Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-10

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSRgurcs Rgurcs in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points 2 points for 2d 1 point for 3d Todays Best in Black Type Trackman J J Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Off n Clear Bob Morrow Black Despot Off nClea r Painted Cloud Off n Clear I Bob Morrow Off n Clear Painted Cloud Bob Morrow BlackDespot Bob Morrow Black Despot Skylea Capital Ace Katys Khal Off n Clear Black Despot Prince Eric Vanda Vanda Vanda Prince Eric Vanda Dudes Belle Dudes Belle Dudes Belle Prince Eric Vanda Prince Eric Dusum Pacemaker Prince Eric Rose Ellen Peacemaker Dudes Belle Royal Monarch Flashy Fellow Simsbury SimsburyArgufy Simsbury Ginger Miss MissRacer Simsbury Simsbury Simsbury Ginger Miss Argufy ArgufyRacer Racer RacerSimsbury Ginger Miss Racer Ginger Miss Flashy Fellow Racer Simsbury Flashy Fellow TOD Guy Bad Boy Bill Omum Top Guy Top Guy TOP Guy Shrewie Top Guy Top Guy Bad Boy Bill Bad Boy Bill Bad Boy Bill Mr De Luxe Shrewie Bad Boy Bill Mr De Luxe Ornum Ornum Mr Rip Kings Canasta Grand Fiesta Mr Rip Grand Fiesta Grand Fiesta Grand Fiesta Grand Fiesta Poppas Baby Satin Parasall Poppas Baby Mr Rip Kings Canasta Satin Parasall Kings Canasta Phar in Front Mr Rip Kings Canasta Roses Gem Gemj Roses Gem ROSES GEM GEMTwilight Olympia Blend Roses Gem Rose s Gem j Olympia Blend BlendDr River Gate Twilight Run Dr Joe Kay Twilight Run Olympia Blend Dr Joe Kay Olympia Blend Mambo Man River Gate Olympia Blend Twilight Run Bernburgoo BERNBURGOO Kopes Hope Bernburgoo Racetracker Bernburgoo Kopes Hope Kopes BERNBURGOOKopes Hope Racetracker Kopes Hope Bernburgoo Kopes Hope Racetracker Racetracker Bernburgoo Racetracker Silver State Racetracker Noble Imp Rip Road Admiral Van DR JOSH JOSHNoble DR JOSH JOSHAdmiral Dr Josh k Admiral Van NobleImp Dr Josh Noble Imp Admiral Van Admiral Van Rip Road Fleet Peet Fleet Feet Rip Road Ice Tea Noble Imp v MISS ROWDY Play Ron Miss Rowdy Miss Rowdy Miss Rowdy MISS ROWDY ROWDYPlay I Border Bum Miss Rowdy Play Ron Play Ron Border Bum Play Ron Rapport Border Bum Border Bum Border Bum Play Ron Border Bum Trackman J N Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMI EP CONSENSUS Three Bobs Three Bobs Three Bobs Henrys Reward Three Bobs Three Bobs 21 21leir Regal Heir Big Result Henrys Reward Three Bobs Regal Heir Henrys Reward Big Result Mr Bodf ish Regal Heir Regal Heir ShillelahMike ihMike Regal Heir I World Series Mark Klaine Indian Heir Night Mission World Series World Series Mark Klaine World Series Foxy Moss Foxy Moss Indian Heir Indian Heir Heirloss Leo Indian Heir World Series Indian Heir Foxy Moss loss Mark Klaine 7 Knobview Kid Knobview Kid KNOBVIEW KID KIDZadie Knobview Kid Knobview lew Kid KidSlash KNBVIEWKID 27 27Zadie Stag Line Zadie Boy Zadie Boy Zadie Boy SlashReauestette Slash Zadie Boy r ritette Our Boy Bill Our Boy Bill Reauestette Reauestette Reauestette itette Reauestette BUMPY ROAD ROADRoman Bumpy Road Bumpy Road Bumpy Road Litte Reaper eaper Bumpy Road Roman Bow Roman Bow Litte Reaper Dudley Dixie Bumpy Road Litte Reaper ReapertBow Litte Reaper Dudley Road Roman Bow LitteReaper Roman Bow Roman Bow Grand Wizard GRAND WIZARD WIZARDBrush Grand Wizard WizardBrush Grand Wizard WizardBrush Brush Cut Grand Wizard WizardWizard Brush Cut Brush Cut Brush Cut CutWet Brush Cut CutWet Grand Wizard Brush Cut 13 13ick Subway Strike Dhaulagiri Wet Back Wet Back