. h, 1905; by Elf Saf Saf, by Le Sancy. Seller. Buyer. Color and Sex; Dam. Price. Cebrian" ..C. TV." Leonard Bay colt . Miss Glatigne . 3.500 K. Macomber ;.-.5Iir.i Monte Stock Farm. .Bay colt . .War Cross 2.200 . Cebrian .J. N. Markey ..Chestnut filly War Stories 1,500 K. Macomber ....J. O. Kcene Bay filly Blind Fate 750 SHORT GRASS, b. h. 1S08, by Laveno Outburst, by Enthusiast. A. Tayne W. F. Land Chestnut colt Comsora 1.O50 Short Grass Stud B.HerzT. A. Payne Chestnut colt Comsora 1.C50 Short Grass Stud U.HerzS. Ottcnhcimer Bay filly Mary Belle ;.. 1.250 Monietta Stud D. Oppenheimcr Bay colt Maidenhair. 1.100 Short Grass Stud E.HerzJ. O. Keene Chestnut filly Queens Loch 1.00.1 Short Grass Stud B.HerzJ. O. Keene Chestnut filly Fair Helen ......... 750 Short Grass Stud IMIerzNcwtondale Stable Bay colt ...Castle Douglas .... COO Short Grass Stud E.HprzS. Ottenheimer Brown filly Misty Queen 550 Short Grass Stud B.HerzT. A. Payne Bay filly Intrigue 400 Short Grass Stud E.IIerz I. W. Scott Bay filly Christophino 400 Short Grass Stud E.HcrzJ. P. Edwards Chestnut fiily Common Law 350 W. Scott ....B. Sandidge Bay filly Christophine S50 Short Grass Stud L.HerzH. M. Bosworth Bay filly Suzie 300 SILLER, br. h, 1911, by Symington Money Down, by Lesterlin. Laurel Tark Stud Co.... 15. D. Gibson Bay filly Singing Thrush 400 SIMON SQUARE, b. h, 1904, by St. Simon Sweet Marjorie, by Kendal. IIimyar Stud R. C. Winmill Bay filly Joan of Arc 1 900 SIR BARTON, ch. h, 1916, by Star Shoot Lady Sterling, by Hanover. Ross Grcentrec Stable Bay filly Sous Marine 2,100 Audley Farm and Herring - - Bros ..Audley Farm Chestnut colt Ballymooney 1,000 Audley Farm and Herring Bros Audley Farm Bay colt Irish Lassie 1,000 Audley Farm and Herring - , Bros Audley Farm Chestnut filly Madge Wildfire 1.000 SIR JOHN JOHNSON, b. h, 1905, by Isidor La Tosca II., by Laureate. TV.- Scott W. Terkins Black colt Miss Fannie 2.5C0 TV". Scott W. Perkins Bay filly ..AVaterK. 2,503 W. Scott- W. Perkins Bay filly : Love Story 2,300 W. Scott G. Drake Bay filly Beatrice K 1,500 W. Scott VV. Perkins Chestnut filly Flying Frances 1,503 AV. F. Land T. P. Hayes Chestnut colt Outgo ". 1.400 AV. Scott S. AV. Richards Chestnut colt Calanthe 1,000 W. Scott C. T. AVorthington Hay filly Winnemucca ....... 950 TV. Scott S. AV. Richards Chestnut colt Grace Navarre 900 AV. Seott .1. T. Martin Chestnut filly Even Money 800 W. Scott J. T. Martin Bay colt Crepe de Chine 700 AV. Scott H. Oots Chestnut filly Ulranda 050 SIR MARTIN, ch. h. 1906, by Ogden Lady Sterling, by Hanover. Himyar Stud ..l.-.i. .F. Grabner Chestnut filly Colna 700 SOMME KISS, ch. h, 1915, by Sunstar Stolen Kiss, by Best Man. Himyar Stud TV. Perkins Bay colt Marie Galante 3.C00 . EON-IN-LAW, br. h, 1911, by Dark Ronald Mother-in-Law, by Matchmaker. K. N. .Gilpin Oak Ridge Stable Brown filly Simmy C.20O B. Hancock R. A. Fairbairn Bay colt Loaf Sugar 5,000 Lauiel Park Stud Co AV. Daniel Brown colt .....Usalia . ........ 1,500 ST. ROCK, ch. h, 1913, by Rock Sand St. Priscilla, by Rayon dOr. White and Madden W. Daniel Chestnut colt Marie Mahler 1,700 AVhite and Madden .S. L. Burch ..Chestnut colt.. Hiberuia III 050 Mosely andMadden N. K. Beal . Chestnut colt Rabbit 500 " , STAR HAWK, b. h, 1913, b7 Sunstar Sweet Finch, by Goldfinch. A. K. Macomber.... .T. E. Madden Chestnut colt Pcrpetuana 1,150 A. K. Macomber. ....... ..I. McDonald Bay colt Clementine , 050 A. K. Macomber D. Douglas Bay colt ..Mutiny 3C0 STEDFAST, eh. h, 1908, by Chaucer Be Sure, by Surefoot. Laurel Park Stud Co Mrs. R. T. Baker Chestnut colt Tangy 2,600 STEFAN THE GREAT, gr. h, 1916, by Tho Tetrarch Perfect Peach, Vt Persimmon. Laurel Park Stud Co.... J. K. L. Ross..... Gray colt Luscignon 3,500 SUNNY SLOPE, ch. h, 1915, by Astronomer Neva W., by Rey del Sierras. Carr and Piatt... II. P. Gardner Chestnut colt Top Note G.300 D. Peed AV. N. Brennan Brown filly .....Dividend 175 s To be continued. .

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