Daily Racing Form Expertss Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-12

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures In Consensus Snow Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 Points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 for. M. 1 for ML Todays Best 1» Black Typo Trackman, J. R. Batty SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Lady AJax Fox Man Lady A j ax Fox Man LonaMae Fox Man 12 1 La roc Winnebago LonaMae LonaMae Liauid Breeze Lady AJax 11 Fox Man Lona Mae Fox Man Bar Pool Lady AJax LomaMae 10 Sweet Irene Sweet Irene Atrebla Safety Lock Atrebla Atrebla 15 2 Rollaway Atrebla Safety Lock Atrebla Sweet Irene Sweet Irene 14 Atrebla Safety Lock Sweet Irene Sweet Irene Wow Safety Lock 13 R. L. Light R. L. Light R. L. Light R. L. Light R. L. Light 25 3R.L.Light Foodoo Queen Karling Poodoo Poodoo Infinotto Poodoo 7 War Page Poodoo Queen Karling Queen Kariing Poodoo Infinotto 4 Well Wisher Little L. Well Wisher Little L. Well Wisher Well Wisher 16 4 Infinity K. Raffle House Raffle House Infinity K. Raffle House Little L. 10 Raffle House Infinity K. Genies Mate Well Wisher Infinity K. Raffle House 7 Sedulous SEDULOUS Sedulous SEDULOUS Sedulous Sedulous 24 5 Illini Rail Puller Tax Lien MuchoManana Tax Lien Tax Lien 5 Barts Enegry Illini Illini Tax Lien Mucho Manana Miicho Manana 3 Over Night Over Night OVERNIGHT • Over Night OVERNIGHT OVERNIGHT 2? 6 Janina Grain Market Market Tip Grain Market Sir White Grain Market 4 Sir White Little Flower Sir White Janina Janina Sir White ■ 4 Normrich Joyce W. Joyce W. TopHoDe Joyce W. 12 7Normrich Madame Fury Monfalon Madame Fury Madame Fury Madame Fury Madame Fury 8 Joyce W. Joyce W. Normrich Martin Whelan Normrich Top Hope 5 G AN ADO Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado 27 8 Count Paul Count Paul Count Paul Phara Model Count Paul Count Paul 9 Play Arm Phara Model Phara Model . Count Paul PharaModel Phara Model 5 1 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Princess Prim IsitCash Creep Mousie CharlottaK. Creep Mousie Creep Mousie 12 1 IsitCash CharlottaK. Robins Blue Creep Mousie Princess Prim Princess Prim 10 Dixie May Princess Prim Princess Prim Princess Prim . Isit Cash Isit Cash 8 Quintero Marltown Marltown » Marltown Marltown 22 2Marltown August Marltown August Quintero August Quintero 9 Quintero August Deanna August Quintero August 8 Romanda Jo Ballet ROMANDA Jo Ballet Romanda 21 3Romanda Sing Tu Lee Jo Ballet Romanda Jo Ballet Romanda Jo Ballet 14 Miss Mim Jr. Forgetful First Belle Star O Fire Snow Flame Sing Tu Lee 2 Devils Elbow Stratojet Dicks Boy DEVILS ELBOW _ Devils Elbow 14 4Tintina First Pal First Pal First Pal Devils Elbow First Pal First Pal 9 My War Dog Tintina Kings Weapon First Pal Tintina Tintina 7 Lucky Al LillL. Tiny Git LillL. Lucky Al Lucky Al 14 5 Kensboy Lucky Al Sis Tartan Lucky Al - LillL. LillL. 13 Lady Midas Big Girl LillL. Anns Pigeon Anns Pigeon Tiny Git 5 OPINIONATED Opinionated Opinionated Opinionated Opinionated OPINIONATED 27 6 Wagram Senecas Coin Well Met Well Met Well Met Well Met 6 Starsnstripes Starsns tripes Senecas Coin Wagram Wagram Wagram 4 AIR ARM GRANNY D. Air Arm Prefer Troutfr Granny D. 16 7GranavD. Never in Doubt Granny D. Prefer Troutt « Prefer Troutt Granny D. Air Arm 13 - Climber Prefer Troutt Air Arm Stayedtoolong Never in Doubt Prefer Troutt 10 Good Heavens Jal Sky Train Jal Jal Jal 19 8 Jal Sky Train Jal Sky Train Good Heavens Sky Train 11 Sky Train Good Heavens Bold Star Bold Star Sky Train Good Heavens 8 Trackman, J. J. Murphy BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Lovely Hardie Lovely Hardie ETERNAL HERB Lovely Hardie Eternal Herb Lovely Hardie 17 1 Eternal Herb Muckalea Muckalea Eternal Herb Lovely Hardie Eternal Herb 17 Muckalea Eternal Herb Gorgeous Reded Muckalea Eternal Pop Muckalea 6 Happy Hoodlum Fourteen Grand Hornpipe Fourteen Grand Fourteen Grand Fourteen Grand 15 2 Hornpipe Algie Happy Hoodlum Mill Point Hornpipe ► Hornpipe 10 Extinguisher Mill Point Algie . Hornpipe Happy Hoodlum Happy Hoodlum 8 Macanudo Macanudo Escarp Macanudo Macanudo 22 3Macanudo Escarp Escarp Lieut. Well Macanudo Tough Escarp 10 Bill Rose Extra Firebet Tough- Escarp Tough 3 Banjoist BanJoist Pictus Win