Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-24

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Good Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Sharpshell Sharpshell Queen Toke Sharpshell Sharpshell Sharpshell Sharpshell 25 245 PM Valdiria Rebel Dairyman Dairyman Anopheles Dairyman Queen Toke Queen Toke 9 Princely Gift Queen Toke Star Kan Queen Toke Anopheles Anopheles jpairyman 6 Conscript Darby Dallas Gummed UD Darby Dallas Conscript Conscript Conscript 20 315 PM Monks Memo Monks Memo Conscriot Conscript Darby JDallas Monks Memo Darby Dallas 14 14Gummed Gummed UD Conscript Darbv Dallas JHeeljCall Gayle F Darby Dallas Gummed UP 7 Airsickle Stage Door Stage Door Mighty Lucky Airsickle Airsickle Stage Door 18 345 PM Stage Door Mighty Lucky Mighty Lucky Stage Door Stage Door Stage Door Airsickle 16 Mighty Lucky Brown Mask Airsickle Flo Bratten Mighty Lucky Mighty Lucky Mighty Lucky 12 CZECH LASS Czech Lass Czech Lass Czech Lass Busy Line CZECH LASS CZECH LASS 31 Busr Line Busy Line Tawny Lady Dog Daze Czech Lass Busy Line Busy Line 13 Doe Daze Dog Daze Busy Line Busy Line Dog Daze Dog Daze JDpgJDaze 6 Balhnderry Limitation Rogers Boy Grand News Ballinderry Rogers Bov Ballinderry 13 445 PM Miss Lexington Rogers Boy Miss Lexington Huri Horn Hari Grand News Ballinderry Rogers Boy 12 12Grand Doctor Reder Ballinderry Huri Horn Hari Limitation Limitation Huri Horn Hari Grand News 7 Ubiquitous Ubiauitous HOMETOWN UBIQUITOUS UBIQUITOUS Ubiauitous Ubiauitous 31 51 5 PM Hometown Bobs Dream HOMETOWNUbiauitous UbiauitousHoosier Ubiauitous UBIQUITOUSDisplayer Displayer DisplayerHoosier UBIQUITOUSHoosier Hoosier Bobs Dream Hometown 11 11HoosJer Displaver JHoosier Hoosier Hoosier HoosierHometown Hometown Hometown HoosJer 5 Gamer FROU FROU Unhampered Gainer Gamer Gainer Gainer 22 GamerFrouFrou 545 P M FrouFrou FrouFrouUnhampered Unhampered Air Raider Unhampered Unhampered Unhampered Unhampered 14 14FrouFrou Unhampered Gainer Gainer AirRaider Frou Frou Frou Frou FrouFrou 11 Gay Youth Chattnan Carmel Boy BoyChattnan Chattnan Dancing Light Chattnan Chattnan 17 615 P M Veiled Prophet Alley Chattnan ChattnanAlley Dancing Light Gay Youth Allev Gay Youth OX Dancing Light Gay Youth Alley Alley Carmel Boy Gay Youth Dancing Light 8 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Good Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DJCK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Black Skimmer SkimmerAzizi Black Skimmer Azizi Black Skimmer Black Skimmer SkimmerAzizi Black Skimmer Black Skimmer 2i AziziFlorizan PM 330 Azizi AziziAt Florizan Sam Florizan Sam Florizan Sam Azizi Florizan Sam Azizi 11 At War Azizi Black Skimmer Bio AziziMarkauen Markauen Azizi Florizan Sam 8 Forevic Valdina Vicar Valdina Vicar Dots Key Dots Key Dots Key Dots Ke 20 400 PM Iron Barge Dots Key Dots Kev Iron Barge Valdina Vicar Valdina Vicar Valdina Vicar 14 Dots Kev Iron Barge TheGiggler The Giggler Iron Barge Iron Barge Iron Barge 7 KaboLea Fred Havecker VegasWheel Kabo Lea Kabo Lea Kabo Lea KaboLea 24 430 PM FredHayecker Kabo Lea Kabo Lea