Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1936-05-25

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HAWTHORNE 7th........ DONNAHONA!. PBT Detroit 6th croon -m -Vwvr iivT 2 T XJECT w 1 CjpJ5 j " CZj5K? ROCKINGHAM PK 5th .SINGING WOOD BELMONT PARK 1st . .MERRY MAKER HAWTHORNE Trackman: A. J. TATJZTER. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Weather clear; tratk fast. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Dainty Jeanne Diane S. Furtive Schuie Furtive Joan Macaw Dainty Jeanne 24 1 Schuie Dainty Jeanne Joan Macaw Night Flower Dainty Jeanne Dainty Jeanne Furtive 16 Night Flower Joan Macaw Dainty Jeanne Dainty Jeanne Schuie Diane S.- Schuie 14 Hazel Eye Ceallaigh Foyot Foyot Foyot Foyot34 2Kaimask Ceallaigh Foyot Foyot Kaimask Ceallaigh Ceallaigh Ceallaigh 22 Foyot Kaimask Hazel Eye Ceallaigh Hazel Eye Hazel Eye Kaimask 14 Black River Frost Bite Boocord Frost Bite Ouray Boocord Frost Bite 32 3 Frost Bite Boocord Frost Bite Boocord Frost Bite Frost Bite" Boocord 26 j Ouray Golden X. Barrido King Pin Boocord Barrido Ouray 10 Autograph Whiscenda Whiscenda Autograph Autograph Whiscenda Autograph 32 4 Mindalo Autograph Dark Prince Dark Prince Dark Prince Howard G. Whiscenda 26 Dark Prince Mindalo Timberline Timberline Whiscenda Autograph Dark Prince 14 High Polish High Polish High Polish Grey Count High Polish Gallant Eagle High Polish 44 5 Reaping Reward Grey Count . Spring Flood High Polish .Grey Count High Polish "Grey Countl8 Old Forester Nellie Mc Grey Count Gallant Eagle Spring Flood Spring Flood Gallant Eagle 10 Silent Shot Navanod Silent Shot Silent Shot Silent Shot Silent Shot Silent Shot 42 6 Wild Turkey Wild Turkey Navanod Naval Cadet Navanod Navanod Navanod 22 Dandy Jay Legal Gamble Wild Turkey Navanod Wild Turkey Pomposity Wild Turkey 12 Mad Frump Donnacona Donnahona Donnahona Donnahona Donnahona Donnahona 46 7 Donnahona Mad Frump Mad Frump Mad Frump Mad Frump Mad Frump Mad Frump 28 Maple Ricca Damascene Damascene Later On Damascene Damascene Damascene 8 Teddy Boy Santerno Dark Mist Santerno Santerno Teddy Boy Santerno34 8 Santerno Sherron Captain Red Dark Mist Dark Mist Dark Mist Dark Mist 24 Dark Mist Dark Mist Santerno Captain Red Captain Red Santerno Teddy Boy 16 LATONIA Trackman: L. G. PLAUT. Outstanding selections appear In bold type. Weather clear; track fast RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Chenault Chigre Dellor Telemachus Dellor Chenault24 IChenault Midas R. L. Baker Lee Hastings Chenault Lee Hastings Chenault. Dellor 20 Dellor Lee Hastings Dellor Midas Chigre Midas Chigre 10 Captain Henry Robert s. Judge Barkley Chauvenet Judge Barkley Captain Hnry 24 2Chauvenet Rettef Parade Step Rettef Captain Henry Captain Henry Captain Henry Judge Barkley 18 Cherokee Red Chauvenet Brown Witch Grasswrack Judge Barkley Rettef Chauvenet 16 Azomis Emvee Emvee Emvee Emvee Emve40 3Emvee Nessus Nessus Nessus Alsang Lawyer Brigade Alsang Nessus 14 Lawyer Brigade Lawyer Brigade Lawyer Brigade Nessus For Romance Lawyer Brigade Lwyr Brigde 12 Regality Regality Regality Regality Regality Regality Regality 52 4 Bright Land Bright Land Starry Flag Wowo Bright Land Bright Land Bright Land 16 Wowo Starry Flag Just Ahead Just Ahead Starry Flag Starry Flag Starry Flag 10 Fairisk Erla Ottoman Ottoman