Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1952-06-10

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DAILY RACING O R M EXPERTS SELECTIONS FHHires in Consensus Shaw Comparative Ratings, AH«wm§ 5 p«Ms far 1st Todays Best 7 Paints. 2 Points far 24, 1 Paint far 34 Todays Best in Blade Tyvc Trackman, J. J. Murphy LINCOLN FIELDS AT HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP .ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Shining Deed Shining Deed Shining Deed Shining Deed - Shining Deed Shining Deed 25 1 Top Choice Penniless Penniless Rippling Hit Top Choice Penniless 6 Raffle House Rippling Hit Rippling Hit Penniless Penniless Top Choice 4 * Participation Participation Participation PARTICIPATION Participation Participation 27 / Injector Our Jan Injector Rosy Greek Injector Injector 7 Our Jan Injector Broked Our Jan Our Jan Our Jan 5 Fine Fettle PlayEda Specific Fine Fettle Specific Specific 16 3 Specific Specific PlavEda . Specific Fine Fettle Fine Fettle 14 Play Eda Fine Fettle Fine Fettle Play Eda Montayr Play Eda 9 Ashes Ashes Ashes Ashes The Baroness Ashes 22 4 The Baroness Spirit Away Gray Reigh Catbern Ashes The Baroness 7 Calorimeter Calorimeter Catbern Oh Barbara Spirit Away Spirit Away 3 TOOMAI Toomai TOOMAI Toomai Toomai TOOMAI 29 Pines of Rome Pines of Rome Pines of Rome Pines of Rome Pines of Rome Pines of Rome 10 Aye *Ave Star Delight Aye Ave Ave 4 Inseparable Black George Inseparable Inseparable INSEPARABLE Inseparable 24 6 Abbe Sting Inseparable Abbe Sting Black George Black George Black George 10 Adams Off Ox Challcote Black George Abbe Sting- Abbe Sting Abbe Sting 6 Asphalt ASPHALT Tattenham Asphalt Swap Out Asphalt 20 Tattenham Tattenham Swap Out Tattenham Asphalt Tattenham 12 My Dividend Fair Appraisal Asphalt My Dividend Tattenham Swan Out 7 Ferry Pilot Uncle Emery Cdauinet Coauinet Cbquinet 17 8Coquinet Royal Challa Coquinet No Reward Ferry Pilot No Reward Ferry Pilot 7 No Reward Nugget Gald Nugget Gold NoReward Midyette No Reward 6 C ■ Staggering In Netcherette Rosily Rosily Miss Deductive Rosily . 13 yh Platbush Rosily Staggering In Miss Deductive Copper Cup . Miss Deductive 9 Netcherette Miss Deductive Miss Deductive Netcherette Rily Staggering In 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made ror Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Silence Harpeth Harpeth Harpeth Harpeth 22 IHarneth Duchess Helen Harpeth - Silence Silence Silence Silence 12 Silence Duchess Helen Some Boss Tartan Lass Speed o Light Duchess Helen 3 Slippy Slippy Slippy Disical Miss Slippy Sliopv 21 2 DisicalMiss Savoia Savoia Miss.Lawdy Nancy Bayne PisicaMiss 8 Pins N Needles. Disical Miss Nancy Bayne Slippy ■ Savoia Savoia 5 Chic Wave Tonys Trouble Rena Pop Chic Wave Chic Wave Chic Wave 19 3 Rena Pop Chic Wave Chic Wave Tonys Trouble Landmark Gal Rena Pop 9 Tonys Trouble Rena Pop Depal » Landmark Gal Rena Pop Tonys Trouble 8 LILAC Lilac Zebina Lilac Pennwoven Lilac 19 4 HoosAbbe HoosAbbe Pennwoven HoosAbbe HoosAbbe Pennwoven 9 Pennwoven