Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1923-03-09

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps JEFFERSON PARK The horses which seem best in Fridays races are Jefferson Park New Orleans La March 8 1923 1 Sunayr Blue Monday Roman Girl 2 GTJVNOR May Bodine Glenlivet 3 Better Times Prince of Umbria Raffles 4 Hermis Kemble Chiva Orcus 5 Scourgeman The Wit Primo 6 Bolster Fast Trial Lively LivelyJ J L Dempsey DempseyNew New York Handicap 1 Sunayr Fehrah Roman GirL 2 Ogarite Guvnor Sandalwood Charles J JCraigmile Craigmile 3 Bessie Leighton Better Times Raffles RafflesPrince Prince of Umbria 4 EPISODE Chiva Hermis Kemble Tan TanSon SonWylie Son Wylie Primo Our Birthday Scourgeman 6 Bolster Adventure Execution Futen i iChicago Chicago and Buffalo Handicap 1 Reply Sunayr Sun Lassie Fehrah 2 Sandalwood Ogarite Orlova Youneed 3 Raffles Prince of Umbria Bessie Leigh ton Peter Brown 4 TAN SON Chiva Episode Mock Orange 5 Lucy Kate Topmast ermont Repeater G Nan McKinney Futen Bolster Little Ed EdObservers Observers Handicap 1 Sunayr Fehrah Reply Blue Monday 2 Ogarite Orlova May Bodine Touneed 3 Raffles Better Times Macbeth Prince of Umbria 4 TAN SON Hermis Kemble Chiva Epi ¬ sode 5 Repeater Topmast Our Birthday Scourge ¬ man 6 Bolster Futen Lively Nan McKinney McKinneyConsensus Consensus of Handicaps 1 Sunayr Reply Fehrah Blue Monday 2 Ogarite Guvnor Sandalwood May Bo dine 3 Raffles Notime Bessie Leighton Prince of Umbria 4 Tan Son Hermis Kemble Episode Chiva 5 Scourgeman Wylie Lucy Kate Repeater 6 OLSTER Nan McKinney Futen Lively HAVANA The horses which seem best in Fridays races are Oriental Park Havana Cuba March 8 1923 1 McMurphy Guardsman Two Eyes 2 Haran Mambi Don Pepe 3 Wida Lorena Marcellia Pony Express 4 Calif a Uncle Sonny Bloomington 5 Duke Ruff Coscorron Acosta 6 DE BONERO The Wag Medusa MedusaT T K Lynch 1 Two Eyes Jack Healey Guardsman Mo Murphy 2 Jennie C Haran Forewarn Quanah 3 Lorena Marcellia Wild Cat Wida Pony Express 4 Uncle Sonny Ferrum Califa Yankee Boy 5 ACOSTA Duke Ruff Top Rung Ike Mills MillsC C De Bonero Medusa Duke of Wellington StonewallChicago Stonewall Chicago and Buffalo Handicap 1 Two Eyes Jack Healey Big Noise Jose ¬ phine 1C 2 Foreward Jennie C Mambi Elmont 3 WILD CAT Pony Express Lorena Mar ¬ cellia Wida 4 Uncle Sonny Bloomington Thos F Mc Mahon Califa 5 Acosta Orris Bobbed Hair Duke Ruff RuffG G Far East De Bonero Medusa Stonewall StonewallObservers Observers Handicap 1 Jack Healey Two Eyes McMurphy McMurphyGuardsman Guardsman 2 First Pullet Forewarn Haran Mambi 3 Pony Express Wida Wild Cat Lorena LorenaMarcellia Marcellia 4 Uncle Sonny Califa Bloomington Bren nan 5 ACOSTA Duke Ruff Ike Mills Bobbed Hair HairC C Stonewall De Bonero Far East San Pab ¬ lo loCoiisenxnw Coiisenxnw of Handicaps 1 Two Eyes McMurphy Jack Healey HealeyGuardsman Guardsman 2 Haran Jennie C Forewarn First Pullet 3 Wida Lorena Marcellia Wild Cat Pony PonyExpress Express 4 Uncle Sonny Califa Bloomington Ferrum 5 ACOSTA Duke Ruff Bobbed Hair Ike IkeMills Mills C De Bonero Far East Stonewall Medusa MedusaTIJUANA TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Fridays I Tijuana Mex March 8 1923 1 Calithump Malzavena Little Smile 2 Chattan Court Little Dear Just Right 3 Joe Campbell Big Indian Smiling Mag ¬ gie 4 GallouBerry Chrome Lobelia 5 PURL Regreso War Penny 6 John Paul Jones Adonis Romany 7 Dr T S Dabney Trusty Johnny Dundee S Louanna Barriskane Delhimar DelhimarG G W Schilling SchillingNew New YorJc Handicap 1 Calithump Glenzar Malzavena Wann Girl 2 Little Dear Dora Just Right Mrs Pat 3 Joe Campbell Big Indian Bonnebelle Til lotson 1 Little Pointer Lobelia GallouBerry Rosa Atkin 5 Purl Reap Katherine Rankin War Penny PennyC C East Indian John Paul Jones Buckhorn JI Supercargo 7 Dr T S Dabney Trusty Athanna Faber FaberS S VIBRATE May Maulsby Fireplace Tub ¬ by A AChicago Chicago and TJufTnlo Handicap 1 Little Smile Wild Brier Glenzar Wann WannGirl Girl 2 Mrs Pat Dehra Yorkshire Maid Marion MarionFluke Fluke 3 Joe Campbell Big Indian Roscoe Goose GooseDode Dode Adams 4 Colonel Matt Little Pointer Rosa Atkin AtkinLobelia Lobelia 5 PURL Katherine Rankin Rouen Re ¬ greso 6 Supercargo Serapis John Paul Jones JonesAdonis Adonis 7 Little Florence Honest George Harrigans HarrigansHeir Heir Athanna 8 Vibrate Herder Fireplace Barriskane BarriskaneObservers Observers Handicap 1 Malzavena Little Smile Glenzar Gali thump 2 Little Dear Maysville Dehra Dora 3 Roscoe Goose Joe Campbell Dode Adams Big Indian 4 Colonel Matt Clear the Way Gallou Berry Rosa Atkin 5 PURL Regreso Katherine Rankin Rouen RouenG G Jolm Paul Jones East Indian Supercargo Prince Direct 7 Dr T S Dabney Harrigans Heir Trusty Johnny Dundee 8 Vibrate Louanna Tubby A Herder HerderConsensus Consensus of Handicaps 1 Calithump Little Smile Malzavena Glen ¬ zar 2 Little Dear Chattan Court Mrs Pat PatDehra Dehra 3 Joe Campbell Roscoe Goose Big Indian IndianDode Dode Adams 4 Colonel Matt GallouBerry Little Pointer PointerLobelia Lobelia 5 PURL Katherine Rankin Rcgreso War WarPenny Penny G John Paul Jones East Indian Supercargo SupercargoAdonis Adonis 7 Dr T S Dabney Little Florence Trusty TrustyHarrigans Harrigans Heir 8 Vibrate Louanna Barrislane Tubby A

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