Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-19

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, W A. Willig Lincoln Flddsat Hawthorne Selections Made for Fast Track _RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Jubilate Bov Campion Hall Dads Campion Hall Millpomp Campion Hall 15 1 Dads Jubilate Bov Campion Hall Dads Campion Hall Dads 10 Campion Hall Millpomp Praetorian Millpomp Dads Jubilate Bov 7 Isaiah Girl Isaiah Girl Flying Entree Noisily Isaiah Girl Isaiah Girl 19 2 Alvan Alvan Isaiah Girl Isaiah Girl Flying Entree Flying Entree 8 Minta H. Noisily Last Waltz Flying Entree Noisily Noisily 7 Short Life Short Life Short Life Book Plate Short Life Short Life 21 3 Alan F. Silver Toy Book Plate Silver Toy Silver Tov Book Plate 9 SiherTov Book Plate Silver Toy Short Life Book Plate Silver Toy 8 Haley OMar Pretty Mary Pretty Mary Our Bunny Dina Belle Pretty Mary 16 4 Pretty Mary Halcv OMar Judge Davey Pretty Mary Pretty Marv Halcv OMar 8 Dina Belle CidPlay Cid Play Dina Belle Halcv OMar Dina Belle 7 Joe Spagat Joe Spagat Gallantry Private Joe Brown Clown Joe Spagat 13 5 Brown Clown Private Joe Meadow Lark Brown Clown Joe Spagat Brown Clown 9 Private Joe Gallantry Meshach Joe Spagat Gallantry Private Joe 6 CORYDON Rush Act RUSH ACT Rush Act Rush Act Rush Act 24 6 Rush Act Corydon Lights Abeam Corydon Corvdon Corydon 13 Twixt Lights Abeam Troop Train Troop Train Rosy Brand Lights Abeam 3 " Martian MARTIAN Tawny Lady MARTIAN Martian MARTIAN 24 7 Tawny Lady Tawny Lady Ghost Hunt Three Clovers Tawny Lady Tawny Lady 12 Ghost Hunt Ibex Three Clovers Tawny Lady Three Clovers Three Clovers 4 Piplad Rebbina Devils Crag PIPLAD Piplad 20 8Piolad Devils Crag Rebbina Valdina Nymph Piplad Devils Crag Devils Crag 10 Rebbina Devils Crag Piplad Burning Chips Valdina Nymph Rebbina 8 Trackman, C. J. Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Col. Steve Speed Ball COL. STEVE Speed Ball Col. Steve Col. Steve 17 1 Flying Son Pio Pico Flying Son Star of Padula Speed Ball Speed Ball 14 Speed Ball Ballotant Speed Ball Pio Pico Pio Pico Flying Son 4 Congo Song Congo Song Little Alison Bedeviled Congo Song Congo Song 19 2 Miss Punks Hasty Blue Congo Song Congo Song Hasty Blue Little Alison 7 Little Alison Miss Punks Hasty Blue Tupelo Little Alison Bedeviled 5 Bounding Bow Navigate Navigate Navigate Navigate Navigate 20 3 Boswellian Boswellian Boswellian Ouonset Boswellian Boswellian 9 Albatross Quonset Quonsett Boswellian Bounding Bow Bounding Bow 6 New Weapon Brevithorn Brevithorn Brevithorn Brevithorn Brevithorn 21 4 Little Shifter New Weapon Needlecase New Weapon Alarush New Weapon 9 Brevithorn Fado Alarush Sis Brownie Needlecase Alarush 3 Mist o Gold Mist o Gold Assault Mist o Gold Mist o Gold Mist o Gold 20 5 The Heir Naval Base Naval Base The Heir Challenge Play The Heir 6 Mahipur The Heir Challenge Play Pep Well The Heir Assault 5 Jeep Sun Herod Jeep Jeep JEEP Jeep 24 6 Trvmenow Jeep Wildlife Trymenow Trymenow Trvmenow 7 Red Pixie Trvmenow Sun Herod Alison Peters Sun Herod Sun Herod 7 Note Justa Note Blue Serge K. Dorko K. Dorko K.Dorko 15 7Justa Blue Serge K.Dorko K.Dorko Old Union Justa Note Justa Note 12 K . Dorko Valdina Wav Bubbling Image Albuldo Sorisky Blue Serge 7 EQUINOX EQUINOX Eauinox EQUINOX Eauinox EQUINOX 31 8 Resolute II. Double Brab Yukon Yukon Yukon Yukon 7 Double Brab Yukon Double Brab Double Brab Double Brab Double Brab 6 Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS PIPER Pied Piper Pied Piper Pied Piper Pied Piper PIEDIPER 27 1PIED Teton Teton Teton Blue Dream Teton Teton 9 Flamare Blue Dream Gay Lighter Teton Blue Dream Blue Dream 4 Rex Tvrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone 20 2Romney Stellas Sun Romnev Rex Oldomwood Romnev Rex Romnev Rex Romnev Rex 12 Twink Shot Twink Shot Romnev Rex Twink Shot Mightiest Twink Shot 3 Terry May HEARTS E.VWINE Victory Blue Hearts Entwine Hearts Entwine Hearts~Entwine 20 3 Hearts Entwine Terry May Terry May Pompev Corners Pompev Corners Terry May 9 Pompev Corners Pompev Corners Hearts Entwine Victory Blue Victory Blue Victory Blue 7 Charter Member Sir Echo Petes Bet Charter Member Sir Echo sTr Echo f3 4 Ariel Mission Don Lin II. Sir Echo Girlette Girlette Charter