or Lose BanJoist 18 4Banjoist Trimship Pictus Beale Street Banjoist Trimship Pictus 7 Aware [ Trimship Joe Funk Hal-Doreen BanJoist Win or Lose 5 Balan . LeVar First Whirl Balan Balan 19 5Balan ChatNoir Count Victor Balan Balan LeVar LeVar 8 Duplicator Fighting Fleet First Whirl LeVar First Whirl First Whirl 7 Alablue Tall Weeds Tall Weeds Roman Candle ALABLUE Alablue 16 6 Too Sunny Lady Dorimar Alablue Tall Weeds Too Sunny Tall Weeds 13 Miss Degree Alablue Lady Alice Alablue Tall Weeds Roman Candle 5 ROYAL CASTLE ROYAL CASTLE Royal Castle ROYAL CASTLE Royal Castle- ROYAL CASTLE 31 7 Card Sharp Kouli Khan Promptness Promptness Kouli Khan Kouli Khan 5 Kouli Khan Thirty Love Thirty Love Altar Boy Altar Boy Promptness 4 Mary B. L. Mr. Willie Mr. Flares Mr. Flares Mr. Flares Mr. Flares 17 8 Mr. Flares Armelle Mr. Willie Mr; Willie Mr. Willie Mr. Willie 11 Sir Hal Mary B. L. Bay Star Pomola Armelle Mary B.L. 6 Trackman, W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Musician Bunchie Jade Lad Jade Lad PRINCE TREAD Jade Lad 12 1 Loose Horsey Prince Tread Casein Prince Tread, Bunchie Prince Tread 11 Bunchie Jade Lad On the Wing Casein Jade Lad Bunchie 8 World Empress Queens Ace World Empress Eauipoisette World Empress 15 2Equipoisette World Empress Glorious Maxim World Empress Air Goods Glorious Maxim Eauipoisette 11 Foxy Cat . Queens Ace My Lorraine Equipoisette World Empress Queens Ace 5 Speedy Harn Queen of Silks Queen of Silks QUEEN of SILKS Queens of Silks Queen of Silks 22 3 Ignition Hey Rube Anns Sultan Anns Sultan Anns Sultan Anns Sultan- 7 Anns Sultan Market Letter Heres Rusty Hey Rube Hey Rube Speedy Harp 5 Cissy Gray Jeanette Cissy Gray Jeanette Jeanette Jeanette 19 4 Jeanette Ednas Choice Jeanette Ednas Choice Piragua Cissy Gray 10 Twilight Banned Babv No Parking No Parking Ednas Choice Ednas Choice 5 FREEDOM WINS Freedom Wins FREEDOM WINS Jeep Supply Ficklerose FREEDM WINS 22 5 Miss Hurricane Ficklerose Ficklerose Freedom Wins Jeep Supply Ficklerose 9 Jeep Supply Sea-O-Dee Sea-O-Dee Sea-O-Dee Freedom Wins Jeep Supply 8 Cutting Edge Miss Jersey Overexposed Overexposed Overexposed 12 6Agrarian-U Overexposed Agrarian-U ValsKid Agrarian-U Agrarian-U Agrarian-U 11 ValsKid Vals Kid Please Do Near-Thing Vals Kid Miss Jersey 5 BLACK PEPPER HoosierBoy Napango Napango Napango 17 7Napango Daralet Napango Bullfield Black Pepper HoosierBoy Black Pepper 10 Hoosier Boy Dot Beiltro Black Pepper Daralet Daralet HoosierBoy 8 Mary Barr BigT.O. Newtown Pompous Pompous Pompous 11 8 Newtown Newtown Mary Barr Water Buffalo Mary Barr Newtown 10 Gallant Releh Pompous Water Buffalo Silver Putter Newtown Mary Barr 9 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Brother Willie Golden Reigh Golden Reigh GOLDEN REIGH GOLDEN REIGH Golden Reigh 25 1 Smoke Puff . Mr.Edd Mr.Edd. Mr.Edd Mr.Edd "Mr.Edd 8 Golden Reigh Smoke Puff Smoke Puff Smoke Puff Smoke Puff SmokePuff 6 DoonWell FentyO. Francs Cracker FentyO. FentyO. FentyO. 17 2- FentyO. Francs Cracker Partition Francs Cracker Francs Cracker Francs Cracker 12 Francs Cracker Boness Doon Well Partition Doon Well Doon Well 7 Glory Be Glory Be Glory Be Glory Be Glory Be 20 3Wanima Paramount Vim Vim Wanima Fantom Venture Wanima 7 Vim Fantom Venture Ariel Sweep Vim Vim Vim 7 Floco Handy Man FLOCO Indus Indus Floco 16 4 Indus Indus Indus Floco Floco Indus 16 Cape Cod Jr. Thin Dime Thin Dime Certified Certified Handy Man 5 BIG BULL BIG BULL Big Bull Big Bull Big Bull BIG BULL 29 5, Kalluki Tamale Tamale No Chance Kalluki Tamale 6 Tamale Kalluki No Chance Tamale No Chance Kalluki 5 Frost Again Frost Again Donation Behold Frost Again Frost Again 19 6 Behold Behold Frost Again Frost Again Behold Behold 11 Feefifofum Donation Nuptial Feefifofum Feefifofum Donation 6 Lock Control Great Hone BoMowlee Sweep Torch Lock Control Lock Control 12 7 Sweep Torch Sweep Torch FitzMede Lock Control Sweep Torch Sweep Torch 12 Great Hope Fitz Mede Sweep Torch Bo Mowlee Great Hope Great Hope 7 Marketing Bad Light Braganca. Uncle Remus Uncle Remus Uncle Remus 12 8 Uncle Remus Trance Sleeper Painted Arrow Bad Light Bad Light Bad Light 9 Trance Sleeper Painted Arrow Simon Pure Trance Sleeper Trance Sleeper Braganca 5

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