Selections of Daily Racing Form Trotting Experts, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-10

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ExpertsFigures Selections of Daily Racing Form Trotting Experts Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing Five Points for First Seven Points it Days Best Two for Second One for Third Best in Boldface Type TypeTrackman Trackman M Kurlansky MAYWOOD PARK Selections Made for Fast Track TRACKMAN DAN PATCH BILLY DIRECT WINNIPEG GREYHOUND CONSENSUS POINTS Hi Marge Pardues Lu Pert Darnley Directress Tass Directress Tass Directress Tass Directress Tass Victor Lee Patcli Directress Tass Red Creed Pert Darnley DarnleyHi Pert Darnley Pert Darnley Directress Tass Red Creed Hi Marge Hi Marge Hi Marge Mr Sit Still Bob Henley Rips Boy Rips Boy Bob Henley HenleyBob Bpb Henley Aunt Ada Aunt Ada Lord Frost Bob Henley Mr Sit Still StillAunt Rips Boy Bob Henley Peter Belle Bob Henley Aunt Ada Aunt Ada Mr Sit Still OZARK TOM TOMMr Ozark Tom Ozark Tom Ozark Tom Ozark Tom TomMr OZARK TOM TOMBlue Mr Braden Volo Blue Flash OHenry Direct Mr Braden Volo Blue Flash Blue Flash FlashMr Election Boy Mr Braden Volo Blue Flash Blue Flash Mr Braden Volo Mr Braden Volo i Flying s Nance Kunberlite Roya RoyaDiane Better Hoot Dorothy Sky Rail RailDorothy Raidei Dorothy Sky Rder 9 Dorothy Sky Raider Flyings Nance Diane Reed Dorothy Sky RaidrRoya Roya Flyings Nance 9 9Flyings Better Hoot Roya Robert Tempered Flyings Nance Flyings Nance Roya 8 Vita Boy Duke Nutonia NutoniaKings DUKE NUTONIA NUTONIARilmas Vita Boy Duke Nutonia NutoniaKings Duke Nutonia 19 Kings Day Dr Hyslop HyslopDuke Rilmas Widower Kings Day Kings JKingsuay Day DayDuke Vita Boy 17 17Vita Duke Nutonia Kings Day League Captain Duke Nutonia Vita Boy Kings Day Grandma Ann Grandma Ann AnnDivonbay Caro Tass DIVONBAY Divonbay DivonbayCaro Divonbay DivonbayCaro Divonbay Caro Tass TassCaro Grandma Ann Caro Tass Caro Tass TassClever Grandma Ann 13 13Grandma Caro Tass Braden Grattan Ross Abbe Clever Drive Grandma Ann Caro Tass 12 Dickie Frost DICKIE FROST FROSTRoxburgh Ludene Scott Dickie Frost Roxburgh Jean JeanHighland Dickie Frost 18 18Cindy Roxburgh Jean Roxburgh Jean Roxburgh Jean Highland Creed Cindy Lee Roxburgh Jean 1 Cindy Lee Highland Creed Highland Creed Dickie Frost Ludene Scott Golden Miss Golden Miss MissBuckeye Buckeye Golden Miss Golden Miss Golden Miss 22 22Sherrys Buckeye Buckeye BuckeyeJake Golden Miss Buckeye Sherrys Honor Buckeye If IfJake Jake Rodney Jake Rodney Jake Rodney Sherrys Honor Jake Rodney Jake Rodney Judy Jewell Winifred WinifredChuck Chuck Counsel Judy Jewell CHUCK COUNSEL Judy Jewell Chuck Counsel Judy Jewell Judy Jewell Casa Grande Winifred Chuck Counsel Colonel Linehan Worthy Queen Casa Grande Worthy Oueen Judy Jewell Winifred Little Mane Contralto s Demon DemonJeffrey Shepards Crusader Contraltos Demon Contraltos Demon Contraltos Deon 15 Jeffrey M Little Marie MarieHighlwn Oscar Patch Little Marie Jeffrey M Little Marie 10 10Dusty Highlwn the Great Jeffrey M Dusty Neal Highland the Great Little Marie JeffreyM i

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