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ALBERT J. BURCHELL THE GENIUS OF THE TURF Two horses a day. Never more. Terms: 0, for one days service. SPECIAL OFFER Just to convince you. "Wire 5 and I will give you one week3 service. This offer is open for a few days. This ia the greatest organization for distributing the gennine winning information; controlling offices all over the country. DETROIT OFFICE: Whitney Office Building, 1138 Griswald St.. Suite 706, Detroit, Mich. CHICAGO OFFICE: Garrick Building, 64 "West Randolph St., Suite, 817, Chicago, 111. HEW YORK OFFICE: 126 Maiden Xano, Suite 302, New York City. YESTERDAYS TWO RELEASES: Wracklane ....... 15-1 Won Saint Savin . . . 6.80-32 Won FRIDAYS TWO RELEASES: OAKWOOD ..7.50- WON WATCHFUL ................. .... .2.70- WON THURSDAYS TWO RELEASES: BLOTTER 8.70- WON LAVEEN ...4.10- WON WEDNESDAYS TWO RELEASES: LADDIE BUCK .60- WON SUN FLAG .80- WON This organization serves its clients -on its merits and releases information that stands iron clad. Each and every horse is well meant, carries the backing of tho connections, and the investment should FT-ve to be Uke tho rock of Gibraltar. Arrangements aro being mado to open additional offices in San Francisco, Calif.; New Orleans, La., end Miami, Fla. This will enable all clients to receive a moro prompt service. The people doing business with this organization no doubt will vouch that this is the greatest winning service they have ever obtained. You can have your choice: Either subscribe for the service or watch the paper to be convinced. Remit 5.00 by wire to avoid delay to any above offices. NORMAN WELLS 06 BROADWAY SUITE 535 NEW YORK CITY TWO HORSES DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY A Record Monday Special Preparation for This Day Connections have advised that the releases Monday should pay at least 20-1 or better. YESTERDAYS RELEASES: UPSAL 10-1 WON SAINT SAVIN .. ....6.80- WON FRIDAYS RELEASES: NEW HOPE 9-2 WON OAKWOOD .... . ... 7.50- WON .THURSDAYS RELEASES: THE REAPER 7.80- WON BLOTTER .... .;. : . ... . .8.70-52 WON RECENT RELEASES: - GIPSY GOLD II, 1.60- WON COCKNEY 8-1 WON CALEMBOUR . . . . ....... v. .20- WON SOUTH BREEZE 9.40- WON CRACK O DAWN .10-1 WON DIMMESDALE 8-1 WON - . Do. not hesitate subscribe at once. First come, first served. Rush your subscription and avoid being hut out. TERMS: 0.00 DAILY NORMAN WELLS 206 Broadway New York City 1 N O BULLETIN I 145 "WEST 41ST ST. TfEW YORK CITY 0 DALLY. SPECIAL RATE, G DAYS, 5 T if IT PAYS TO GET REAL INSIDE INFORMATION When a horse pays 10-1 or better, clients owe m3 10 additional, to be wired day after racs. A 0 flat play on my horses, during the last twelve days, WON ,094.00 I 4 1 My one-horse wires included tho following big-priced winners: X Hurry Inn . . .37.90- Won Jacques 2.80- Won i Ivory ...9.90- Won Noel ........ .4.30- Won o Muldraugh . . .2.30- Won it And others that won at big prices, all filed in advance. o TOMORROW MONDAY TOMORROW I Monday, another big one. that should be even better than NOEL, 4.30-, WON, that I sent a 4 all subscribers last Monday. Gentlemen, I promise you all another big winner for Monday. Most of X it my clients have already renewed their subscriptions for next week. If you have not, then rush A 4 1 your subscription for next weeks service at once, at m7 special terms of 5 for six days, o Many big-priced surprises will be sent for winter money next waok and, believe me, we Will get O 4 1 our chare. Old and new clients, rush subscriptions at once and, remember, I will not hold yotf up, 49 4 waiting for codes, etc., but will wire you Mondays big long shot the minute I receive your 4and . 4 subscription. and 4 MONDAY WILL BE OTJR LUCKY DAY . A ;f MY INFORMATION CANNOT BE BEAT AT ANY PRICE THE INCOMPARABLE SERVICE won for its clients 3 last 5 days, on the scale. THIS SERVICE CAN BE HAD AT MODERATE COST. You can got THE INCOMPARABLE for comploto and do the work yourself. Easy. Simple. Join the - incomparables. The System Player is the advancod thought magazine. Free weekly clocksd horses that win, for an addressed stamped envelope. Get do October issue and begi na now career. by mail . Mail it now. Return mail brings" it. THE SYSTEM PLAYER, 499 Ridjowood Avenue, Brooklyn, N. X. GRANNONS SYSTEMS Send for Grannons Systems. Us:d by all famous race track plungers, past and present. Why rirk your mcney on the possible careless work of others? Teaches you to bs your ottzi handicapper, to roly upon your own figures, to stand upon your own feet; interesting and educational. THE GROOTE COMPANY Broadway and Broomo St. NEW YORK CITY Original Hindu THE REAL WONDER MAN OF THE TURF DELTARRA COS BROADWAY ROOM 430 NEW YORK CITY - TWO HORSES: .00 DAILY. 