Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1949-05-02

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackmar,, J. R. Batty Sportsmans Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Betty Skelly Betty Skelly Betty Skelly Betty Skellv Bettv Skellv Bettv Skelly 25 1 Iron Don Infinity K. Iron Don Infinity K. Mv Grace Iron Don 5 Big Albert Cowlan Mv Grace Cowlan Iron Don Infinity K. 4 Atomic Citv Poodoo City Hall City Hall City Hall City Hall 16 2 Permanent Pal Gav Band Atomic Citv Atmic City Hasten Jason Atomic City 10 Atlantic City City Hall Real Sweet Poodoo Atomic Citv Poodoo 6 Chance Taker Wavne S. Wavne S. Wavne S. Chance Taker Wayne S. 15 3 Raffle House Raffle House Raffle House Raffle House Raff le House Chance Taker 10 Little Hare Little Fair Battle Scarred Little Hare Lvtta-Jane Raffle House 10 INSIST Insist INSIST INSIST INSIST INSIST 33 4* Savbird Miss Crossbow Miss Crossbow Miss Crossbow Miss Crossbow Miss Crossbow 9 Miss Crossbow Say Bird Kansas Koed Jacks Niece Jacks Niece Saybird 3 Make It Easy Raiding Star Make It Easy Make It Easy Donna L. Make It Easy 19 5 Plaidloch Make It Easv Ray OSullivan Raiding Star Make It Easy Donna L. 7 Ernie C. Panada Flash Donna L. Donna L. Panada Flash Raiding Star 7 Bubbling Easy Bubbling Easy He Could Richavoo Bubbling Easy Bubbling Easy 18 6 Knights Gift Richavoo Bubbling Easy Penniless One Blue Richavoo 9 Richavoo Keep Moving Penniless Bubbling Easy Richavoo He Could 5 0uizzle QUIZZLE Ouizzle Petrified Ouizzle Quizzle 24 7 Sax Bee Sax Bee Phantom Heels Ouizzle Petrified Petrified 10 Petrified Petrified Petrified Alar Black Cat Sax Bee 4 Town Hall Well Wisher Well Wisher Town Hall Town Hall Town Hall 16 8 Well Wisher Lightf oot Ladv Atoka Lad Atoka Lad Atoka Lad Well Wisher 12 Atoka Lad Town Hall Lightfoot Ladv Skywave Lightfoot Lady Atoka Lad 7_ Trackman, D. S. Fair Churchill Downs Selections Made for Fast Track 1 RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Arm Air Aim Air Arm Teddies ImD Air Arm Air Arm * 22 IAir Gracious Heart Teddies ImD Harry D. Air Arm Lucky Dog Teddies Imp 8 Svls Gallant Lucky Dog Teddies Imp Steel Wit Steel Wit Lucky Dog 3 Tintina Foxev Rose Foxev Rose Tintina Front Row Foxey Rose 14 You Are You You Are You You Are You Foxev Rose Foxey Rose Tintina 13 Front Row Tintina Tintina Front Row Tintina Front Row 7 Bolingover Bolingover Bolingover Bolingover Bolingover Bolingover 25 Wonder Sir Clear Dav Ravloner Night Man End Zone RavloDer 4 Ravlooer Rayloner End Zone Brun dOr Night Man End Zone 3 Hike Hike Hike COO Hike 16 4CleoLadv Coo Oxford Don Oxford Don Coo Oxford Don Coo 11 Polo Highgood Segundo Sombra Segundo Sombra Oxford Don Hike Oxford Don 7 Timeltel Timeltel Timeltel TIMELTEL Timeltel Timeltel 27 5~ Whirl-A-Bit Preceder Missab Whirl-A-Bit Missab Missab 7 Missab Missab Prince Jim Missab Whirl-A-Bit Whirl-A-Bit 5 ARMED Armed Fine Fettle Armed Armed Armed 24 6 Fine Fettle Fine Fettle Armed Ladv Joan Fine Fettle Fine Fettle 11 Lady Joan Pomps Gal Ariel Ace Challorette Challorette Lady Joan 3 Goblin GOBLIN GOBLIN Goblin Goblin GOBLIN 29 Miss Golightly Wise Sun Pegasus Wise Sun Wise Sun Wise Sun 6 Wonderwho Wonderwho Wonderwho Pegasus Wanderwho Wonderwho 4 Sister Carmel Sister Carmel Leaoolino Sister Carmel Leapolino Sister Carmel 19 Leanolino Robin Hill Sister Carmel Leapolino Sister Carmel Leapolino 15 Good Look Leapolino Robin Hill Robin Hill Elean Robin Hill 4 Trackman J. N. Lyon# Jr. Jamaica Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Copito Copito Copacabana Shoes Copacabana Copito 13 1 Tiger Flash Tintalate Copito Tintalate Fleet Command Copacabana 11 ■m Copacabana Tumble Boy Fleet Command Tiger Flash Copito Shoes 5 Mike Lowy Winged Mill Creek Winged Winged Winged 17 Hal Seth Hal Seth Winged Mill Creek Toetotoe Mike Lowy 9 Lightning Bug Mike Lowy Mike Lowy Mike Lowy Mike Lowy Mill Creek 7 , ~ Gin Girl Hatikvah HATIKVAH Gin Girl Gin Girl Hatikvah 18 S Hatikvah Gin Girl Inaccessible Hatikvah Hatikvah Gin Girl 17 ** Wise Bull Wise Bull Chancelot Covenant Carryall Inaccessible 2 Spindle Social Hour Spindle Social Hour Sand Run Social Hour 16 Social Hour Spindle Social Hour Percivale Social Hour Spindle 12 Percivale Sand Run Percivale Sand Run Percivale Sand Run 7 BARRAGE BARRAGE Frankly BARRAGE Barrage BARRAGE 28 Frankly Frankly