Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-13

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFigures Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points 2 points for 2d 1 point for 3d Todays Best in Black Type Trackman J J Murphy BALMORAL AT WASHINGTON Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Creamnik Carrafied Miss Eva Creamnik Carrafied Creamnik I Love Countess Miss Eva EvaLil Creamnik Lil Frankie Lil Monkey Carrafied Hay Roger Lil Frankie Carrafied Dance and Play Creamnik Miss Eva Spy Boss Statistician Close Harmony Fleetbelle Fleetbelle Fleetbelle i Judge N H HGame Spy Boss BossFleetbelle Statistician Plain Polly PollyFleetbelle Bill Huey Spy Boss Game Conqueror Fleetbelle Fleetbelle Spy Boss Spy Boss Statistician Sudden Lamar Sudden Lamar Sudden Lamar Port Staff Whiz Lady Sudden Lamar i Page Pattie Whiz Lady Whiz Lady Whiz Lady LadyHey Sudden Lamar Whiz Lady Port Staff Hey Diddle Hey Diddle Sudden La Lamar Port Staff Port Staff Loso Bayou Nymph Blue Licks Raffle Bon Bones Bayou Nymph Bayou Nymph LosoEtheridge Etheridge UP a Tree Diamond Ned Blue Licks Diamond Ned Blue Licks Raffle Bones Smugsy Wugsy Bayou Nymph Logo Blue Licks Loeo Jens Hero Loose Money SOUTHERN SEAS Turbo Fire Southern Seas Southern Seas Little Victor Southern Seas Turbo Fire Oil Light LightOil Turbo Fire Turbo Fire Publicity Man Turbo Tire Oil Light Southern Jens Hero Jens Hero Rcckmoore Santiago Rockmoore Hill Counti CountiSantiago Rockmoore Rockmoore I Mr Rin Kings Image Santiago Rcckmoore Hill Country Hill Country Sea Swell Pineapple Hill Country Sea Swell Sea Swell Santiago Intelligent IRANIAN Ambioruri Intelligent IntelligentMighty Lynette Intelligent Turn Down f Rare IRANIANRare Music MusicLynette Mighty Baker Mighty Bal BalIntelligent Turn Down IranianAmbiorun Iranian IntelligentIranian Mighty Baker Lynette Intelligent Ambiorun Brookwood Ambiorun DOGOON DOGOONI Dogoon Manassas DOGOON DOGOONDogoon DOGOONManassas DOGOON DOGOONManassas DOGOON Manassas DogoonManassas Manassas Dogoon Manassas ManassasPetes Manassas Manassas I Petes Folly Resolved ManassasResolved Petes Folly Petes Folb Petes Folly Petes Folly Black Bounty Galcir Ratheram Ratheram Rotheiam Ratheram Wartesia Ratheram Sand Shark Our Lia Galcir Galcir Sand Shark Sand Shark Our Lia Wartesia Our Lia Black Bounty Trackman J N Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMI CONSENSUS Chance Gauge Chance Gauge Chance Gauge Andys Beacon Little Chic Chance Gauge 1 I Andys Beacon Foolish Answer Night Shopper Chance Gauge Chance Gauge Andys Beacon Great Date Andys Beacon Could Belt Could Be It Night Shopper Little Chic 1 Big Fitz Supreme Man High Order Mandy Ann Mandy Ann Mandy Ann 1 1Big i Supreme Man Big Fitz Mumbo Mumbo Mumbo Big Fitz Ziande Solarnaut Mandy Ann High Order Sister Kathy Supreme Man Malda Reluctant Lady LadyShilla Flipnicht Mere Skippers Lady Julie Mac Malda 9 9Julie Shilla Shilla 1 Malda Julie Mac Skippers Lady Julie Mac 8 8Skippers ShillaFlopnicht Flopnicht Mere ShillaMalda Malda Julie Mac Shilla Malda Skippers Lady 7 Jimmy Doyle Jimmy Doyle DoyleCureme BONCING CHECK Jimmy Doyle Jimmy Doyle Jimmy Doyle Cureme Cureme Thistle Star Kentucadet Bouncing Check Bouncing Check Thistle Star CuremeKentucadet Kentucadet Jimmy Doyle Cureme Thistle Star Cureme I ELBRUZ ELBRUZI Elbruz Elbruz ELBRUZSoundn ELBRUZ ElbruzBettys Elbruz ELBRUZ 