Latest Training Gallops, Daily Racing Form, 1922-05-13

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LATEST TSAIKING GALLOPS 919 LOUTSVTLLT Ky May 12 Todays sal lops at Churchill Downs included the follow ¬ ing Weather clear track fast Three Eighths Kile 3fi 913Morvieh 009Deaclock 31 732Mavehona 841IIigh Cost 35 Mr Beck If 38 737Pindar IVfl nifiLucky Run 39 9irP0st Haste Haste3f 9lGMarvin May 3f S OSPrestolite Half Mile Miler3t 000Bpst Pal r3t 915Lnrd Allen 912 Charles IIenry49 imLpitnl imLpitnl735Chntterton 735Chntterton 43 S5GModna 90 Com dAmour53 Magic Magic912Cnsoy Reed 912Cnsoy r0 Needy NeedyErris Erris 49 953Noddn 02Haen 49 Water Tax 912J S Reardonr0 914Wm Oldt 912John Finn 4R GlSYnwell 50 50FiveEiirhths FiveEiirhths Mila 912Bet Mosie 100 fllOMiss Mnffiusli 2 2097IHbonoro 097IHbonoro 102 908Philfiadrpr 100 100SSOOesnndheit SSOOesnndheit 104 91GSurf Rider 1035 1035Jtiba Jtiba 107 107ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Mile Mile851Alex 851Alex Jr 117VS rSSFrank Boyd 110 110nnAutocrnt nnAutocrnt 115 732Inqiiiry 121 913Bit of White 114 Sr3Magikon 11 11GISBrothor GISBrothor Batchl14 91SPenwdl 115 115R54Brdie R54Brdie G 114 910StartIe 110 11085SDoric 85SDoric 1 SevenEighths Mile Mile791Panuler 791Panuler 132 3SlTr Official 128 128One One Hile Hile910By 910By Go h 1455 912HoM Me l4s l4sS33Dimoris S33Dimoris 145 85GQuito 140 140NEW NEW YORK X Y Rfay 12 s training gallops over the local course in ¬ cluded taa following followingJAMAICA JAMAICA Weather clear track fast ThrssEghths Hila Hila917Oonfusion 917Oonfusion 35 9ia Moco 7 7914Tohnny 914Tohnny Dunder3i 910Mario Xfaxim 3S niOKiunrael 39 i 9 17 Va lent la lani 913Simplieity915Armistics 913Simplieity niHalf Half ni Kile KileT 915Armistics T 2 Kins rhar 915ArmisticsChovaly Chovaly 52 737Ioiorn 917Cresta 9 917Mily Von 913nnnnmond 49ts Patruba SO SOniliG niliG onc Choos W S90Spucs r 0 0917Idle 917Idle Toy 52 Solina O OFiveEighths FiveEighths Hila 91CEnd Man 103 ThreeQuarters Slile 915Ailliro 119 88nRoseate IT nifiIright IJghtsl19r tSlacy Adams I 912nirs 117 017Tan II 119 119910Mgaret 910Mgaret Whjtel19 JH7War Note 121 121One One Uile 917Pietrns 157 915Tcn Buttons ll 3 3918Sea 918Sea Cove 142 142I I Confusion ran well Cresta and Solisa worked fast on even terms Patruba and I Mily Von ran well from the barrier Sea Cove is in goqd form BKL3IONT FARK TRAINING TRACK TRACKWeather Weather clear track fast ThreoEichths Mile Mile917AstroIite 917AstroIite 35 740Irish Confetti SSa SSaBill Bill Board 38 915Justabout 38 3891GItlue 91GItlue Teal 30 917Uomping Home 3Si 3Si917Careless 917Careless i7 917Swcep Stakes 38 38917Kquinoctial 917Kquinoctial 37 91GToil 35r 35r917E1 917E1 Astro 38 38Half Half Hile 917Arrow of Gold 48 91SOrcy Lag 017Bird Shot 00 91GKrewer 47 47Blue Blue China 51 917Mad Hatter Slr Slr915Bccs 915Bccs Was 49 Sponsor 51 51CJiitact CJiitact 51 91780H o Unc 52 52917Clinkeriua 917Clinkeriua r0 917Thuaderclap 48 i i917Cherry 917Cherry Pie 50 903Tattle 00 00017Caiuuiue 