Fred Hayecker Bursweep Ste Frances Fred Havecker 11 Ste Prances Bursweep Ste Frances Ste Frances Fred Havecker Fred Havecker VegasWheel 5 HITY Gramps Image ImageHiTy Gramps Image Gramps Image HiTy Gramps Image Gramps Image 24 500 PM Gramps Image ImageGee HiTy HiTyGee Cee Raf Cee Raf HiTyGramps Gramps Image Cee Raf HiTy 16 16Cee Gee Raf Gee Raf Trailing Home HiTv Cee Raf HiTv Cee Raf 9 Kempy Patricia A Patricia A Bosky D11 Patricia A Kempy Patricia A 17 17Kempy 530 PM Jo Ann KempyBetnabar Kempy Kempy Patricia A Field Lark Jo Ann Kempy 14 14Bosky Misslam Betnabar Bosky Dell Betnabar Bosky ell Patricia A Bosky Dell 7 Flying King Fly ing King The Duck Over Ice Jois JoisvFlying Flying King Flying King 18 600 PM Oka ena enaJois Okabena Lazy Tongs Lazy Tongs vFlying King Okabena Okabena 7 OkabenaTheDuck Jois TheDuck Flving King KingBAYBOROUGH Okabena Darbv DanJu The Duck The Duck 7 Bayborough EARLY N SMART BAYBOROUGH EARLY N SMART Early n Smart EARLY N SMART EARLY N SMART 29 630 PM War Bam War Bam BAYBOROUGHEarly Early n Smart War Bam Bayborough War Bam Bayborough 16 JEarly nJSmart WarBam Bavborough War Bam Bavborough War Bam 10 Chaldon Heath Chaldon Heath Magnesium Chaldon Heath HeathPanbroom CHALDON HEATH Chaldon Heath Chaldon Heath 29 700 PM Magnesium Harebell Chaldon Heath Panbroom Touch and Go Touch and Go GoPanbroom Magnesium 7 Touch and Go Panbroom Touch and Go Harebell PanbroomHarebell Panbroom Panbroom Touch and Go 6 TrackmanC J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Son Islam Manamaid Star of Padula Manamaid Manamaid Manamaid Manamaid 24 1 1230 PM Manamaid Son Islam Manamaid Son Islam Son Islam Son Islam Son Islam 14 ManamaidSon Family Doc Star of Padula Son Islam Pony Express Family Doc Pony Express Star of Padula 6 Anibras Full Cry Scotch Trap Skin Deep Skin Deep Skin Deep Skin Deep 17 1255 PM Scotch Trap Skin Deep GoGino Diamond Shoals Ky Flash Diamond Shoals Scotch Trap 7 Scenic Diamond Shoals Free Double Kv Flash Anibras Ky Flash Anibras 6 Greek Flag Trebleapplause Greek Flag FlagTrebleapplause Trebleapplause Kennecott Trebleapplause Trebleapplause 19 120 PM Kennecott Greek Flag Trebleapplause Kennecott KennecottTrebleapplause Trebleapplause Greek Flag Greek Flag 14 Matsonia Kennecott TrebleapplauseMatsonia Matsonia Fleet Admiral Matsonia TrebleapplauseMatsonia Kennecott Kennecott 11 Spheric Spheric Herald Fleettown Spheric Fleett9wn Spheric 20 20Fleettown 145 PM Fleettown Herald HeraldSpheric Spheric FleettownHerald Herald Herald Fleett9wnSpheric SphericHerald Spheric Fleettown 14 14Herald Flarv Fleettown Megogo SphericMegogo HeraldSpheric Spheric Fleettown Herald Herald 12 SUPERMONT Supermont BILOXI BAY Supermont Joe Burger Biloxi Bay Supermont 19 19Biloxi 210 PM Four Freedoms Four Freedoms Four Freedoms Four Freedoms Biloxi Bay Hickory Head HeadSupermont Biloxi Bay 16 Biloxi Bay Biloxi Bay Camptown Hickorv Head Supermont Supermont FourFjreedoms 8 Vagrancy VAGRANCY Vagrancy VAGRANCY VAGRANCY VAGRANCY VAGRANCY 38 38Too 235 PM Too Timely TimelyWavgal Too Timely TooTimely Too Timely Bonnet Ann Too Timely Too Timely 