Wet Back ick Wet Back 3 Miss Catesby Sand Shark Gems Baby Gems Baby GemsBaby Baby Gems Baby 1 1atesby Sand Shark Foxing Foxing Sand Shark Miss Catesby atesby Sand Shark lu luMaestro Gems Baby Gems Baby Sand Shark Miss Catesby Magic Maestro Miss Catesby 8 Warren G Warren G Warren G Warren G Warren n G Warren G Gris Colonel R S Lord High Palustris Palustris Palustris ris Palustris Lord High Palustris Little Hunk Colonel R S Colonel 1 R S Colonel R S Shan Pac Shan Pac Ezgo Ezgo Styrunner mer Shan Pac Rockport Ezgo Shan Pac Shan Pac Shan Pac ac Ezgo 1 1Styrunner Ezgo Prince Killer Rockport Rockport Ezgo Styrunner Bee Lee Tee Bee Lee Tee Ram o Lette RAM O LETTE LETTERe RAM O y LETTE LETTEStout Ram o Lette 16 Re Re Po Treaty Stone Re Re Po Re Re Fo Stout Built Bee Lee Tee 1 ° Picmar Picmar Bee Lee Tee Bee Lee Tee Arlington ton Re Re Po Trackman D S Fair JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track Singalea Eauableu Eauableu Singalea Singalea Sirigalea Wolf Badge Periauest Wolf Badge Elliotts Dream Eauableu Eauableu Eauableu Wolf Badge Singalea Tiger Dip Gavel Wolf Badge Mr Redbird Coolhawahee Coolhawahee Mr Redbird Coolhawahee Coolhawahee Apophasis Steelmaster Fraluxe CoolhawaheeFraluxe Coolhawahee Blue Nitro Mr Redbird Steelmaster Mr Redbird FraluxeAir Air Prophet Air Prophet Apophasis Apophasis Crafty Sailor Zabaglione Crafty Skipper Crafty Sailor Blueville Crafty Sailor SailorBlueville Blueville Crafty Sailor Crafty Sailor Blueville Crafty Sailor Blueville BluevilleZabaglione I Prince Vashti Murille Prince Vashti Murille Zabaglione Zabaglione Whirling Billie Nances Rule Victory Morn Victory Morn Whirling Billie Victory Morn Victory Morn Whirling Billie Nances Rule Nances Rule Nances Rule Whirling Billie Valley Victory Morn Whirling Billie Whirling Billie Victory Morn Nances Rule Razzle Dazzle Sir Alxandr Kaye Ardee Razzle Dazzle Ying and Yang Razzle Dazzle Ying and Yang Ying and Yang ArdeeRazzle Razzle Dazzle Ying and Yang Sir Alxandr Kaye Ying and Yang Sir Alxandr Kaye Razzle Dazzle Ying and Yang Sir Alxandr Kaye Razzle Dazzle Sir Alxandr Kave 9 OCTAGONAL Octagonal OCTAGONAL OCTAGONAL Octagonal OCTAGONAL OCTAGONALRed Loukenmac OCTAGONALLoukenmac Loukenmac Red OCTAGONALRed Cadet Gay Warrior Red Cadet Loukenmac i iLoukenmac Red Cadet Red Cadet Loukenmac Commendation Loukenmac Red Cadet I Promised Land PROMISED LAND LANDKingmaker Oh Johnny Promised Land Oh Johnny Promised Land Kingmaker Kingmaker Promised Land Oligarchy Kingmaker Oh Johnny Third Brother Third Brother Third Brother Kingmaker Promised Land Kingmaker Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year HAPPY NEW YER Happy New Year 27 The Axe Minute Parade At Hand The Axe At Hand The Axe AxeMontauk Minute Parade Af f ton King Minute Parade Montauk Montauk Minute Parade Trackman E P Heagerty PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track Dancing Roman Dancing Roman RomanOjala Dancing Roman RomanOjala Dancing Roman RomanOjala Dancing Roman Dancing Roman 25 I Cosmic Bess Ojala Ojala Ojala OjalaOuib Weeping Princess C ifilcL Weeping Princess OjalaRabbit Rabbit OjalaWeeping Weeping Princess Ouib Cosmic Bess Seeping Princess Reflected Fearless Hour Reflected Fearless Hour Easy Knight Reflected Easy Knight Reflected Holiday Admiral Beauty Bush Pegla Fearless Hour Mikes Treat Beauty Bush Easy Knight Easy Knight This Day Easy Knight Pancho Villa PANCHO VILLA VILLALimoges Pancho Villa VillaMamowlee PANCHO VDLLA VDLLALimoges PANCHO