Belmont Stakes History From Ruthless to One Count, Daily Racing Form, 1953-06-13

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Belmont Stakes History From Ruthless to One Count CountCompiled Compiled by DAILY RACING FORM Reproduction of Tabulation Is Prohibited Without Permission of DAILY RACING FORM The eightyfifth running of the Belmont Stakes which antedates both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness and which with the latter two fixtures comprises Americas Triple Crown will be staged at the Westchester course this afternoon Seven horses have won the Belmont after previously having captured the other two fixtures namely Sir Barton Gallant Fox Omaha War Admiral Whirlaway Count Fleet Assault and Citation In addition many horses have won this coveted stake but failed in either of the other two gems of the Triple Crown In recent years Man o War accounted for both the Belmont and Preakness and perhaps the only thing that prevented his winning the Derby was that he didnt run in it Pillory won both the Belmont and Preakness while Zev was successful in the Derby and Belmont Twenty Grand won the 1931 Derby and went on to score in the Belmont after having gone down to defeat by Mate in the Preakness Johnstown an easy Derby winner was beaten in the Preak ¬ ness but came back to win the Belmont Bimelechjtook down honors in the 1940 Preakness and Belmont after previously disappointing in the Derby In 1942 Shut Out triumphed in the Run for the Roses went unplaced in the Preakness then came back to capture the Belmont Middleground won the Derby in 1950 finished second to Hill Prince in the Preakness and then came back to win the Belmont One Counts score in 1952 was the richest for the race netting a purse of 82400 Citation turned in the fast ¬ est time for the mile and a half distance of the stake the route that new prevails when he was timed in 228 in 1948 J McLaughlin rode six Belmont winners while the peerless Earl Sande scored with five of his mounts in the race Belair Stud James R Keene and the Dwyer Brothers sent out five winners each iir the fixture while Jimmy Rowes record of saddling eleven winners in the stake is apt to stand for some time The following tabulation shows the winner of each running male line color sex and weight of the winner second and third horses together with the weight carried by them odds of the winner time and track conditions net value to the winner number of nominations and starters sire jockey owner trainer and breeder A ANet Net Start Year Winner ColorSexWt lorSexWt Second Secondb WL Third Wt Odds TimeTr Value ers Sire Jockey JockeyJ Owner Trainer TrainerF 1867 Ruthless E b f 107 De Courcy 110 Rivoli 110 305 I 1850 4 Imp Eclipse J Gilpatrick F FMorris Morris G Waldron WaldronMcConnell 1868 General Duke H ch c 110 Northumberland Northumberlandch 110 Fanny Ludlow 107 302 2800 6 Lexington 1st R Swim 1st McConnell Thompson A Thompson ThompsonA 1869 Fenian E ch c 110 Glenelg 110 Invercauld 107 3044 3350 8 Imp Mickey Free C Miller A Belmont 1st J Pincus PincusD 1870 Kingfisher H b c 110 Foster 110 Midway 110 2592 3750 7 Lexington 2d W Dick D Swigert D Swigert SwigertD 1871 Harry Bassett H ch c 110 Stockwood 110 ByTheSea 107 256 5450 8 Lexington 3d W Miller D McDaniel 1st D