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Daily Racing Form Handicaps HAWTHORNE The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are: Chicago, 111., August 19, 1924. 1 Brilliant, Fuo, Hurry Inn. 2 Mason Towle, Herald, Corto. 3 Cannon Shot, Dobson, Tangerine. 4 Lord Granite, The Runt, Jewell V. D. 5 Ebony Belle, Glentilt, Double T. 6 VIRGINIUS, Huonec, Hoy. J. L. Dempsey. New York Handicap. 1 Pyroot Brilliant, Hurry Inn.Bernice Har- rar. 2 May Buddy, Harold K., Mason Towle, Corto. 3 Dobson, Tangerine, Cannon Shot, Bel- phrizonia. 4 THE RUNT, Jewell V. D., Lord Granite, Miss Cerina. 5 Glentilt, Brian Kent, Ebony Belle, Double T. 6 Huonec, Hoy, Flying Prince, Doughore- gan. Chicago Handicap. 1 Pyroot, Brilliant, Fuo, Hurry Inn. 2 Lavinia, Harold K., Corto, Kirah. 3 TANGERINE, Belphrizonia, Dobson, Can non Shot. 4 The Runt, Jewell V. D., Lord Granite, Miss Cerina. 5 Ebony Belle, Brian Kent, Glentilt, Scam per. C Hoy, Huonec, Flying Prince, Virginius. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Fuo, Hurry Inn, Brilliant, Pyroot. 2 Lavinia, May Buddy, Corto, Canteen Girl. 3 Tangerine, Belphrizonia, Cannon Shot, Dobson. 4 LORD GRANITE, The Runt, Miss Cerina. Jewell V. D. 5 Glentilt, Ebony Belle, Faithful Girl, Scamper. 6 Virginius, Hoy, Huonec, Flying Prince. Observers Handicap. 1 Pyroot, Brilliant, Hurry Inn, Bernice Har- rar. 2 May Buddy, Kirah, Mason Towle, Herald. 3 Tangerine, Dobson, Belphrizonia, Cannon Shot 4 THE RUNT, Lord Granite, Jewell V. D., Miss Cerina. 5 Glentilt, Ebony Belle, Whiff, Faithful Girl. C Huonec, Flying Prince, Hoy, Virginius. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 PYROOT, Fuo, Brilliant, Hurry Inn. 2 May Buddy, Lavinia, Mason Towle, Harold K. 3 Tangerine, Cannon Shot, Dobson, Bel phrizonia, 4 The Runt, Lord Granite, Jewell V. D Miss Cerina, 5 Glentilt, Ebony Belle, Brian Kent, Whiff. 6 Virginius, Huonec, Hoy, Flying Prince. SARATOGA The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are: Saratoga Springs, S". T., August 19, 1924. 1 Longing, Seaman, Warfare. 2 The Trout, Parlays, Beck. 3 Aga Khan, McAuliffe, Apprehension. 4 NICHOLAS, Pas Seul, Swope. 5 Floating On. Miss Belle, May Party!. 6 Wise Counsellor, Laurano, Snob II. C J. Connors. JTctv York Handicap. 1 Longing, Grace Troxler, Adrianople, True Rock. 2 Parlays, Adamant, The Trout, Fair Mac 3 Aga Khan, Pepp, Banter, Thunderclap. 4 Nicholas, Kentucky Cardinal, Pas Seul, Reminder. 5 Miss Belle, Floating On, Rock Pocket, Skirmish. 6 SNOB II., Wise Counsellor, Lucky Play, Banter. Chicago Handicap. 1 Warfare, Adrianople Seaman, Crosswise. 2 The Trout, Adamant, Parlays, Beck. 3 BANTER, Aga Khan, Thunderclap, Ap prehension. 4 Nicholas, Pas Seul, Swope, Master Charlie. 5 Floating On, Skirmish, Miss Belle, Craig- thorne. 6 Wise Counsellor, Banter, Stanwix, Lucky Play.. