Summary of Final Sale of the Year: Complete Details of Kentucky Sales Co. Auction at Lexington Friday, Daily Racing Form, 1919-12-07

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SUMMARY OF FINAL SALE OF THE YEAR Complete Details of Kentucky Sales Co. Auction at Lexington Friday. LEXINGTON, Ky., December C. A complete summary of . the sale of eighty thoroughbred stallions, mares, yearliugs and weanlings, sold at Tat-terjiaUs at auction Friday, is here presented: Miscellaneous Owners. Margaret Hastings, eh. m, 1911, by Hastings Friendship, by Goldcrest; S. Bedford ?2,G00 Sand Marsh, b. h, 1902, by Sandringham Marshmallow, by Seinpronius; A. Miller .... 2,500 Bay filly. 1919, by Ultimus Dorval, by Dare-bin; W. E. Cackey 2,100 Helene, 1908, by Hennis Bellaue, by Ten- ny; J. D. Carr 2,100 Bay colt, 1919, by Colin Virginia Nun, by old Heels; Dr. W. E. Coover 2,000 Baj colt. 1919, by Colin Briretta, by Dr. Mac-Bride; Dr. W. E. Coover 1,800 Crownlet, b. in, 1905, by Mazagan Crowned Queen, by Tournament; C. Clay 1,500 Chestnut filly. 1919, by Colin Indolence, by Hanover; Dr. W. E. Coover 1,300 Bay filly, 1919, by Uncle Hawksflight, by Hawkswick; O. A. Biailehi 1,300 Brown or black f illy, 1919, by Dick Finnell Helene; J. D. Carr 1,250 Chestnut colt, 1919. by Jack Atkin English Esther; F. Courson 1,150 Bay colt, 1919. by Plaudit Queen Land, by De Beauvoir; AV. E. Caskey 1,100 Marie Claire, br. in. 1909, by Florizel II. Marie V.. by Ayrshire; S. Bedford 1,000 Chestnut colt, -by Great Britaiu Palisade; .1. Walters 975 Bernaise, b. in, 1903. by Sempronius Mareto. by Volante; C. Nuckols 950 Mayrose, b. f. 1917. by Plaudit Meadrose, by Meadowthorpe; K. P. BrooKs 750 Hester It., br. m. 191C, by Plaudit Topsy Over, by Top Gallant; A. H. Nuckols .... C25 Caller Ou. b. in, 1911. by Oddfellow Indifferent; by Himyar; A. B. Hancock 550 Our Hannah, b. in, 1907, by Yankee Halo, by St. Blaise; W. W. Williams 525 Mayfield. b. in. 1905, by Chuctanunda Mai, by. Meddler; S. Bedford 500 Brown filly, 1919, by Ha nbridger Bernaise; . L. Blackford ....... ; 475 Palisade, b. m, 1914, by Von Tromp Au- drewetta, by St- Andrew; J. L. Tarleton... 425 Miss Valens, b. in, 1914, by Valens Simple Avon, bv Ayrshire; Hal Price Headley.... 425 English Esther. 1907. by Lord Esterling Lizzie English, by Bramble; C. B. Head.. 400 Tapestry. ch. m, 1910, by Bock Sand Tar- Itfisi, by Bayou dOr; S. Bedford 350 Charlotte, b. m. 1910. by Magneto Seiina Ijou, by Kilkerran; S. Bedford ...... 300 Bav filly, by Brummel Liglits Out; G. L. Blackford 275 Diplomacy, b. m. 1904. by Kingston Young Princess, by Hanover; J. V. Sliipp 275 Cayudutta, b. in, 1901, by Gonsalvo One I Iove, by Minting; S. Bedford 225 Eclipse, b. in. 1915. by Assagai Hidden Star, by Sidus; A. L. Ferguson 225 Gipsy Blair, b. m, 1913, by Cyclades Moonshine, by Peep oDay; G. L. Blackford 225. Boston Belle, ch. in, -1911, by Herinis Crimea, by Algerine; S. Bedford 225 Hollybush,- b. or br. in. 1907. by Yankee Trll- lette. by Semi-Queen; J. D. Carr 200 O-Co-Ee. b. m, 1904, by Jim Crow Princess Olga. by Ornus; J. O. Whitlow 200 Whats Left, b. m. 1908. by Waflsworth Alice Piatt, by Gov. Foraker; S. Bedford 200 Subterfuge, br. m. 1916, by Trap Kock Lit- tie Fraud, by Deceiver; G. L. Blackford.. 200 Bread and Butter, ch. hi. 1909. by Voter Incarnadine, by Horoscope; T. P. Hayes .... 200 Nosredua, ch. m, 1910, by Peep oDay Sweet GoIdriiicTi; J. D. Cnrr 185 Lights Out, ch. m, 1912, by Heno Stamping - Ground, by Lamplighter; R. O. Miller... 