McDaniel 1st 1stD 1872 Joe Daniels M ch c 110 Meteor 110 Shylock 110 2584 4500 9 Imp Australian 1st J Rowe 1st D McDaniel 2d D McDaniel 2d 2dMcDaniel 1873 Springbok M ch c 110 1101874ttSaxon Count dOrsay 110 Strachino 110 30134 5200 10 Imp Australian 2d J Rowe 2d McDaniel 3d D McDaniel 3d 3dP 1874ttSaxon E br c 110 Grinstead 110 Aaron Pengton 110 110br 239Vi 4200 9 Eng Beadsman G Barbee P Lorillard W Brown BrownH 1875 Calvin H br c 110 Aristides 110 Milner 110 242 4450 14 Tipperary R Swim 2d H P McGrath W Ansell AnsellDoswell 1876 Algerine M b c 110 Fiddlesticks 110 Barricade 110 2402 3700 5 AbdelKader W Donohue Doswell Cammacks G Walker WalkerE 1877 Cloverbrook H ch c 110 Loiterer 110 Baden Baden 110 246 5200 13 Vauxhall C Holloway E A Clabaugh J Walden WaldenG 1878 tDuke of Magenta Hb b c 118 Bramble 118 Spartan 118 2AWzm 3850 6 Lexington 4th L Hughes 1st G L Lorillard 1st R W Walden 1st 1stJ 1879 Spendthrift M ch c 118 Monitor 118 Jericho 118 11 248sl 4250 6 Imp Australian 3d Evans J R Keene 1st W Pryor PryorG 1880 Grenada E br 11br c 118 Ferncliff 118 Tourenne III 118 25 25ch 247 gd 2800 4 King Alfonso L Hughes 2d G L Lorillard 2d R W Walden 2d 2dG 1881 Saunterer E ch c 118 Eole 118 Baltic 118 52 52ch 247 hy 3000 6 Imp Leamington T Costello G L Lorillard 3d R W Walden 3d 3dAppleby 1882 Forester E ch c 118 Babcock 118 Wyoming 115 15 15b 243 ft 2600 3 Imp The III Used J McLaughlin 1st Appleby Johnson L Stuart 1st 1883 George Kinney E b c 118 Trombone 118 Renegade 118 112 112ch 2422ft 3070 4 Imp Bonnie Scotland J McLaughlin 2d Dwyer Brothers 1st J Rowe 1st 1stDwyer 1884 Panique E ch c 118 Knight i of Ellerslie118 Himalaya 118 1110 1110ch 242 gd 3150 4 Alarm J McLaughlin 3d Dwyer Brothers 2d J Rowe 2d 2dB 1885 Tyrant E ch c 118 St Augi Augustine 118 Tecumseh 118 109 109b 243 gd 2710 6 Imp Great Tom P Duffy B A Haggin C Claypool 1886 Inspector B E b c 118 The Bar Bard V118 Linden 118 241 ft 2720 5 Enquirer J McLaughlin 4th Dwyer Brothers 3d J Rowe 3d 1887 Hanover H ch c 118 Oneko 118 120 120br 243 6hy 2900 2 Hindoo J McLaughlin 5th Dwyer Brothers 4th J Rowe 4th 4thDwyer 1888 Sir Dixon E br c 118 Prince F Royal 118 25 25b 24014ft 3440 2 Imp Billet J McLaughlin 6th Dwyer Brothers 5th J Rove 5th 5thA 1889 Eric H b c 118 Diablo 125 Zephyrus 118 75 75blk 247 gd 4960 3 Duke of Magenta W Hayward 1st A J Cassatt J Huggins HugginsHough 1890 Burlington E blk c 125 Devotee 115 Padishah 113 61 61b 207ft 8560 9 Powhattan S Barnes Hough Brothers B Reilly ReillyC 1891 Foxford E b c 118J Montana 117 Laurestan 112 81 81b 208ft 5070 6 Stratford E Garrison C E Rand M Donohue DonohueL 1892 Patron E b c 122 Shellbark 122 65 65ch 217 m 6610 2 Falsetto W Hayward 2d L Stuart L Stuart 2d 2dEmpire 1893 Comanche H ch c 117 Dr Rice 122 Rainbow 119 201 201ch 1534ft 5310 5 Imp Sir Modred W Simms 1st Empire Stable C Connell ConnellB 1894 Henry of Navarre Ech ch c 117 Prig 119 Assignee 115 110 110gr 136ft 6680 3 Knight of Ellerslie W Simms 2d B McClelland B McClelland McClellandPreakness 1895 Belmar E gr c 119 Counter Tenor Tenor1896tHastings 126 Nanki Pooh 126 61 61br 2imhy 2700 5 Belvidere F Taral Preakness Stable E Feakes 1st 1stBlemton 1896tHastings M br c 122 Handspring 125 Hamilton II 110 85 85br 224ttft 3025 4 Spendthrift H Griffin Blemton Stable J J