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Daily Racing Form Handicaps rr 12 12. 1 2 o. 3 - 4 5 5- 6 6- 1 2 3 4 4 5 0 6 6 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 6 j 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 i C C 1 2 2 j 3 4 5 G ; 1 ; . JEFFERSON PARK. 3 3 " 4 4 The horses which seem best in Thursday s races are: - 5 Jefferson Park New Orleans, La., March 1024. G St. Gerard, Rhinegold, Redwood. 7 May Bodine, Care Free, Poor Sport. Troutwick, Gladys V., Begonia. MOONRAKBR, John Finn, Raffles. 1 Huonee, Soggarth Aroon, Lily M. 2 Jon Jou, Westwood, Normal. 3 J. L. Dempscy. New York Handicap. . 4 Mcintosh, Theseus, Ogarite, Judge Breuer. 5 r Poor Sport, Banker Brown, Piedmont, 1 John Joseph. G "Warren Lynch, Great Northern, Bcthle- hem Steel, Troutwick. 7 MOOXRAKER, Pvaffles, John Finn, Tuscola. Soggarth Aroon, Calcutta, Isosceles, Lily M. Westwood, Attorney, Rep, Jou Jou. Chicago Handicap. 1 Theseus, Ogarite, Mcintosh, Charlie Summy. ; Care Free, Banker Brown, Uncle Velo, ; Poor Sport. ; Troutwick, Great Northern, Warren : Lynch, Future i MOOXRAKER, Tuscola, John Finn, Raffles. i Calcutta, Tender Seth, Soggarth Aroon, Lily M. ; Runquoi, Attorney, Westwood, Dustproof. Observers Handicap. Theseus, Mcintosh, Rhinegold, Assume. Poor Sport, John Joseph, Care Free, Banker Brown. Great Northern, Troutwick, Madame Ven-nie. Future MOONRAKBR, John Finn, Tuscola, Raffles. Isosceles, Calcutta, Lily M., Tender Seth. "Westwood, Rep, Dustproof, Attorney. Consensus of Handicap;. Theseus, St. Gerard, Mcintosh, Ogarite. -Poor Sport, May Bodine, Care Free, Banker Brown. Troutwick, Warren Lynch, Great Northern, Future MOOXRAKER, John Finn, Tuscola, Raffles. Iluonee, Soggarth Aroon, Calcutta, Isosceles. Westwood, Jou Jou, Runquoi, Attorney. HAVANA. The horses -which seem best in Thursdays races are: Oriental Tark Havana, Cuba, 3Iarcli 12, 1924. 1 Yeronica, Felix M., Bengali. 2 Al Thomas, Yerde, Execution. 3 Busy Bob, Berretta, Cloporte. 4 Humpy, Northern Star, Malasctto. 5 Neenah, Johnny OConnell, Jacobean. C ROSEATE, Polite, Smart Money. 7 Rapid Stride, Iluen, Mess Kit. T. K. Lynch. New York Handicap. 1 Bengali, Yeronica, Felix M., El Coronel. 2 Al Thomas, Chas. A. Byrne, Mike, Execution. 3 Promising Tom, Berretta, Boot Straps, Locarno. 4 Northern Star, Confederacy, Humpy, Blazing Fire. 5 Drapery, Jacobean, Winall, Johnny OConnell. C POLITE, Roseate, Smart Money, Sandy H. 7 Elizabeth Jewell, Kendall, Wilton Flanna, Ukase. Chicago Handicap. 1 Yeronica, Bengali, El Coronel, Felix M. 1 2 Yakima, Mike, Charles A. Byrne, Exe-1 cution. 3 Ring Rose, Promising Tom, Pat Hampson, , Cloporte. 4 Crimson Rambler, Alazon, Humpy, Confederacy. - 5 DRAPERY, Neenah, Johnny OConnell, , Regal Lodge. C Sandy H., Roseate, Alluring, Cisqua. 7 Mess Kit, OKelly, Wilton Flanna, Little s Pointer. Observer Handicap. 1 El Coronel, Veronica, Bengali, Felix M. . 2 Execution, Mike, Verde, John Spohn. 