Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1934-06-16

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Best of the Day WASHINGTON 5th MOANE KEALA KEALADETROIT DETROIT 6th CAVALCADE CAVALCADELATONIA LATONIA 7th OPEN HEARTH HEARTHFAIRMOUNT FAIRMOUNT 2nd GOLDEN GLITTER AQUEDUCT 5th DARK SECRET WASHINGTON PARK PARKOutstanding Trackman X G FLAUT Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Lamp Black Hyman Lamp Black Lamp Black Lamp Black BlackHyman Lamp Black BlackUluniu Lampblack 46 Hynian Xamp Black Hymah Very Well Hyman Uluniu Hyman 24 Uluniu Very Well Very Well Hyman Uluniu UluniuHyman Hyman Very Well 8 Little Cynic Mabel Krasa LittleCynic Little Cynic Little Cynic Mabel Krasa Little Cynic 40 Myrtle Brooks LittleCynic Myrtle Brooks Mabel Krasa Mabel Krasa Little Cynic Mabel Krasa 28 Mabel Krasa Myrtle Brooks Mabel Krasa Myrtle Brooks Myrtle Brooks Myrtle Brooks Myrtle Brooks 16 Trevallion Tack TackHeiress Trevallion Tack Tack Tack Tack 32 Unkie Tom Heiress HeiressOndott Home Work Heiress TackHome Home Work TackTrevallion Trevallion Trevallion 20 Heiress Ondott Luna Bright Four Spot Ondott Home Work Heiress 10 Born Happy Great Haste Great Haste Great Haste HasteGallaclay Great Haste Born Happy Great Haste 40 Sula Born Happy Born Happy Gallaclay Born Happy Great Haste Born Happy 30 Great Haste Sula Fair Countess Sula GallaclaySula Sula Sula Sula 12 Moane Keala Moane Keala Moane Keala KealaPrince MoaneKeala Moane Keala Moane Keala Moane TCeala 52 Strait Jacket Strait Jacket Prince Sulieman MoaneKealaLady Lady Va Va Strait Jacket Strait Jacket Strait Jacket 16 Lady Va Va Fair Image Norman D Prince Sulieman Prince Sulieman Lady Va Va LadyVaVa8 Sazerac Plucky Play PlaySazerac Clarify Clarify Sazerac Clarify Clarify 36 Clarify Sazerac SazeracClarify Plucky Play ClarifyPlucky Plucky Play Clarify ClarifySazerac Sazerac Sazerac 26 Aladdins Dream Clarify Frank Ormont Sazerac Frank Ormont Plucky Play Plucky Play 18 Dogmata Sun Captor Sun Captor CaptorDogmata Mr Joe Sun Captor Mr Joe Sun Captor 28 Sir Ten Mr Joe DogmataDustina Dogmata Royal Blunder Mr Joe Sun Captor Mr Joe 24 Dustina Dogmata Dustina Dusky Devil Dusky Devil Dogmata Dogmata 16 Star Play StarPlay Longus Sambo Brown Sambo Brown Star Play Sambo Brown 30 Sambo Brown Sambo Brown Paul T Star Play Paul T Sambo Brown Star Play 28 Paul T Winifred Ann Sambo Brown Paul T Longus Longus Longus 12 DETROIT DETROITOutstanding Trackman P G McCANN Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Lan LanSun Lan LanU Piping Hot HotLan U Demon U Demon Pipine Hot HotLan Lan 30 30Pipin Sun Teaparty U Demon DemonPish Lan LanSun Piping Hot Lair Lan Pipin Hot24 Piping Hot Pish Tush Sun Teaparty Sun Teaparty Piping Hot Sun Teaparty UDemon 20 Betty Wee Bartering Kate Bartering Kate Bartering Kate Betty Wee WeeBarteringKate Bartering Kate BartergKate 36 Betty Wee Walkalong Betty Wee BarteringKate BarteringKateCuirassier Black Song Betty Wee 2 Icings Minstrel Black Song Betty Wee Black Song Cuirassier Betty Wee Black Song 12 Bright Bubble Lacquer Bright Bubble Bright Bubble Bright Bubble Bright Bubble Bright Bubble 40 Lacquer Six Bells Six Bells Soeur Blanche Lacquer Lacquer Lacquer 22 Soeur Blanche Star Brook Lacqufer Star Brdok Soeur Blanche Six Bells SixBellslO Sassafras Dyak Speedy Skippy SkippyCandescent Stroll Alone Candescent Candescent Candescent 26 Candescent Zorana CandescentZorana