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Sporting Leader 25 CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS TODAYS FREE CODE: LATONIA— Dayton ■ Canal -Jewel -Might -Parch. DORVAL — Flow-Fold-Intent-Launch. Yes. sir. and believe me the DORVAL CODE is gome DARK BABY. Remember TUESDAYS FREE CODE: Equity .45- Won MONDAYS FREE CODE: Beau of the West. .85- Won So dont miss this FREE CODE today. HURRAH!! LADY ASM 7.00-, WON And, sir, Al Gem told you ALL ABOUT this "MISSUS" in the Sporting Leader. YESTERDAYS 0 SPECIAL— FREE : Brookdale, .80-, 2nd Youve got to hand it to "UNCLE AL" when he Is GOOD he SURE IS GOOD. The people are sure HOT after these 0 Specials. Look! Look! Today--12 to 1 Shot YES SIR Darkest Bird in Captivity Yes, sir, take it from me that this one is in SOME SHREWD HANDS. This horse DID NOTHING in his ONLY TWO STARTS HERE, BUT— WATCH HIM TODAY! What a different story. This one is 0 SPECIAL— GIVEN FREE on AL GERNS DAILY SHEET. Just ask your newsdealer for AL GERNS SPECIAL , MAILED 2 WEEKS, .00 12 SPECIALS, all for . Remit right away to AL GERN. care SPORTING LEADER 440 S. DEARBORN ST. CHICAGO, ILL. DETROIT, FOR SALE AT TRIANGLE NEWSSTAND, GRISWOLD AND LAFAYETTE BOUL. FAMILY THEATER NEWSSTAND, CADILLAC SQUARE. CHICAG0ANS: FOR SALE AT NEWSSTANDS, LOOP AND EVERYWHERE. BOBBY ALLEN ONLY ONE HORSE DAILY .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY Yesterdays .00 Star Money Horse: Lady Astor .. ..7.00- Won Yesterdays .00 Occasional: Revenue Agent . ..10- Won Tuesdays .00 Star Money Horse: BOB CAHILI 4.1 0- WON Mondays .00 Occasional: BEVENUE AGENT $».40- WON Mondays Star Money Horse: PHIDIAS .70- WON Four winning Star Money Horses out of a possible 5 in the past five days. Star Money Horse today. Comes from the ■ante source as WRANGLER, 0.70-, WON. If you can stand prosperity, then get todays big money horse. TERMS— .00. Wire or call. Some of My Long Shot Winners: POLLY LEIG HTON 8.40- WON WRANGLER 0.70-12 WON SUNNY DUfROW 9.S0- WON LLEWELLYN 6.90-52 WON BIG .00 OCCASIONAL GOES AT KENTUCKY TODAY This one should pay at least 7-1 and WTN in a outer. TERMS: . One weeks service 6 racing days, 0. Bargain offer: 5 for daily Occasional and Star horses for on* week. Subscriptions may start any BOBBY ALLEN Jt Duano Bty Room 605 gov York fit/ If PIT gig! H C THEMAN WHO CAN MAKE YOU Wj SOLD ON NEWSSTANDS, and "SPECIAL" *** Again We "Cleaned Up"! Yesterdays "SPECIAL" WON. Wednesdays WON also. Tuesdays WON also. 3 "STRAIGHT DAYS" WE WON Jack Field sure did make his followers some "Easy Money." "HOW CAN YOU LOSE? when you follow JACK FIELD, a man who has OWNED AND TRAINED horses and who is at the track getting the "REAL STUFF"? 0 TODAY for » Thats the price this one TODAY should pay, so if you want to "CLEAN UP," why here is your chance. Rush to your newsdealer and get JACK FIELD. ■COSTS — WORTH 00 You couldnt get any better "INFO." if you paid 00, but this will ONLY COST YOU . NOTICE: JACK FIELD sold everywhere. Also mailed to yen, 5.00 weekly for BOTH and "SPECIALS". RUSH your subscription TODAY. Time lost MONEY LOST. CHICAGO PLAYERS, NOTICE Call at our OFFICE today and get our "11th-Hour" Special "FREE" TODAY. This one isex-pected to pay 10 to 1 or better. YOU GET THIS "FREE" TODAY. CaU after 9 a. m. Room 32, 39 W. Adams St. CHICAGO, ILL. Harrison 0248. The Review ON SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS, ALL CITIES 50 Cents — 50 Cents YESTERDAY WE GAVE ON SHEET: LADY ASTOR . . . 7.00- Won ALCHEMY $ 3.80- Won MACLEAN ....Lost YESTERDAYS .00 SPECIAL: ROSABELLA $ 7.30- Won YESTERDAYS SHEET GAVE: NEW GOLD 2.10- Won TUESDAY WE GAVE: BOB CAHILL 4.10- Won SLICKER $ 9.30- Won MARIONETTE ...1.10- 2nd MONDAY WE GAVE: BUTTIN IN 1.70- Won PLEASURE $ 5.90- Won FANTOCHE Lost Remember, we only give three horses daily. Dont fall to get our sheet and get plenty of money, as all our horses are well meant and fit and ready. Wo also have a .00 Special Long Shot daily; can bo wired each day at noon. Here is our record of one daily .00 Wire: YESTERDAYS .00 WIRE: ANNIHILATOR .. .$ 8.1Q- Won TUESDAYS .00 WIRE: AGNES CALL 0.10- Won MONDAYS .00 WIRE: BOBS MARY . . . .2.90- Won THE REVIEW 1651 42nd STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y. 6 STRAIGHT WINNERS Daily One Horse Service. Direct from track, June 12-18. Since April 5 to June 18 Twenty-Four Winners 6 seconds. 