Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1949-05-02

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A Adamant — 2d Jam Admiral Bill— 5th HdG Agarita — 2d Spt C Air Arm — 1st CD - Air Gee— 7th L.D J Aircraft — 8th L.D Alar— 7th Spt I All at Once— 3d CD £ Alpine Astarte — 8th L.D „ Analysis — 7th Suf - Anna Christie — 7th HdG £ Appetizer — 1st Spt r Arcourt — 8th Jam 5 Argos — 1st LX ► Ariel Ace— 6th CD .. Ariel Brigade — 1st Suf E Aristopur — 7th L.D £ Armed— 6 th CD i Atlantic City — 2d Spt - Atoka Led — 8th Spt r Atomic City — 2d Spt = Attic Girl— 4th Spt £ Automaton — 7th L.D c Autumn Storm — 7th Jam _ Azora — 2d Suf ± B 2j Baby Blua— 2d Spt Baby Pauly — 2d Hdg Back Interest — 7th C JD Barrage — 5th Jam Battle Axe— 5th CD Battle Scarred — 3d Spt Beaming Light — 3d Suf Beau Sweep — 3d L X Beautiful In— 8th HdG Becky Murray — 1st LID Bel Queen — 5th C X Best Doings — 5th Suf Best Prospect — 6th C X Better Bet Jr.— 3d Suf Betty Skelly— 1st Spt Biair — 4th LX Bickett — 3d C XI Big Albert — 1st Spt Big Dial — 5th Jam Big T. O.— 2d Hdg Bimelotta— 5th HdG Binky B.— 6th HdG 31ack Cat — 7th Spt Blenel— 8th L.D Blue Victory — 6th Jam Bo Way— 2d HdG Bobs Pick — 6th CJD Bold Regard — 1st Jam Bolingover — 3d CJD Boodle — 6th Jam Border Vintage — 1st LJD Boss Foot — 3d Hdg Brassy Lie — 4th Suf Brave Bid — 8th Suf Bright Armor — 5th HdG Brown Chief — 2d Jam Brun dOr— 3d CD Bubbling Easy — 6th Spt Budding Berry — 1st Hdg Buntys Imp — 8th Jam Buster Hope — 3d Suf Busy Whirl — 7th Jam Buttons — 7th C JD c Candy Doll— 2d Suf Carreau — 1st Spt Carryall — 3d Jam Carter Hall — 4th Hdg Cathie Jean — 6th L X Cavalier Trim — 3d Hdg Cedar Magic — 1st Hdg Challorette — 6th C JD Chally Mally — 8th Jam Chance Taker — 3d Spt Chancelot — 3d Jam Char-Law — 5th CD Christabel — 2d Hdg Christmas — 7th Jam Chombro — 1st CJD City Hall— 2d Spt Clear Day— 3d CJD Cleo Lady — 4th CJD Clevelander — 6th CJD Clip Clop — 2d LJD Coincidence — 5th Jam Col. Wiggins — 1st Jam Colonel Harry — 8th LJD Come Spring — 3d LJD Comely Babe — 8th HdG Commitment — 4th Hdg Constable — 2d Suf Coo — 4th CJD Coon Tail— 5th CJD . Copacabana — 1st Jam Copito — 1st Jam Court Ace— 2d Hdg Covenant — 3d Jam Cowlan — 1st Spt Crooner — 2d Jam Cross Bayou— 8th Suf Croupier — 1st Jam Curler— 8th Spt Custody — 8th Jam Czech Lass — 3d LJD D Dago Day— 5th Spt Dainger Girl — 6th LJD Danada Plash — 5th Spt Dandy Foot— 4th Hdg Dandy Pete— 3d Hdg Dark Filante — 6th CD Dark Heather — 8th CD Dark Ship — 1st LJD Darling Man — 4th Hdg Dash-For-Cash— 4th Hdg Daves Pal — 2d Hdg Davies Sister — 1st Suf Debaby — 6th CD Decision — 8th Suf Deliver — 7th CD Delorah — 8th Spt Denagee — 7th HdG Desert Gold— 5th HdG Despite — 7th Suf Devil Dog — 4th CJD Dinner Party — 7th LJD Dixie Pebble — 5th Spt Doc Steam — 1st Hdg Donna L. — 5th Spt Double Gift — 1st CJD Double Luck — 5th L.D Dr. David Hill— 5th CJD Dram — 5th HdG Draw One — 2d Hdg Dream Spinner — 2d Jam Dresser — 2d Spt Duke B. — 1st Jam Duke E. — 5th Spt Dutel— 7th HdG E East Indies — 6th Jam Egos Bow — 8th