017Caiuuiue 52 52FireEishths FireEishths Slilo Slilo917Dnnboyne 917Dnnboyne 101 003Sonmangha 104 104709Nancy 709Nancy ShankslOS W Waiting 103 103ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Hile Hile917Bigheart 917Bigheart 119 917Mizar 11G 11GJil7Bersa Jil7Bersa Iiere 124 917Mollie Barnes 121 121917Golden 917Golden Guimal17 917On Watch lll 917Halu 110 909Volcanic 116 116917Ira 917Ira Wilaou 119 119One One Mile Mile91GROSC 91GROSC Hill 144 91tRoyaI Pmrosel48 Pmrosel48Thunderclap Thunderclap is training well Krewer showed fine speed Arrow of gold looks good Bees Wax was under restraint Dun boyne is near racing condition On Watch had an easy gallop ririLico ririLicoE E Md May 12 Todays training gi lops at Pimlico included the followingWeather following Weather clear track heavy ThroeEighths EEile OOSBorntiful 33 Pravus 37 917Bellsalar 39 909St Valentine 38 Frank G 40 917The Decision 38 910Galantman 31 l 17Turnabout 37 9irIrish Pat 30 90 d 42 915Meuse 3 914Wrangle 40 40Half Half Milo 9COFair Mac 55 910Tidings 50 911Fizoi 52 912Tan Son 51 917Hehuke 48 918 War Zone Zone900Sagumore 900Sagumore 50 910Zorro FivoEighths Mila Mila917Brilliant 917Brilliant Ray 108 917Biff Bang Three Quarters Hile 10Ilaze Trail 11S 17MIracle Man 119 Brillt Jester 119 912Our Birthdayll 917Champlain 118 917Swt BouquctllB t17Jim Coffroth 122 tHOVan Dresser 119 917Midnight bun 120 120One One Milo 904 June Grass 141 91GOn High 140 915Mock Orange 148 148Galantman Galantman only cantered St Valentine ran well Pravus was doing his best Irish Pat showed fine speed Rebuke showed good jpccd Brilliant Hay is rounding into good form Brilliant Jester ran well Our Birth ¬ day and Sweet Bouquet worked together Champlain was never let down Vanity Dres ¬ ser showed early speed but tired near tho end endAQUEDUCT AQUEDUCT AQUEDUCTWeather Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths llilo 914Scottish Chief 42 42Half Half Mile Mile714fiernandino 714fiernandino 54 G54KeIiher 50 50915FurIough 915FurIough 50 917 War Mask 54 54FiveEisMhs FiveEisMhs Uile Uile1117Athelston 1117Athelston 102 fI02Sunrcig 108 108ThreaQaarterj ThreaQaarterj Milo Milo917Fancier 917Fancier 118 illiiWur Relief 118 118917My 917My Ueverie l243 911xViun llGfs llGfsSevoaEighths SevoaEighths Mile 017 Victor S 13S 13SOne One Hile Hile917Chnt 917Chnt Tliiprrrl4l 17ScronniU r 143 143917Lmky 917Lmky Girl l4fi iHrtThimlilc 143 143917Snob 917Snob II 14 910War Map 151 151917bleiveconard 917bleiveconard 141 ITS ITSBernandino Bernandino was only cantoring Furlough and Kelihcr were hard ridden War Mask was only cantering Athelston ran well Sunreigh was only cantering My Reverie was not extended Zpvian and Fancier were under a drive War Relief worked well Victor S had an easy gallop Snob II did well Chateau Thierry and Sleive i conanl were only cantering Serenader is in good form Thimble ran well liucky Girl is improving War Map was ribt fesp tended

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