Hyland 1st 1stM 1897 Scottish Chieftain Ebr br c 115 On Deck 115 Octagon 122 95 95b 2234ft 3550 6 Imp Inverness J Scherrer M Daly M Byrnes ByrnesJ 1898 Bowling Brook E b c 122 Previous 122 Hamburg 122 72 72b 232 hy 7810 4 Ayrshire F Littlefield J A A H Morris R W Walden 4th 4thS 1899 JeanBereaud E b c 122 Half Time 119 Glengar 122 52 52br 223 ft 9445 4 His Highness R Clawson S Paget E Feakes 2d 2dH 1900 lldrim M br c 126 Petruchio 126 Missionary 126 72 72b 221ft 14790 7 Kingston N Turner H E Leigh H E Leigh LeighJ 1901tCommando E b c 126 The Parader 126 All Green 126 710 710ch 221 ft 11595 3 Domino H Spencer J R Keene 2d J Rowe 6th 6thA 1902 IMasterman M ch c 126 Ranald 126 King Hanover 126 135 135b 222ttft 13220 6 Hastings J Bullman 1st A Belmont 2d J J Hyland 2d 2dHampton 1903 Africander E b c 126 Whorler 126 Red Knight 126 35 35br 223 ft 12285 4 Imp Star Ruby J Bullman 2d Hampton Stable R Miller MillerJ 1904 Delhi E br c 126 Graziallo 126 Rapid Water 126 32 32ch 206ft 11575 8 Ben Brush 1st G Odom J R Keene 3d J Rowe 7th 7thH 1905 Tanya E ch f 121 Blandy 126 Hot Shot 126 115 115br 208 ft 17240 7 Imp Meddler E Hildebrand H PWhitney 1st J W Rogers 1st 1stH 1906 Burgomaster H br c 126 The Quail 126 Accountant 126 25 25b 220 ft 22700 6 Hamburg 1st L Lyne H PWhitney 2d J W Rogers 2d 2dJ 1907Peter Pan E b c 126 Superman 126 Frank Gill 126 710 ft 22765 5 Commando 1st G Mountain J R Keene 4th J Rowe 8th 8thJ 1908Colin E b c 126 Fair Play 126 King James 126 12 si 22765 4 Commando 2d J Notter J R Keene 5th j Rowe 9th 1909 Joe Madden H ch c 126 Wise Mason 123 Dond Macdond123 115 221sl 24S50 5 Yankee E Dugan S C Hildrelh S C Hildreth 1st 1stJ 1910 Sweep E br c 126 Duke of Ormon Ormonde 126 MO 222 ft 9700 2 Ben Brush 2d J Butwell 1st J R Keene 6th J Rowe 10th 10thH 1913 Prince Eugene H b c 109 Rock View 128 Flying Fairy FairyGainer 106 31 218 ft 2825 4 Hamburg 2d R Troxler H P Whitney 3d J Rowe 11th 11thJ 1914 Luke McLuke E b c 126 Gainer 126 Charlestonian 123 95 220 ft 3025 3 Ultimus VM Buxton J W Schorr J F Schorr SchorrH 1915 tThe Finn M blk c 126 Half Rock 126 Pebbles 126 75 218ft 1825 3 Imp Ogden G Byme H C Hallenbeck E W Heffner HeffnerA 1916 Friar Rock E ch c 126 Spur 126 Churchill 126 52 222 m 4100 4 Imp Rock Sand E Haynes A Belmont 3d S C Hildreth 2d 2dA 1917tHourless br c 126 Skeptic 126 Wonderful 123 14 217 4gd 5800 3 Eng Negofol 1st J Butwell 2d A Belmont 4th S C Hildreth 3d 3dH 1918 Wohren E b c 126 War Cloud 126 Cum Sah 126 115 220ft 8950 4 Eng Spearmint F Robinson H P Whitney 4th A Simons SimonsJ 1919 Sir Barton E ch c 126 Sweep On 126 Natural Bridge 126 720 17ft 11950 3 Imp Star Shoot 1st J Loftus J K L Ross H G Bedwell BedwellGlen 1920tMan o War M ch c 126 Donhacona 126 120 214 ft 7950 2 Fair Play 1st C Kummsr 1st Glen Riddle Farms 1stL Feustel FeustelRancocas 1921 Grey Lag E ch c 126 Sporting Blood 126 Leonardo II 126 21 216sft 8650 4 Imp Star Shoot 2d E Sande 1st Rancocas Stable 1st S C Hildreth 4th 4thR 1922 Pillory E ch c 126 Snob II 126 Hea 126 61 218ft 39200 4 Olambala C H Miller R T Wilson T J Healey 1923Zev M br c 126 Chickvale 126 Rialto 126 45 219 gd 38000 8 The Finn E Sande 2d Rancocas Stable 2d S C Hildreth 5th 5thRancocas 1924 Mad Play M ch c 126 Mr Mutt 126 Modest 126 21 218gd 42880 11 Fair Play 2d E