Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1935-06-10

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Best of the Day DayWASHINGTON WASHINGTON PARK 2nd GLODAZZ GLODAZZDETROIT DETROIT 4th GOLD STANDARD STANDARDLATONIA LATONIA 5tli BEST BID BIDROCKINGHAM ROCKINGHAM 3rd SANDY MACK MACKAQUEDUCT AQUEDUCT 3rd LADY ROMA WASHINGTON PARK PARKOutstanding Trackman L G PLAUT Outstanding selections in bold appear type Weather clear track fast1 TRACKMAN DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Engelic Monk Spirituelle SpirituelleCourt Time Light CourtEngelic Court Time Light TimeLight Time Light 26 Whipowill Court CourtOutPut Out Put Engelic Monk Out Put Engelic Monk Engelic Monk 16 Time Light OutPut Court Spirituelle Court OutPut Courtis Glodazz GlodazzSock Glodazz GlodazzShalot Freeman Glodazz Glodazz Shalot Glodazz 40 40ShalotlG Sock Dologer ShalotFreeman Shalot Kwamudi Kwamudi Shalot ShalotGlodazz Glodazz ShalotlG Kwamudi Freeman Glodazz Earth Shaker Sock Dologer GlodazzFreeman Freeman Freeman 12 Gamaliel Flight of Gold GoldSurveyor Blue Lillian Spicate Surveyor Surveyor Surveyor 20 Spicate Surveyor SurveyorGamaliel Flight of Gold Gamaliel Blue Lillian Flight of Gold Flight of Gold 20 Flight of Gold Gamaliel Civilian Flight of Gold Civilian Gamaliel Gamaliel 16 Sir Gawaine Erin Torch TorchSirGawaini Sir Gawaine Sir Gawaine ErinTorch Erin Torch Erin Torch 38 Erin Torch SirGawainiDoran SirGawaini Erin Torch Erin Torch Sir Gawaine Sir Gawaine Sir Gawaine 38 Ceiling Doran Valiant Fox Valiant Fox Rushaway Valiant Fox Valiant Fox 6 Slim Rosie RosieWhopper Hasty Glance SlimRosieWhopper SlimRosie Whopper SlimRosie Where Away AwayGallaclay Slim Rosie 30 Whopper WhopperClientelle Whopper Whopper WhopperGallaclay Slim Rosie Whopper SlimRosieWhopper Gallaclay Whopper 26 Clientelle Where Away Gallaclay Where Away Where Away Whopper GallaclayWhopper Where Away 14 Easy Sailing BandWagon Motley Easy Sailing BandWagon Silent Shot Easy Sailing 30 Silent Shot Easy Sailing Easy Sailing Band Wagon Silent Shot Band Wagon Band Wagon 28 Motley Jens Son Band Wagon Jens Son Easy Sailing Easy Sailing Silent Shot 16 Bibbies Choice Manager Bill Silver Sickle Manager Bill Silver Sickle Manager Bill Manager Bill 30 Manager Bill Sandwrack Norman D Bibbies Choice Manager Bill Silver Sickle Silver Sickle 22 Wagwood Miss Corinne Bibbies Choice Silver Sickle Bibbies Choice Bibbies Choice Bibbies Choice 18 Caleb Brother Lou LouCaleb CalebBehemoth Caleb Caleb CalebBrother Behemoth Canusee Caleb 36 All Devil CalebBehemoth Caleb Behemoth Brother Lou Caleb Brother Lou Brother Lou 20 Brother Lou Behemoth All Devil Behemoth Brother Lou Caleb Behemoth 16 DETROIT DETROITOutstanding Trackman P G McCANN Outstanding selections appear In bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS Beauflower BeauflowerElanac Beauflower BeauflowerPeloria Beauflower Beauflower Beauflower Beauflower Beauflower 50 Elanac ElanacSakuntala PeloriaElanac Peloria Georgia Miss Elanac ElanacPeloria BeauflowerElanac BeauflowerGeorgia Georgia Miss Epi Witch Elanac 14 Sakuntala Elanac Elanac Peloria Elanac Peloria Georgia Miss 8 Bubbler BubblerLanier Bubbler Contribute Bubbler Bubbler Bubbler Bubbler 44 Lanier LanierGrace Grace Bunting Bubbler BubblerMerely All Hail Grace Bunting Lanier BubblerLanier Lanier 16 Grace Bunting Lanier Merely Lanier Contribute LanierContribute Contribute Contribute 12 Gay Blade Hope Loring Hope Loring Gay Blade Hope Loring Hope Loring LoringHermanita Hope Loring 36 Nell Barton Nell Barton Nell Barton Sparkling Rose Nell Barton Hermanita Gay Blade 18 Hope Loring Gay Blade Hermanita Nell Barton Maylite Imperial Bob Nell Barton 18 Gold Standard StandardJakovia Gold Standard GoldStandard Gold Standard StandardZevson Gold Standard Gold Standard Gold Standard 52 Jakovia Jakovia Dark Zeni Zevson Gallant Miss Gallant Miss Zevson 10 