29 29Dixie I Dixie Heart All New Sweep Hal Soundn Fury Bettys Master Dixie Heart 4 4Sweep Sweep Hal Dixie Heart Soundn Fury Dixie Heart AwComin Sweep Hal 3 Zadie Boy ZADIE BOY BOYHundred Zadie Boy Zadie Boy Sir Heart Zadie Boy 2 2Sir i Barbicana Hundred Grand Sir Heart Cut and Run Zadie Boy Sir Heart Ancient Greek Ancient Greek Ancient Greek Hundred Grand Ancient Greek Ancient Greek Movie Romance CommoLady Ergo Movie Romance RomanceIdehi Bright Ariel ArielIdehi Movie Romance 13 Cool Customer Bright Ariel ErgoMovie Movie Romance RomanceBright Idehi IdehiOiled Idehi IdehiMovie Bright Ariel P PCommoLady CommoLady Ergo Bright Ariel Oiled Movie Romance CommoLady Commoplay Sparton Haste Regal Heir Regal Heir REGAL HEIR HEIRBaby Regal Heir 18 18Commoplay Bold Heart Commoplay Baby Brier Bachelor Club Baby Brier Commoplay Kathrvn Ann Regal Heir Bold Heart Cork Screw Sink or Swim Sparton Haste i Trackman D S Fair BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST CONSENSUS Naik Charlie L Naik Naik Charlie L Naik NaikCharlie NaikEver NaikCharlie NaikCharlie Charlie L Battle Chant Ever So Humble HumbleCharlie Charlie L Gale Stalker Charlie L Ever So Humble Ever So Humble Charlie L Ever So Humble Prize Purchase Ever So Humble Whats Ahead AheadLeader Whats Ahead Whats Ahead What s Ahead AheadLeader Whats Ahead Whats Ahead AheadGuerdon Leader Little Leaguer Medal of Honor Leader Guerdon Guerdon LeaderGuerdon LeaderGuedron GuerdonLeader Guerdon Guerdon Guerdon Guedron Treasure Hunt Leader Muguet II Greek Brother Muguet II Muguet H Nizams Pet Muguet II Nizams Pet Nizams Pet Greek Brother Navy Fighter Greek Brother Greek Brother Mr United Mr United Nizams Pet Greek Brother Muguet II Nizams Pet Starry Flight Portulaca Gentle Ruler Sit This Out Portulaca Portulaca Sweet Lady Nagging Kate Portulaca Miss Willow Sit This Out Sit This Out Sit This Out Aesthetic Sit This Out Sweet Lady Sweet Lady Starry Flight Tippet Willing Miss MissTwinklet Symbidium Tippet TippetDeep Tippet Tippet Dark Circles Twinklet Missoula Deep Blue Sea SeaWilling Dark Circles Willing Miss TwinkletTippet Deep Blue Sea Tippet Deep Blue Sea Willing Miss Deep Blue Sea Deep Blue Sea Armorial Trianon Armorial Armorial Armorial Armorial ArmorialTrianon ArmorialTrianon Trianon Jenorse Trianon Trianon Kithara Trianon TrianonJenorse TrianonJenorse Jenorse Upsy Daisy Jenorse Upsy Daisy Jenorse Jenorse RED GOD GODMustato RED GOD GODGray RED GOD GODHarmonizing RED GOD GODHarmonizing RED JGOD JGODMustato RED GOD GODHarmonizing Mustato Gray Phantom Harmonizing Harmonizing Mustato Harmonizing Harmonizing Harmonizing Ambehaving Mustato Willamette Mustato Black Tale Wesley Smiley Civet Wesley Smiley SmileyPromethean Black Tale Wesley Smiley Wesley Smiley Promethean CivetWesley Wesley Smiley Promethean PrometheanButwiser Wesley Smiley Black Tale Butwiser Black Tale Black Tale Butwiser Civet Civet Trackman E P Heagerty PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST CONSENSUS Helandero Starward Bound Helandero Helandero Helandero Helandero Madame Wishful Thinking Starward Bound Starward Bound Starward Bound Starward Bound 11 Sallys Buddy Bold Count Madame Wishful Thinkin Madame Madame 4 Atropos Atropos Atropos Atropos Atropos Atropos Black Ape VioTomSue Lou Capell Black Ape Black Ape Black AtroposBlack Ape Little Quiz Lou Capell Black Ape VioTomSue Little Quiz