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Fearnaught, Longing, Hootch, Crosswise. 2 Parlays, Byng, Fair Mac, The Trout. 3 Banter, McAuliffe, Aga Khan, Apprehen sion. 4 Nicholas, Swope, Pas Seul, Buttin In. 5 Floating On, Miss Belle, May Party, Skir mish. C WISE COUNSELLOR, Lucky Play, Laurano, Wilderness. Ohnervcrs Handicap. 1 Longing, Crosswise, Seaman, Grace Trox ler. 2 Parlays, The Trout, Adamant, Beck. 3 Banter, Aga Khan, Apprehension, Thun derclap. 4 NICHOLAS, Kentucky Cardinal, Pas Seul, Cloudland. 5 Floating On, Rock Pocket, Miss Belle, Skirmish. C Wise Counsellor, Banter, Lucky Play, Laurano. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Longing, Warfare, Fearnaught, Seaman. 2 Parlays, The Trout, Adamant, Beck. 3 Banter, Aga Khan, McAuliffe, Apprehen sion. . 4 NICHOLAS, Pas Seul, Swope, Kentucky Cardinal. 5 Floating On, Miss Belle, May Party, Skirmish. 6 Wise Counsellor, Snob II., Lucky Play, Banter. WINDSOR The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are : Windsor, Ont., August 19, 1924. 1 Golden Poppy, Bruneth. Sentiment. 2 Shue, Salvo, Lady Heart 3 Blennerhassett, Subtle, Asekket 4 Exalted Ruler, Banner Bearer, Lieuten ant II. 5 Nancy Langhorne, Golden Rule, Turn- berry. 6 War Mask, Yoshimi, Toodles. 7 BABY GRAND, The Gaff, Dan. T. K. Lynch. New York Handicap. 1 Golden Poppy, Bruneth, Kanduit, White Wings. 2 Shue, Lady Heart, Flowerful, Salvo. 3 Subtle, My Biddy, Madame Beach, Robert Maxwell. 4 Viola Burton, Exalted Ruler, Ten Sixty, Radiancy. 5 NANCY LANGHORNE, Golden Rule, Dr. OMara, Equity. 6 War Mask, Yoshimi, Plow. Steel, Peter Lee. 7 Tender Seth, Dandybrush, Dan, The Gaff. Chicago Handicap. 1 Golden Poppy, Miss Bezetto, La Belle, Sentiment. 2 Salvo, Shue, Thorny Way, Lady Heart 3 Robert Maxwell, Madame Beach, Subtle, My Biddy. 4 EXALTED RULER, Stage Coach, Sun Lady, Ten Sixty. 3 Golden Rule, Equity, Nancy Langhorne, Dr. OMara. 6 Miss Claire, Hillman C, Marcella Boy, War Mask. 7- r-Baby Grand, The Gaff, Dan, Cote dOr. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Golden Poppy, Bruneth, Kanduit, La Belle. 2 Lady Heart Shue. Salvo, Flowerful. 3 Subtle, Asekket My Biddy, Lena Wood. 4 Will Land, Exalted Ruler, Stage Coach, Viola Burton. 5 GOLDEN RULE, Nancy Langhorne, Dr. OMara, Turnberry. 6 Yoshimi, War Mask, Marcella Boy, Hill- man C. 7 Baby Grand, Brilliant Jester, Cote dOr, Dan. Observers Handicap. 1 GOLDEN POPPY, Bruneth, La Belle, Sentiment. 2 Shue, Salvo, Lady Heart, Thorny Way. 3 Lena Wood, Madame Beach, My Biddy, Subtle. 4 Exalted Ruler, Stage Coach, Radiancy, Ten Sixty. 5 Dr. OMara, Golden Rule, Nancy Lang horne, Equity. G War Mask, Yoshimi, Marcella Boy, Peter Lee. 7 Baby Grand, Dandybrush, The Gaff, Tender Seth. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 GOLDEN POPPY, Bruneth, Kanduit, Sentiment 2 Shue, Salvo, Lady Heart, Thorny Way. 3 Subtle, Blennerhassett, Robert Maxwell, Lena Wood. 4 Exalted Ruler, Viola Burton, Will Land, Stage Coach. 