3 3 4 4 5 - G 7 1 2 3 4 1 5 r G 7 1 ; ; ; : i i ; 1 , - , s . Berretta, Ring Rose, Promising Tom, Phoebe. Confederacy, Crimson Rambler, Humpy, Blazing Fire. DRAPERY, Neenah, Johnny OConnell Paula V. Roseate, Sandy IT., Polite. Alluring. Wilton Flanna, OKelly, Mess Kit, Rapid Stride Conscnsns of Handicaps. Veronica, Bengali, El Coronel, Felix M. Al Thomas, Yakima, Execution, Mike. Busy Bob, Promising Tom, Ring Rose, Berretta. Humpy, Northern Star, Crimson Rambler, Confederacy. DRAPERY, Neenah, Johnny OConnell, Jacobean. Roseate, Polite, Sandy H., Smart Money. Rapid Stride, Elizabeth Jewell, Mess Kit, Wilton Flanna. TIJUANA. The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are : Tijuana, Mexico, March 12, 1924. 1 Our Boy, Silent Pardner, Cocksure. 2 Vanloo. Seven Seas, Pavlowa. 3 War Winner, July Fly, Cannonball. 4 Odd Seth, Contusion, Hitrump. 5 POLLY WALE, Muttikins, Catharine Mar-rone. 6 Deep Thought, Buster Keaton, Tangerine. 7 Capt. Clover, Faber, Clarkson. 8 Frank Fogarty, Red Legs, Dernier Sou. 9 Singapore, Coffield, Prince K. G. W. Schilling. New York Handicap. 1 Silent Pardner, Cocksure, Runpreservc, Solimente. 2 Vanloo, Trulane, Seven Seas, Billy Joe. 3 Cannonball, Olympiad, Rosa Atkin, Mountaineer. 4 Odd Seth, Contusion, Malvern, Little Thistle. 5 Polly Wale, Ten Buttons, Yictoire, Catharine Marrone. C SUNNYDAND, Buster Keaton, Deep Thought, Tangerine. 7 Top o th Morning, Clarkson, Faber, Capt. Clover. 8 Frank Fogarty, Red Legs, Dickie Dix, The Wit. ? Singapore, Elias O., Wynnewood, Coffield. Chicago Handicap. 1 Cocksure, Silent Pardner, My Destiny, Runpreservc. 2 Pavlowa, Ollie Wood, Delancey, Seven Seas. 3 Rosa Atkin, Mountaineer, Billy Lane, Fiesta. 4 Odd Seth. Contusion, Publicity, Malvern. 5 POLLY WALE, Ten Buttons, Muttikins, Plucky. 6 Deep Thought. Sue Donovan, Sunnyland, Buster Keaton. 7 Top o th Morning, Capt. Clover, Faber, Clarkson. S Red Legs, Dernier Sou, The Wit, Frank Fogarty. 3 Wynnewood, Prince K., Coffield, Singapore. Observers Handicap. 1 Cocksure, My Destiny, Silent Pardner, Our Boy. 2 -Seven Seas, Pavlowa, Vanloo, Byrne. 3 Rosa Atkin, Sweet and Low, Billy Lane, Temptress. 4 Odd Seth, Contusion, Fast Boy, Malvern. 5 POLLY WALE, Ten Buttons, Catharine Marrone, Muttikins. 6 Deep Thought, Sue Donovan, Sunnyland, Buster Keaton. 7 Top o th Morning, Capt. Clover, Speed-ball, Clarkson. S Red Legs, Frank Fogarty, The Wit, Der-, nier Sou. 9 Singapore, Elias O., Wynnewood, Prince K. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Cocksure, Our Boy, Silent Pardner, My Destiny. 2 Vanloo, Pavlowa, Seven Seas, Ollie Wood. 3 Rosa Atkin, War Winner, Cannonball, Mountaineer. 4 Odd Seth, Contusion, Malvern, Hitrump. 5 POLLY WALE, Ten Buttons, Muttikins, Catharine Marrone. C Deep Thought, Sunnyland, Buster Keaton, Sue Donovan, 7 Top o th Morning, Capt. Clover, Faber, Clarkson. 8 Frank Fogarty, Red Legs, Dernier Sou, The Wit. 9 Singapore, Wynnewood, Coffield, Prince I IC

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