Dandy Dancer Dandy Dancer Zevson Suncircle Blaze Zevson Zevson Jakovia 8 Arson ArsonMiss ArsonMiss Arson Miss Morocco Arson ArsonMiss Arson Miss Morocco MoroccoArson Arson 40 40Miss Miss Morocco MoroccoNights Miss Morocco MoroccoBurning Arson Miss Morocco MoroccoBurning ArsonMiss Miss Morocco MoroccoNights Arson Miss Morocco 32 32Burning Nights End Burning Up Burning Up Burning Up Nights End ArsonGlynson Glynson Burning Up 6 Sun Portland Sun Portland PortlandBlackbirder Sun Portland PortlandParadisical Sun Portland PortlandBlackbirder Sun Portland Sun Portland Sun Portland 52 Polar Flight Blackbirder Paradisical BlackbirderParadisical Blackbirder Paradisical Blackbirder Blackbirder 16 Blackbirder Paradisical Blackbirder Paradisical Cross Ruff Paradisical Paradisical 14 Social Climber Social Climber Social Climber Social Climber Harky Jesting Queen Social Climber 34 I QueenI A Jesting Queen Blind Puss Harky v Jesting Queen Paradox Girl Harky Harky 20 Blind RUnJ T3ioo Puss Harky Paradox Girl Harky Social Climber Paradox Girl Jesting Queen 16 Pan Toy Pan Toy Tut Tut Pan Toy Pan Toy Pan Toy Pan Toy 40 Tut Tut Tut Tut Dunfern Tut Tut Tut Tut Lady Trust Tut Tut 24 Lady Trust Lady Trust Bourbon Prince LDunfern Dunfern Dunfern Dunfern 10 Kalola Kalola Sarazen IL Kalola Sarazen H HKalola Sarazen U Kalola 36 Traggat Sarazen II Kalola Sarazen H Kalola Kalola Sarazen H 34 Sarazen IT Prefer Thistle Jock Losing Clon KalolaPrefer Prefer Losing Clon Traggat 4 LATONIA LATONIAOutstanding Trackman W G RODERICK Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather cloudy track slow TRACKMAN DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS Sun Boy Sora Sora SoraSpoilt Lady Laura Sora Sora Sora 40 Sora Sun Boy Spoilt Beauty BeautyCamp Reelaway Sun Boy SoraReelaway Reelaway Sun Boy 18 Parade Step Reelaway Camp Cook Sun Boy Lady Laura Lady Laura Reelaway 10 Miss Sunset Golden Pigeon Green andJRed Dido Green and Red Short Order Green and Red 26 1 Short Order Green and Red Novette Novette Black Crystal Green and Red Short Order 14 Green and Red For Romance Black Crystal Golden Pigeon Short OrdeV Golden Pigeon Golden Pigeon 12 Jake Blieden El Bandido Billy Jones El Bandido Billy Jones El Bandido El Bandido 30 u Doubleton Billy Jones El Bandido Billy Jones Jake Blieden Billy Jones Billy Jones 28 El Bandido Jake Blieden Double Nugget Jake Blieden Rolanda Jake Blieden Jake Blieden 18 Bombastic Stepahead Bombastic BombasticNorado Stepahead Bombastic Gooseneck Bombastic 28 Stepahead Gooseneck Norado NoradoGooseneck Gooseneck Stepahead Stepahead Stepahead 28 Wise Dora Bombastic Gooseneck Norado Gooseneck Bombastic Goosneck 20 Weston Westoni Best Bid BidMucho Best Bid Best Bid BidWeston Best Bid BidWeston Best Bid BidWeston Best Bid 44 44Weston i Marie Jean Mucho Gusto Disaster Weston Weston Weston Weston 22 Disaster Sallie Gray Weston Marie Jean WestonDisaster Disaster WestonDisaster Disaster Disaster 10 High Diver DiverSouth High Diver Star Bud Star Bud High Diver Star Bud High Diver 38 South Bend Star Bud High Diver High Diver Star Bud High Diver Star Bud 34 Star Bud Jonnie Nuchols Jonnie Nuchols Coflier South Bend Coflier South Bend 6 Exclude American Belle BelleExotude Julia Grant GrantWiseBessa Exotude Julia Grant Julia Grant Julia Grant 30 Wild Gus Exotude ExotudeMissVince WiseBessa Julia Grant Exotude Wild Gus Exotude 26 MissVince MissVince OurBectie Miss Vince American Belle Exotude Ameican Belle 10 Peedeeque Peedeeque Storm Angel AngelPeedeeque Peedeeque Peedeeque Storm Angel Peedeeque 38 38Axtel Storm Angel Storm Angel PeedeequeAxtel Peedeeque Brass Buttons Storm Angel Axtel Storm Angel 30 30Peedeeque Axtel Sada Axtel Storm Angel Lucky Amelia Peedeeque Axtel 8 ROCKINGHAM PARK PARKOutstanding Trackman R N CHARLTON Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN I DICK WELLES SWI ANALYST CONSENSUS Cabouse Dove of