175 Baroda, ch. m. 1905, byUvcscofrII. Fedalma, by Alarm; K. F. Shropshire 160 Radiator, ch. c, 1918, b.v"Dlek, Finnell EfminM Anderson, by Lackford; G. L. Blackford...- 150 Dream Eyes, ch. m. 1902,. by OrnamentVon Hera, by Hanover; G. L. Blackford 150 Flotsam, b. h. 1900, by St. Frusquin Float, by Sheen; J. Spencer loO Stamping Ground II., br. m, 1915, by .fertile Sanctissimn. by Lamplighter1; Jv Ddjle 125 Allous, ch. in, 190G. by Albert Lady Long-street, by Longfellow; R. P. Brooks ....... 125 Gobette, b. ni, 1907. by Son p Mine Mosijuee, by Masque ; 11. P . Brooks ... . . . 125 Gylfi. eh. m. 1911. by Dr. Leggo Love of Gold, by Goldfinch; J. Doyle 100 Dayzie, b. in, 1915. by Peep oDay Melzie, by Alloway; G. L. Wallahan 100 Bay or brown colt, 1918, .by McGee Precocious, by Pirate of- Penzance,; S. S. Rogers 100 Prunella, br. in, 1912, by Ornament Chum, by Ladas; I. L. Wallnban 100 Oviedo, ch. in, 1901. by Ornus Patti Rosa, by Onondaga; S. Bedford 100 Foxlet, b. m, 1913, by Red Fox TII-i Barones Pepper, by. Kautaka; Miss E. Daingerfield 100 Laura Frechtling, br.- f. 1910, by Brummel Carlotta C, by Hayden Edwards; Mrs. J. . , Hubbard .. . .... 100 Bodiu, br. ni, 1911, by Dr. "Leggo The .Peeress, by His Highness; R. P. Brooks ....Ai.. 85 Photo, b. m, 1914, by Llangwm Snapshot, by Petronel; Miss E. Daingerfleld ...... 75 Nlgella, ch. m, 1902,- by Ornnment Nellie C by King Alfonso; W. E. .Caskey a.. 75 Carillon, b. m, 1907, by Chuctanunda. Top-lash, by Top Gallant; E. Morris . ii.;:. 75 Adair, b. m, 1911, by Yankef Lady Arine, by . Kinley Mack; J- Doyle 75 Fernanda, ch. m; 1909, by Alveseot II., Glovina, by Alarm; J. Doyle 75 Lillie Hoy, b. ni, 1907, by Reliable Bonds, by Indo; J. P. Bird ...,4..uj CO Retl Bird II., ch. m,!190S, by McGee Idly, by Riley; J. Doyle .; 50 Perugino, ch. g, 1913. by St. Victrix Perugia, by Orvieto; J. Doyle 50 Chilpiqnin, ch. m, 1900. by Florizel II. Cliink- ara, by Galopin; S. Bedford 35 Surecome, b. in, 1910. by .Delhi Outcome,- by Sir Dixon; Carr and Piatt : 31 Ten Pin, b. in. 1912, by Jack Point Gold Ten, by Goldcrest: A. T. Mnchen 25 Sans Pareil II., b. m, 1899, by Iroquois Valeriana, by Great Tom : . J. Doyle j..t... 25 Naughty Marietta, b m, 1909. by Popinjay r Iady Trehla. bv Albert; J. Dovle 25 Tag. tr. f, 1911 by Contestor Hide and Seek, . by King Eric; J- Doyle . 25 Mae Taft. ch. in, 1910, by Yankee Gun Dear - Maria, by Galore; J.- Doyle 25 Gretchen It., lir. in, 1914, by Jtryn Mawr Tchoupetoulas, bv Ban Yan;. J.- Doyle.... 25 Olvido, ch. ni, 1907, by St. Simonian II. Cook, by Onondaga ; J- loyle . . 25 Inela, b. m. 1905; by Toddington Ailona, by Sir Modred; J. Doyle 25 Irish Harp, ch. in. 1915. .by McGee Ida- Harrison, by Ingoldsby; II. Vs Colt. 15 Oriska. b. m, 1902, by Cliffor.dTTr-Caledonia, by Barcaldine; J. Doyje 10 Totals 84 .2,780 Property of Estate of Mr. Barney Schreiber. Jack -Atkin. b. h. lOOl by Sninr-El Salado,. - by Emperor of Norfolk;. White tandi.Garnet. . .,000 Virginia, b. in, 1914,. by lOrmondale Agnes . Virginia. -by Sir Dixon; Miss E. Daingerfield . 425 Brown filly. 1919, by. Jack Atkin Summer Dream, by Scorpion; G. L. Blackford........ 300 Elizabeth M., ch. jm 1914. by Jack jAtkin Little Indian, by Hanover; Mrs. J. Hubbard 50 Summer Dream, b. m, 1907, by Scorpion Sum - iner Hours, by Himyar; J. Doyle 20 Signorina. br. in. 1901. by Sain Park Ridge, by Fonso; J . Doyle 10 Totals 0 ,805

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