CJD Elastic — 1st Jam Elcan — 8th CJD Elected— 3d Hdg Ellens Pick — 3d Hdg Elturbie — 3d L.D End Zone — 3d CJD Ephemeral — 5th CJD Ernie C — 5th Spt Esta Vez — 5th Suf Esterita — 1st Jam Eternal Danger — 1st Hdg F Fair Arab — 7th CJD Fair Shifter— 2d LJD Fairy Bread — 3d Spt Famine — 3d Spt Fanar Grier — 4th LJD Fancy Answer — 4th Suf Fashion Maid — 4th Hdg Favorite Trap — 4th LJD Fennelly — 7th Jam Ferd — 6th Jam Fighting Fool — 2d Jam Fine Fettle— 6th CJD First Nighter — 6th Suf First Pebble— 6th Suf Flares Durbar — 7th Suf Flash of Light — 4th Jam Fleety Queen — 1st Suf Fly Pigeon — 1st Suf Flying Goose — 1st Hdg Flying Mile — 6th Suf Flying Raid — 6th LJD Flying Tartar — 1st Jam Fleet Command — 1st Jam Foreign Touch — 8th Suf Four Eights — 8th HdG Foxey Rose — 2d CJD Foxy Bea — 1st Suf Foxy Pate — 5th CJD Frankly — 5th Jam Free Meal — 1st Hdg Friendly Frank — 5th Suf Friendly Miss — 8th HdG Front Row — 2d CJD G Garrett C— 2d CJD Gay Band — 2d Spt Gay Courier — 5th Suf Gay Gino— 7th Suf Gay Rover — 8th Suf Georges Girl — 2d Suf Gin Girl — 3d Jam Gingham — 7th Jam Goblin— 7th CD Going Airy— 7th HdG Golden Clover — 1st Hdg Golden Cross — 5th Spt Golden Gino — 1st Suf Golf Club — 1st Jam Good Egg — 5th Suf Good Gossip — 4th Hdg Good Look — 8th CD Good Pick— 1st Hdg Good Sweep — 4th Suf Gracious Heart — 1st CJD Graf airchan — 3d LJD Grand Player — 2d Hdg Gray Marvel — 7th Spt Great Hope — 2d Hdg Greenbrier — 5th L.D Greenock Image — 4th CJD Greytown — 1st Spt H H. T. Perry— 2d Suf Hadatickle — 3d L.D Hal Seth— 2d Jam Happy Pilot — 3d Spt Harry D. — 1st CD Hasten Jason — 2d Spt Hasty Mabel— 3d Hdg Hatikvah — 3d Jam He Could — 6th Spt Head Stream — 1st Hdg Heartiest — 8th Suf Heather Girl— 7th L.D Helaneius — 7th Jam Helens Boy — 8th Spt Herd Reno — 2d Hdg Hi-Etta— 4th Spt High Mayer — 5th Spt High Note— 4th Hdg Hike— 4th CD Hill Fox — 8th L.D Hippodrome — 6th L.D Hobie B.— 4th Hdg Howdy Rowdy — 1st Suf Hy Ginnis — 6th Jam Hyf lare— 8th Suf I Ill Be — 7th HdG Ike Junior — 7th HdG Impudence — 4th Jam In Time— 4th L.D In Vogue — 6th L.D Inaccessible — 3d Jam Inaugural — 8th Spt Infinity K. — 1st Spt Innate — 8th Suf Inseparable — 5th Jam Insist — 4th Spt Invitation — 8th Jam Iron Don — 1st Spt Iron Way — 7th Jam Isochino — 7th Jam J Jack Heather — 2d Suf Jackie W. — 3d Jam Jacks Niece — 4th Spt Jacomo — 2d Suf Janies Fellah — 7th Jam Jen Jen — 3d LJD Jet Assist— 5th HdG Jezrahel — 1st L.D Jimmy K. — 8th Spt Joblots— 2d L.D Jodas Joe — 5 th Spt Joe Olsan — 6th Suf Joe Ponzer — 3d Hdg Joie de Vivre — 2d Jam Jubilant — 4th Hdg Julibee — 7th Jam K Kansas Koed — 4th Spt Kathys Own — 5th LJD Keep Bright — 2d L.D Keep Moving — 6th Spt Khaygram — 8th Spt Kilayr— 3d Suf Kin*;rosa— 8th HdG Kitty Kat— 7th Spt Knight Cappy — 1st Spt Knighthood — 4th LJD Knights Gift— 6th Spt Knights Hill— 6th CJD Kobold— 3d Hdg L Lady Fakir — 8th Jam Lady Joan — 6th CJD Lady Lureen — 6th Spt Laurelita — 8th HdG Leapolino — 8th CJD Librab — 3d Jam Lightfoot Lady — 8th Spt Lightning Bug — 2d Jam Lilac Lady — 8th HdG Link— 2d LJD