Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-06-14

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS .Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Ratings. Allowing 5 Points for 1st Days Best 7 Points, 2 for 2d, 1 for 3d. Days Best In Black Type. Trackman, J. S. Grant LINCOLN FIELDS ♦ at Washington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS French Navy CLOY French Navy Cloy French Navy FRENCH NAVY 18 1 Challeport North Shore Cloy French Navy Challeport Cloy 15 Cloy French Navy Miss Nap Phidias Miss Nap Challeport 4 Ruth Murphy See Top Moon Baby Vinina Vinina 13 2VININA Moon Baby Kathleen R Ruth Murphy Winter Pair Winter Pair Ruth Murphy 8 Winter Pair Vinina Kathleen R Ruth Murphy Gail R. Moon Baby 7 Sunshine Rose Goliad « Sunshine Rose Goliad Sunshine Rose 13 3Isomur Alhampered Eperc Mr. Wiggins Mr. Wiggins Sunshine Rose Goliad 10 Victoria Cross Blond and Gay Sunshine Rose Eperc Mr. Wiggins Isomur 5 «Good Hostess Blue Agent Kilayr Kilayr Lass Quest Kilayr 13 4 Kilayr * My Wash Good Hostess Blue Agent Good Hostess Good Hostess 10 Blue Agent Good Hostess Blue Agent Infinotto Kilayr Blue Agent 9 Shining Deed Shining Deed Catsmeow Eternal Flirt Shining Deed Shining Deed 17 5 Royal Challa Lands End Royal Challa Lands End Lands End Eternal Elirt 7 Im Don Eternal Flirt Shining Deed Shining Deed Eternal Flirt Lands End 6 Peter Vinegar Irish Flare Peter Vinegar MARCH PROUDLY The Ghizeh Peter Vinegar 14 6 The Ghizeh Peter Vinegar The Ghizeh Peter Vinegar Mr. Nealie The Ghizeh " 10 Nugget Gold The Ghizeh Joe Graves Joe Graves March Proudly March Proudly 8 First Night Flatbush Castile Rocky Sir First Night Flatbush 12 7 Trarab Rocky Sir Flatbush Flatbush Flatbush First Night 10 Flatbush Castile Rocky Sir Buds Pride Arcourt Rocky Sir 8 Whirltown Reighs Comet TRIXIE Trixie WHIRLTOWN Whirltown 16 8 Carmargo Bill Whirltown • Reighs Comet Lutz Girl Trixie Trixie 14 Fine Fettle Fresh Breeze . Whirltown Whirltown Fresh Breeze Reighs Comet 7 Trackman, D. S. Fairv DETROIT Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE~ TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Ten Gallon Hat Ten Gallon Hat Third Oval Ten Gallon Hat Ten Gallon Hat Ten Gallon Hat 22 1 Third Oval Third Oval „ Ten Gallon Hat Third Oval Commitment Third Oval 12 Commitment Als War Dog Als War Dog Als War Dot? Third Oval Commitment 3 Sweep Tiger Banner Day Grand Evening Sweep Tiger SWEEP TIGER Sweep Tiger . 20 2 Banner Boy Corky Paul Sweep Tiger Banner Boy Minnesinger Banner Boy 10 Minnesinger Sweep Tiger Minnesinger Minnesinger Banner Boy Grand Evening 5 MASTERSON Masterson MASTERSON - Masterson MASTERSON 29 3Masterson Cotton Ginny Cotton Jinny Cotton Ginny Cotton Ginny Cotton Ginny Cotton Ginny 10 Desdemona Stoneys Tiger Stoneys Tiger Stoneys Tiger Stoneys Tiger Stoneys Tiger 4 Partridge Turban PARTRIDGE Joes Laddie Joes Laddie Joes Laddie 13 4 Soma Lad Joes Laddie Soma Lad Soma Lad . Turban Partridge 12 • Turban Soma Lad Joes Laddie Turban Soma Lad Turban 9 SONNY M. Ky. River