Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-16

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• i ! ! DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, W A. Willig Lincoln Fields at Hawthorne Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Mordecai Mordecai MORDECAI Mordecai Mordecai 27 IMordecai H. M.S. Hood Ladv Juliet Prado Son Infinitv Flirt Ladv Juliet Ladv Juliet Ladv Juliet Inscovette Ladv Juliet LadvJuliet Prado Son Prado Son • Cirio Nostradamus Nostradamus Nostradamus Nostradamus IT 2Cirio Rebbina Ironworks Marvmick Rebbina Ironworks Cirio if Nostradamus Nostradamus Cirio _ Marvmick Cirio Rebbina l Shasta Man Shasta Man Shasta Man Here Goes Shasta Man Shasta Man 22 3 Here Goes Here Goes Mismark Shasta Man Luckv Ann Here Goes 10 Random Breeze Random Breeze Random Breeze Mismark Here Goes Random Breeze 3 Vegas Jim Vegas Jim Miss Stage Bingo Mama Vegas Jim Vegas Jim 18 4 Port Wine Miss Observer Port Wine Vegas Jim Miss Observer Miss Observer b Miss Observer Luckv Colonel Vegas Jim MVIiss Observer Port Wine Miss Stage 5 HARRIET SUE HARRIET SUE Harriet Sue Quizzle HARRIET SUE HARRIET SUE 28 5 Icangetit Icangetit Bolo Tie Harriet Sue Icangetit Icangetit Ouizzle Quizzle Icangetit Icangetit Quizzle Quizzle » Take Wing CORYDON Take Wing Take Wing Corvdon 18 6Corvdon Take Wing Corvdon Bolos Choice Corvdon Corvdon Take Wing 1/ Bolos Choice Devalue Latent Devalue Bolos Choice Bolos Choice * Valdina Maiden Rex Valdina Maiden Valdina Maiden Gem W. Valdina Maiden 19 7 Liberty Pan Valdina Maiden Gem W. Liberty Pan Valdina Maiden Gem W. » GemW. Liberty Pan Liberty Pan Rex Rex Rex Glennoort Glennoort Glennoort Gainer Glennoort 18 8FlorizanAce Glennoort Sweet Storv New Glory Alpine Light Florizan Ace Florizan Ace Alpine Light Florizan Ace Gainer Florizan Ace Glennoort Gainer _ Trackman: C. H. Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Quarto Quarto Try Flying Cloudy Weather Quarto 11 IEdM. Cloudy Weather Cloudy Weather Try Flying Ed M. Try Flving Cloudv Weather 10 _ Quarto Ed M. Swa y Cloudy Weather Epi Gal Try Flving 9 Dons Count Dons Count Rusty Gold Rusty Gold Charge RustvGold 14 2 Alchanc Rusty Gold Dons Count Ladv Stardust Rusty Gold Dons Count 13 Charge Alchanc Alchanc Kings Glory Dons Count Charge 6 High One High One Four Tens Back to Back Foulard High One 14 3 Rockwood Jean Foulard Back to Back High One High One Foulard War Counsellor War Counsellor Old Iron Foulard War Counsellor Back to Back 7 Big Wash Big Wash Travel Big Wash Swing Sister Big Wash J 6 4 Swing Sister Swing Sister Big Albert Travel Travel Swing Sister Big Albert Travel Swing Sister Swing Sister BigJWash Traye 1 ° Bob Murphy Bob Murphy Little Keith MelMcCready Bob Murphy Bob Murphv 15 5 Billy Bumps Bayonet Bayonet Bayonet Our Style Mel McCreadv 1 _j Our Style Mel McCready Mel McCready Little Keith Bayonet Bayonet 7 AMBER LIGHT AMBER LIGHT Final Glory Bring Me Home AMBER LIGHT Amber Light 23 6 Ben Gray Night Crawler Amber Light Jimmie Final Glory Final Glorv Bring Me Home Bring Me Home Jimmie Final Glory Bring Me Home Bring Me Home 8 Wise Moss Wise Moss Believe Wise Moss One Only Wise Moss 17 7 Believe One Onlv Tattle Tale One Only Wise Moss One Onlv Scots Bill Scots Bill Scots Bill Goober Lad Goober Lad Believe 5 Syrian Boy Dans Choice DANS CHOICE DANS CHOICE Dans Choice DANS CHOICL 24 8 Pari King Syrian Boy Here She Is Pari King Pari King Syrian Bov 8 Here She Is Pari King Tangower Lee Here She Is Syrian Boy Pari King 1_ Trackman, G. Peterson Churchill Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Bip Bip Bip Bip Bip 25 IBip Lady Brilliant El Osuna Johnny Ehret El Osuna Manipulate El Osuna 6 El Osuna Manipulate Judy Dunn Task Force El Osuna Manipulate 3 Franks Choice Franks Choice Tiger Tillie MonsBov Franks Choice Franks Choice 15 2 Sgt. Spence Mons Bov Bingo Bango Watch Andy Sgt. Spence Tiger Tillie 6 Tiger Tillie Bingo Bango Donero Donero Elk Hills Mons Baby 6 Swift Flight Swift Flight Benrose Swift Flight Swift Flight Swift Flight 20 3 Holt Holt Robins Pet Strutter Strutter Blenrose 5 Brown Valley Glorv Call Minstrel Song Robins Pet Benrose Holt 4 Drum Fire Drum Fire Play Easy Play Easy Play Easy 15 4Chero-Kaid Black Fantasy Play Easy Play Easy Drum Fire Black Fantasy Drum Fire 13 Play Easy Black Fantasy Black Fantasy