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HARVEY AMES EARLE BLDG., BROADWAY AT 52ND STREET NEW YOKK, N. Y. Last Sunday attention was drawn to two Special Matters, to occur during the week, 50 for either or 00 for both. One to start at Tijuana, the other at New Orleans. . The result was as follows : The Tijuana investment started and finished second at odds of 3 to 1, due to overconfidence of the jockey, which was proved three days later when another rider was substituted and the horse won easily and paid 4.00. The second matter started at New Orleans Friday and was heavily played when the odds were 18 to 5, and won easily after much interference. During the last two weeks four Special Matters, at 50 each, were advised with the results, three won and one ran second. The first two were winners at odds of 5.20 and .20, respectively, and the last two with the results above stated. This week two similar investments will occur. All publicity will be avoided. Day of starting will NOT be mentioned again, as principals in both cases must be protected. These investments again can only interest those who can be reached readily over the long distance on the days when necessary, between the hours of 3 and 5 oclock, New York time. Subscribers will be called one hour and fifteen minutes before the starting of either race, from various telephones and agree, on their word, not to make their play until thirty minutes before post time. Thus through co-operation not permitting return commission to the track, to seriously affect the odds. Subscribers are urged, owing to occasional wire trouble, to be prompt and in readiness to talk, when called, and thus avoid all unnecessary delays. TERMS: 00 FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for both horses, or 50 TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS for either, payable strictly in advance. Same should be telegraphed immediately with correct telephone number. NO TELEGRAMS WILL BE SENT TO ANYONE, for reasons the intelligent mind will appreciate. From reports at hand the outlook for this week is even brighter than during the preceding two weeks. Attention is once again drawn to the fact that this matter will receive no further publicity. TELEPHONES: CIRCLE 2591259225935749 FACTS!! "The Ross Rule" for tlie week ending Friday, March Till Saturdays results not known as this was written Saturday morning, had 18 plays. 16 Won 2 Lost Total plays since Thanksgiving Day, opening day of the winter season, 157, out of which 128 won. 1 am personally following "The Ross Rule," with positive success, and to reliable persons, whose word is good, a copy will be forwarded on receipt of 5, balance, 5, payable within thirty days out of earnings. Above are facts proved through the back charts of the Racing Form. Address remittances C. A. ROSS Boom 615, 1G74 Broadway New York City WE GO FOR MORE MONEY NEXT WEDNESDAY Honorable people, wire name at once. TERMS: WINNINGS OF 0. JOHN L. SULLIVAN 44 WEST 60th STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. 1061 CLAY STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form GEORGE KIRBY EXPERT ADVICE .00 DAILY 0.00 "WEEKLY A FLAT PLAY OF ONLY 0 WON OVER ,000 Xook them over boys, not a losing day last week. Just think what these kind mean when you hare a nice flat play on the nose. BALANCE OF NEW ORLEANS MEETING, 0.CO Yesterdays transaction: Lady Rose, 8-1, Won Fridays transaction: MARY DEAR 7-1 WON Thursdays transaction: DR. JOE 30-1 WON Wednesdays transaction: BUSH BUCK 3Vi-l WON Tuesdays transaction: ATTILIA 3-1 WON Mondays transaction: DUSTAEOUT ...3-1 WON Saturdays transaction: O. HENRY 15-1, 5-1, 6-5 3RD Thursdays transaction: HUONEC 8-1 WON ONLY ONE A DAY, BUT A WINNER Wire money Western Unicn or Postal Telegraph. 172 Milford Street BROOKLYN, N. Y. j 5 5 5 5 5$ 1493955 $ JflSL j feP PREDETERMINED 0 i TURF PROFITS The MIRACLE SYSTEM is nationally ! known as "easy for player hard for I layer." Has stood llio ACID TEST for j O- many yearn. AVe could not spend many . thousnndn of dollars per annum adver- Using water as cough syrup and con- n tlnuo in business. Sold on installment payments paid Xrom your profits. Abso- i n lutely FREE, 100 pace racing manual, -o, I f review, sworn testlmonuls, etc. Investi- gate today and make your Rookie obey. " Public Relations Manager -3 jr S. E. ARTHUR flS Box 40-R. F. Towson, Md. jrr Oar 149391493914939$ .Jb JESSE GANO 222 Limestone Lexington, Ky. ARE YOU A SKEPTIC? Are you convinced that there is no such thing as winning information? Have you made up your mind that you cannot retrieve the losses you have incurred through misinformation ? If you have, then you are the man we are after. We can make you win. Suhscribe for our next weeks service, consisting of two or three conservatively divided paid investments. Make a uniform play on each. Confine yourself exclusively to our transaction. If you are a loser on the week we will refund your subscription. Make us prove our assertion. TERMS ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS PER WEEK Wire remittance by Western Union or Postal and send correct street address, also phone number if possible. "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." CTRE