Peace Bally Bay BayQueen Cabouse Bally Bay Bally Bay Bally Bay 32 32Queen Queen Vic Queen Vic Queen Vic Bally Bay Queen Vic Queen Vic Queen Vic 20 20Dove Dove of Peace Bally Bay Dove of Peace Tody West Cabouse Dove of Peace Cabouse 18 Cancel De Valera Cancel Cancel Cancel De Valera Cancel 38 De Valera Cancel Queen Helen De Valera De Valera Uppercut De Valera 30 Queen Helen Queen Helen De Valera Queen Helen Queen Helen Cancel Queen Helen 12 Tugboat Frank Sandy Mack Sandy Mack Sandy Mack Sandy Mack Sandy Mack Sandy Mack 46 Sandy Mack Dream Kiss Mad Dash Dream Kiss Dream Kiss Mad Dash Dream Kiss 16 Dream Kiss Tugboat Frank Absconder Absconder Absconder Dream Kiss Tugboat Frank 10 Wise Anne Happy Knot KnotWise Happy Knot Character Happy Knot Happy Knot Happy Knot 34 Chinese Empress Wise Anne Wise Anne Wise Anne Wise Anne Erin Lad Wise Anne 24 Enthusiasm Chinese Empress Erin Lad Chinese Empress Character Character Character 12 Immune Immune Jessie D M Jessie D M MPryor Jessie D M Jessie D M Jessie D M 32 Dancing Lady Dancing Lady Flag Bearer Pryor PryorMerovech Flag Bearer Flag Bearer Immune 16 Gay Crest Merovech Pryor Merovech Dancing Lady Pryor Idle Along FreeNocturnlabe Free Honeysweet Honeysweet Honeysweet Our Justice Honeysweet 34 Honeysweet Nocturnlabe Madwind Free Idle Along Honeysweet Idle Along 18 Our Justice Idle Along Idle Along Idle Along Nocturnlabe Prince Pompey Free 12 Billowy Wave Friend Whitey West Star Friar Mark Fire Reel Friar Mark Fire Reel 22 7 Fire Reel West Star Fire Reel Count Dean West Star Fire Reel Friar Mark 16 1 Gold Sweep Count Dean Calgary Kay Fire Reel Goldfin Gold Sweep West Star 16 The Potter Sound Money Sound Money Guiding Light Dancing Mack Sound Money MoneyPlumage Sound Money 30 Sound Money The Potter The Potter Dancing Mack The Potter Plumage The Potter 20 Guiding Light Dancing Mack Guiding Light Plumage Guiding Light Dancing Mack Dancing Mack 16 AQUEDUCT AQUEDUCTOutstanding Trackman C J CONNORS Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Major Greenock Clapping Jane Miss Bam Two Edged Major Greenock GreenockClapping Two Edged Two Edged 24 Two Edged Miss Bam Maedoqua Clapping Jane Clapping Jane Miss Bam MJor Grenock 18 Sambo Jones Mnedoqua Two Edged Major Greenock Two Edged Clapping Jane Clapping Jane 18 Step Aside KepiHarlequin Kepi Harlequin Kepi Little Woman WomanLittle Kepi KepiZut Kepi 28 Harlequin Harlequin Irish Sphere Little Woman Kepi Zut Harlequin 16 Irish Sphere Irish Sphere Zut Zut Zut ZutGrey Grey Phantom Little Woman 12 Lady Roma RomaTrebor Lady Roma RomaTrebor Lady Roma RomaTrebor Lady Roma Lady Roma RomaTrebor Lady Roma Ludy Roma 52 Trebor Trebor Trebor Irish Play Trebor Blue Donna Trebor 16 TreborSentry TreborSentry Sentry Sentry Sentry Blue Donna Sentry Hunterdon SentryS Lookabout Glory Greenock GreenockBudding GiltGlory Gilt Glory Greenock GreenockLookabout Glory Greenock Glory Greenock GreenockBudding Glory Grenock 44 Bonnie Lois Budding Star Glory Greenock GreenockHigh Lookabout Budding Star Budding Star Lookabout 18 Glory Greenock Lookabout High Treason High Treason Lookabout Lookabout Budding Star 12 King Saxon King Saxon King Saxon King Saxon King Saxon Discovery King Saxon 46 Singing Wood Discovery Discovery Discovery Only One King Saxon Discovery 22 Discovery Singing Wood War Glory Indian Runner Singing Wood Singing Wood Singing Wood 10 Lady Wisdom Sheltered Lady Any Chance Greek Fire Greek Fire Any Chance Greek Fire 30 Greek Fire Greek Fire Lady Wisdom Any Chance Any Chance Greek Fire Any Chance 26 Any Chance Lady Wisdom Greek Fire Lady Wisdom Blue Gauntlet Lady Wisdom Lady Wisdom 18 Mickeys Man Moisson Mickeys Man Mrs Fab Moisson Moisson Moisson 34 Moisson Mrs Fab Moisson Broken Up Mrs Fab Mrs Fab Mrs Fab 22 Mrs Fab Sophisticated Broken Up Moisson Mickeys Man Mickeys Man Mickeys Man 20

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