Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-14

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DAILY R A C IN G F 0 R M E X P E R T S SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFigures Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points 2 points for 2d 1 point for 3d Todays Best in Black Type Trackman J J Murphy BALMORAL AT WASHINGTON Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Agoura Belle Agoura Belle Fashion Book Fashion Book BookDance Dance and id Play Fashion Book 12 I Fashion Book Debbie H Dance and Play Dance and Play BqokofVerse Terse Agoura Belle 11 11Dance Book of Verse Miss Eva Agoura Belle Debbie H Miss Eva Dance and Play 9 i Joe Wilson Beau Jer Beau Jer Bob Austin AustinBlack Beau Jer Beau Jer Beau Jer Black Despot Black Despot Heliocopter HeliocopterBob Joe Wilson Bob Austin Bob Austin Cap Merrick Bob Austin Joe Wilson Bob Austin Joe Wilson Forever On Blame Mame Blame Mame Blame Mame Blame Mame Blame Mame JeduBright Jedu Bright and Clear Bright and Clear Jedu Larks Down Forever On Bright and Clear Larks Down Forever On Romany Rye Romany Rye Bright and Clear hura huraLou Bonnie Heaton HeatonRinflo Saucy Miss Bonnie Heaton HeatonShura Saucy Miss Bonnie Heaton Lou Pondfield Rinflo RinfloShura Shura Lou Pondfield PondfieldRinflo Rinflo Saucy Miss Flcridian Sun Shura Rinflo Rinflo Bonnie Heaton Shura GREEK GAME GAMESafe Greek Game GREEK GAME Greek Game GameSafe GREEK GAME GAMEJetty GREEK GAME GAMESafe Safe Message Safe Message Safe Message Hoop Band BandBen Jetty Safe Message Hoop Band Jetty Ben A Jones Jetty Hoop Band Jetty Morrie A Ai Breeze I Will Grand Fiesta Breeze I Will WillMorrie Jessie and Cole Breeze I Will 13 13Jessie i Grand Fiesta FiestaBlue Jessie and Cole Morrie A Jessie and Cole ColeBreeze Breeze I Will Jessie and Cole 9 Blue Trail Grand Fiesta Breeze I Will Blue Trail Morrie A Morrie A 8 Black Letters Hanniver My Carrie Black Letters LettersHanniver Reel Trouble My Carrie 12 12Black My Carrie Nectar Hanniver My Carrie CarrieBlack My Carrie Black Letters 11 New Talent My Carrie Black Letters Hanniver Nectar Hanniver 8 Kopes Hope Teri Kopes Hope KOPES HOPE HOPEBreezy Kope s Hope HopeTeri Kope s Hope I RockieBreezy Rockie Rockie Breezy Night Rockie RockieTeri Teri Teri TeriRockie Breezy Night Kopes Hope Teri Breezy Night Rockie Rockie Tussle Patch TUSSLE PATCH PATCHCountry Tussle Patch Country Bumkm Tussle Patch Tussle Patch 2 Denver King Country Bumkin Country Bumkin Tussle Patch Country Bumkin Country Bumkin 12 I Country Bumkm Denver King Roman Request Roman Reauest Yonshu Denver King 3 Trackman J N Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMI P CONSENSUS Starlight O F Andrada Willie Weazel Andrada Andrada Andrada 1 1Starlight Andrada Starlight O F Andrada Willie Weazel Wiggy Starlight Q F Minor Heir Hastv Duchess Space Ace Space Ace Space Ace Willie Weazel RcodeeVenetian Rcodee Roodee RoodeeVenetian Venetian Melody Venetian Melody Venetian Melody Venetian Melody 19 Venetian Melody Venetian Melody Lady Bout Miss Malaprop Miss Malaprop Roodee 10 10Miss Alipar Mr Day ton Alipar Alipar Lady Bout Miss Malaprop 4 Chief Guide Sparton Haste Re Joli JoliBachelor Sink or Swim Sparton Haste Sparton Haste 1 i Commocall Chief Guide Bachelor Club Bachelor Club Donnys Task Chief Guide Sparton Haste Biotz Donnys Task Donnys Task Re Joli Re Joli 6 Delightful Time Delightful Time Delightful Time DELHTFUL TIME Glorious Fleet DELHTL TIME 24 24Glorious Flopnicht Mere Gay Pad Church Man Church Man Delightful Time Glorious Fleet 6 Tulsa Lad Kissn Karen Flopnicht Mere Glorious Fleet Gay Pad Church Man 4 LETHIAL LETHIALj Lethial Lethial Tom