Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1933-08-05

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. . - . , . , , .... . - , -. . : : 1 gcSgr CONEY ISLAND 6th . .BRIGHT BUBBLE II THISTLEDOWN 3rd.. BAIN OR SHINE jyY JPfTTTQlY tJftV HAWTHORNE Trackman: L. G. PLAUT. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Weather clear; track fast. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Lamporte GeneD. Le Miserable Lamporte GeneD. Lamporte36 ILamporte GeneD. GeneD. Le Miserable Lamporte GeneD. Lamporte GeneD. 28 Her Hero Le Miserable Lamporte Liberty Oak Le Miserable Liberty Oak Le Miserable 16 VoltaMaid Cog-Air VoltaMaid Cog-Air VoltaMaid Cog-Air Cog-Air 36 2 Cog-Air Rusty Portcodine Rusty Cog-Air Volta Maid Volta Maid 28 Salisbury Salisbury Cog-Air Burning Up Burning Up Portcodine Portcodine 6 Prose and Poetry Pigeon Holt Prose and Poetry Barry Pigeon Hole Slash Pse and Ptry 28 3 Pigeon Hole Gramarye Pigeon Hole Tarnish Prose and Poetry Prose and Poetry Pigeon Hole 26 Gramarye Prose ai Poetry Battling On Prose and Ptry Gramarye Pigeon Hole Barry 8 x Pncess Camelia Mohel Princess Caelia Monel Cambridgeshire Monel 34 4Monel Bright Shadow Monel Cambridgeshire Fair Image Bright Shadow Monel Pcess Cmelia 24 Princess Camelia Gay World Princess Camelia Bright Shadow Princess Camelia Gay World Cambdgshire 12 Supreme Sweet Cathop Supreme Sweet Minton Minton Supreme Sweet Supme Sweet 34 5 Pancoast Minton Minton Supreme Sweet Supreme Sweet Minton Minton 30 Minton Supreme Sweet Band Wagon Cathop Rehoboth Cathop Cathop 12 Plucky Play Evergold Plucky Play Gallant Sir Gallant Sir Gallant Sir Gallant Sir 28 6 Waylayer Indian Runner Gallant Sir .Indian Runner Indian Runner Plucky Play Plucky Play 22 Big Brand Action Indian Runner Tried Avon Plucky Play . Indian Runner Indian Runnr 16 Renewed . Stone Martin Old Depot Old Depot Stone Martin Old Depot Old Depot 30 7 Tela Renewed Renewed White Legs Old Depot Renewed Renewed 24 Stone Martin Votan Below Cost Renewed Renewed Stone Martin Stone Martin 20 Elizabeth Fox Scimitar Scimitar Scimitar Scimitar Scimitar Scimitar 46 8 Scimitar Flat Rock Elizabeth Fox Oaten Elizabeth Fox Elcidio Elizabeth Fox 18 Representative Elizabeth Fox Replevin Elcidio Oaten . Oaten Oaten 8 CONEY ISLAND Trackman: W. G. RODERICK. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Weather clear; track fast. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Wise Dream Caw Caw Long-Bit Landover Long Bit Caw Caw Caw Caw 24 1 Caw Caw King Today Caw Caw King Today Wise Dream GoodPolitian Long Bit 16 GoodPolitian Landover Wise Dream GoodPolitian Royal Majesty King Today Wise Dream 14 Proud Princess Sallie Irene Lonell Proud Princess Proud Princess Moppet Pr"d Princess 30 2 Guidess Guidess Proud Princess Moppet Lonell Lonell Lonell 20 Lonell Lonell Guidess Guidess Moppet Proud Princess Moppet 14 Plumage Bedighf Bedight Dominant Miss Running Water Smear Bedight20 3 Dominant Miss Smear Dominant Miss Smear Bedight Plumage Smear 20 Running Water Justice Logan Plumage Running Water Smear Dominant Miss Domint Miss 18 Baboo Lincoln Plaut Baboo Monkey Shine Baboo Monkey Shine Baboo 30 4 Low Gear Monkey Shine Low Gear Jack Murphy Lincoln Plaut Lincoln Plaut Monkey Shine 24 Lincoln Plaut Baboo Monkey Shine Baboo Low Gear Baboo Lincoln Plaut 20 Stop Gap Stop Gap Skirl Migosh Skirl Stop Gap Stop Gap 32 5 Skirl Migosh RoxieWeidel- . Skirl Stop Gap Skirl Skirl 28 RoxieWeidel Wise Susan Stop Gap Stop Gap RoxieWeidel RoxieWeidel Roxie Weidel 10 Rip Van Winkle Bright Bubble Bright Bubble Bright Bubble Bright Bubble Rip Van Winkle Bright Bubble 40 6 PeggyLehmann Morsel Peggy Lehmann Morsel PeggyLehmann Morsel Rip.V. Winkle 18 Bright Bubble Flag Flying Morsel Rip Van Winkle Morsel Bright Bubble Morsel 16 Counsellor Crane Gertie Eurydice I Prevail Csellor Crane Counsellor Crane Csellor Crane 32 7 Cactus Rose Fiji Cactus Rose Counsellor Crne Cactus Rose I Prevail I Prevail 14 Fiji I Prevail Counsellor Crane Gertie Eurydice Gertie Gertie 12 Kibitzer Little Connelly Black Nose Play