Summary of Tijuana Races, Daily Racing Form, 1921-01-17


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■ . i i SUMMARY OF TIJUANA RACES TI.IlANA. Mexico. January ML- The following is a summary of todays races: PIR81 RACB- 1 Mile and 70 Yards :l year oUi« find upward. Claiming. Horse--. Wt. .locker. Str. PL Sh. Fin. T. F McMahou 113 iMllilS 8.00 $ 8.08 $ 2.00 Won The Galhut 115Martmes 1.80 8.40 2nd Robert Lee lid Teargm.. 8.40 3rd Tokalou March, Madrid. QuM Nunc. Uindv Van and Von also ran Time. 1:465. No scratches. SECOND KACi: I Mile aid 7n Varris :; ear bis and upward. Claiming. Horses. Wt. .loekey. Str. PI. Sh. Fin. 1 D n ■•s.-nire 113 Veargia$ 7.-IP $ 3.80 $ :.ik Won Belle Flower 111 i Marinelli I :| Ml LOO 2nd Audrey A W Rower .... 3.00 3rd Belle of the Kit. hen. I.ieliis and OU On also run Time, lr0t%. Scratched- V. M. Baker. Cobrita. THIRD RACE l Mile. 3 year ohfc. and upward. la lining . Horses. Wt. Jockey. Str. It. Sh. Fin Prince Direct 108 Powell. 2.40 s »J0 $ _•. in Won Lewis B. Kt7 Whittoiii . inn 2.40 2nd Til lot sou US Bayward.. 2.20 8rd Mary Fuller. Chantrcss. I.asi Chance and Moore also ran Time. 1:41V Scratched Brown Bee, Robert L. Owen, Tom i loose. rOCRTB RACE— 1 Mile. :i year olds and up ward. Claiming. Ilors.s. wt. Jockey, .sir. 9% Sh. Fin. John Jr. 115 ii.i.i.esi ,.$ :; on s :i.mi s 2.40 Won Fink Tenay MM Gross.. 1.00 ;i.ihi lmhI Vuk-ni iu7 Martinea 2.00 Srd Mllda. Muriels pet, Li. . Miss Dunbar, Qua* tette, Paradiam and Laay Ren also ran Time. 1:41V .. s, ran bes. FIFTH RACK :. I Mile. LI Salndo Handh ap. : ..i .,i olds and upward. Horses. Wt. Jockey. Str. PI. Sh. Fin. Wynnewood Jtd Teargln.$ 8.00 $ 5.00 s Won . P. Maid 88 Oaagel .. 10.00 4.40 2nd M. A. Neoaaa lot MarRi 2.40 Sad Nightstick, olympian KiiiL.-. Franklin and Myrtle A. also ,an. Time. 1:13. Scratched— Re Frank. Pbedoden, Phrone Ward Sedgegrass. SIXTH RACE 1 Mile and 70 Vards. Saa Tsh* • Haunicap. 3-year-ohla and upward. Claiming Horse-.. Wt. Jockey .rT pi Mn. FfT, Ureal Hawk 05 i M n in.llj is 7.i;n $ i.sii $ 2.S0 Won U ereso 118 Mclntyre .. * nun 2.00 2nd T. s. . pass is Veargiu. 2.80 3rd Carrie Moore. Reydo and Horace I.eleh also ran Time, 1:43«5. a Scratched Coronado, Hareudola. short stop, 8EVEXTI1 RACE 5-8 Mile :: year old, and upward, t i i In at Horses. Wt. Jockey. Str. PI. 8h. F1n. shifty to Yenrgan $ 8.20 $ 5:00 s .-..up . ,, Sherman A. 104 Fodeai.. :,.nn 3,00 2ml Little Jake 88 Marlnelll | 2.00 3rd Walter Mack, Lady Small. Sad Sam. The Boy favorite, Epiphanex snd Uoldeu Plight also ran Tune. IiOOV Scratch, d Walti r Wbttaker. EIOMTM RACE i i 8 Miles, S-yeut olds ami upward. Claiming. Horses. Wt. Jockey. Str. PI. Sh. Fin. Cavdour II. 110 Marelli$ 7-00 $ L40 $ w«»u Jen. Ryng 11.. rVcargin 5.00 4.30 2nd cork 11L- I Ret tig :..on 3rd Mile- Daly, Judge David, Baby Sister and Perfect Lady also ran. Tin.c. 1:54. No scratches. -*

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