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WIN FIRST-THEN PAY AFTER SIX DAYS ! A Win Parlay Every Day Should Net You Over 00 WINNER AT THE END OF SIX DAYS YESTERDAYS TWO HORSES: STRENUOUS, 6.30, WON J TIGER CLAW, 0.80, 2ND P WEDNESDAYS TWO HORSES: QUEEN HELEN, 4.60, WON EPERNAY, $ 8.50, WON J TUESDAYS TWO HORSES: BARVITA, 2.00/ WON JOLLY FAYE, 1.20, WON j Early each day we will wire you two horses. You are to make a win parlay. At the end of six days, you should have won the above amount. Then remit to us ten per cent of the winnings. PARLAYS PAY BIG MONEY— WE CAN MAKE YOU WIN The price of this information comes high. We are in constant touch with operators who are in the e "know." We have made money for others and we can do the same for you. To show us you are on the ■ level and mean business, remit as deposit of good faith. This can be deducted from our share of f the winnings at the end of six days. All service by fast telegram immediately. SUBSCRIBE NOW. , ADDRESS: F. D. BAKER, 20 West Jackson Blvd., Room 914, Chicago, Illinois JR|»-sm Americas Authority on Racing aTlZ3 ■■■» K w1 T U THE TURFS NEWEST AND BEST MONTHLY |E OT4 [ U Jm 3 MAGAZINE Jm 3 F AT ALL NEWSSTANDS [ F I 300.00 With a Capital of i I YOU COULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING! POST TIME, 421 Plymouth Court, Chicago, 111. Gentlemen: Thought you might be interested to know that starting 5 r May 1 with a bill, I ran it up to ,326.40 in exactly one month by following your free code releases. Post Time for me! Keep up the good I work. Signed J. R. F. Note: A copy of this original letter is on file in this office for inspection | NO WONDER YOU CAN WIN, WHEN POST TIMES FREE CODE RELEASES, CHECKED OVER A PERIOD OF SIX WEEKS, SHOWED A WINNING PERCENTAGE OF 70 PER CENT! WHERE CAN YOU BEAT THAT? For 25 cents you buy POST TIME, itself more than a quarters worth, the smartest and most entertaining magazine of the turf, and you GET THE FREE CODE RELEASES WITHOU"1 COST! And not only the FREE CODE RELEASES, but for your 25 cents, ycu get the incomparable CARMAC RATINGS, which you can get nowhere e except in POST TIME. LOOK WHAT CARMAC HORSES DID WEDNESDAY: DUNFERN, 3.20 POLISHER, 4.60 3 GOV. SHOLTZ, 8.90 HOMER L., 8.20 ■ * LILLIAN Z., 7.58 LOVELY GIRL, 7.00 1 CALOME, 6.74 SMOOTH, 6.60 J HAPPY EASTER, 6.30 SEABISCUIT, 5.40 ORIENTAL MISS, 4.80 SUN DANCER, 4.00 I PANTAUR, 3.40 SIS AGNES, 3.20 YESTERDAYS TWO FREE CODE RELEASES: ONE WINNER BUY POST TIME TODAY AND RECEIVE POST TIME FREE CODES FOR ONE MONTH ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO POST TIME 421 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, DLL. u „ ! J P J j e ■ of f Harvey Ames, Inc. 1674 Broadway, Corner 52nd St., New York, N. Y. To further acquaint the racing public with the caliber of information that this office has been releasing to the followers of the turf for the past seventeen years, we are reducing our regular ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR "HARVEY TRANSACTION" TO TEN DOLLARS— SATURDAY, JUNE 29 Those subscribing are urged in their own interest to take opening prices whenever possible, as we expect to send out a horse that should not only WIN, but pay limit odds. We believe that nothing but disqualification can defeat us Saturday as we ar« personally, as well as financially, interested in this event, A 50 flat play on each of the last four "HARVEY TRANSACTIONS" advised by this office, all of which have won after deducting for the cost of the information, shows a large net profit. P. S. — Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" Won and Paid Odds of 5-1 TELEPHONE NUMBERS: Columbus 5-2428, 5-2422, 5-2415. 5-6760. 