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Alphabetical Index to Entries Abbezac 5th Del Academy Award 3d Suf Adams Off Ox 6th L JP Admirals Wave 5th Det Af ricance 6th Suf Air Rocket 2d Suf Albany Fair 1st Suf Alf a Mo 6th Del AlieEd 8th Det All Boots 2d Suf All is Well 2d Bel All Richer 1st Suf Alsab Ace 4th L J Always Argue 4th Suf Amaf ox 2d LJ Andantino 9th Suf Anstown Lass 1st L F Antelone 2d Det APacopep 6th Det Argufy 8th LJ Armageddon 3d Bel Army Pal 6th Suf Arpege 4th Det Artane 7th Suf Ash Tray 2d Suf Avon Lady 7th Mth MthB MthBaby B Baby Dear 5th Det Badger 6th Det Ballyneety 8th Mth Baltimore Jim 1st Suf Barbara Belle 8th Mth Barbeck 8th Mth Bases Loaded 7th Mth Bassanio 6th Bel Bassington 1st Suf Battle Hero 9th Det Battle Over 4th Bel Baybropk 6th LJ Beach Admiral 2d Del Beanir 7th Det BeauBeau 9th Suf Beguile 2d Det Beirut 8th Bel Belluno 7th Suf BeltonBoy 4th Mth Bernrough 2dDel Best Chance 3d Suf Big Hearted 8th Det Big Lou G 4th LJ Big Run 1st L J Big Stretch 6th LJ Bigdome 7th Mth Bill Boy 1st LJ Billetudo 8th Bel Bills Captain 3d Mth BitOBim 7th LJ Bit o Glow 9th Suf Bit o Hope 7th Bel Bit o Whiz 4th Mth Blaze 5th L J Blemish Cth Suf Blenlin 1st Mth Blenomar 3d Bel Blenreigh 7th Bel Blenriam 8th LJP Blinker Light 2d Bel Blue Danube 4th Mth Blue Rhymer 6th Mth Blue Violin 7th L F Blunt 9th LJ Bob o Boy 6th Bel Bolaris 6th Det Bolo Lass 1th Suf Bolog 8th Suf Book Match 8th Mth Brezno 3d L F Brook Flower 1st Del Brookhaven 5th LJP Brother March 3d Suf Brown Brutus 7th Del Brunhilde 4th Suf Bull 1st Mth Bushers Beam 4th Bel But Why 9th LJ Butler 7th Del Bye and Bye 5th Mth MthC MthCaesar C Caesar Did 5th Del Calico Cat 1st Det Calluna 4th Suf Camira 7th Bel Carona 1st Bel Carrier Girl 3d Del Carry Me Back 4th Suf Censorship 8th Suf Chapel Oak 9th Suf Cherokee Pilot 8th LJP Cherry Prince 9th Suf Chief Loco 4th Del Chilibones 1st Suf Cinda 6th Mth Clever Chick 2d Mth Clowness 1st LJP Colleen Bawn 4th Suf Cols Daughter 7th Det Congo Kid 4th Mth Contribution 6th Mth Convair IstL F Copper River 1st Suf Coronus 1st Mth Corsican 7th Bel Cosentina 7th LJP Count Cavour 5th Del Count Easter 3d LJP County Clare 5th Del Courts MaUde 1st LJP Crackice 9th Suf Crewhall 1st Suf Cutting Edge 9th LJ Cyclist 4th Suf SufD SufDance D Dance Band 2d Suf Dandolo 6th Mth Daring Mate 9th Suf Dark Glasses 4th Suf Dean Cavy 5th LJP Dear Sandy 4th LJP Deep Blue 9th Det Delegate 2d Bel Delivery Boy 7tli Suf Delve Around 1st Mth Deux Moulins 8th Bel Devilkih 5th Bel Dibillane 9th Suf Ding Ding 4th Mth Direct Mister 2d Suf Djem 8th Bel Do Report 6th Mth Doctor Heitz 8th Det Dollys Image 2d Det Dollys