Candescent Zorana Sassafras CandescentSassafras Speedy Skippy Zorana 14 SassafrasZorana Stroll Along Stroll Along Zorana Candescent Zorana Zorana Sassafras 12 Trumpery Trumpery Trumpery Marooned Trumpery Indian Runner Trumpery36 Indian Runner Indian Runner Indian Runner Indian Runner Marooned Merrily On Indian Rimr 26 Marooned Marooned Merrily On Trumpery Indian Runner Trumpery Marooned 16 Cavalcade CavalcadeDiscovery Cavalcade Cavalcade Cavalcade Cavalcade Cavalcade Cavalcade 58 CavalcadeDiscovery Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery CavalcadeDiscovery Discovery Discovery 24 BienFait Mata Hari Mata Hari Chicstraw Plight Bien Fait Bien Fait 4 Watch Tower TowerNoelwodd Huraway DarkFey Dark Fey Salisbury Salisbury Dark Fey 24 Noelwodd Salisbury BunD BunD Dark Fey Dark Fey Salisbury 24 Bun Rlin D T Bun D Salisbury BunDSalisbury Salisbury BunD BunD Bun D 16 Calome Lazi Canter Calome Calome Calome The Doctor Calome 38 The Doctor The Doctor Lazi Canter Lazi Canter Lazi Canter Calome Lazi Canter 24 Lazi Canter Calome Phalarope The Doctor Phalarope Lazi Ganter The Doctor 18 LATONIA LATONIAOutstanding Trackman W Gi RODERICK Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Prince Doo Prince Doo Prince Doo Balsite Bob Custer Fallen Leora Linville Blatola Bob Cusf er Tripp Up UpHnk Johnny O Tripp Up Hnk MacTavish MacTavishJawapa Hnk MacTavish Jawapa Jawapa Prince Fluz Johnny O Oh Dave Oh Dave Oh Dave Oh Dave Oh Dave Oh Dave Oh Dave 48 Valdosta Valdosta Valdosta Valdosta Annuity Annuity Valdosta 20 i Annuity Annuity Annuity Outcry Valdosta Valdosta Annuity 14 Nituma Sis Agnes Nituma Sis Agnes Nituma Sis Agnes Nituma 38 Dusky Dame Nituma Dusky Dame Nituma Dusky Dame Nituma Sis Agnes 30 Marie Jean Camp Cook Sis Agnes Duskypame Sis Agnes Dusky Dame Dusky Dame16 Brown Witch Leros Leros ShepherdBoy Shepherd Boy Fredrick Shepherd Boy 30 ShepherdBoy ShepherdBoyLeros Shepherd Boy ShepherdBoy Fredrick Leros Leros Leros 28 Leros Fredrick Fredrick Leros Cactus Rose Shepherd Boy Fredrick 16 No Saint No Saint No Saint SaintManners No Saint SaintWeston No Saint SaintWeston NtfSaint No Saint 48 Wild Gus Manners Man Manners Man Weston WestonSora Weston Sora Weston 12 WestonSora SoraWeston Newell Weston PoetjPrince Sora Sora Weston Manners Man 8 Open Hearth Open Hearth Open Hearth HearthMy Open Hearth Open Hearth HearthStjensund Open Hearth Open Hearth 54 54Stjensund Stjensund My Blaze Stjensund StjensundHoward Stjensund Stjensund My Blaze Stjensund 16 Sallie Gray Howard Sallie Gray My Blaze Sallie Gray Sallie Gray My Blaze JO Whymask DuskyLass Whymask Southland Lad LadPlumage Whymask Plumage Whymask 30 Dusky Lass Plumage Dusky Lass PlumageWhymask Plumage Dusky Lass PlumageWhymask Whymask Plumage 24 Plumage Southland Lad Plumage Whymask Plumage Dusky Lass Dusky Lass 22 FAIRMOUNT PARK PARKOutstanding Trackman E A MILLER Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Roselake Moral Miss Traplou Brown Polly Lamporte Moral Miss Moral Miss 20 Moral Miss Roselake Lamporte Lamporte Brown Polly Macks Pal Lamporte 20 Lamporte Hourls Wonder Brown Polly Rishi Hourls Wonder Lamporte Brown Polly 14 Golden Glitter Golden Glitter Golden Glitter Mamie D Golden Glitter Golden Glitter Golden Glitter 46V 46VMamie Mamie D Morush Sis Largo Golden Glitter Title Star Santa Cruz Mamie D 14 Santa Cruz Mamie D Santa Cruz Morush Morush Title Star Morush 8 Little Toots Wind