Sande 3d Rancocas Stable 3d S C Hildreth 6th 6thGlen 1925American Flag M ch c 126 Dangerous 126 Swope 126 920 216ft 38500 7 Man o War 1st A Johnson 1st Glen Riddle Farms 2d G R Tompkins 1926Crusader M ch c 126 Espino 126 Haste 126 710 232Vsy 48550 9 Man o War 2d A Johnson 2d Glen Riddle Farms 3d G Conway 1st 1stJ 1927 Chance Shot Mb c 126 Bois de Rose 126 Flambino 121 27 232ft 60910 6 Fair Play 3d E Sande 4th J E Widener 1st P Coyne 1st 1stA 1928 Vito E b c 126 Genie 126 Diavolo 126 101 233Vstt 63430 6 Imp Negofol 2d C Kummer 2d A H Cosden M Hirsch HirschE 1929 Blue Larkspur E b c 126 African 126 Jack High 126 1310 232sy 59650 8 Black Servant M Garner 1st E R Bradley 1st C Hastings HastingsBelair 1930 tGallant Fox E b c 126 Whichone 126 Questionnaire 126 85 231gd 66040 4 Imp Sir Gallahad III E Sande 5th Belair Stud 1st J Fitzsimmonsdst FitzsimmonsdstGreentree 1931 Twenty Grand E b c 126 Sun Meadow 126 Jamestown 126 45 229ft 58770 3 Imp St Germans C Kurtsinger 1st Greentree Stable 1st J Rowe Jr JrBelair 1932 Faireno M b c 126 Osculator 126 Flag Pole 126 51 232ft 55120 11 Chatterton T Malley Belair Stud 2d J Fitzsimmons 2d 2dJ 1933 Hurryoff H b c 126 Nimbus 126 Union 126 151 232ft 49490 9 Haste M Garner 2d J E Widener 2d H McDaniel McDanielJ 1934 Peace Chance M b c 126 High Quest 126 Good Goods 126 31 229V ft 43410 8 Chance Shot WDWright J E Widener 3d P Coyne 2d 19350maha E ch c 126 Firethorn 126 Rosemont 126 710 230sy 35480 5 Gallant Fox 1st W Saunders Belair Stud 3d J Fitzsimmons 3d 3dBelair 1936 GranviIle E b c 126 Mr Bones 126 Hollyrood 126 165 230 ft 29800 10 Gallant Fox 2d J Stout 1st Belair Stud 4th J Fitzsimmons4th Fitzsimmons4thGlen 1937War Admiral M br c 126 Sceneshifter 126 Vamoose Vamoosech 126 910 228ft 38020 7 Man o War 3d C Kurtsinger 2d Glen Riddle Farms 4th G Conway 2d 2dMrs 1938 Pasteurized E ch c 126 Dauber 126 Cravat Cravatb 126 81 229ft 34530 6 Milkman J Stout 2d Mrs W P Stewart G M Odom OdomBelair 1939 Johnstown E b c 126 Belay 126 Gilded Knig Knigb Knight 126 18 229ft 37020 6 Jamestown J Stout 3d Belair Stud 5th J Fitzsimmons 5th 5thE 1940 Bimelech E b c 126 Your Chance 126 Andy K 126 1310 229ft 35030 6 Black Toney F A Smith E R Bradley 2d W Hurley HurleyCalumet 1941 Whirlaway E ch c 125 Robert Morris 126 Yankee Cha Chach Chance 126 14 231 ft 39770 4 Blenheim II E Arcaro 1st Calumet Farm 1st B A Jones JonesGreentree 1942 Shut Out E ch c 126 Alsab 126 Lochinvar 126 72 229M 229ft ft 44520 7 Equipoise E Arcaro 2d Greentree Stable 2d J M Gaver GaverMrs 1943tCount Fleet E br brc126 c 126 Fairy Manhur Manhurst 126 Desoronto 126 115 228V4ft 45340 3 Reigh Count J Longdeh Mrs J Hertz G D Cameron CameronW 1944 Bounding Home E br c 126 Pensive 126 Bull Dandy Dandybr 126 161 232y5ft 55000 7 Espino G L Smith W Ziegler Jr Matt Brady BradyWalter 1945 Pavot M br c 126 Wildlife 126 Jeep 126 21 230 ft 52675 8 Case Ace E Arcaro 3d Walter M Jeffords 0 White 1st 1stKing 1946 Assault E ch c 126 Natchez 126 Cable 126 75 230ft 75400 7 Bold Venture W Mehrtens King Ranch M Hirsch 2d 2dC 1947 Phalanx E b c 126 Tide Rips 126 Tailspin 126 2310 229ft 78900 9 Pilate R Donoso C V Whitney 1st S E Veitch 1st 1948 Citation E bcl26 Better Self Selfbr 126 Escadru 126 15 228ift 77700 8 Bull Lea E Arcaro 4th 4thT Calumet Farm 2d H A Jones