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| I ; : I I I I I I 1 I I 1 I I I j i j t l c [ I f j | j I I I [ I | I I I I I I I I I I i | j I 1/ RT Ik I I S 14/ i p . Til n A ETijI B/ 4SWIATI0N LIMITED I IBAflNfi SAMUEL HeBSIDE, 2=2=2222======== a. M. ORPEN. | PrealdUraita Secretary and Manager. F W. R. NORVELL. Racing Secretary, $ P. O Box No. 2, Windsor, Ontario r ■ Kenilworth Park Racing Association I SUMMER MEETING j ENTRIES CLOSE I Thursday, June 22, 1922 I Internationa! Handicap 0,000 Added f 4 ;•.«•• TBrrr Tear Olds :uu! I award Haatdlftcaup, due Mile :ind a Iurl; i:. I I Cadillac Hotel Handicap ,000 Added 1 3 IN;r luii-1 ftir-OIiN t II v. nil lew :• I . Five and !ce-li::lf Furiosi;; v. | I Prince Nwari tote! Handicap . . ,000 Added I l"«»r Three- ear-dhls and I |»:irtl I llnudicapi. Ioalcd in Domiiiiot. tif t-Kj CnnndbB, tine Mile atitl a Sixueuth. f 4 TJIF. RULES OF MACIJfG t»f I Be Canwdtaa ilsicinr %aaa«totia aM swa-era, I 5 am! n«» rittr;- will be received for any of the nCikcs except n!»«.; the f* /- tulloftin,; cowdltlasuii Iiiai a I i diepatea, rlalaaa ;ni«i «»lijeeti«»nN arr-;- t r7 inji •■! « f the melsuc « £• with respect to the i;i terpretat ion of the S "i caaditlaai of a:-.j strike hhall be decided l a aaajarlty ot the rzeca- I tiv»- raaaaalttee jircNent. or of i iiov:- whom they aaap appalat, »i«;«t I* their deetslon SHALL BE FINAL. *. i the discretion of the axcratlvc | "- ...iinuillri or «.f the judsex. and without :iotic»-. the entries a l au j I«ersott, or the tmsuifew of any entry, may he ri-fused. =" iji AuilresM . ! i onini h titrations to L I W. R. NORVELL, Racing Secretary, I |] KBXILW6BTB PARK R A CIRC A SSO I 6TIOM, P P. O. BOX SO, S, RIKOSOR, 0T. OARS CftlEf OBSEItViR ; 35 CEKTS KAILKD 10 TIEKS lo 1 NEW ISSTJE OUT TODAY: TODAY B FREE CODES: Latonia: Vermont-Box-Ivorv-R-d Daiial. 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