Chero-Kaid Drum Fire Chero-Kaid 6 L. Uncle Otho Langs Boy Uncle Otho Notforme Uncle Otho 1 1 5Hughie Uncle Otho Little Monarch Little Monarch Olga S. Hughie L. Hughie L. 8 Langs Boy Olga S. Olga S. Hughie L. Olga S. Langs Boy ft 01dKentuck OLDKENTUCK OLD KENTUCK OLD KENTUCK OLD KENTUCK OLD KENTUCK 33 6 Sentiment Sake Black Pepper Sentiment Sake Sentiment Sake Sentiment Sake Sentiment Sake 9 Black Pepper Sentiment Sake Black Pepper Choppy Sea Choppy Sea Black Pepper 4 AVA DELIGHT Home Again Early n Smart Home Again Home Again Home Again 17 7 Home Again Ava Delight Ava Delight Ava Delight Ava Delight Ava Delight 15 Meetsum Meetsum Hefti Harris Meetsum Meetsum Early n Smart 5 Sweepnack Gay and Light Sweepnack Sweepnack Sweepnack 22 8Sweepnack Success Storv Success Story Sweepnack Eaual Chance Onemore Success Story 6 Onemore Eaual Chance True Shooter Success Storv Success Storv Gay and Light 5 Trackman, C. J. Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Old Union Bell-the-Cat Still Blue Tambo Tambo 15 ITambo • Peppy Miss Tambo Still Blue Tambo Still Blue Still Blue 9 Bell-the-Cat Markobob Tambo Old Union Justa Note Bell-the-Cat 6 Gav Garland Forget Me Now Ice Lady Gay Garland Gay Garland Gav Garland 18 2 Bolide Bolide Gay Garland Forget Me Now Forget Me Now Forget Me Now 10 Athene Gay Garland Forget Me Now Bolide Bolide Bolide 6 King Oberon Grey Hood Raylvwn Grey Hood Grey Hood Grev Hood ] 8 3 Grey Hood King Oberon Kennebunk Black Ned King Oberon King Oberon 9 Picture Prince Picture Prince Grey Hood Kennebunk Invader Ravlvwn 5 Chief Barker Our Candidate Hillver Court Chief Barker Wildlife Chief Barker 12 4 Ellis Albulil Our Candidate Hillyer Court Chief Barker Our Candidate 8 Hillyer Court Ellis Chance Nick Our Candidate Silver Smoke Hillyer Court _ 6 Who Goes There Apache APACHE Apache Apache Apache 24 5 Apache Rodney Stone Rodney Stone Salto Salto Rodnev Stone 6 Armed Salto Breezing Home Rodney Stone Rodney Stone Who Goes There 5 DEVIL DIVER DEVIL DIVER Stymie DEVIL DIVER DEVIL DIVER DEVIL DIVER 30 6 Stymie Stymie Devil Diver Stymie Stymie Stymie 13 Great Rush Rounders Olympic Zenith Rounders Great Rush Great Rush 2 BillHardev Turnplate Bill Hardev Cataclysm Bill Hardev 16 7Colleto BillHardev Intact BillHardev Michaelo BillHardev Colleto 7 Voloway Turnplate Intact Cataclysm Michaelo Cataclysm 6 Oatmeal Blue Whistler Blue Whistler Blue Whistler Blue Whistler Blue Whistler 21 8 Futurama In Question Adelphia Oatmeal In Question Oatmeal 9 Blue Whistler Oatmeal Timgad In Question Oatmeal In Question 5 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Sorgho Sorgho Sorgho Sorgho Sorgho Sorgho 25 1 Weapons Pride Tiny Sis Missmenow Tiny Sis Tinv Sis Tiny Sis 7 Hockey _ Weapons Pride Tiny Sis Scots Belle Jack Reaper Weapons Pride 3 Nats Reward Nats Reward Ladv Mascara Nats Reward Nats Reward Nats Reward 22 2 Baby Connie Sting Lightly Nats Reward Ladv Boswell Ladv Mascara Ladv Mascara 9 Sting Lightlv_ Ladv Mascara Sting Lightly Ladv Mascara Sting Lightly Sting Lightly 5 I «% Chance Sord Chance Sord Boom On Chance Sord Chance Sord Chance Sord 20 General Jack Marandv General Jack Boom On Boom On Boom On 9 Marandv General Jack Bulldinger Marandv General Jack General Jack 6 Wake Robin Able La Scala La Scala LaScala 11 4Bavmelia Wake Robin Taking Wavs Wake Robin Taking Ways Taking Wavs Wake Robin 10 LaScala Ramsey Ramsey Bavmelia Wake Robin Taking Wavs 6 1 c WINDMILL Windmill Johnny Jr. Windmill Challamore Windmill 20 I *J Johnny Jr. Johnny Jr. Challamore Challamore Windmill Johnny Jr. Challamore Challamore Windmill Johnny Jr. Johnny Jr. Challamore 11 5 £ Easy Chance Cavatorta VALDINA CRAFT Dinner Partv Side Bov Side Bov 10 i h Valdina Craft Side Bov Dinner Partv Side Bov Ogham Valdina Craft 10 Side Bov Easy Chance Cavatorta Ogham aldina Craft Dinner Party 7 I -m Dinner Partv Dinner Partv Sir Alfred Dinner Partv Dinner Partv Dinner Partv 20 / Drudge Cactus Foot Windward Isle Drudge Drudge Drudge 8 Chain Miss Drudge Drudge Cactus Foot cactus Foot Sir Alfred 6 s 0 Seven Hills SEVEN HILLS Jack Vennie SEVEN HILLS SEVEN HILLS SEVEN HILLS 28 I X Justinian II. Jack Vennie Seven Hills Jack Vennie Jack Vennie Jack Vennie 12 Jack Vennie High Plaid Justinian II. High Plaid First Girl Justinian II. |

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