Bolo Ottoman Ottoman 32 5 Ottoman Fairisk Bolo Down in Front Ottoman Fairisk Fairisk 20 Erla Doncinea Fairisk Doncinea Fairisk Bolo Bolo 14 Erin Torch Erin Torch Yantis Yantis Erin Torch Erin Torch Erin Torch 36 6 Yantis Yantis Erin Torch Countess Ann Yantis Countess Ann Yantis 28 Countess Ann Countess Ann Compensatory Compensatory Bandalore Compensatory , Countess Ann 12 Pre War Pre War Pre War Pre War Pre War Pre War Pre War 54 7 Corner Boy Watonga Jawapa Jawapa Corner Boy Corner Boy. Corner Boy 16 Nicks Chuck Corner Boy Laura Kiev Corner Boy Jawapa Watonga Jawapa 10 Sis Agnes Sis Agnes Lucy Lucy Sis Agnes Sis Agnes Sis Agnes 40 8 Fair Cynthia Miss Lizzie Sis Agnes Sis Agnes" Miss Lizzie Miss Lizzie Lucy 18 Listening Glove Glove Glove Lucy Listening Miss Lizzie 12 DETROIT Trackman: P. G. McCANN. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Weather clear; track fast : RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Little Wichita Little Wichita Denbigh Hearty Little Wichita Little Wichita Little Wichita 38 Denbigh Denbigh Hearty Little Wichita Denbigh Denbigh Denbigh 24 Hearty Hearty Broadway Girl Broadway Girl Hearty Star Cluster Hearty 18 Courtneys Pet Peloria Peloria Handsome John Peloria Photography Peloria 30 2 Cohort Girl Mate Tea Photography Peloria Photography Delano Rose Photography 16 Peloria Imperial Play Imperial Play Delano Rose Delano Rose Mate Tea Courtneys Pet 8 Black Flash Black Flash Silent Don Silent Don Snaplock Snaplock Black Flash 28 3 Hoptoit Hoptoit Black Flash Black Flash Some Boy Black Flash Snaplock 22 Sir Dean Snaplock Snaplock Hoptoit Hoptoit Hoptoit Silent Don 16 Hidden Dust White Ginger Albuquerque Chinese Empress Chinese Empress Chinese Empress Chinse Emps 28 4 Sarahmond Moane Keala Chinese Empress Sarahmond Albuquerque White Ginger Albuquerque 16 Albuquerque Hidden Dust Hidden Dust Albuquerque White Ginger Dasher White Ginger 14 Best Bid Beth Bon Amy Cooper Beth Bon Hi-Nelli Spur Flower Beth Bon 28 5 Silver Tidings Amy Cooper Hi-Nelli Best Bid Beth Bon Beth Bon Best Bid 14 Beth Bon Best Bid Spur Flower Spur Flower Amy Cooper Hi-Nelli Amy Cooper 14 Croon Croon Croon Croon Croon Croon Croon 50 6 Night Play MineyMyerson Westy Junior Miney Myerson Indiantown Grand Rock Westy Junior 12 MineyMyerson Westy Junior Indiantown Westy Junior Westy Junior Westy Junior Miney Myson 10 Wise Advocate Wise Advocate Pokeaway Wise Advocate Wise Advocate Wise Advocate Wise Advocte 46 7 Sicklebill Bungalow Wise Advocate Pokeaway Pokeaway Sicklebill Pokeaway 22 I Pass Pokeaway Sicklebill I Pass I Pass Pokeaway Sicklebill 10 All Bays All Bays Mynah Mynah Mynah Mynah Mynah38 8 Idle Flirt Mynah All Bays Idle Flirt All Bays All Bays All Bays 28 Mynah Duckie Rose Duckie Rose Brown Molasses Volomite Idle Flirt Idle Flirt 10 ROCKINGHAM PARK Trackman: R. N. CHARLTON. Outstanding selections appear in hold type. Weather clear; track fast. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO j DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Conchita Conchita Leros Conchita Wise King Wise King Conchita 28 General Farley Johnny Bane Dalmatia Leros Prosy Dalmatia Wise King 18 Secured Prosy Conchita Wise King Conchita Prosy Leros 12 Mad Dash Prosecutor Sighting Bar Mad Dash Dixie Princess Sighting Bar Sighting Bar 24 2 Dixie Princess Sighting Bar Dixie Princess Teddy Carl Sighting Bar Fitkin Mad Dash 18 FredAlmy Mad Dash Fred Almy Falls City Falls City FredAlmy Dixie Princess 16 Currants Bye Bye Mary Lady Hockberger Bedight Toano Midnight Flyer Lady Hkbger 22 3 Bedight Lady Hockberger Midnight Flyer Lady Hockberger Lady Hkberger Bedight Bedight 16 Toano Blessed Event Believer Toano Midnight Flyer Lady Hockberger Midnight Flyi 14 Vote Boy Vote Boy Hope to Do Hope to Do Vote Boy Vote Boy Vote Boy 34 4 Hope to Do Shining Knight Deliberate Fickle Chance Fickle Chance Hope to Do Hope to Do 28 Fickle Chance Fickle Chance Fickle Chance Vote Boy Hope to Do Fickle Chance Fickle Chance 16 .Singing Wood Singing Wood Singing Wood LadyHigloss Singing Wood Singing Wood Singing Wood 46 5 Bachelor Dinner Sailor Beware Lady Higloss Happy Knot Happy Knot Trumpery Lady Higloss 16 New Deal Go Quick Dreel Go Quick Lady Higloss Lady Higloss Happy Knot 8 Rip Van Winkle Rip Van Winkle PitterPat Cristate One Chance Cristate Rip Van Wkle 28 6 Toro Flight Happy Helen Cristate Rip Van Winkle Rip Van Winkle Toro Flight Cristate 24 One Chance Cristate Rip Van Winkle Toro Flight Cristate One Chance One Chance 12 Dean Swift Geneva Cross Blackmail Dean Swift Crowned Head Crowned Head Dean Swift 28 7 Crowned Head Lady Sage Dean Swift Jezreel Dean Swift Dean Swift CrowndHead 24 Jczreel Crowned Head Crowned Head Wise Will Jezreel Blackmail Blackmail 10 Three Daggers Long Bit Pocket Lillian Z. Chryseis Pocket Pocket 22 X Sir Thomas Jamul Long Bit Allenfern Pocket Smear Long Bit 12 Dormido Pocket Chrvseis Our Justice Allenfern Allenfern Chryseis 10 Trackman: C. J. CONNORS. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Weather clear; track fast RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES T SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Merry Maker Merry Maker Merry Maker Merry Maker Merry Maker Merry Maker Merry Maker 52 1 Planetarium Planetarium Planetarium Planetarium Planetarium Dark Beau Planetarium 20 Monument Papenie Papenie Danger Point Papenie Papenie Papenie 8 Syriac Dundrillin Birmingham El Dorador National Anthm Birmingham 26 2Syriac Birmingham Birmingham National Anthm El Dorador Birmingham Birmingham Natl Anthem 18 Budget Boy National Anthem Birmingham " National Anthm National Anthem El Dorador Syriac 16 Miss Rainbow Miss Rainbow SangFroid Sang-Froid Miss Rainbow SangFroid SangFroid3G 3 Sangfroid Sang Froid HeadinHome HeadinHome Sang-Froid Miss Rainbow Miss Rainbow 28 HeadinHome " HeadinHome Masked Gal Carp - HeadinHome HeadinHome Headin Home-16 Corundum Corundum Corundum . Tatterdemalion Corundum Tatterdemalion Corundum 44 4 Pullman Tatterdemalion Tatterdemalion Corundum Tatterdemalion Corundum Tterdemalion 28 Rowes Crump Pullman Bootmaker Pullman Pullman Eootmalzcr Pullman lO Premiere Peggy Shippen Twit Premiere Premiere Richmond Rose Premiere 26 5 Peggy Shippen Top Gem White Sand Care For Care For Care For Peggy Shippn 16 Bosnia Bosnia Devils Pace Richmond Rose Peggy Shippen Peggy Shippen Care For 12 Playfole Playfole Playfole Moralist Cachalot Playfole42 6PlayfoIo Cachalot Abbots Last Moralist Abbots Last Playfole Playfole Moralist 20 Moralist Moralist Abbots Last. Moralist j Cachalot Moralist Cachalot 14

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