5 Nancy Langhorne, Golden Ruler, Dr. OMara, Equity. 6 War Mask, Yoshimi, Miss Claire, Mar cella Boy. 7 Baby Grand, Tender Seth, Dandybrush, The Gaff. TOLEDO The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are: Toledo, Ohio, August 19, 1924. 1 Doctor Tubbs, Beckna, Climb. 2 War Map, Lucky Pearl, Acosta. 3 Lady Colito, Thirty Seven, Joe Tag. 4 Monsoon, Omega, Aunt Deda. 5 Ballynew, Lasses White, Havana Electric. C RIGHT ON TIME, The Plainsman, Who Knows Me. 7 Old Pop, Assume, Yankee Boy. J. J. Murphy. Weir York Handicap. 1 Serbian, Doctor Tubbs, Climb, Litholick. 2 Acosta, Milda, Sweet and Pretty, Lucky Pearl. 3 Copyright, Little Romper, Dont Bother Me, Happy Moments. 4 Obstinate, Fleer, Rapid Stride, Aunt Deda. 5 London Smoke, Havana Electric, Bally new, Lasses White. C RIGHT ON TIME, Recommendation, Who Knows Me, Humble. 7 Old Pop, Assume, Walespa, Newport Chicago Handicap. 1 Serbian, Spectator, Illusionist, Doctor Tubbs. 2 War Map, Acosta, Milda, Sweet and Pretty. 3 THIRTY SEVEN, Copyright Joe Tag, Lady Colito. 4 Rapid Stride, Fleer, Jack Pot Omega. 5 Ballynew, Havana Electric, Primus, Hum ble. G The Plainsman, Right on Time, Recommendation, Hughes Graham. 7 Assume, La Kross, Smart. Money, Old Pop. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Spectator, Climb, Illusionist, Doctor Tubbs. 2 Acosta, Milda, War Map, Sweet and Pretty. 3 Copyright, Little Romper, Thirty Seven, Bob Baker. 4 OBSTINATE, Rapid Stride, Monsoon, Aunt Deda. 5 Ballynew, Ed Garrison, Primus, Havana Electric. 6 Right on Time, Recommendation, Who Wnows Me, Hughes Graham. 7 Old Pop, Assume, Welespa, Smart Money. Observers Handicap. 1 Illusionist, Spectator, Serbian, Homer. 2 War Map, Milda, Acosta, Lucky Pearl. 3 Copyright, Joe Tag, Lady Colito, Thirty Seven. 4 Aunt Deda, Fleer, Obstinate, Rapid Stride. 5 HAVANA ELECTRIC, London Smoke, Ballynew, Humble. 6 Right on Time, The Plainsman, Hughes Graham, Recommendation. 7 Paula V., Assume, Newport, Smart Money. Consensns of Handicaps. 1 Serbian, Doctor Tubbs, Spectator, Il lusionist. 2 War Map, Acosta, Milda, Lucky PearL 3 Copyright, Lady Colito, Thirty Seven, Joe Tag. 4 Obstinate, Monsoon, Rapid Stride, Aunt Deda. 5 Ballynew, London Smoke, Havana Elec tric, Lasses White. 6 RIGHT ON TIME, The Plainsman, Recommendation, Who Knows Me. 7 Old Pop, Assume, Paula V., Smart Money. COLUMBUS The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are: Columbus, Ohio, August 19, 1924. 1 Reprieve, Receiver, Winnie Davis. 2 Barberry, Hambone, Virginia Goodwin. 3 Elizabeth Bean, Tister, Haidee. 4 Murphy, Locarno, Kimax. 5 Spring Vale, Pepper Tea, Be Trueman. C Chile, Lura, Satana, 7 DRUMMOND, Phelan, Mr. Beck. F. H. Sproule.

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