Little Aud— 2d CJD Little Bad — 6th Jam Little Bits— 4th LJD Little Cecelia — 2d LJD Little Dick— 2d Suf Little Fair— 3d Spt Little Fawn — 8th Spt Little Hare— 3d Spt Little Renny — 1st Suf Little Trouble— 7th LJD Liza Lee — 3d Suf Lolling— 4th Suf Loot — 5th Suf Lost and Found — 2d LJD Love Sonnet — 6th HdG Lt. BUI— 3d Suf Lucky Dog — 1st CJD Lutz Girl — 3d Jam Lytta-Jane — 3d Spt M M. Luck Out — 7th Jam Magic Touch — 2d Spt Mahshell — 5th CJD Make It Easy— 5th Spt Market Day— 5th HdG Marltown — 4th Suf Martharine — 8th CJD Mary Ann — 2d Hdg Maryport — 2d LJD Marys Rosebud — 1st LJD Maximont — 1st Suf McCosh — 6th CJD Mesmer — 6th Suf Mesmerized — 5th Suf Mighty Master — 8th Jam Mike Lowy — 2d Jam Mill Creek — 2d Jam Milton Beere — 2d Jam Miss Bobby Sox — 2d LJD Miss Bobolink — 2d LJD Miss Busybee — 8th HdG Miss Carolina — 7th Jam Miss Co very — 5 th HdG Miss Crossbow — 4th Spt Miss G. G.— 7th Spt Mis3 Golightly— 7th CJD Mis j Knightess — 2d Suf Miso Lovable — 8th HdG Missab — 5th CJD Montree — 7th L.D Mother Daisy— 8th HdG Mother Grace — 1st Spt Mr. Happy — 8th Jam Mr. Squirrel— 1st Hdg Mulligatawney — 4th LJD Mu!tiair — 3d L.D Musical Lady — 4th Suf My Grace — 1st Spt My Year — 1st Jam N Navy Chief — 6th Jam Neat Kee— 1st Suf New Blue — 1st L.D Newsprint — 8th Jam Nickey W. — 6th CJD Night Clown— 1st Hdg Night Man— 3d CJD Nikohs Pal — 8th L.D No Peace— 5th HdG Non Ferro — 6th Spt Nora— 8th HdG Now and Ever — 1st Hdg Nuptial— 3d Hdg o Ocean Front — 6th HdG Oceania — 3d Suf Once Only — 4th Hdg One Blue — 6th Spt Oom Paul — 5th L.D Orbit — 4th Jam Our Blen — 8th Spt Our Victory — 3d LJD Our quest — 4th Jam Overtake — 5th Spt Oxford Don — 4th CJD P Painted Arrow — 7th Suf Parhelion — 3d Suf Partly Cloudy— 5th HdG Pat H.— 3d L.D Patruska — 7th Spt Peazy — 4th Hdg Pegasus — 7th CD Penaten — 4th Hdg Penniless — 6th Spt Pennypacker — 7th LJD Penwood — 1st Spt Percivale — 4th Jam Permanent Pal — 2d Spt Petes Kid— 2d LJD Petrified— 7th Spt Petsome — 7th Spt Phantom Heels — 7th Spt Pharant — 1st LJD Pink Lightning — 2d LJD Pittacus — 4th Suf Plaidloch— 5th Spt Play Hands — 6th Spt Play Pretty— 7th LJD Play Some — 8th L.D Playing Pomp — 2d LJD Polo Highgood — 4th CJD Pomander — 2d Jam Pomps Gal — 6th CJD Poodoo — 2d Spt Potemkin — 1st Spt Preceder — 5th CD Prince Dandy — 2d Suf Prince Jim — 5th CJD Princess Carry — 3d Hdg Putitthere — 1st LJD Q Queen Hair an — 6th CJD Quelle Belle— 4th Suf Quintero— 6th CD Quizzle — 7th Spt R Radar Man — 6th LJD Raffle House — 3d Spt Ragtime Band — 1st Jam Raiding Star — 5th Spt Random Jest — 2d Hdg Ray OSullivan — 5th Spt Rayloper — 3d CJD Real Sweet — 2d Spt Real Wren — 1st Hdg Red Skipper — 8th LJD Red Tag— 7th Suf Redgie — 2d Hdg Refresh — 8th Suf Regaler — 2d Hdg Resistant — 1st Jam Respire — 3d Suf Rich Uncle — 4th CJD Richavoo — 6th Spt Roberta S.