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Daily Racing Form Handicaps FAIR GROUNDS The horses which seem best in Fridays races are: Pair Grounds Xcw Orleans, La., Feb. 14, 1924. 1 -Star Girl, Rockomar, My Biddy. 2 Redwood, Sway, Prince "Welles. 3 Man Jong, Brilliant Cast. Leatherwood. 4 ROMANY, Pequot, Miss Mcise. 5 Bendita, Sands of Pleasure, Walnut Hall. 6 Good Night, Hickory, Atta Boy II. 7 Dorothy Ryan, "Warren Lynch, Tight. J. L. Dempscy. New York Hnnfllenp. 1 Star Girl, My Biddy, Mary Maud Carr, Catherine Douglas. 2 Sway, Old Sinner, Doughnut, Prince Welles. 3 Mah Jong, Vera Vennie, Leonard G., Bril liant Cast. 4 ROMANY, Ramkin, Miss Meise, Pequot. 5 Bendita, Walnut Hall, Sands of Pleasure, Harry B. C Tingling, Hickory, Paul Micou, Repeater. 7 Midnight Follies, Sir Glen, Antiquity. Tight Chicago Haiuli-:ip. 1 Star Girl, Catherine Douglas, My Biddy, Mary Maud Carr. 2 O.d Sinner, Prince Welles, Redwood, Gor don Shaw. 3 Queen Charming, Leatherwood, Mah Jong, Brilliant Cast 4 MISS MEISE, Pequot, Ramkin, Brunell. 5 Tulalip, Bendita, Six Pence, Sands of Pleasure. C Repeater, Tingling, Paul Mieou, Martha Moore. 7 Tight, Midnight Follies, Chaperone, Sir Glen. Observers IlmiiUcnp. 1 My Biddy, Star Girl, Catherine Douglas, Rockomar. 2 Doughnut, Old Sinner, Redwood, Prince ! Welles. 3 Mah Jong, Vera Vennie, Brilliant Cast, Leonard G. 4 PEQUOT, Romany, Ramkin, Miss Meise. 5 Bendita, Walnut Hall, Tom Cassidy, Six Pence. G Martha Moore, Atta Boy II., Repeater, Paul Mieou. 7 Midnight Follies, Sir Glen, Tight, Warren Lynch. Consensus C Handicap. 1 STAR GIRL. My Biddy, Catherine Doug las, Rockomar. 2 Redwood, Sway, Old Sinner, Doughnut. 3 Mah Jong, Queen Charming, Brilliant Cast, Vera Vennie. 4 Romany, Miss Meise, Pequot, Ramkin. 5 Bendita. Tulalip, Sands of Pleasure, Wal nut Hall. C Good Night, Tingling, Repeater, Martha Moore. 7 Midnight Follies, Dorothv Rvan, Tight, Sir Glen. HAVANA. The horses which seem best in. Fridays races are : Oriental Tark Havana, Cuba. Fcl. 14, 1024. 1 Thats the Time, Marquesita, Rosita. 2 Kentmere, Orris, Almirante. 3 Liborio, Ponce, Patsie S. 4 Jacobean. Some Punkins, Scamper. 5 CAUTIOUS, Fincastle, Debadou. G Riverside, Title, Black Baby. T. K. Lynch. New York Handicap. 1 Thats the Time, Rosita, Vain Ellie, Ethel 2 Almirante, Duly Fashion, Orris, Kentmere. 3 Ponce, Solomons Kilts, Liborio, Chaparra. 4 Scatter, Some Punkins, Haran, Gupton. 5 DEBADOU, Captain Adams, British Liner, War Fox. C Riverside, Ripcsta, Title, The Ally. Chicago limn! leap. 1 THATS THE TIME, Rosita, Vain Ellic. Lady Haldcman. 2 Almirante, Orris,. Miss Holland, Michael J. Daly. 3 Ponce, Solomons Kilts, Donna Bella, Pat sie S. 4 Cloportc, Jacobean, Scamper, Sligo. 