2 thirds, 1 loser. Where can you get better direct track information at for 6 starters 1 Each Saturday 2X Specials wired you for . MADE GOOD 90 OUT OF PAST 148 Or. if you want two X specials by mail each Monday, mail . WORKOUTS AT LATONIA Fastest 2-year-olds, three-eighths, :34% ; older ones, mile, 1:39%. Two pages top form, ready to win. Reporter and track officials only have these workouts. All mailed plain envelope, 3 weeks, . /j The Turf Reporter jstm 22 W. Quiney St.. Chicago, 111. ga*7 Establiihed 1904 yy Originator and oldest publica-fc- tion in existence Remember, we do business by mail. ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM 441 PLYMOUTH COURT a CHICAGO, ILL. HARVEY AMES EARLE BUILDING BROADWAY AT 62D 8TBEET HEW YORK CITT. YESTERDAYS "HARVEY TRANSACTION" BONTAUD, 7-2, WON BONTAUD was yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" and the only horse advised. Attention is directed to the fact that BONTAUD, 4 to 1 WON, was also the "Harvey Transaction" in his start on June the 4th, when he finished fourth. This week four horses were advised with the following results: War Mask, 5-2, Won Banner Bearer, 5.00-, Won Dazzler, 2.90-, Won Bontaud, 7-2, Won Above were the only horses advised and the "Harvey Transactions" of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, respectively* Arrangements for tomorrow, Saturdays "Harvey Transaction," have been completed and the result should again demonstrate why so many await the arrival of "Harvey Transactions" and the reason they command the largest fee for racing information. Subscription, 00, for each "Harvey Transaction," payable strictly in advance by telegraph or in person. Early subscription is advised as all "Harvey Transactions" are limited to territory. The only way to guard against unnecessary regrets is to deal directly with this office. TELEPHONES— CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 " Lucky " Johnny Lyons AMERICAS PREMIER TURF WIZARD » Columbus Circle, Room 217 -:- -:- New York City My information on file with Daily Racing Form, hours in advance. Only one horse advised on any day I have information to release. Everything was set for Thursdays horse which was: LADY ASTOR 7.00- WON And again all my followers won handsomely. Wednesday: Thursday: Mistress Mary. 0.1 0- 2nd T. S. Jordan . .7.60- Won Wednesday: Tuesday Banner Bearer. 5.00- Won Blowg Bubbles 8.30- Won . Monday: i j. Ba,lot Brusn * 9-70- Won White Star . . .4.50- Won ■ Saturday: Nothing released Crayon 5.90- Won Tuesday or Friday Seven winners and one second of last eight horses released, which show a net profit of over ,400 on a 0 straight bet. Again let me state that everything is set for todays horse. ANOTHER SENSATION PROMISED FOR TODAY. Ho time to lose. Get in line with me and WTN. Terms — 0, in advance, for todays horse. Wire money order right now or, if in town, call personally. * JJ "Bud" Edwards ONE HORSE DAILY. .00 DAILY; 0 FOR 6 DAYS. BIGHT OVER AGAIN Lady Astor 7.00- Won If this keeps up, I will have every horse player in the country following my big one horse .00 daily service. Wednesdays Winner: New Gold 2.1 0- Won Tuesdays Wire: MARIONETTE 3.80, 1.80- 2ND Mondays Wire: PRETTY POLITICIAN 2.50, .30- 3RD Last Week Big Winner. KING TTJT $ 8.00-S2 WON SWAY 3. 10-82 WON BEST PAL 2.60-82 WON Cant fail today. If yon miss getting my big long shot, yon should stop playing them, men. Terms: Six days, 0.00 Get them in early and be a winner. B. EDWARDS 15$ Fulton St., 3rd floor, New York City. ADVERTISE IN RACINQ £P_RJ I Al McGee 15* W. 42nd St., Suite 910-A, New York City Terms — 0 Weekly. 20-1 TODAY GET THE MONEY TODAY, BOYS. AL McGEE has got the laying gentry on the run. Yesterdays One Horse: Turnberry .9.85- Won Wednesdays One Horse: Brr Sweet 0.25- Won Tuesdays One Horse: Agnes Call 0.10- Won Mondays One Horse: White Star 4.50- Won Go the limit today. Follow a live wire. Dont hesitate and miss a good thing. Wire money by Western Union or Postal telegraph. v i Subscribe for Daily Racing Form

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