VDLLA VDLLALimoges PANCHO VILLA 31 31Limoges Roaming Red Limoges Mamowlee Limoges Limoges Limoges MamowleeLimoges Limoges Mamowlee Limoges Roaming Red Mamowlee Mamowlee Rohan Rohan Rohan Rohan Rohan Rohan Crown Derby Crown Derby Hasty RohanHasty Scenes CrownDerby Crown Derby Crown Derby Simon Kenton Dodger Crown Derby Dodger Dodger Dodger 3 FLEAGLE FLEAGLEi Fleagle FLEAGLE Fleagle Fleagle Fleagle 29 29Tuscan FLEAGLETuscan i Tuscan Flash Dared To Tuscan Flash Tuscan Flash Dared To Tuscan Flash Mr Muscles Tuscan Flash Star Apache Dared To Ripspur Dared To J Liberty Sun V S O P Cannon Fire Liberty Sun Liberty Sun Liberty Sun i Cannon Fire Cannon Fire Liberty Sun Cannon Fire Golden Sun Cannon Fire Golden Sun Golden Sun Arrant Bully Golden Sun Cannon Fire Golden Sun Master Boing Master Boin Pop Corn Master Boing BoingPop Master Boing Master Boing 2 Pop Corn Pop Corn Master Boing Pop Com ComLeap Pop Corn Pop Corn 1 1Bureaucracy Jabneh Leap Tide Bureaucracy Leap Tide Bureaucracy Bureaucracy Brandy Fib Brandy Fib Sehnsgrove Sehnsgrove Brandy Fib Brandy Fib Jiggle Ocean Gem Ferman Ferman Jiggle Selinsgrove I Ferman Ferman Brandy Fib Frandy Fib Moon Jet Ferman Vaya Con Dios Mt Brilliant Mt Brilliant Vaya Con Dios Vaya Con Dios Vaya Con Dios 1 Slln r Draw Near Jean OF Vaya Con Dios Mt Brilliant Draw Near Mt Brilliant 1 1Draw Jllu JeanOF Preoccupied Jean OF Warrantor Game X Draw Near Trackman W C Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Slow Track Art of Living Roseardan Summer Jewel Pomposity Pomposity Pomposity 1 I Plane Ada Pomposity Pomposity Belfaster Belfaster Belfaster 1 Mighty Ridge Belfaster Belfaster Mighty Ridge Summer Jewel Summer Jewel Sals Boots Cabriole Cabriole Cabriole Chicanery Cabriole r rChicanery Deep Run Chicanery Chicanery Chicanery Cabriole Chicanery i Well Seasoned Sailing1 Free Deep Run Sailing Free Sals Boots Sals Boots i Red Abbey Red Abbey Mr Bowes Bicky L Bicky L Red Abbey AbbeyBicky Golden Host Grand Chief Red Abbey Mr Bowes But First Bicky L LMr But First Mr Bowes Bicky L But First Mr Bowes Mr Bowes Countercharge Cateran Cateran Monetary Cateran Cateran Campos Jr Miss J G Sky Light Counter Charge Counter Charge Counter Charge Sky Light Slate Monetary Sky Light Monetary Monetary Fear No Evil Jeriel JerielUncle Jeriel JerielFear Jeriel JerielFear Jeriel Jeriel 2 2Fear I Jeriel Our Tulyar Uncle Horace Fear No Evil Fear No Evil Fear No Evil 10 10Uncle JerielDestiny Destiny Unknown Time Called Fear No Evil Destiny Unknown Maron M Uncle Horace IDUN IDUNk IDUN IDUN IDUN Idun IDUN IDUNFall IDUNDelnita IDUNFall IdunFall IDUNFall k Fall Wind Fall Wind Delnita Fall Wind Fall Wind Fall Wind L LDelnita Delnita Delnita Fall Wind Delnita Delnita Delnita 6 Ive Got Rhythm Plion PlionIve Ive Got Rhythm RhythmHubcap Ive Got Rhythm RhythmYemen Ive Got Rhythm Ive GofRhythm 22 Talent Show Ive Got Rhythm RhythmTalent Hubcap HubcapPlion Yemen YemenHubcap Hubcap Hubcap 6 6Plion Hubcap Talent Show Plion Hubcap Talent Show Plion fi Tommy Griffin Miss Charm Olive Tree Tanfran OLIVE TREE TREEMiss Olive Tree Olive Tree Tiswar Tommy Griffin Tiswar Miss Charm Tommy Griffin Hello Pop Tommy Griffin Hello Pop Tommy Griffin Tanfran Miss Charm War Tune Nasomie Native Son Nasomie Albany Sauare Native Son 10 10Nasomie Count Swedak Satan Helper Albany Sauare Sarno Native Son Nasomie 10 10Albany Native Son Native Son Heathertone Native Son Satan Helper Albany Square 7

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