5-0995 i I 5 r I | Free! Free! Free! One of the greatest books on System Play ever written is yours for the asking. It has never sold for less than — yet you may have it now, while the remaining copiea last, for absolutely nothing. The author— ELLWOOD TANSEY Recognized the World Over as Americas Leading Authority on Racing Systems, i i Co-operation with the Turfs Smartest Magazine POST TIME MAKE IT POSSD3LE FOR YOU TO OWN THIS REMARKABLE TREATISE THERE ARE EXACTLY 750 COPIES OF ELLWOOD TANSEYS PREFERRED SYSTEM AND BETTING METHOD AVAILABLE All you need do to receive your free copy is to send in one years subscription to POST TIME. The price, for twelve issues of POST TIME is .50. When the 750 copies of the book are exhausted, there will be none available at any price, so get yours today, while there is still time. SEND A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR YOUR YEARS SUBSCRIPTION. AND MR. TANSEYS VALUABLE BOOK. HANDSOMELY BOUND, WELL BE MAILED PREPAID TO YOU IMMEDIATELY ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO POST TIME 421 PLYMOUTH COURT DEPARTMENT R-5 CHICAGO. ILL. e 3 ■ * 1 J SUPREME FLASH 24-PAGE TURF WEEKLY— ALL STANDS. 35c Todays Narra. Meeting Horse: Cadiflac-13-4-2. W TODAYS NUMBER FREE CODE— 3 4 2 -»■ TODAYS TRACKMENS PARLAY: NARRA.— Cow-103-61. WASH.— Pig-99-100. pays for Code Card, good for six days service. TODAYS GOLD SEAL NUMBER PLAYS: PLAY— 305 PLAY— 453 PLAY— 656 SUPREME FLASH 799 Broadway Suite 407, New York City =. I PLAY HORSES THAT WIN ! The Blakeley Method Tells You How PRACTICAL— PROFITABLE— CONSISTENT Steady winner on flat bets at all tracks. Have something really worthwhile. Investigate! Write for particulars and proof. No obligations. W. J. BLAKELEY P. 0. BOX 632 , BALTIMORE, MD. 1/1/1/ ixIytv DIRECT STABLE INFORMATION Two Horses a Day — In Code Form PAYS FOR SIX DAYS SERVICE THURSDAYS CODE RELEASES: LANCEWOOD, 1.60, WON BONNIE DREAM, $ 4.60, WON Again the followers of Billy Kelly cleaned up. In order to follow smart horses for the balance ef tha Latonia meeting, send now and a code card will be mailed to you at once. Six - days service for only . Dont be without it a single minute. More Latonia long shots follow, and at prices that will make the bookies weep. BILLY KELLYS RELEASES FOR FRIDAY: WASHINGTON PARK— A-22-1 4-1 7-24. LATONIA— X-1 6-5-25-8. WILLIAM BURKE KELLY 731 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO. ILL." WIN 0 PER WEEK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE If you play the racea we will put you next to a little inside secret that should place you above want as long as you live. No obligations. Just send your name and address to — SECOR PUB. CO. AURORA, ILL. GET THIS SECRET DISCOVERY! Players for years have been lock-ing at this and NEVER SAW IT. No complicated betting rules — no figuring. So simple a child can pick winners as long as horses run. Write — ADVANCE METHOD, 1611 Tyler Ave., Detroit, Mich. MASTER CLOCKER NEW WEEKLY OUT— 35 CENTS FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS WASHINGTON FREE CODE: Top-Bab-Dig-Vex-Bab. DETROIT FREE CODE: Top-Fog-Sky-Dig-Sea. OCCASIONAL CODE: NARRAGANSETT PARK: Tan-Dim-Gum-Inn-Era. TURF LIGHT ALL STANDS— 15 CENTS— ALL CITIES THE RATINGS PICK THE WINNERS USE ISSUE OF JULY 6TH FOR CODE: Feb. -Aqueduct: Augur-Aboard-Alcove-Apron. Bi Monthly Card Code. Ask Dealer or Box 6£, General Post Office, New York City. June 15th Card— 6th Race, Aqueduct— 2-20-14-25. LIVE WIRE TURF WEEKLY Sold on All Newsstands— Price. 15 Cents Live Wire Parlay Service "Recognized as the Best" TODAYS CODE PARLAY: NARRA.— Lincoln-77-71. DETROIT— Lincoln-51-33. pays for Parlay Code Card for six days, also for Narragansett Clockers Code Card, one horse daily, for Narragansett meeting. Todays Narra. Clockers: Special— Yellow-298-236. CLOCKERS REVIEW FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS— 35c P-R COPY 26 Years of Successful Service Todays Free Code: NARRA.— Have-21-25. See page 2, Clockers Review, to decipher above. TODAYS DURANTE PARLAY: WASH.— Nash-33-45. NARRA.— Packard-43-11. Pays for I Days Servict.

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