Rocket 9th Det Domquil 7th Suf Dont Argue 4th Del Dont Ask 7th Bel Dorienne 1st Mth Dottie Dear 1st Bel Double Blush 2d Det Double Header n 5th Suf Dr Alex 5th Det Dr Rees 8th Suf Dream of Glory 4th Bel Dry Run 6th LJP Dugout 5th Bel BelE BelEast E East Hill 2d Det Eatontown 6th Mth Ed the Great 2d Del Edierose 5th Mth Eli Cookie 5th Det Epic King 7th Suf Equilla 5th Suf Ernie 6 7th Del Eternal Goin 5th Det Eternal Sir 4th Del Evas Toy 1st Mth EvenJKey 7th LJ Exploitation 9th L F Eye Catcher 2d Suf SufF SufFairy F Fairy Sea 6th Del Fancy Bonnet 2d Bel Fancy Step 2d L F Fastener 3d Det Fife and Drum 2d Bel Fighting Cloud 4th Det Fire King 1st Bel First Curtau 4th Suf First JoAl 3d Del First Refusal 6th Det First Watch 4th Bel First Wing 8th Bel Flaming Lady 7th Del Flaneur 1st Det Flaxen Honey 1st Del Flaxen Mane 1st Del Freedom Won 4th Bel Fleet Gold 1st Del Flicka Star 2d Del Flyaway Jack 3d Suf Flying Away 5th Suf Flying Hoop 4th Suf Flying Mane 8th Bel Forgotten Miss 1st L JT Fourdees 5th Mth Gaelic Gal 4th Mth Galoot 9th Det Galway Gertie 1st Del Gascony 1st Bel Gay Grecque 5th Bel Gay Jet 4th Del Gay Scot 1st Bel Gaycoal 8th Mth Ghost Raider 2d Suf Gillian Starr 2d Mth Glinka 4th Del Glocca Morra 2d Mth Gold Gin 3d Bel Golly 7th LF Grandad 9th Det Greek Stadium 6th Suf Guayana 1st Bel Gulf Stream 8th Det Gweny G 2d Mth MthH MthHals H Hals Jesting 7th Mth Hanwar 3d Del HapsReward 4th LJ Hard Try 1st Mth Hasher 9th Suf Hats Fiddle 4th L F Havoc 7th Bel Hawaiki 1st Del Heart Flash 2d Det Henry D M 3d Suf Hi Georgie 1st Suf Hi Suzanne 3d Det Highquillo 7th Mth Hill Rose 2d Mth His Duchess 5th Bel Hit the Spot 8th Det Homestake 3d Del Honey Jar 1st Det Hoosier Relic 2d LJP Hoplite 8th Bel Hot Pilot 3d Del Hullie 7th Del Hunters Union 5th Suf Hurry Pass 4th Suf Hustle Gal 2d LJ Hypostyle 2d L F If Money 8th Del Hiad 4th Mth In the Sky 2d Mth Indian File 1st Bel Indian Land 6th Mth Inflationary 7th LJP Invigorator 5th Del Ironhearted 3d Mth Is Proud 5th Mth Isle of Peace 8th Suf Isle Sea 4th Det Isomur 9th LJ3 Iswas 6th Mth Itsmay 5th Mth MthJ MthJac J Jac Brier 7th Del Jackies Idol 2d Det Jacktown 1st LJ Jamal 8th Suf Jamie K 6th Bel Jan Peeck 8th Del Janes Gal 9th LJP Jay Jay Gee 7th LJP Jemar 1st Del Jenkintown 8th Del Jerrys Best 4th Mth Jet Master 6th Mth Jett Fire 4th LJ Jim McCaf f erty 4th Bel Joan Anne K 2d Det Jubling 5th Bel Jump Tune 2d LJ June Prince 1st Suf Just Barbara 7th LJ LJK LJKabyle K Kabyle 4th Bel Kamehameha 6th Bel Kellys Mistake 3d Det Khan 4th Del Klimie 8th Suf KnightAtArms 3d LJ LJL LJLadd L Ladd 3d Mth Lady Dil 5th Suf Lady Elliott 7th LJ Lady Herod 1st Det Lady