JonesGreentree 1949 Capot E br c 126 Ponder 126 Palestinian 126 112 2304ift 60900 8 Menow T Atkinson Greentree Stable 3d J M Gaver 2d 2dKing 1950 Middleground E chc126 Lights Up 126 Mr Trouble 126 2710 228ft 61350 9 Bold Venture 2d W Boland King Ranch 2d M Hirsch 3d 1951 Counterpoint E chc126 Battlefield 126 Battle Morn 112 51e 229 ft Count Fleet 1st D Gorman C V Whitney 2d S E Veitch 2d 2dCount 1952 0ne Count E dkbrc126 Blue Man 126 Armageddon 126 131 230ft Count Fleet 2d E Arcaro 5th Mrs Walter M JeffordsO White 2d BREEDERS Ruthless F Morris General Duke Woodburn Stud 1st Fenian A Belmont 1st King ¬ fisher Woodburn Stud 2nd Harry Bassett Woodburn Stud 3rd Joe Daniels Woodburn Stud 4th Spring ¬ bok Woodburn Stud 5th Saxon Sir Joseph Hawley England Calvin H P McGrath Algerine Major Dos ¬ well Cloverbrook E A Clabaugh Duke of Magenta Woodburn Stud 6th Spendthrift Woodburn Stud 7th Grenada Woodburn Stud 8th Saunterer A Welch 1st Forester A Belmont 2nd George Kin ¬ ney Captain Franklin Panique A Welch 2nd Tyrant Belle Meade Stud 1st Inspector B Belle Meade Stud 2nd Hanover Clay Woodford 1st Sir Dixon Clay Woodford 2nd Eric P Lcrillard Burlington Woodburn Stud 9th Foxford A J Cassatt Patron Woodburn Stud 10th Comanche J B Haggin 1st Henry of Navarre L7 Appleby Belmar J Galway Hast ¬ ings Dr J D Neet Scottish Chieftain M Daly Bowl Ing Brook J A A H Morris Jean Bereaud D Gideon lldrim A P Gooding Commando J R Keene 1st Masterman A Belmont 3rd Africander J B Haggin 2nd Delhi J R Keene 2nd Tanya H P Whitney 1st Burgomaster H P Whitney 2nd Peter Pan J R Keene 3rd Colin J R Keene 4th Joe Madden J E Madden 1st Sweep J R Keene 5th Prince Eugene H P Whitney 3rd Luke McLuke Wickliffe Stud The Finn J E Madden 2nd Friar Rock A Belmont 4th Hourless A Belmont 5th France Johren H P Whitney 4th England Sir Barton Madden Gooch Man o War A Belmont 6th Grey Lag J E Madden 3rd Pillory R T Wilson Zev J E Madden 4th Mad Play H F Sin ¬ clair American Flag S D Riddle 1st Crusader S D Riddle 2nd Chance Shot Nursery Stud Vito A H Cosden Blue Larkspur Idle Hour Stock Farm 1st Gallant Fox Belair Stud 1st Twenty Grand Green tree Stable Faireno Belair Stud 2nd Hurryoff J E Widener 1st Peace Chance J E Widener 2nd Omaha Belair Stud 2nd Granville Belair Stud 3rd War Admiral S D Riddle 3rd Pasteurized Mrs W P Stewart Johnstown A B Hancock Bimelech Idle Hour Stock Farm 2nd Whirlaway Calumet Farm Shut Out Greentree Stable 2nd Count Fleet Mrs J Hertz Bounding Home W Ziegler Jr Pavot W M Jeffords 1st Assault King Ranch Phalanx A S Hewitt Citation Calumet Farm 2d Capot Greentree Stable 3d Middleground King Ranch 2d Counter ¬ point C V Whitney One Count W M Jeffords 2d Favorite Imported tSire of Belmont Stakes winner Son of Belmont Stakes winner E M H after horses names means Eclipse Matchem and Herod families to which winners belong 1st 2d 3d etc after sire Jockey trainer and owner means that individuals first second third etc winner Run at Jerome Park prior to 1890 Distance 1 58 miles prior to 1874 1 14 miles in 1890189118921895 1 18 miles in 18931894 1 38 miles from 1896 to 1925 Inclusive 1 12 miles from 1874 to 1889 and from 1926 to present date No time was taken in 1907 and 1908 Not run in 1911 and 1912

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