Telegraphic Form, Daily Racing Form, 1919-06-21

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TELEGRAPHIC FORM The horses which seem best in Saturdays races are areLatonia Latonia Ky June 20 1 Subahdar A N AkinT J Murdock 2 Alsace Perfect Lndy Keep 3 Hy Golly Mickey Moore Sam Freedman 4 Tacoln Viva America War CJod CJodti ti The Porter Dodge Freecutter 6 OUY FORTUNE Fair Orient Sandman 11 7 Nominee Dick Williams Harry Burgoyne J L Dempsey DempseyBuffalo Buffalo Latonla Handicap 1 Subahdar Bullion A N Akin J J Mur dock 2 Alsace Anna Gallup Iris Mayrose 3 SAM FREEDMAN By Golly Mickey Moore Sterling Sterling4TrHigh 4TrHigh Cost War God Top Coat Iwin 5 The Porter Rancher Regalo Courtship CourtshipC C Guy Fortune Fair Orient Sandman II Bour ¬ bon Lad 7 Harry Burgoyne Dick Williams Mistress Polly Nominee OliNerver8 Lntonla Handicap 1 Bullion A N Akin Subahdar Bagpipe 2 Alsace Anna Sweep Iris Benecia 3 SAM FKEEDMAN By Golly Mickey Moore MooreSweep Sweep Jr 4 Top Coat High Cost War God Taeola 5 Dodge Rancher Grundy Freeeutter 6 Guy Fortune Kingfisher Fair Orient Bourbon BourbonLad Lad 7 Dick Williams Harry Bnrgoyne Mistress MistressPolly Polly Nominee Jamaica New York June 20 1 King Plaudit Crystal Ford Over There 2 Benevolent Torrhliearer Lord Herbert 3 MAN O WAR Itdy Brummel On Watch 4 Naturalist Star Master Straight Forward 5 Thunderstorm Miuto II Camoufleur 0 Pride of India Rapid Day Doleful E P Farrell FarrellBuffalos Buffalos Jamaica Handicap 1 King Plaudit Over There Matinee Idol Snap ¬ dragon II 2 Tprrhbearer Woodtrap Queen of the Sea Snap dragon II 3 MAN 0 WAR On Watch Lady Bnimmel St Allan 4 Straight Forward Star Master Naturalist 1 Roainer r Abadaiie Cirrus Thunderstorm Orestes 6 Pride of India Rapid Day Somewhere in France Different Eyes EyesObservers Observers Jamaica Handicap 1 King Plaudit Woodtrap Wyndover Matinee Idol 2 Tanrhbearer Woodtrap Lord Herbert Bcncvo Bcncvolent lent 3 LADY BRUMMEL St Allan On Watch Man Mano o War 4 Star Master La n his Natural Bridge Boamer 5 Abadane Minto II Thunderstorm Cirrus 5 Pride of India Somewhere In France Rapid RapidDay Day Doleful Belmont Park Terminal New York June 20 1 Betty J End Man Lovely 2 Sea Lord North Star Stradivarius 3 Papp Out Hie Way Jyutee 4 The Brook Stonewood Brooks 5 Prlnpeps Lytle Game Cock G SYOSSET Toynbee Crest Hill HillBuffalo Buffalo United HuntH Handicap 1 Light Wine Betty J Oceanna lively 2 North Star Sea Lord Decisive Corns a Corps 3 OUT THE WAY Regal Lodge Lord Brighton Papp 4 Brooks The Brook Warlock Stonewood 5 Crimper Prineeps Rod Sox Game Cock 0 Crest Hill Syosset Rhomb Garter GarterOlmervers Olmervers United Hunts Handicap 1 Betty J Light Wine Roseland Frenzela 2 Derisive North Star Stradivarius Full Cry 3 OUT THE WAY The Decision Papp Jyntee 4 The Brook Stonewood Royal Arch Le Mar Marsouln souln soulnr r Red Sox Lytle Game Cock Archdale 0 Syosset Rhomb Crest Hill Toynbee

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