Lady Star Brook Star Brook Star Brook 28 8 Star Brook Star Brook Little Connelly Star Brook Panther Rock Little Connelly Little Cnelly 20 Little Connelly Easy Panther Rock Panther Rock Little Connelly Easy Kibitzer 8 Monty M. Fair Duchess Monty M. Monty M. Monty M. Betty Wee Monty M. 36 9 Betty Wee Brilliant Lass Yankee Waters Fair Duchess Betty Wee Monty M. Betty Wee 18 Yankee Waters Betty Wee Legality Courland Courland Fair Duchess Fair Duchess 14 THISTLE DOWN PARK Trackman: F. H. SPROULE. Outstanding selections appear In bold type. Weather clear; track fast. RACE TRACKMAN . CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Pandoras Box Golden X. Pandoras Box Golden X. Golden X. Golden X. Golden X. 34 Canonazo Secret Call Ma Secret Call Secret Call Secret Call PdorasBox20 Showcase Canonazo Canonazo Fannie Lou Pandoras Box Pandoras Box Secret Call 16 Social Climber Toltec Le Flore Arrowlike La Compere Le Flore Le Flore 16 2 Chianti Justa Princess Toltec Run On St Jim La Compere La Compere 14 Justa Princess Social Climber Hypoluxo Chianti Hypoluxo Chianti Toltec 12 Rain or Shine Arab The Southerner Rain or Shine Rain or Shine Rain or Shine Rain or Shine 38 3 Andromeda Rain or Shine Astute Astute Astute Arab Astute 14 Stampdale Andromeda Andromeda The Southerner Andromeda Astute Arab 12 Aurica Justa Flapper Aurica Dark Star Pennant Bearer Justa Flapper Aurica20 A " Dark Star Burnt Copper Flying Giblon Burnt Copper Burnt Copper Pennant Bearer Justa Flapper 16 Burnt Copper BavelleFronk Tty Five Sixty Hukill ThoreseGirl Aurica Burnt Copper 14 The King Gurgler The King The King Falmouth Belle The King The King 36 5 Gurgler The French Rose Pompeia The French Rose Judge Dixon Gurgler Gurgler 20 One Cent The King The French Rose Gurgler The French Rose Falmouth Belle The Fch Rose 12 Quorum NellKuhlman Manners Soupcon Burgoo Quorum 24 6Soupcon Quorum Lady Menifee Quorum Quorum Manners Soupcon Soupcon 20 Modesto Modesto Burgoo Burgoo Quorum Quorum Manners 12 Baigdora Major Lanphier Potentate Southland Toy Flageolet Major Lanphier Southland Toy 20 7 Aella Southland Toy Southland Toy Gain Gold Gain Gold Baigdora Major Lphier 16 Southland Toy Baigdora Baigdora Flageolet Nisia Southland Toy Baigdora 16 Allegretto Miss Catalan Crowned Head Allegretto Crowned Head Miss Catalan Cwned Head 28 8 Water Fowl Crowned Head Water Fowl Water Fowl Fair Manna Crowned Head Allegretto 18 Crowned Head Rejuvenation Fair Manna Crowned Head Miss Catalan Allegretto Miss Catalan 18 SARATOGA Trackman: C. J. CONNORS. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Weather clear; track good. -rTcIE . TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Filter Haggerson Filter Cabezo Filter Cabezo Filter 28 1 Integrity Pomposo Cabezo Malimou Cabezo StOmer Cabezo 26 Malimou Filter Stepsister StOmer Integrity Haggerson Haggerson 10 2! Ivory -II. Jack Anthony Ivory U. Jack Anthony Jack Anthony Rudolf Jack Anthony 30 Rudolf Ivory II. Jack Anthony Cito Ivory II. Ivory U. Ivory II. 28 I Shylock Rudolf Crumpler Crumpler Crumpler Jack Anthony Rudolf 14 Hadagal First Minstrel Black Buddy Red Wagon Black Buddy Hadagal Hadagal 28 3! Black Buddy Black Buddy Hadagal Hadagal Hadagal Red Wagon Black Buddy 26 i Cavalcade Cavalcade Red Wagon Cavalcade Cavalcade Black Buddy Red Wagon 14 Porhponius Pomponius Pomponius Pomponius Pomponius Caesars Ghost Pomponius40 4 Caesars Ghost Caesars Ghost Dark Winter Keep Out Caesars Ghost Dark Winter Caesars Ghost 22 Keep Out Keep Out Keep Out Caesars Ghost Keep Out Keep Out Keep Out 14 Equipoise Equipoise Equipoise Equipoise Equipoise Equipoise Equipoise 58 5 Dark Secret Osculator Dark Secret Larranaga Osculator Neverfade Dark Secret 10 War Glory Neverfade Osculator Dark Secret Gusto Gusto Osculator 10 Saracen Maid Thoughtless Proud Girl Saracen Maid Time Off Saracen Maid Saracen Maid 34 6 Mayaca Overlette Saracen Maid Fancy Feathers Saracen Maid Mayaca Mayaca 12 American Air Saracen Maid Mayaca Mayaca Fancy Feathers American Air Thoughtless-8

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