Song Wind Song Wind Song Wind Song Wind Song Wind Song 42 Baptiste Bag o Roses Bag o Roses Baptiste Bag o Roses Bag o Rbses Bag o Roses 18 Roycrof ter Purple Robe Philwex Bag o Roses Roycrof ter Philwex Little Toots 8 r George Maypole Preferred My Ideal Preferred George Maypole Preferred Preferred 28 Lessing LessingDaisy George Maypole Beth Hogan George Maypole Preferred PreferredToltec Toltec George Mpole 24 Daisy Cutter My Ideal Toltec Beth Hogan Daisy Cutter ToltecGulfelano Gulfelano My Ideal 10 Popo Transbird Popo PopoMoiras Popo PopoThe Popo PopoThe Uncle Less Popo 42 Transbird Popo Moiras Chief The Break The Break Popo The Break 16 The Break The Break The Break Sergeant Hill Uncle Less The Break Uncle Less 12 Tiger John Baby Sweep SweepSpecs Query Specs SpecsUall Specs Uall Specs 24 J I Specs Specs Baby Sweep Blind Star UallRaffles Uall UallRaffles Raffles Problem ProblemBlind Baby Sweep 18 Baby Sweep Blind Star Uall Baby Sweep Raffles Problem Blind Star Uall 14 Miss M Lutz Skibo SkiboSouthland Southland Toy ToySkibo SkiboSouthland Skibo Southland Toy Southland Toy Southlnd Toy 36 36Skibo Southland Toy Southland Toy Skibo Southland Toy Skibo ToySkibo Miss M Lutz Skibo 26 26Miss Supercharge F iryman My SkiboMy Charlotte Fairyman SkiboFairyman Fairyman Skibo Miss M Lutz 12 Dr Parrish Our Johnny Bobs Luck Bobs Luck Linmast Linmast Linmast 24 Bobs Luck Bobs Luck Linmast Our Johnny Jack Murphy Dr Parrish Bobs Luck 24 Linmast Monkey Shine Jack Murphy Monkey Shine Miss Hutchesoh Sugarland Dr Parrish 12 AQUEDUCT AQUEDUCTOutstanding Trackman C J CONNORS Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN DICK WELLES CONSENSUS High Finance FinanceJobakheta Jobakheta JobakhetaPalasa Amusing AmusingJobakheta High Finance Jobakheta Jobakheta Jobakheta 36 Jobakheta Palasa Jobakheta Jobakheta Palasa Amusing1 High Finance 22 JobakhetaEvasive PalasaHigh JobakhetaPalasa Evasive High Finance Palasa John Werring High Finance High Finance Amusing 12 Marcasite Gallic BillLooney Marcasite Marcasit Marcasite Marcasite 38 GallicPending BillLooneyMarcasite Peacock Alley Pending PendingMarcasite Marcasite MarcasiteGallic Peacock Alley Gallic Peacock Alley Gallic 16 Gallic Marcasite Gallic BillLooney Modern Ace Pendin Peacock Alley 12 Judge Schilling Judge Schilling SchillingAegis Judge Schilling SchillingMountain AegisMountain Aegis Judge Schilling Mountain Elk Judge Schilg 40 Mountain Elk Aegis AegisOld Mountain Elk Mountain Elk Mountain Elk Judge Schilling Mountain Elk 24 Aegis Old Baldy Glidelia Judge Schilling Aegis Espinaca Aegis 16 Burgoo King Burgoo King KingDark Dark Secret Burgoo King KingDark Burgoo Km Dark Secret Burgoo King 42 Roustabout Dark Secret Burgoo King Dark Secret Dark Secret Mr Khayyam Dark Secret 28 Singing Wood Mr Khayyam Mr Khayyam Mr Khayyam Mr Khayyam Burgoo King Mr Khayyam 12 Deduce Dark Secret Dark Secret SecretChatmoss Dark Secret Dark Secret SecretDeduce Dark Secret SecretDeduce Dark Secret 48 DeduceDark Dark Secret Deduce Chatmoss Deduce Deduce Deduce Deduce 28 ChatmossDeduce DeduceChatmoss DeduceChatmoss Chatmoss Jimmy Sutro Deduce Chatmoss Chatmoss Chatmoss Chatmoss 12 Kibitzer How High Propagandist Mint de Mie Propagandist Parity Propagandist 22 Propagandist Parity Parity Parity How High How High How High 22 How High Mint de Mie How High How High Parity Propagandist Parity 22

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