— 3d Hdg Robin Hill — 8th CJD Roman Grace — 2d Spt Roman Runner — 8th Jam Romance Hill — 8th CJD Rosemere Dee — 1st Suf Rough Ordy— 8th HdG Rough Shower — 8th HdG Rough Swallow — 8th HdG Royal Foot — 6th L.D Royal Luck — 2d Suf Royat — 7th Spt Rozs Rainbow — 4th Hdg Ruddy Glow — 4th LJD s Samba Siren — 8th Suf Sand Run — 4th Jam Sason — 8th Suf Sassys King — 6th Suf Sax Bee — 7th Spt Saybird — 4th Spt Scapagal — 5th CJD Sea Victory — 1st LJD Seamans Pal — 5 th Spt Seersucker — 7th Suf Segundo Sombra — 4th CJD Senator C — 4th Suf Senecas Coin — 5th CD Service Pilot — 6th HdG Shade Ruff— 4th L.D Shadowed — 4th Spt Shasta Man — 3d Spt She Dares — 5th HdG Sherry D. — 7th Suf Shine On — 4th Jam Shining Deed — 3d Suf Shivaree— 6th HdG Shockoe — 1st Jam Shoes — 1st Jam Silk Bound— 1st Suf Silver Cross — 5th L.D Silver Rose — 1st Suf Simple Simon — 7th LJD Sir Chester— 3d LJD Sir Wash — 4th Spt Sister Bry — 5th CD Sister Carmel — 8th CD Skywave — 8th Spt Sleek Jane — 6th LJD Slovak— 7th Spt Smiling Eyes — 5th LJD Sneak — 5th Suf Social Hour — 4th Jam Soleda — 1st Hdg Son of Heels — 8th Suf Sons Twinkle — 3d Spt Sparker — 3d LJD Specialist — 8th L.D Speeding Home — 1st Jam Speedy Fellow — 3d LJD Spindle — 4th Jam St. George — 2d Jam Stan Tracy — 1st Suf Star Batter — 1st LJD Star Craft — 1st Hdg Static Chaser — 7th Spt Steel Witlst CJD Steploch— 8th Suf Steppin Lively — 1st Spt Stilts— 2d Hdg Stormy McCabe — 5th CJD Stroll— 3d Hdg Strutaway — 4th Jam Subscriber — 6th bpt Suede — 4th CJD Sun Flame— 3d LJD Superb Donna — 7th HdG Supper Date — 6th Suf Susans Beanie — 8th LJD Sweepgold — 7th Spt Sweet Irene — 2d Spt Swim Girl — 4th Hdg Syllabub— 1st Hdg Syls Gallant — 1st CJD T Take Courage — 2d LJD Technicolor — 6th Spt Ted Wes— 7th Suf Teddies Imp — 1st CJD Teddy Tarn — 3d Suf Ten Days — 3d L. D Tetratomic — 5th LJD The Street — 7th Jam Thunder Echo — 3d Spt Tick Out — 8th Jam Tiger Call — 1st L.D Tiger Flash — 1st Jam Timeltel — 5th CD Tintilate — 1st Jam Tintina — 2d CD To To Light — 1st Suf Tobo— 5th CD Toetotoe — 2d Jam Tom Ferris — 7th Suf Topnard — 1st Spt Topnotch — 1st Spt Tops All — 6th Jam Town Hall — 8th Spt Town Man — 5th CD Trace Chain— 3d L.D Tranquil Tide — 4th CJD Treada Boy — 4th Suf Trillin Neibor — 3d Hdg Trombejim — 3d Jam True Pilate — 7th LJD Tumble Boy — 1st Jam Turntable — 8th LJD Twixt — 2d Spt Two Deuce — 1st Suf Tyrone Player — 3d Hdg u Upton — 8th Spt Uptown — 6th Jam V Valley Dream — 5th LJD Valley Poise — 6th LJD Var— 5th Suf Veldina Irene — IstLJD Victory Banner — 7th Spt Vinita Dot — 6th LJD W Wagel— 4th Hdg Walger— 1st L. D War Dauber— 7th HdG War Page — 3d Spt Watch Chilla— 3d Spt Water Melon— 3d Hdg Wayne S. — 3d Spt Well Wisher— 8th Spt Westgate Blvd— 7th Jam Westover Lady — 4th LJD What Night— 8th Suf Whirl-a-Bit-5th CJD Whites Boy — 2d Suf Willing Hand — 8th Jam Willwin— 5th Spt Winged — 2d Jam Winnebago — 3d Spt Wise Bull— 3d Jam Wise Mom — 4th LJD Wise Quest — 6th Jam Wise Shopper — 5th CJD Wise Sun— 7th CJD Wolfess — 2d Spt Wonder Sir — 3d CJD Wonderwho — 7th CJD Wood H— 4th Spt Wye River — 3d Hdg Y Yankee Raider — 2d Hdg Yard Wide— 4th Spt You Are You — 2d CD Your Highness — 6th LJD Your Reward — 6th CJD Z Zo Bo — 4th Suf

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