11 Wavgal Bonnet Ann Bonnet Ann Bonnet Ann Too Timely Bonnet Ann JBonnet Ann 6 Le Havre HavreAccord Who Me MeNeb Neb Twoses Twoses Who Me Who Me 11 11La 300 PM Accord Neb NebLe Le Havre Le Havre G9thic NebLa Neb La Havre 10 10Twoses Cincus AccordCincus NebGothic Gothic Who Me Neb Miracle Kin La Havre Twoses 10 Fuego Fuego Designator Fuego Fuego City Talk Fuego 24 24City 325 PM FuegoSooon Sooon Bread City Talk Fuego DesignatorFuego Citv Talk Sun Eager Fuego City Talk 10 10Designator Tatu Sun Eager FuegoRoman Roman Governor SalfordU City Talk Sun Eager Designator 5 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Slow Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES WELLESRiver ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS River Shannon River Shannon River Shannon ShannonUgin RIVER SHANNON River Shannon River Shannon River Shannon 32 130 PM J9hn Hunnicutt Ho Hung Ugin Mr Secretary Mr Secretary Ugin UginRed Ugin 5 5MrSecretary Cinesar Ugin Ho UginHo Hung Rjd Meadow Zaltowna Red Meadow MrSecretary 4 Wadedale Golden Babe BabeSeven Wadedale Seven o Seven SevenSignal Wadedale Wadedale Wadedale 22 V 200 PM Golden Babe Seven o Seven Seven o Seven SevenGolden Signal Tower Golden Babe Seven o Seven Golden Babe 11 Bright Bobbie Wadedale Golden Babe JWadedale Signal Tower Golden Babe Seven o Seven 11 His Shadow Sun Girl GirlWise SUN GIRL Wise Decision DecisionSun Wise Decision Sun Girl GirlAnzac Sun Girl 22 230 P M Anzac Wise Decision DecisionAnzac Wise Decision Decisionjn Sun Girl Sun Girl Anzac AnzacWise Wise Decision 15 15Anzac J3un AnzacJ3un Girl Anzac jn Dutch Anzac Morstep Wise Decision Anzac 6 Momo Flag Momo Flag FlagOur Reigh Star Reigh Star StarTole Momo Flag Momo Flag Momo Flag 22 300 P M Mare Nostrum Our Gladden GladdenTole Momo Flag FlagMiss Tole Free FreeFlv Our Gladden Our Gladden Reigh Star 11 11Our Our Gladden GladdenSorgho Tole Free Miss Ilalpla Flv Whisk Tole Free Our Gladden 7 Sorgho Voucher Fogoso Chance Sord King Torch Chance Sord SordFogoso Chance Sord 13 330 PM Voucher VoucherChance Chance Sord Bright Quest King Torch Sorgho Fogoso FogosoSorgho Sorgho 8 8King Chance Sord JCingTorch Alhalon JghadowsPass Shadows Pass Sorgho King Torch 8 Texalite Butcher Boy Viscounty Butcher Boy VISCOUNTY Butcher Boy Butcher Boy 18 400 P M Halcyon Boy Ranger TJ Ranger TJ Ranger TJ TJHalcvon Butcher Boy ViscountvRanger Viscountv Viscounty 16 Viscounty Viscountv Butcher Bov Halcvon Bov Ranger n Ranger TJ Ranger n 8 CHANCE CROSS CHANCE CROSS Chance Cross Chance Cross Flight Over CHANCE CROSS CHANCE CROSS 33 430 P M White Ford Molasses Jo White Ford Precious Years YearsWhite Chance Cross White Ford White Ford 9 Precious Years White Ford Precious Years YearsHattie White Ford White Ford Precious Years Flight Over 5 Hattie Belle Flying Silver Hattie Belle HattieBelle Ida Rogers Hattie Belle Hattie Belle 22 500 PM Flying Silver Hattie Belle Ida Rogers Flying Silver Speedy Josie Flying Silver Flying Silver 11 Mobcap Speedy Josie Updo Noodles Maupeace Ida Rogers Ida Rogers 8

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