For the Fading Hanover Flame: Great Britain, Bred to the Best Imported Mares, Can Help to Replenish the Potent And, Daily Racing Form, 1919-12-07


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FOR TEE-FADING HANOVER FLAME GREAT BRITAIN, BRED TO THE BEST IMPORTED MARES, CAN HELP TO REPLENISH THE POTENT AND MUCH NEEDED BLOOD By EXILE Some weeks since there was published in Daily Racing Form a short sketch of Hanover, his attainments and influence on bloodstock the world over; but as time slips by it becomes more than ever apparent that if it be not done and done quickly the Hanover flame will be extinguished. The success of the sons and grandsons of Hanover, as well as other members of the house of Glencoe as brood mare sires, is as persistent as it is remarkable. The question is, Is this brood mare sire success to continue, or are the bloodstock breeders of America so blinded by immediate race course success that they are willing to permit this, their own line of Glencoe, to be snuffed out, perhaps because of the lack of a little forethought and appreciation. Now, then, how best shall the Hanover line be saved ? There is only one way, and this is by breeding a number of the best imported mares to the best. Hanover line horses available. One such is Great Britain. Kentuckians laugh and Kentuckians cavil that I, ever an advocate of le pur sang, should extol the merits of any horse whose pedigree discloses as much outre blood as does that of Great Britain. Well do I know better than thou that in Tremont, Stockholder, the Tennessee Pacolet, Abdel Kader and the rest much hazy blood is introduced into Great Britains pedigree; ihat he is a member of a family from which came never a first-class sire. For all this he is the instrument by which the Hanover line must be saved. Great Britain is a better bred horse ihan was his ancestor, Virgil, and had it not been for Virgil there would have been no Hindoo, no Hanover and no Hamburg. Domino, too, was not altogether free from pedigree fault, but Domino and his sons, bred to the best of imported mares, accomplished wonders and have, it would appear, re-established the fast fading Orlando line. Believer as I am in the dominant male influence, especially in one which takes after his forbear, Hanover, in so pronounced a manner, in color, characteristics and conformation, I am convinced that Great Britain must not be altogether condemned on account of the Tremont of his dam or the undesirable elements of Stockholder and Wilkes Wonder. Let us remember, rather, his Bonnie Scotland, Australian, Doncaster, Alarm, King Tom. and Lexington, and, above ell else, his Glencoe lines. , Great Britain, as you know, could run both fast and far, and could, handle weight; Equally f-.t home was he when racing the sprinting distance of three-quarters as he was over the Cup course of two and one-quarter miles. It is true this year neither the sons nor daughters of Great Britain have attained to much racing success. The luck, however, this time was against him. Not a few of his best juveniles were incapacitated by illness; but from all accounts there is a more than good time coming for the handsome and substantial son of The Commoner. Critics qr no, I look to the future for the salvation of the Glencoe line in this country, the best brood mare line there ever was, and breeders of bloodstock by aiding in the preservation of this line will confer a benefit on all those interested in the best development of the thoroughbred horse.. ,In point of fact, I do not believe there is another horse bred just like Great Britain to be found, one which strains to Glencoe in both top lines of his pedigree. Indeed, Great Britain out Herods Herod and his daughters must be of exceeding value as brood mares. Given anything like a proper chance he is certain to send forth some son worthy to carry on the line. I have always understood it to be the duty of every man to leave this world a better place than he found it-, and if by calling attention to the imminent danger of extermination which now threatens so seriously the Glencoe-Hanover line I am in some small measure responsible for its salvation, I shall feel that I have done at least something for the general benefit of the thoroughbred horse. virail 20 i Vandal 12 H Hindoo .....24.1 Hymenla 20 E S n-inovpr 15 " -bay, 1878 j Florence ......... 3 Lexintrton "...12 H I chestnut," 1SS4 .I5ot.nieSootIand.10 Iso .11 E a 5 1 Bourbon . Belle .... J 1 j Queen Mary .10 II 2 fflndal v, 5 . 1 I Falcon 15 II ! I 1 . , tAbd el Kader... J Australian ....11 M 50 o Algerine j j tRescue II o--S b:l" 1873 j Nina J Boston 40 H 5 I Marsonner .2Cil , 1 1 Frolicksome Fanny ...25 E 33 Vay". fl?c:i.;! . I Doncaster r, j Stockwell . .. . 3E I Marigold .......... . 5 E Sweet Songstress. g . Melodious i Forester or Peppmint.27 H pj S -j V " - J Harp 20 II . r. - - . xr aUJl ,j 1 10 x- j . 01eneoe 1 II o r Virgil 20 KaUglter of Tranby ..21 E W "S , iTm:; Tremont . .... f brown. 1SG4 1 j Hymenia -j J Yorkshire 2 H f t J rt Lmle Peggy ; 2a H O o black. 1884 . Alarm 15 J Eclipse 1 E 3- " Ann Fief ...,.ti. JIaud 13 K S Kate Walker J Embrys Lexington 3 H . . i , Carrie D II p I King Tom 3 J Harkaway 2 E t rpm 0 M r GroatTom ". I Pocahontas 3 H S Touei,me- . 1873 J Woodcraft J VoUigenr -...J. K r 188 Twoodbine J Leifn8ton 12 j Kncaeai-::::::::l? i I Miss Pattie J Glencoe 1 H .. , ,. I Dan. of Stockholder.. G.A. Imported. t?o family number. G.A. Traces to Godolphin Arabian.

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