Pennwoven lilac Zebina Lilac Hoos Abbe 8 Angle Bar Katydidit KATYDIDIT Angle Bar KATYDIDIT KATYDDHT 22 5 Fulgura Angle Bar Gracious Heart Katydidit Angle Bar Angle Bar 15 Katydidit Avona. Angle Bar Fulgura Gracious Heart Gracious Heart 3 Shag Tails Dixville TisJoe SHAG TAILS Dixville Pixville 17 6 Dixville TisJoe . * Shag Tails Dixville TisJoe Sha ? Tails 15 Round n Round Our Emblem Dixville Quick Tulip Shag Tails Tis Joe 9 Golden Reigh Clara Patricia Hals Linda Golden Reigh Miss Place Miss Place 11 7 Miss Place Hals Linda Miss Place Miss Place Hals Linda Golden Reigh 10 Stagger Home Connie-Jo Left Bank Stagger Home Connie-Jo • Hals Linda 9 Ky.Hash Airdrome „ Ky.Hash Hi Bob Hash 18 8Ky.Hash Burgoo Play Burgoo Play Lyles First Burgoo Play Kv.Hash Burgoo Play 6 Lyles First Cedric Ky.Hash Lyles First Certric Hi Bob 5 Trackman, J. R. Batty UNITED HUNT AT BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track . RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST , HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Pride of Judea Free On Equableu Pride of Judea Free On Pride of Judea 15 1 Son o Luck Pride of Judea Free On Free On Pride of Judea Free On 14 Equableu Bewitching Pride of Judea Equableu Equableu Eouableu 8 0 Ish-Kabble Pat II. The Wench The Wench The Wench The Wench 16 / Pat IT. Star Ruby Pat IT. Patn. Pain. Pat TL 13 Star Ruby The Wench Ish-Kabble Ish-Kabble Star Ruby Ish-Kabble 7 Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot 25 3 Night Patrol - Night Patrol Palaja s Genancoke His Boots- Night Patrol 5 Palaja Genancoke Genancoke His Boots Night Patrol Genancoke 4 Hiya-Sailor BlueRoxy TheSnaniel BlueRoxy BlueRoxv BlueRoxy 19 4 BlueRoxy Hiya-Sailor BlueRoxy Hiya-Sailor Hiya-Sailor Hiya-Saiior 11 Ellean Peas The Phoenix Party Request Ellen Peas Ellen Peas The Spaniel 5 Hitex Uncle Miltie Uncle Miltie Hitex Hitex 19 5HITEX Uncle Miltie Uncle Miltie Nullify . Hitex Uncle Miltie Uncle Miltie 16 High Dive High Dive High Dive Saxony Lyceum High Dive 3 Eolus Eolus TitienH. Eolus Eolus 21 6Eolus Quiet Allflor Syracuse Lad • Allflor TitienTJ. TitienH. 8 Joseph Brant Titien IT. Joseph Brant Eolus Quiet Allflor 4 First Refusal Fancy Bonnet FANCY BONNET FIRST REFUSAL FIRST REFUSAL First Refusal 23 7 Ringgoldian First Refusal First Refusal Fancy Bonnet Fancy Bonnet Fancy Bonnet 17 Fancy Bonnet Four Jacks Ringgoldian Ringgoldian Ringgoldian Ringgoldian 5 0 Dry Fly DRY FLY Dry Fly Dry Fly Dry Fly DRY FLY 27 X Norwest Norwest Balbec Norwest Norwest Norwest 9 Balbec Balbec Norwest Balbec Devotional Balbec 5 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANAJrYil HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Librab MR. JOE* PUCK White Hawk Librab White Hawk Librab 13 1 Ballinakill Shine On Shine On Shine On Shine On White Hawk 11 Big Girl Librab - Librab White Hawk Librab Shine On _8 0% Sonofun Sonofun PREPARED Sonofun Suppressor Sondfun 16 / . Speedy Van Flight Admiral Suppressor Speedy Van Prepared Prepared 9 Broken Lens Speedy Van Speedy Van Broken Lens Sonofun