Barrage Big Dial Big Dial Frankly 11 Big Dial Big Dial Coincidence Frankly Frankly Big Dial 6 NavvChief Ferd Ferd East Indies EAST INDIES Ferd 16 Ferd East Indies Navy Chief Ferd Ferd East Indies 14 Boodle Tops All Boodle Boodle Navy Chief Navy Chief 8 Busy Whirl The Street Helaneius Helaneius The Street The Street 11 Julibee Autumn Storm Christmas Date Christmas Date Julibee Helaneius 10 Christmas Date Busy Whirl Busy Whirl The Street Busy Whirl Busy Whirl 8 Mighty Master Mighty Master Mr. Happy Mr. Happy Buntyslmp Mighty Master 13 Custody Lady Fakir Mighty Master Newsprint Ladv Fakir Mr. Happy 11 Buntyslmp Mr. Happy Newsprint Buntys Imp Mighty Master Buntys Imp 7 Trackman E. P. Heaqerty Havre QQ Grace Selections Made for Fast Track " I RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Eternal Danger Syllabub Eternal Danger Eternal Danger Eternal Danger 17 ISoleda Eternal Danger Good Pick Good Pick Good Pick Gocd Pick Good Pick 8 Syllabub Syllabub Cedar Magic Head Stream Doc Steam Syllabub 7 BoWav BigT O. Mary Ann Random Jest Bo Way Bo Way 15 Big TO BoWav Bo Way Big T. O. BigT.O. BigT.O. 11 v Random Jest Yankee Raider Random Jest Bo Way Random Jest Random Jest 8 Cavalier Trim Elected Triflin Neibor Elected Cavalier Trim Elected 15 Elected Cavalier Trim Boss Foot Cavalier Trim Elected Cavalier Trim 14 Roberta S. Nuptial Elected Triflin Neibor Nuptial Triflin Neibor 6 Commitment Swim Girl Commitment Swim Girl Commitment Commitment 16 Swim Girl Dash for Cash Swim Girl Dash for Cash Swim Girl Swim Girl 16 penaten Jubilant Jubilant Commitment Dash for Cash Dash for Cash 5 PARTLY CLOUDY Partly Cloudy MISS COVERY Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy 22 Desert Gold Miss Coverv Market Day Miss Covery Miss Covery Miss Covery 14 Miss Covery Bright Armor Bright Armor Admiral Bill She Dares Desert Gold 2 Service Pilot Service Pilot Ocean Front Service Pilot SERVICE PILOT Service Pilot 23 Ocean Front Shivaree Shivaree Shivaree Ocean Front Ocean Front 10 Shivaree Love Sonnet Service Pilot Ocean Front Shivaree Shivaree 8 Superb Donna Going Airy Ill Be Superb Donna Sucerb Donna Superb Donna 18 Ill Be Superb Donna Going Airy Going Airy Ill Be Ill Be 10 Going Airy Denagee Superb Donna Ill Be Denagee Going Airy 10 ComelyBabe COMELY BABE Kingrosa COMELY BABE Comely Babe COMELY BABE 26 Kingrosa Kingrosa Comelv Babe Rough Ordy Kinsrosa Kingrosa 12 Rough Ordy Miss Busvbee Miss Busvbee Kingrosa Rough Ordy Rough Ordy 4 Trackman, A. E. Brown Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track I RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Tracv Stan Tracy Stan Tracy Stan Tracy Stan Tracy Stan Tracy 25 IStan Fly Pigeon Fly Pigeon Fly Pigeon Fleetv Queen Fly Pigeon Fly Pigeon 9 Fleety Queen HowdyRowdy Ariel Brigade Fly Pigeon Fleetyjaueen Fleety Queen 4 EL T~ Perry Georges Girl Miss Knightess Georges Girl Georges Girl Georges Girl 19 2 Georges Girl Constable Georges Girl Royal Luck Royal Luck Miss Knightess 6 Miss Knightess Royal Luck Whites Boy Whites Boy Constable H. T. Perry 5 Shining Deed Beaming Light Kilayr Lt. Bill Shining Deed Shining Deed 15 3 Respire Shining Deed Respire Shining Deed Re.* pire Lt. Bill 7 Lt. Bill Lt. Bill ShiningJDeed Better Bet Jr. Parhelion Respire 6 Musical Lady Musical Lady MUSICAL LADY Brassy Lie Musical Lady Musical Lady 24 4 Senator C. Quelle Belle Fancy Answer Musical Lady Brassy Lie Brassy Lie 10 Brassy Lie Brassy Lie Brassy Lie 5°_od Sweep Senator C. Senator C. 3 Sneak SNEAK Sneak SNEAK Sneak SNEAK 29 5 Best Doings Best Doings Best Doings Friendly Frank Best Doings Best Doings 9 Esta Vez Friendly Frank Friendly Frank Best Doings Friendly Frank Friendly Frank 5 FIRST NIGHTER Mesmer First Nighter First Nighter First Nigh ier First Nighter 24 Mesmer First Nighter Mesmer Mesmer Flying Mile Mesmer 12 Flying Mile Flying Mile Flying Mite Sassys King Mesmer Flying Mile 5 Gay Gino Tom Ferris Gav Gino Gay Gino GAY GINO Gay Gino 24 Ted Wes Gay Gino Red Tag Tom Ferris Tom Ferris Tom Ferris 9 Analysis Analysis Flares Durbar; Analysis Analysis Analysis 4 Son of Heels What Night Sason What Night Cross Bavou What Night 10 8 Cross Bayou Son of Heels Brave Bid Decision Son of Heels Son of Heels 9 Heartiest Sason Cross Bayou Heartiest Sason Cross Bayou 8

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