Thumb Tom Thumb Lethial 1 1Tom j Tom Thumb Dashing Deby Tom Thumb Lizzie Ray Lizzie Ray Tom Thumb 1 1Lizzie Beau Count Tom Thumb Star O Lee Pinjim Lethial Lizzie Ray Sanduskv Sanduskvt SANDUSKYEasy SANDUSKY Dads Delight My Pick Too MY PICK TOO TOOSandusky My Pick Too 1 1Sandusky t My Pick Too TooPat Easy Juan Mv Pick Too Dads Delight Sandusky Sandusky li liDads Pat Dash My Pick Too San dusky Tear Bomb Wherehavubeen Dads Delight Shillelah Mike Told You So Gembala Gembala Gembala Gembala 17 17Shilleleah Gembala Care Away Shillelah Mike Shillelah Mike Told You So Shilleleah Mike 11 Told You So Shillelah Mike Ocean King Told You So Shillelah Mike Told You So 9 Marti Diana Alan David MARTI DIANA DIANABeaus Tunasman Beaus Magic Marti Diana 1 1Beaus Alan David Beaus Magic Beaus Magic Alan David Marti Diana Beaus Magic 1U Beaus Magic Speedy Now Bingie Marti Diana Alan David Alan David 10 1 Cup Moon Nirgal Prince PrinceJoClare Light Step Nirgal Prince Nirgal Prince Nirgal Prince 1 1Light Halcolette JoClareHalcolette JoClare Nirgal Prince Cup Moon JoClare Light Step StepCUP Nirgal Prince Halcolette JoClare Light Step Light Step CUP Moon Trackman D S Fair BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track I RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST CONSENSUS Scylax Scylax Scylax Shanksy SCYLAX Scylax ShanksyMighty Shanksy Receipt Receipt ShanksyScylax Scylax Receipt SCYLAXReceipt ScylaxShanksy Shanksy ScylaxReceipt Mighty Impulse Coronation Scot Coronation Scot Receipt MrRedbird Receipt ShanksyReceipt Joe Jones Joe Jones J9e Jones JOE JONES JONESFirst Jpe Jones JOE JONES JONESFirst Caesar Did Louise Bell First Served First Served First Served First Served Louise Bell Caesar Did Louise Bell Caesar Did Natagar Caesar Did Curly Joe Caste Caste Caste Caste Caste CasteEternal Caste Curly Joe Eternal Son Curly Joe CasteEternal Eternal Son Curly Joe Eternal Son Finnochio Basil Bee Lucky Trine Curly Joe Eternal Son Blond Richard Jet Era Lightning Star Jet Era Jet Era EraBlond Jet Era Jet Era Extra Kick Jet Era Extra Kick Blond Richard Blond Richard Extra Kick Pat Livingston Otterbein Blond Richard Extra Kick Extra Kick Magic Spell Magic Spell Honey Ann Hello Junedear Hello Junedear Magic Spell i Belchise Honey Ann Hell9 Junedear i Honey Ann Magic Spell Hello Junedear Honey Ann Some Tune Magic Spell Magic Spell Honey Ann Honey Ann YING AND YANG YANGi YING AND YANG YANGIncitatus Noble Gem Romopolis Romopolis Ying and Yang YangRomopolis i Romopplis Incitatus Devil Seas Incitatus Devil Seas Romopolis Genessian Arctic Gold Romopolis Ying and Yang Incitatus Incitatus RomopolisIncitatus Outer Space Outer Space Inauisitive Outer Space SpaceLoriEl Searching Outer Space SpaceSearching Searching Searching Searching LoriEl Outer Space Searching LoriEl Nile Lily Outer Space LoriElSearchin Searchin LoriEl SearchingInquisitive Inquisitive i Marjo s Duke Gmgers Beau HARRODSBURG Little Walter Harrodsburg Harrodsburg k Harrodsburg Little Walter HARRODSBURGGingers Gingers Beau Gingers Beau Mar jos Duke Little Walter Paris Picnic Harrodsburg Little Walter Harrodsburg Little Walter Gingers Beau Trackman E P Heagerty PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST CONSENSUS Bail Out After Seven Loves Eternal Swoop Down Bail Out Bail Out Mosscent MosscentLoves Mosscent Bail Out Mosscent After Seven After Seven Loves Eternal Bail Out After Seven Bail Out Loves Eternal Loves Eternal Check Nora Dares Sweet Cicely CicelyCheck Nora Dares Nora Dares Nora Dares Sweet Cicely Atropos CheckWeTen Check Charmed Circle Check Check Atropos We Ten WeTen Check Sweet Cicely Sweet Cicely Gioconda AroTar Shano Shano