5 British Liner, Captain Adams, Debadou, Fincastle. C-Riversiuc, The Ally, Ailsie Vernor, Humorist. Observer JI:inlIo:p. 1 Thats the Time, Rosita, Marquesito, Ethel F 2 Almirante, Orris, Kentmere, Duly Fashion. 3 Liborio, Ponce, Veneno. Patsie S. 4 Jack Pot, Gupton, Jacobean, Haran. 5 FINCASTLE, Captain Adams, Debadou, British Liner. C The Ally, Fluff, Riverside, Riposta. Con.sciisus of Ilamllcnp. 1 THATS THE TIME, Rosita, Marquesita, Vain Ellie. 2 Almirante, Kentmere, Orris, Duly Fashion. 3 Liborio, Ponce, Solomons Kilts, Patsie S. 4 Jacobean, Scatter, Cloporte, Jack Pot. 5 Cautious, Debadou, British Liner, Fincas tle. 6 Riverside, The Ally, Title, Riposta. TIJUANA. The horses which seem best in Fridays races are : Tijuana, Mexico, Feb. 11, 1024. 1 Cocksure, Lahonton, Sequan. 2 Red Legs, Au Revoir, Tom Owens. 3 Jack Ledi, Jay Roberts, Rungeorge. 4 Freebooter, Contusion, Speedball. 5 Babe Ruth, Caveat Emptor, Helen Cook. C MY DADDY, Eminent, Buster Keaton. 7 Virginius, Quecreek, Van Patrick. S Miss Claire, Dolph, Tule. G. W. Schilling. New York Handicai. 1 Lahonton, Sequan, Cocksure, Poppina. 2 Bacchus, Tom Owens, Au Revoir, Punta Gorda. 3 Rungeorge, Penwell, Dovesroost, Neg. 1 Freebooter, Dell Evans. Cypreme, Speed-ball. 5 Babe Ruth, Dick Terpin, Ask Jessie, Ca veat Emptor. 6 BUSTER KEATON, My Daddy, Huon Pine, Cassius. 7 Quecreek, Van Patrick, Voogeria, Billy Waits. S Miss Claire, Dolph, Encrinite, Prince Direct. Chicago Handicap. 1 SEQUAN, Poppina, Chula Vista, Lahon ton. 2 Red Legs, Sample, Tom Owens, Au Re voir. 3 Vesper Bells, Theresa, Green Spring, Jay Roberts. 4 Speedball, Freebooter, Dell Evans, Tran quil. u Helen Cook, Athanna, Little Less, Little Hope. G--Buster Keaton, Huon Pine, My Daddy Voorgold. 7 Quecreek, Van Patrick, Billy Watts, Marsdale. 8 Miss Claire, Tule, Dan Hogan, Missouri Boy. Observers Haiullcap. 1 Sequan, Cocksure, Lahonton, Chula Vista. 2 Red Legs, Bacchus, Sample, Tom Owens. 3 Penwell, Rungeorge, Jay Roberts, Vesper Bells. 4 Freebooter, Dell Evans, Speedball, Contu sion. 5 Little Hope, Furious Bill, Little Less, Babe Ruth. 6 Huon Pine, Buster Keaton, Eminent, Voor gold. 7 VAN PATRICK, Quecreek, Billy Watts, Virginius. S Tule, Miss Claire, Dan Hogan, Fayelle. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 -Sequan, Cocksure, Lahonton, Poppina. 2 RED LEGS, Bacchus, Tom Owens, Au Revoir. 3 Jack Ledi, Rungeorge, Vesper Bells, Pen- well. 4 Freebooter Speedball, Dell Evans, Contu sion. 5 Babe Ruth, Helen Cook, Littlte Hope, Cav eat Emptor. 0 Buster Keaton, My Daddy, Huon Pine, Eminent. 7 Quecreek, Virginius, Van Patrick, Billy Watts. Miss Claire, Tule, Dolph, Dan. Hogan.

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