VioTomSue 3 Florence II Florence H FLORENCE H HSurprise Florence H Ky Boot Florence H 24 24Ky Ky Boot Surprise Attack Surprise Attack Surprise Attack Florence H Ky Bpot 8 8Surprise Air Delight Eds Image Air Delight Ky Boot Surprise Attack Surprise Attack 7 Alert Greek Alert Greek Indian Lady Alert Greek Testing Jet Alert Greek 19 19Testing Testing Jet Indian Lady Alert Greek Testing Jet Alert Greek Testing Jet 10 10Indian Sun Bolt Testing Jet Pinch of Heaven Indian Lady Finn McCool Indian Lady 8 Candle Wood Candle Wood Candle Wood Candle Wood Twayblade Candle Wood Twayblade Lord Henry Bushers Beam Sugar Imp Candle Wood Twayblade i iBushers Bushers Beam Bradley Twayblade Bradley Bushers Beam Bushers Beam Blue Pencil Last Slam Triple Bells Blue Pencil Triple Bells Blue Pencil 16 16Triple Triple Bells Blue Pencil Blue Pencil Bellator Blue Pencil Triple Bells 1 ° Bellator Bellator Edsun Triple Bells Bellator Bellator GREY BABY BABYV GREY BABY BABYV Aeschylus Aeschylus GREY BABY BABYV GREY BABY 25 25Aeschylus V S O P V S O P Grey Baby Grey Baby V S O P Aeschylus IP IPV Aeschylus Aeschylus V S O P V S O P Aeschylus V S O P I Sacandaga Mr Burt BurtSacandaga Westray SACANDAGA Sacandaga Sacandaga SACANDAGAWestray SacandagaWestray Westray Sacandaga SacandagaTintern Sacandaga Westray WestrayFauroyal Westray Westray A AMr Royal Brigade Tintern Mr Burt Royal Brigade Fauroyal Mr Burt o Trackman W C Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS P CONSENSUS Sonabusher Yusuf Sonabusher Sonabusher Sonabusher her Sonabusher 20 20Yusuf J Diatomic Rock D9zer Yusuf Rock Dozer Faulty FaultyYusuf SonabusherFaulty Yusuf Rock Dozer Diatomic Diatomic YUsuf Yusuf Rock Dozer Little Donots My Model Mi Model Mi Model Mi Model 1 Mi Model 2 2Sparkle Oueen Yvonne Flower Picture Flower Picture Autumn Sparkle Autumn Sparkle Little Donots i iicture Autumn Sparkle Little Donots Little Donots Flower Picture Flower Picture icture Flower Picture 6 Forward On OnI Shot Cay Shot Cay Forward On Forward On Forward On I Traders Luck LuckShot Traders Luck Forward On Shot Cay Shot Cay IT Shot Cay Shot Cay Forward On Cornelia Traders Luck Traders Luck Traders Luck I Borette Borette Sunny Sag SagBorette Borette SUNNY SAG SAGBorette Borette Emerald Pin Sunny Sag Borette BoretteKarat Sunny Sag Borette Sunny Sag 1 1Pin Nible Pat Emerald Pin Karat Top Emerald Pin Emerald Pin Emerald Pin Royal Native Palm Leaves Royal Native Post Office Royal Native itive Royal Native j Palm Leaves Queen of Sheeba Lonely Royal Native Palm Leaves avcs Palm Leaves Regal Step Regal Step Palm Leaves Palm Leaves Post Office ice Post Office 0 1 PEBBLE ACE ACEI Pebble Ace Florann EASTERN CHANT CHANTFlorann Pebble Ace ce Pebble Ace I Tin Lassie LassieRed Tin Lassie Pebble Ace Florann Eastern Chant Eastern Chant Chantie Red River Valley Loan Me Five Tin Lassie Devilproof Tin Lassie ie Florann Fresh Meadow Imagem DUNRAVENImagem DUNRAVEN Inswept Inswept Imagem Imagemeadow Imagem Dunraven Imagem Imagem Fresh Meadow eadow Inswept i iDunraven Inswept Wild Ride Inswept Dunraven Imagem Dunraven 10 Reaping Return JOSIES BOY BOYReaping Reaping Return Josies Boy Josies Boy oy JOSIES BOY 21 21Return Josies Boy Reaping Return Josies Boy Chester K Reaping Return Reaping Return 15 Aegean Sea Aegean Sea ChesterK Reaping Return Esca Lass is Chester K

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