MAN WHO CAN MAKE YOU W1N1 SOLD, ALL NEWSSTANDS, "MR. PLAYER," I TOLD YOU SO Yesterdays "Adv." ?5 "SPECIAL" was LADY ROSE 8-1 Won And JACK FIELD said "PLUNGE, WIN ONLY," as I KNEW ALL ABOUT "Lady Rose." "WHO ELSE GAVE THIS ONE" yesterday! WLAST 5 DAYS "STRAIGHT" "WE CLEANED" UPm Are You "Convinced" Now that Jack Field Can Make You Win? Thousands of JACK FIELD "followers" are getting "RICHER AND RICHER" every day. "DO YOU KNOW" why JACK FIELD "puts em over;" "BECAUSE" he is at tho TRACK always petting "INFO" that YOU couldnt pet even IF YOU PAID ?1,000 A DAY. MDO YOU WANT TO WIN W,000 "MONDAY"? Here is your chance for another "CLEAN-UP," as MONDAY we have two "LONG SHOTS" that como from the same SOURCE that "Put Over" Saturday LADY ROSE. BUT BE SURE you get JACK FIELD "Both" ?5 and ?1 "SPECIALS." NOTICE JACK FIELD sold TODAY "SUNDAY." for MONDAY. Sold everywhere RACING FORM sold at. Can he mailed to ycu 5 week for BOTH ?5 and ?1 "SPECIALS." FIELD PUBLISHING CO. Room 32, 39 W. Adams Street Chicago, 111. The San Francisco Turf Reporter 442 SANSOME ST. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. "The Unbeatable Tijuana Service" DAILY .00 WEEKLY ?20.00 STOP! LOOK! AND THEN EEAD 2-28 CLOCK STOCKING THIRD THE FALCONER .20- WON 2- 29 FRANK FOG ARTY .00- WON SUPERCARGO .00- WON 3- 1 OCEAN CURRENT .80-52 WON MY REVERIE ?5.60-S2 WON 3-2 BUSTER KEATON WON SLEIVECONARD WON 3-4 MOON CHILD .20- WON PORTO DE ORO .80-?2 WON TURF REPORTER is tho oldest and largest racing and sporting paper in the West sending forth HIGH-CLASS TURF INFORMATION that is so ardently sought ly all FOLLOWERS OF THE TURF. Many interesting features are found in the TURF REPORTER COLUMNS that entertain and interest you from the FIRST r-age to the LAST one and yon find yourself wishing for THE NEXT ISSUE. If your dazler does not handle TURF REPORTER SEND FOR A SAMPLE. Dont delay or you will miss tho most paying opportunities; on tho market today. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form Harvey Ames Earle Bldg., Broadway at 52nd St. NEW YORK, N. Y. The result of yesterdays "HARVEY TRANSACTION" was unknown at press time, owing to llic difference in time between Tljnana and New York, and the lateness of he race in which horse started. From reports at hand since Friday, a "HARVEY Tit AN S ACTION" will start at Tijuana, today and all who have subscribed should be ready for a telephone call between 3 and 4 oclock this afternoon. After the rcsnlt of the third race at New Orleans Saturday, this office was notitied of the starting of a "Harvey Transaction" TOMORROW The source of the information supplying tomorrows transaction is the same that provided three winners in succession during the Fair Grounds meeting, and we are assured that the odds will be gratifying anil subscribers should Invest with full confidence. Subscription, 00, must be telegraphed for today, or 00 for today and tomorrow early to avoid oversubscription, as all "HARVEY TRANSACTIONS" are limited to territory. This office has no connection with any ono in this line of business and recognizes no competition. My only address is the F. A TILE BUILDING, 11 IIO AT "WAY" AND 52ND STREET, NEW YORK CITY, where all subscriptions and communications must be addressed to recehe attention. From information here there are still people foolish enough to buy from impostors wrong horses as "HARVEY TRANSACTIONS" at reduced rates. Those "Fenny-wise and FoundfooIIsh" will learn beforo long that the only way to receive the right horse as a "HARVEY TRANSACTION" Is to deal directly with this office. TELEPHONES: CIRCLE 2591, 2592. 2593 and 5749 LADY ROSE . . 8-1 WON "Was Yesterdays Code Special Go to Your News Dealer Today and Get the STANDARD Contains code good for all this week, and all it costs it 35c. TAN SON ... . 8-1 WON And a Third "Were Yesterdays .00 XX SPECIALS Our subscribers sure cleaned up yesterday. Cortainly the ahovo were a couple of dandies. "Where else did you ever get two like the above for ,351 DONT FAIL TO SUBSCRIBE FOR OUR GETAWAY SPECIALS The First One Goes March 13 The Second One March 14 Saturday Specials for March 15 Our Dig 0 Getaway Special March 17 ALL FOR THE SUM OF .00 Deal with an old and reliable firm who has been doing business for over 17 years under the same name and management. Enough said. Sena in your subscription today so that you will be sure not to miss the first one, which goes March 13th. We Expect to Hang a Record on This Offer MONDAYS CODE SPECIAL: JUNE ORANGE 13 20 25 32 403, 22 W. QUINCY ST. CHICAGO, ILL. SIX STRAIGHT WINNERS ALL FILED IN ADVANCE WITH THIS PAPER Two more specially prepared propositions scheduled to start next week. The first goes Tuesday. The other Thursday or Friday. You cannot afford to miss these two unusual OPPORTUNITIES. RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE, DONT HESITATE; RUSH YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS at ONCE, ENCLOSING one dollar and I will prepay telegram, to you. Positively No Telegrams Sent Collect. TERMS: "WINNINGS OF 0.00 ;t J. F. LUCKY BALDWIN 1303 LEXINGTON AVE. NEW YORK CITxT PHONE LENOX 6110 ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM,

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