Ky. River Ky. River Ky. River Ky. River 21 5 Best of Breed Sonny M. Best of Breed Best of Breed Best of Breed Best of Breed 9 Ky. River Best of Breed . Heart Flash Our Sister Nice Tint Sonny M. 9 Sir Cobo . Ted Yochum Sir Cobo Creep Mousie Creep Mbusie Sir Cobo 16 6 Humphrey Sir Cobo Creep Mousie Sir Cobo -Sir Cobo Creep Mousie 13 Ted Yochum Creep Mousie Ted Yochum Ted Yochum Ted Yochum - Ted Yochum 9 mm Western Front Our Equity Our Equity Just-Made-it Our Equity Our Equity 17 / Bother Bother Just-Made-It Bother Just-Made-It Just-Made-It 10 * Our Equity . Just-Made-It Bother Our Equity Western Front Bother 7 - Jatak Lucky Doo Jatak Jatak Jatak 22 8Jatak Lucky Doo Winabet Jatak Lucky Doo Play Sure Luck v Doo 11 Ross Bill Lucky Doo Cbilla Queen Winabet Lucky Doo Winabet 3 Trackman, J. R. Batty BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST * . PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS - Jack Fizz Noble Spartan Sunnyland Jack Fizz "* Jack Fizz Jack Fizz • 17 I Comet Boy Jack Fizz Genus Comet Boy Noble Spartan Noble Spartan , 8 Genus Comet Boy Noble Spartan Cykie -Comet Boy Comet Boy 6 Princess Rose Northampton Princess Rose King Wilson Northampton Princess Rose 14 2 Seltzer Spanker King Wilson Princess Rose Princess Rose Northampton 10 King Wilson King Wilson Spanker Seltzer Seltzer King Wilson 9 Miss* Lyonors MISS LYONORS Baluster Baluster Baluster Baluster 19 3 Baluster Baluster Miss Lyonors Miss Lyoriors Miss Lyonors Miss Lyonors 18 Bettys Alibi Bettys Alibi Our Gay Balluchulish Our Gay Bettys Alibi 2 Hals Pal Bulletproof Gold Gin „. Hals Pal Armelle Hals Pal 10 4 Seventy-Seven Gold Gin Armelle Sandy Alan Gold Gin Gold Gin 10 Vinita Ed Sandy Alan Seventy-Seven Gold Gin Bulletproof AT?1?— 7 mm Lone Fisherman Oedipus Lone Fisherman Oedipus Oedipus Oedipus 19 S Oedipus Lone Fisherman Oedipus Lone Fisherman. Lone Fisherman Lone Fisherman 16 - Elkridge Elkridge Elkridge Elkridge Elkridge Elkridge 5 Dictionary Powwow Dictionary DICTIONARY DICTIONARY" DICTIONARY 26 6 Little Falls Dictionary Little Falls Little Falls Little Falls Little Falls 9 , Powwow *~ Little Falls Moseid Moseid / Powwow Powwow 7 SKIN TONIC Barrage BUTTON SHOES Button Shoes Button Shoes Button Shoes 17 7 Barrage Frost Bitten Sugar Coated Control Frost Bitten Skin Tonic 9 Control Skin Tonic Frost Bitten Skin Tonic Barrage . Barrage 8 Kidded Kidded Kidded Hitherto Miss Carolina Kidded 16 8 Miss Carolina Glare - Miss Carolina Dear Boots Hitherto * Miss Carolina 10 Hitherto Hitherto Pirate Gold Miss Carolina Kidded Hitherto 9, Trackman, E. P. Heagerty . DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP . ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS dAmour Darby dAmour Darby dAmour Darby dAmour Darby dAmour DRBY DAMUR 25 IDarbv Snowflares Librab Conservation Listen Tiger Listen Tiger Listen Tiger 6 Listen Tiger Listen Tiger . Disky Disky Snowflares Snowflares 3 Casein Free andTEqual Free and Equal Free and Equal FREE AND EQUAL Free and Equal 24 2 Free and Equal FentyO. Lotoftown Casein Casein Casein 9 Reborn Reborn Count Steel Lotoftown * Lotoftown Lotoftown 4 East Bav East Bay EAST BAY Val-O-Val East Bay East Bav 24 3 Val-O-Val Val-O-Val Val-O-Val East Bay Val-O-Val Val-O-Val 13 G. R. Petersen G. R. Petersen Seer Idealist G.R. Petersen G. R. Petersen 3 Cornwall Curtain Time Cornwall Little Harp Little Harp Cornwall 14 4 Curtain Time Cornwall Little Harp Curtain Time Cornwall Little Harp 12 Ten Forty Prince Cole Curtain Time Prince Cole Curtain Time Curtain Time 11 Gaulois Blue Rhymer Blue Rhymer BLUE RHYMER Blue Rhymer Blue Rhymer 24 5Le Blue Rhymer Le Gaulois Le Gaulois Le Gaulois Springbuck Le Gaulois 12 Springbuck Springbuck Springbuck - Lunation Le Gaulois Springbuck * 5 Gorgeous Reded GORGUS REDED Gorgeous Reded Winship - Gorgeous Reded Gorgeous Reded 22 6 Winship Winship Sea Fan Sea Fan Sea Fan Winship 10 Dance Routine Rampallion Quiz Song Quiz Song Winship Sea Fan _6 LITTLE BOBBY Fiery Flaming Lady Bold Warrior Bold Warrior Bold Warrior 14 7 Bold Warrior Chagin Bold Warrior Little Bobby Little Bobby Little Bobby 12 Chagiri Little Bobby Fiery Flaming Lady Chagin Flaming Lady 6 Win My Way FoxeyLad Baluster FoxeyLad FoxeyLad 18 8FoxevLad Baluster Baluster- Win My Way FoxeyLad * Baluster Baluster 11 Strike FoxeyLad KingOkapi Strike Strike Win My Way 7 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP * SWEEP CONSENSUS Flavor Gift Package Sun Flavor Sun Flavor SUN FLAVOR SUN FLAVOR £1 ISun Tap the Till Sun Flavor " Fighting Comet Tap the Till Gift Package Gift Package 7 Fighting Comet Queen Chica Hoo Is It Queen Chica Tap the Till Tap the Till 5 CUSTODY Dimit GALLA BABE Galla Babe Galla Babe 15 2Dimit Suprograph Dimit Galla Babe Dimit Suprograph Dimit 15 Miss Gadfly Galla Babe Golden Mean Custody Dimit Custody 8 Busy Carrier Lady Wilson Pink Gin Lady Wilson Promising Lady Wilson 14 3 Lady Wilson Promising Promising Night Again Lady Wilson Promising 9 Jakanor Bay Blaze Sigh Queen Pink Gin Bay Blaze Pink Gin 6 Gay Leader Seemly Mocha Mocha Mocha Mocha 16 4 • Heavenly Tune Heavenly Tune Five Passes Five Passes Heavenly Tune Seemly 6 Seemly Mocha Steps Girl Lazy Pat Five Passes Heavenly Tune 6 Newspaper Gunning Island NEWSPAPER Newspaper Newspaper Newspaper 23 5 Speedy Baby RayK. Lady Alexandra Gunning Island Speedy Baby Gunning Island 10 Gunning Island Newspaper Gunning Island Brownskin Gunning Island Speedy Baby 4 IDIO Lefty Jim Lefty Jim . Power Drunk Lefty Jim Lefty Jim 19 Lefty Jim Idio Power Drunk Lefty Jim Idio Idio 12 Power Drunk Power Drunk Afterwards Idio Power Drunk Power Drunk 10 Siamese Siamese Silver Skipper War*Champ Silver Skipper Silver Skipper 13 7 War Champ Silver Skipper Whif fletree Siamese May First Siamese 12 Sea Fare War Champ May First Silver Skipper War Champ War Champ 9 Split the Wind Pharalus Hair Tonic Pharalus Pharalus s Pharalus 16 8 Cencerro Cencerro Andantino Ocean Play Risking Cencerro 6 Pharalus Ocean Play Ocean Play Cencerro Cancerro Split the Wind 5

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