0.00 WEEKLY; .00 DAILY, 0.00 WEEKLY 5.00 WEEKLY FOR BOTH WINNERS NOT PROMISES That is what I give you fcr your money. For Monday I have one at Kentucky that has been specially prepared by my connections to win, and will be given FREE to all who subscribe to my service. Remember, my last FREE SPECIAL was AVISACK, 5-1, WON. TWO MORE BIG WINNERS: UPSAL 10-1 WON LEXINGTON MAID 7.00- WON FRIDAYS BOTH HORSES WON: Oakwood 7.50- Won Sanr Mengel 8.1 0- Won Hindus records will convince the most skeptical. If its facts you want, here they are. Of all hcrses sent out the past three weeks, only three were out of the money, and only two wore favorites. Here are a few that were given: The Archer 8.40- Won Avisack 5-1 Won Vice-Chairman . .2.10- 2D Skirmish 8-1 Won Alex Woodliffe.. .0.30- 2D Blackstone 5.70- Won Anticipation .10-1 Won Upsal 8-1 Won Hopeless .; 0.90- Won John Hager 7.40- Won HINDU THE BANKROLL REVIVER Subscription list open for a limited number of clients. I reserve right to return late subscriptions. Send money by telegraph or call at office. D EL TARltA. 208 BROADWAY ROOM 430 NEW YORK CITY JOE MeAULIFFE 429 SIXTH AVENUE ROOM 602 NEW YORK CITY .00 DAILY TWO HORSES A DAY 5.00 WEEKLY Old Timers Who Took Notice Certainly did clean up again. I am back in form, day after day, and my followers are cleaning up. SATURDAY I ADVISED, WIN ONLY: Wracklane 15-1 Won Lexington Maid .7.00- Won I promised you a long shot at Louisville and certainly did make good. What a sweet parlay you got for your money. FRIDAY I ADVISED A WIN PLAY ON: Oakwood . .7.50- Won Speckled Beauty 0.50- Won THURSDAY I ADVISED A WIN TLAY ON: Annie Lyle 5.20- Won The Reaper .... 7.80- Won .. WEDNESDAY I ADVISED A WIN PLAY ON: Laddie Buck . .60- Won Insulate 8-1 Won TUESDAY I ADVISED A WIN PLAY ON: . - Will Land ..50- Won Cockney 8-1 Won START WINNING MONDAY If you are not on iny list of followers, be sure to get on, today, as this should be another banner week. String along with a. wise crowd and get tho dough. City clients, please call. . Out-of-town clients, .wire money by Western Union or Postal Telegraph. cihe BUGLE JJ EVERY DAY JMjgpB SPECIAL AND 50 CENT LETTER AGAIN WE WON Yocterdays Special: Broomster .70- Won I told you that this gelding was shipped from Maryland for a banner Special. Day after day, week after week, our followers are winning following the Special on a flat play. We are over 00 Winner on a 0 FLAT PLAY following each and overy Special for the last six weeks. MONDAYS SPECIAL is one of the ripest melons at Churchill Downs. Dont hesitate. Rush right- now to your newsdealer and get Bugles Special. For Sale Today, Sunday We have tho strongest kind of word that she cant miss winning in a canter. FOR SALE TODAY, SUNDAY, FOR MONDAY ON THE 50 CENT LETTER 50-1 Parlay All in all we should have one banner day Monday. Rush Right Now to our agent in your city and get The Bugles Special and 50 cent Letter. By mail, special de- livery, both Special and 50 cent Letter in plain envelope, one week, 0. Send 0 to BUGLE PUBLISHING CO. 20 West Jackson Blvd. Chicago, 111. DETROIT FOR SALE AT Triangle Newsstand... Griswold and Lafayette Blvd. Family Theatre Newsstand Cadillac So.. ST. LOUIS Wm. Laser, 711 Market St. OH AH A, Neb. Myer Coren, .1411 Farnum St. CLEVELAND. O. O. Schrocdcr, 212 Superior St. KANSAS CITY Recksecker, 9th and Walnut Sts. MILWAUKEE Kirby Hotol, 4C2 Water St. CHICAGOANS FOR SALE AT Arcade Newsstand... 74 W. Madison St. ALSO AT ALL OTHER LOOP NEWSSTANDS AL TURNER ONE HORSE DAILY .C0 ADVANCE WINNINGS OF .00 PLAY WIN BEFORE YOU PAY AGAIN, AGAIN I WON Yesterdays Horso: BETTER TIMES .....6-1 WON OH, BOY, ANOTHER SWEET ONE. Treat me right, my friends, if you want plenty of winners. TERMS: advance, winnings of play, and all that remit at once will bo listed as "PREFERRED CLIENTS" and will positively get my information. Only one horse a day. A Probable Long Shot Monday Romit for winning horses on basis promised. LOOK AT THESE WINNERS: Fridays Horse: NOAH 10-1 WON Thursdays Horse: RIGEL 8-1 WON Wednesday s Horse : FRIGATE .50- WON Tuesdays Horse: COCKNEY .....8-1 WON Mondays Horse : BY HISSELF 5-1 WON Send a bill today ; give me a trial. You will be surprised. Agree, to terms. Reliable players only need apply. Wire money Western Union or Postal. AL TURNER Room 509, 23 Duane St. New York City Clocker J. Gilroy KREIGER HOTEL Second and Jefferson Sts. LOUISVILLE, KY. PAY AFTERYOU WIN MY CONNECTIONS ARE RELIABLE Direct track information is what I send you. Soveral big specials going this week. First one goes Wednesday, October 29th. My proposition Winnings of .00 straight bet. Send correct name and address at once. From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will be mailed you for one weeks !Pay trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp .to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach. Fla.

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