o Fame 1st Det Lady Sailor 1st Del Lady Samm 2d Mth Lafpurche 3d Bel Lancer 9th Det Landseair 6th Mth Latitude 3d Mth Lauranne 2d Mth Lead Pad 5th Det Lease Hound 1st LJ Left Bank 1st Det Legatee 2d L J Legs 2d Det Letdown 8th Mth Little Aud 1st Suf Little Herman 8th Mth Little Rocket 7th Del Local Clover 4th L J Locarno 3d LJ Long Hill 2d Suf Lonoke Flash 6th Det LoriJane 7th Det Lovely Wave 1st Del Lucky Lady IstMth Lysbeth 7thDet 7thDetMabekky M 7thDetM Mabekky 2d Mth Madame Arcati 5th Mth Magic Lamp th Del Magic Osage 1st Suf Mahplay 2d LJ Maraud 7th Mth Marble Hall 8th Mth March Brat 4th Mth MarieGilbert 7th Bel Martha Paula 4th Det McCreight 8th L J McGrathiana 6th Det Meg 4th Suf MelLeavitt 4th Bel Mello Jack 6th Suf Mid Stream 4th Del Mikeaby 8th Det Militant Miss 7th Det Milldale 4th Mth Mimandan 4th Suf Minus One 3d Suf Miriams Boy 9th Det Miss Benz 2d Mth Miss Foray 4th Suf Miss Fran 2d Mth Miss Joanne 7th Suf Miss Meggy 4th Mth Miss Montsin 2d Det Miss Zilt 1st Det Mon Baiser 1st LJ Mongoose 2d Del Montana Sands 3d Suf Moon Night 9th Suf Mother Morris 1st L J Mr Buster 4th Mth Mr Doit 8th Mth Mr Dude 1st L J Mr M IstL J Mr Skeeter 2d Det Muguet 6th Del MurphsDeb 1st Bel My Sin 5th Mth My Truly Fair 6th Del Mytelass 2d Mth MthN MthNatchez N Natchez Girl 7th Det Native Dancer 6th Bel Neal Elyse 7th LJ Nebullus 5th Del Neb Jr 3d Suf Neds Choice 4th Det Neverlator 9th LJ Nickleby 9th Det Night Town 5th L J Nilufer 5th Bel No Score 3d Bel Nomad 4th Bel Northerlea 1st Del Northern Star 6th Mth Not Joe 1st Det Nullify 6th Mth Nutmeg Lad 7th Suf SufO SufOcean O Ocean Clipper 2d Det Oil Gusher 5th LJ Okamsel 7th Del Old Glendale 3d Del Old Rocky 1st Bel On Speck 5th Suf One Miss 5th Bel Open Sesame 1st Del Orsini 7th Bel Our Challenge 6th2Det Our Snick 2d Det DetP DetPacific P Pacific Bound 2d Suf Parlor Pink 1st Bel Pass 1st Bel Passing Parade 2d Del Penaway 6th L J Peter Lane 1st Bel Phaelater 4th Det Pharapoise 9th Suf Philnor 7th LJ Pinocchio 3d Suf Pinsk 1st Det Piparoo 5th Det Piragua 2d LJ Plastered 2d Suf Pliani 3d Bel Plucky Star 1st Suf Point Fortune 7th Mth Poltroon 1st Det Polynarki 7th Bel Pomander 1st Mth Poo Bah 8th LJ Post Prandial 4th Bel Poughbay 7th Del Precious Stone 8th Det Prelouse 4th Bel Primordial 8th Del Princess Ann 2d LJ Psychogenic 2d Suf Pussy Cat 8th LJ QuarterMaster 9th Det Queen Hopeful 7th LJ Queens Taste 4th Suf Question Five 8th Del Quick Lunch 3d Mth Quihi 2dLJ Quite Happy 1st Bel Ram o War 6th Bel Ramp 8th Del Ready to Wear 8th Mth Red Primrose 4th LJ Ref un 1st Det Rejane 3d Mth Rejection Slip 7th Del Requisition 3d Bel Resplendent 7th LJ Reunion 7th