Rock Sand Again Leader: Man O Wars Grandfather First of American Dams Sires, Daily Racing Form, 1921-01-07


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| , | | l I I I j I , l I I I , ROCK SAND AGAIN LEADER • • -=3 Man 0 Wars Grandfather First of American Dams Sires. t a Total Far Ahead of 1919 — Meddler Second in Rank With Almost 00,000. i BT LXILLl Once again, as was the case twelve months a«o. does the name of Lock Sand appear at the head of the winning brood mare -ire list, though thi-time tie- produce of bis daughter- have won a vastly larger amount, over a quarter of a million dollars, than WUS accredited to them in 1fll ». Mahiibah- chestnut sen. the invincible Man n* War. is of course the main contributor. Madcaps Mad Hatter, however, once again lend- a strong supp it. as does Dragnet, through Drastic and Dec kmate and Toggery, by her daughters Mile. Dazio and Tailor Maid. Meddler, as judged on hi- merit- a- a brood mare sire, i- a marvel. Just to think that out of a pos- ible forty-four, no leas than thirty-nix of his daughter- were last season productive of fifty-four winner- i f 17.", race- in this country, and then there is hi- daughter. Colonial Girl, to lie thoagkt af, which iii Frame, a- the dam of the Prix du Coaaell Municipal winner Mi dlesome Maid, and Hie number id races won by the produce of tie-daughter- of any one -ire. something. I opine, uu- preceadeated in the history of the turf. Here are l!»::u lists of the two leaders Rock Sand dead, brown. 1900 by Sainfoin — Roquebrune. by St. Simon. Mare Produce. Lace-. Amount. Dunce Spirit, Dantzig 1 .$ VX Dance- Spirit. Draftsman I.DHl Dragnet. Drastic :i 9,715 Dragnet. Deekmute 2 1.581 Felicity. Sporting Blood 4 5,454 Colden Sand. Sands of Pleasure .... 7 lo..U."i Madcap. Mad Hatter «t 21.461,. Man .. War 11 109.8PU Mileage, Sergeant York l 1.160 Ulympia, High Olympus 1 1.290 Dlympia, Oleaster 1 -L",o u Kile e-t Belle IL. I.eaumarais .. J Rock of odd. cildvale J X,n Rose Pompon, Tnfter z .;£i Sand Bank. Vaphank :t 1.9S5 Sand Dune. The Bag 4 4. lid". Sand Light. Mary Fitzluigh 1 4," d Saiel Locket. Sand Led -± 3.100 Sandwich. Sans Pour II .; r .9_C. Sans ;ene. Fii--t Consul 2 9011 Sandspit, Thfanbte 4 3.41.". Spun Glass, Broomspaa 1 7 si Surcingle. Surplice 2 1,100 Toggery. Mile. Dazie ti ii.i;Ki Toggery, Tailor Maid .". 3.H4" Tuscany, Pteycaay 1 7tx» Violet Lay. Costiy Colours 1 1.040 Tola I SL,r.3.3J7 N ambef of marcs ajg Producing daughter- 73 Winner- 27 Lace- Won 87 Meddler dead, bay. 1893. by St. Gatien — Busybody, by Petrarch. Mare. Pmdatt. Lace-. Amount. Ballot Bred, Bagdadlae L $ 966 Lalam oire. K-carpolet le .: 2.965 Baa] La-- I.iis.v Bird ." 2.060 Busy Lass, The Archer 1 lien Lu-y Maid. Camouflage 2 2,909 I.usy Miss, Meddling Miss i :, Cla-her. Flying S ill 1 !bi Courtteane, Court Fool 2 1.TSS Coartiaaae, Courtship j i.jimi Seiina. Boalfare 11 36,423 Set ina. Gag Lot tune 3 L.litM Serb. a. Beriaas 1 ggg Cutpurse, A-traea 2 1.101 Catpurae, Bonneville 3 1.540 Delusion. Snare :; S.06S Deiu-iin. Delancey 7 2,650 Fieur c|,- Marie, Pas de Chance .... 11 1,550 Ptear de Mane. Rifle 2 2.6M Fresnay. Paatoche 2 1,750 Frou Frou. Lock Silk 3 1,850 lloiteii-ia. Angon | 14.3011 Hortenaia. Dan. ing Maid I J. 311 Hoi tete. i. i. Dottle Vandiver 2 1.266 loan, Peter Piper 3 3,296 Lad Appleby, Mildred 4 2.107 Lady Appleby, Dolly C 2 2.07.". Leisure, Sunny Hill :t 2,608 Manxanita, Lord Herbert s 8,870 Manaanita, Mannikin II .", !«Mi Melody. Pibroch 2 BZj Melody, Barmoniqne 1 7uti Meddlesome she. She Devil 4 2.I7-". Meddling Mary, Hands off :; i.khi Meddling Mary, Wanalah 1 s;s Mi— Mateprop, Frederick the. Great. 2 I.4JS Miss Minnie. Grey 1-ig 4 11.702 Morningsiile. Cirru- I! J2.34ti Morningskte, Peri Light g L3." o Nature-. Naturalist g ll.JoS Pnritanta, Plymoath Rock 1 too Rente, sir Lawafal 2 l.o.vt Responsful, Bteveaaaa I 3.690 Respoaafal. Legal 1 I.39S shoo Fly. Spaga .. 3,009 shoo fi. . Barra 1 .»,",o Tantalize-. Tantalu- 2 SM Taaya. Ana Bag ll ." v ;n:, laiiya. Tan II : 2.:W7 The Se del. Ut ickley i 450 Trigger, Pterre-aa-Pea 3 2.234 Wallflower. Kilts II 1 700 Xela. Bombast : 1,559 Todter, Oeaevteve B 3 L!oL Vodter, Jack Dawson 1 450 Total I168.2S2 N umber of niaics it Prodaeteg daughters gg Will HITS j.j KUCt5 WU .M..!!wi« Hi

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