Member 11 Appeal Agent Girlette Don Lin II. Sir Echo Charter Member Petes Bet 5 Theseus Hornblende ART BROWN Hornblende Hornblende Hornblende 16 5 Saxon Paul Astral Phantom Player Astral Astral Astral 6 Hornblende Phantom Player Tagel Art Brown Phantom Plaver Art Brown 6 Magnetic Star Cling On Limehouse Service Pilot Magnetic Star1 Magnetic Star 14 6 Cling On Magnetic Star Cling On Magnetic Star Service Pilot Cling On 10 Pentin Milkfloat Milkfloat Cling On Pentin Service Pilot 7 Devils Bit Saving Hill Fox SAVING Saving Saving 20 7 Saving Shove Off High Priority High Priority Devils Bit Devils Bit 7 Hill Fox Hill Fox Saving Shove Off Shove Off Hill Fox 7 Johnnie J. Justice Nao Sungino Johnnie J. JOHNNIE J. JohnnieJ 19 8 Justice Nap Sungino Brother Dear Sungino Justice Nap Justice Nap 10 Speedv Josie Johnnie J. Johnnie J. Justice Nap Sungino Suneino 10 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Sorgho Super Foot Super Foot Big Raid Super Foot Super Foot f6 1 Snarlevow Sorgho Flaming High Sorgho Sorgho Sorgho : Super Foot Flaming High Sorgho Snarlevow Snarlevow Big Raid 5 Ever On Ever On Dibber Ever On Ever On Ever On 2? 2 Dibber Expendable Ever On Expendable Communicate Dibber 7 Handsome Boy Communicate Communicate Communicate Expendable Communicate 5 I. Lady G. I. Lady Joan Elise Joan Elise G. I. Lady G I Ladv 17 3G. JoanElise Woodmere Woodmere G.I. Lady Joan Elise Joan Elise 14 Heres How Blue Gyp Blue Gyp Woodmere Blue Gyp Woodmere 5 Quality Jane Make Fast SHIP JR. Make Fast Make Fast Make Fast 19 4 Make Fast Ship Jr. Make Fast Two Down Florida Breeze Ship Jr 10 Rita Roval Florida Breeze Miss Wolverine Marandy Ship Jr. Quality Jane 5 Air Brigade Air Brigade Wake Robin Fire Kabo Air Brigade Air Brigade 17 5 Night Editor Night Editor Air Brigade Night Editor Night Editor Night Editor 8 Templet Celtics Brandon Point Over Ice Fire Kabo Fire Kabo 6 NOWADAYS NOWADAYS Hammer-Lock NOWADAYS Nowadays NOWADAYS 27 6 Flying Bridge Winsome Lad Winsome Lad Hammer-Lock Miss Balladier Hammer-Lock 10 Hammer-Lock Hammer-Lock Nowadays Winsome Lad Hammer-Lock Winsome Lad 5 AlimonvKid Alimony Kid Total Eclipse TAMLIN Tamlin 15 7Tamlin Grand Day Grand Day Tamlin AlimonvKid Grand Dav AlimonvKid 13 Total Eclipse Tamlin Total Eclipse Grand Day Alimony Kid Grand Day 7 Pilates Miss Pilates Miss Precious Years Pilates Miss Pilates Miss Pilates Miss 22 8 Fogoso Promenader Pilates Miss Flourtown Precious Years Precious Years 8 Shaheen Precious Years Promenader Broke Promenader Promenader 4 Trackman: C. H. Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS - Erin Torch FOURTH ESTATE Charge Erin Torch Erin Torch Erin Torch 15 I Kings Glory Stanlene Stanlene Stanlene Stanlene Stanlene 9 Stanlene Charge Memphis Bud Charge Fourth Estate Fourth Estate 8 Patricia A. Try Flying Try Flying OkooleMaluna TRY FLYING TRY FLYING 21 2 Try Flying OkooleMaluna Miss Frakes Try Flying Patricia A. Patricia A. 7 Through Train Virginia Van Virginia Van Through Train Miss Frakes Okoole Maluna 7 Blue Mate Blue Mate Blue Mate • Count Gold Blue Mate Blue Mate 21 3 Good Baby Good Baby Good Baby Good Baby Tommys Double GoodBabv 9 Hustling Pom Count Gold Count Gold Blue Mate Good Baby Count Gold 8 Jay Stevens Foulard FOULARD High Brow Foulard Foulard 18 4 High Brow Columbus Dav Rusty Gold Rusty Gold Rusty Gold Jav Stevens 7 Columbus Dav Jay Stevens Spare the Rod Foulard Jay Stevens High Brow 7 John Q. Public John Q. Public Dimit Shout About Dimit Dimit 13 5 rueyToy Darby Diedre TuevToy Dimit John Q. Public John Q. Public 12 Darby Deirdre Dimit Shout About Bee W Bee Shout About Shout About 7 Nine R. Train Mia Maria Controversy Agrarian-U Agrarian-U 12 6ARGARIAN-L Nine R. Train Fav Foo Mr. Jinx Lastin Peace Controversy Nine R. Train 8 Fav Foo Controversy Fav Foo Mia Maria Nine R. Train Controversy 8 Sun By Kantar Run Yank Bomber SUN BY Milk Flip Sun By 14 7 Late Thread Sun By Kantar Run MilkFlio Davitt Milk Flip 8 Yank Bomber Late Thread Milk Flip Davitt Kantar Run Kantar Run 8 Prospect Boy Waddv Color Week Bradwin Bradwin Bradwin 11 8 Magnesium War Communiaue Bell Call Bell Call Bell Call Bell Cat 7 Bell Call Bradwin Waddv Hasty Brook Youville Waddv 6

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