Game X Shano i ShanoBeckys Shano Shano Gioconda Gioconda Gioconda Gioconda Beckys Shirt Yellow Hand Blazie Blue Sunoloc Shano Game X Senorita Rica Senorita Rica RicaMaritza Silver Rab RabMaritza SILVER RAB RABMaritza Silver Rab Silver Rab Sannie Maritza MaritzaMillcamp MaritzaMillcamp Maritza Maritza Maritza Senorita Rica Silver Rab Millcamp Millcamp Millcamp Senorita Rica Maritza Alstar Alstar ALSTAR Alstar Alstar Alstar AlstarCircle ALSTARLongspur AlstarCircle t Longspur LongspurLord Circle Dancer Longspur Circle Dancer Longspur Lpngspur Lord Culpeper Longsplir Circle Dancer Longspur Circle Dancer Circle Dancer Ocala Gal Ocala Gal Spring Grove Spring Grove Ocala Gal Ocala Gal Spring Grove Dizzys Lad Favor MeMe Ocala Gal Spring Grove Spring Grove Grand Refrain Capitol Hill Ocala Gal Favor MeMe Favor MeMe Favor MeMe Stay Smoochie Stay Smoochie Stay Smoochie Movitave Stay Smoochie Stay Smoochie Moyitave Mcvitave Movitave Stay Smoochie Movitave Movitave Dixie Miss Sew it Up Sew it Up Milady Dares Dixie Miss Dixie Miss PRINCIPADO PRINCIPADOi PRINCIPADO PRINCIPADOWilling Principado Principado PRINCIPADO PRINCIPADO i Tuscanaway Willing Don Kosta Nickel Boy Nickel PRINCIPADONickel Boy Tuscanaway PRINCIPADOTuscanaway Nickel Boy Tuscanaway Dared To Tuscanaway Tuscanaway Nickel Boy r i Heltop Fort Defiance DefianceHeltop Heltop Heltop Heltop Heltop HeltopSun HeltopAstrum Sun vims Laurchar HeltopLaurchar Heltop Laurchar AstrumLaurchar Astrum Astrum Laurchar Apache Brave Laurchar Flint Rose Laurchar North Irish Fort Defiance j Trackman W C Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP P CONSENSUS Belfaster Uncle Ev Uncle Ev Uncle Ev Uncle Ev r Uncle Ev Evi i Uncle Ev EvJustice Belfaster Belfaster Belfaster Belfaster i Belfaster i Justice Brown Justice Brown Justice Brown French Ace Grand Chief liief iliief Justice Brown 1 Horsepower Dugan DuganHorsepower En Queue QueueDugan Horsepower Horsepower vver Horsepower FootHold HorsepowerFootHold Horsepower Dugan DuganHorsepower Dugan Dugan HorsepowerDugan HorsepowerDugan Dugan En Queue FootHold Horsepower Dora Doll DuganFootHold FootHold Id En Queue fi I i Brave Mike Quiet Boy Slate Slate Slate Slate Slateike J Foreign Aid Brave Mike SlateBrave Brave Mike SlateBrave Brave Mike SlateBrave Brave Mike ike Brave Mike 13 13iy Quiet Boy Slate Quiet Boy Quiet Boy Quiet Boy iy Quiet Bov a Inherent Self SelfNirgo Testing Jet Tehran Bey Inherent Self Testing Jet Inherent Self Nirgo NirgoDianes Inherent Self Testing Jet Nirgo Inherent t Self Testing Jet ir 14 Dianes First Nirgo Nirgo Testing Jet Nirgo Nirgo Quick Prince Field Trophy FIELD TROPHY TROPHYQuick FIELD TROPHY TROPHYOur Field Trophy opny Field Trophy Trophyirm i Field Trophy Quick Prince Quick Prince Our Tulyar Bme Charm CharmQuick irm Quick Prince 1 Blue Charm Blue Charm Blue Charm Quick Prince Quick Prince ince Blue Charm Flying Chief General Riley Flying Chief General Riley GENERAL L RILEY RILEYFlying General Roley I General Riley Ram Bam General Riley Flying Chief Flying Chief hief Roleyhief Flying Chief Klemarsh Flying Chief Chance It Ram Bam Ram Bam tn Ram Ram 4 FIFINELLA MISS FIFINELLA MISS Fifinella Miss Fifinella Miss Fifinella Miss FIFINLLA MISS 29 1 Tempest Tossed Pebble Dawn Tempest Tossed Pebble Dawn Tempest Tossed 29Tossed Tempest Tossed 7 Kits Pet Tempest Tossed VirMarie Kits Pet Pebble Dawn awn Pebble Dawn 5 i Lord Gregor Lord Gregor Lord Gregor Lord Gregor John Dick k Lord Gregor I Martins Gold Ruffullah Miss Orestes Royal Warrior Lord Gregor gor John Dick Royal Warrior Miss Orestes Safe Landing Martins Gold Martins Gold Martins Gold

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