Mth Ribbed 9th Suf Rico Mamzel 1st Del Riddleton 7thBel Ridge Runner 1st Det Ringneck 1st Suf RiteSpeed 7th L J Roadrunner 1st Mth Rollins Kappy 7th LJ Romalay 1st Del Roman Jean 6th Del Rosaleen 6th Del Rose Beauty 6th Suf Rose Bouquet 1st LJ Royal Bay Gem 6th Bel Royal Mustang 43th LJ Rugged Boy 2d Del Russian Treaty 5th Suf Ruthie S 8th LJP Ruthred 6th Mth Ruths Boy 5th Suf Safety 6th Mth Sagittarius 6th Mth Sails 9thDet Salvaged 4th Suf Saturns Ring 1st Del Saunterer 4th Bel Saxon Charm 1st LJ Scimitar 5th Del Scour 9th Suf Scrutinized 8th LJ Seco Girl 3d Del Second Story 4th LJ Sedgeview 6th Det Sedulous 4th Det Senator Guy 9th Det Senator Joe 6th Mth Set Shot 5th LJ Set the Table 1st Del Seven Pillars 1st Suf SeventySeven 3d LJ Sherry Jen 7th LJ Shirleys Pride 2d Suf Silver Lamee 7th Mth Sinister 3d Mth Sir Chatter 8th Del Sir Sidney 3d Suf Sir Tint 1st Det Sister Cora 1st Det Skoal 5th Del Slam Thru 4th Del Slave Girl 6th Del Small Comfort 2d Mth Smart Choice 6th Suf Sneak Easy 8th Suf Solid Red 3d L J Some Fun 7th Bel Spartan Jett 4th L J Speedy Jet 3d Det Spring Morn 1st Mth Squared Away 6th Mth St Jude 7th Det Stalk 7th Bel Star Hoof er 2d Bel Staunch Friend 2d Del DelStayer Stayer 4th Bel Stevie Boy 6th Suf Stoneys Tiger 1st LJ Summer Duck 3d Suf Sun Warrior 7th Suf Sunny Dale 6th LJ Sunny Fox 2d Bel Sunny brook Sue 3d Det Sunnycrest Gal 1st LJ Supremes Bub 7th Suf Surprise Story 2d Mth Swadelle 9th Det Swamp Son 9th LJ Swap Out 2d Det Sweet Freedom 1st LJ Sweet Vincent 1st Suf Swivel Hips 7th L J Tahitian 6th L 3 A Tarport Kid 1st Mth Temm 7th Del Texas Mustang 4th LJ The Beagler 5th Suf The Dutchman 1st Mth ThePincher 4th Mth The Preem 6th Bel The Trooper 7th Bel The Winner 2d Suf Thither 3d Mth Thos E Lynch 3d Det Thymus 2d Bel Tickle O 8th Del Ticonderoga 1st Bel Tilenny VSuf Time for Speed 6th Suf Tino Betts 2d Mth Tishie 2d Mth Top Command 1st Mth Top News 8th Mth Tortilla 5th Del Tosca 6th Del Trail of Gold 1st Del Traveler 2d Suf Trojan Spirit 4th Bel TumbleHome 4th L J Turkey Boots 8th Del Twintone 3d Suf SufU SufU U U S Bound 2d Suf Uncharted 4th Bel Uncle Ev 5th Del Uncles Gift 9th Suf Upsetter 4th Mth Uptown 4th Mth MthV MthVague V Vague 9th Suf Vie 5th Det Vital Sun 2d LF VTwo 5th Del DelW DelWar W War San 1st Mth Warda 1st Del Warless 5th LJ Watch Dog 7th Bel Where Are We 5th Mth Why Sure 8th Mth Wilks Loss 3d Det Win Be There 5th Mth William Tell 8th Det Windy 8th Bel Winning Prince 7th Del Winstay 2d Suf Wood H lst Det DetY DetYock Y Yock Bill 3d Del Youll Do 8th Mth Youll Learn 1st Suf SufZ Z Zenas Zepher 1st Mth

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