Suppressor 7 Abracadabra Jaconora Jaconora JACONORA Jaconora Jaconora 24 3 Jaconora Lunar Park Umbrella Man Her Chance Aquamarine Abracadabra 5 Umbrella Man Her Chance Lunar Park Lunar Park Her Chance Her Chance 4 * Pacific Ocean Gahoe Gahoe Gahoe Gahoe 21 4Gahoe Manheim Lucky Skipper Pliant Manheim Manheim Pacific Ocean 7 Cloudburst Gahoe Cloudburst Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Manheim 6 JET MASTER Jet Master Jet Master Jet Master JET MASTER JET MASTER 29 5 Jampol Jampol Penocc Jampol Jampol Jampol 9 Admiral Cherry Penocc Jampol Admiral Cherry Penocc Penocc 4 Armagh Huntsville La Corredora Armagh Armagh Armagh 15 6 Huntsville Referee . • Our Cookie Achilles Jovmaker Huntsville 8 Achilles La Corredora Merry Mount Huntsville Referee La Corredora 6 Sam Bernard Moon Boy Sam Bernard Boulevardier Boulevardier 10 7Yarle Aquarius Boulevardier Boulevardier Trusted Moon Boy Sam Bernard 10 Boulevardier Trusted - Trusted Yarle Trusted Moon Boy 7 Shrewd Kingfish Tr mpero Tampero My Lorraine Tampero 15 8 BoMowlee Tampero My Lorraine Kensington Lad Tampero Shrewd 7 Tampero Kensington Lad T?"-"ingtonLad Shrewd Shrewd My Lorraine 7 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS j , Robert Kirby Great Neck Great Neck Great Neck Great Neck Great Neck 21 1 Master Brian BrunisStar Chinaware Robert Kirby Master Brian Robert Kirby 8 Great _Ne,ck Zippy Air Jakablom Chinaware - Robert Kirby Master Brian 4 Rip Snort Sweeping Jo Miss Heidi Miss Heidi MissHeidi Miss Heidi 17 2 RomaryAnn MissHeidi Rip Snort Rip Snort Rip Snort Rip Snort 11 Hasher _ Hasher Sweeping Jo Hasher Pebmode Sweeping Jo 6 Roses Ace pare Devil Roses Ace Roses Ace Roses Ace Roses Ace 22 3 Grand Nancy Roses Ace Dare Devil BevG. Ifido Dare Devil 7 Lady Michael Ifido Bev G. Supernova BevG. BevG. 4 Best Degree Best Degree Best Degree Best Pegree Best Pegree Best Pegree 25 4 Dancing Man Dancing Man Dancing Man Liberty Andy Ice Cap Dancing Man 7 Liberty Andy Ice Cap Plastered Dancing Man Beda Bull Liberty Andy 3 Boss H. Seabright SEABRIGHT Seabright Seabright Seabright 24 5 Seabright Sross.H- BossH. BossH. BossH. BossH. 13 Wentworth Wentworth „_ Count Easter Wentworth Silent Mirth Wentworth 3 Triple Time"""" TOP .BRASS Triple Time Triple Time Triple Time Triple Time 21 6 Keeping Posted Keeping Posted Keeping Posted Keeping Posted Keeping Posted Keeping Posted 10 Man Bar Triple Time Top Brass Man Bar Psychogenic Top Brass 8 Idio Happy Bound Happy Bound OLD TOM Old Tom Happy Bound 14 7 Hanny Bound Idio Idio Idio Idio Old Tom 13 Old Tom Fly Around In Taste Happy Bound Happy Bound Idio 13 Farm Maid Comeallye Farm Maid. Comeallye ! Farm Maid Farm Maid 19 8 Comeallve Farm Maid Comeallye Farm Maid Comeallye Comeallye 16 Gildsi Roffie Princess Nancy Quiz Me Roffie Roffje 2 HandR STYLIST H.?lF SJiylist Hairstylist Hairstylist HAIRSTYLIST HAIR STYLIST 29 9 Little Hone . Little Hope Fpxlets Millooint Little Hope Little Hope 8 Revenger Fred G. I-iWeHope Little Hope Foxlets Foxlets 3

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