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WEEKLY BOOK, 35 CENTS. HAILED, 10 WEEKS, . DAILY SHEET, .00. FOR- SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS. HOT DOG! Again We Slaughtered the "Layers" I tell you, groggily they are reeling hanging on the ropes under the onslaught of the MASTER CLOCKER crowd. Yesterdays Big Advertised Special: CAPTAIN HAL . . .10- WON BROOMSTER .70- WON i I tell you, youve got to hand it to the MASTER CLOCKER. MONDAY ANOTHER SMASHING COLT At Louisville 6-1 on him Never in the history of our career have we been so confident Why, they TOLD US TO GO THE LIMIT Yes, sir, the limit. Rush, right now, to your newsdealer and ask for the DAILY MASTER CLOCKER .00. MAILED 2 WEEKS, .00. Address: 440 South Dearborn Street CHICAGO, ILL. DETROIT FOR SALE CHICAGOANS FOR SALE Triangle newsstand Griswold and Laiayetts Blvd. Arcade Newsstand 74 W. Madisofl St. Family Theatre Newsstands Cadillac Square. "adaSdiiS"4 QuJnCy StS,; COr- CTark ST. LOUIS Wm. Laser, 711 Market St.. 4-th st .. station, OMAHA, NE3, Myer Coren, 1411 Farnum St. And all other newsstands in Chicago. INDIANAPOLIS-Hoeslsin, 113 Illinois St. SHv0 214 of . , . . . KANSAS CITY Recksecker, 9th and w Walnut Sts. HAMILTON Halpeiin, 338 1-2 High St. MILWAUKEE Kirby Hotel. 432 Water St, ST. LOUIS Foster. 410 Wash St. AKRON-Swart2 Newsstand. I SUPREME FLASH "LITTLE NOISE" Wizard of Tnrfdom "BIG RESULTS" Two Horses Pally. ?10 Dally, or 5 "Weekly for Complete Service , , Extraordinary Offer toTEUA6 yoiS-IWT WOl! PtiL HOUSE." IF V HfV l"T ?25 entitles yon to oao -weeks service 6 y.J . . . , .... ,ic?e-Pio.- days, consisting of two horses daily, Also y DOM T HW TH J MSUB5CKI Bl NO. cur Eaper-supremo specials that go -when RE.NT 13V IO Qyi FOR. THE. SUP final O. K. is received from our connections, T7 ZrJr.. . r- ,-. nc i, who need no comment. Onr record of win TOMOZZOwOUf JREME- R-9SH niug SUPER-SPECIALS ia positively nn- ,Vand0 1 VOVA A I snrpassod. vvV Suy TH Jtifo "pSyoij And Again My Followers jjjjpl? CLEANED UP Ajj ilJa" fX YESTERDAYS FLASH: l iSSffe tevil Lexton Maid 7.00- Won IIIIS Rusti 7.30- 2d slllf Jj j?W V FRIDAYS SUPER - SUPREME SPECIAL: Jlfjf Jl Gray Gab,es -2.80- Won Yj jr lgk FRIDAYS FLASH: sSdr Sam Men2el -8.10- Won t 1-1 Erica .10- Won THURSDAYS FLASH: WEDNESDAYS FLASH: Hayward 41 Won Frigate 9-2 Won Sir Peter 1.80- Won Laddie Buck . ..60--Won TUESDAYS SUPER-SUPREME SPECIAL: LapTO wi Won Cockney ... 8-1 Won Courageous .4.50- Won flTONT ATTS FX ASH Billy Warren 4-1 Won Caiembour . . .8.40- Won SATURDAYS SUPREME SPECIAL: Dimmesdale .8-1 Won Our information comes direct from our connections at the principal tracks. Wire 0, for six days two horses daily, or 5 a week, for complete ssrvice, which includes all super-specials. Only weekly subscriptions will he accepted. Do not remit by mail. Wire correct name and address to avoid delay. Address all communications to SUPREME PUBLISHING CO. ICS "WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET NEW YORK CITY I WE WILL HAVE ANOTHER SPECIAL OUR LAST I Say 10-1- PARLAY M -10-1 BY WIRE was A Next T Saturday, a November 4 1st. Don f t Miss It . WINNER " " Next Saturday. November 1. we will have another Special Parlay. PoiH fcQ YZ, 11 wU1 bo a TWO-HORSE "WIN" parlay, which will ba wired to all rdlU po.Uv"J I subscribers. Our price for this information is only acd we believe that the parlay nncJ SH0ULD W,N AND PAY AT LEAST 10-1 hmc ONE GOES I , T In fact, so sure are wa that wo will have two winners at fair odds, ftJFY B that, if the parlay we wire you doss nnt n-imi a winmr and PAY 10 ll iv H to 1 at least, wo will mail you ABSOLUTELY FREE, GALLOPS QATHDnAY B WEEKLY, and PARLAY PAOE and instructions, for four weeks and On I UnUH I also wire you our Specials for Saturday, November 8, FREE. You can . i i cithsr mail or wire your subscription but you must act quickly to get NOVBITlDGr l Fur subscription to us in time. Dont miss this Special Parlay. Send today and say, "For your SPECIAL 10-1 PARLAY BY WIRE." DONT MISS IT GALLOPS 219 S. Dearborn St., CHICAGO, ILL. HmaMBHH Positively Nothing of Ours on Sale by Agents or Newsdealers Anywhere. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form Advertise in Daily Racing Form PLAYRITE SERVICE SEVENTH FLOOR 1454 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY Our telegrams give two horses daily, never more, with instructions for each investment. TERMS: Six Days service, 5. Twenty-four Days Service, ?80. One Years Service, 50. Again we put over two good ones. . - Yesterdays One Best: Yesterdays Members Special: Dangerous ...S8.30-S2 Won Quince King .4.70- Won We advised straight on. each and a straight and show parlay. All our horses are filed in advance with the Daily Racing Form. Oct. 24 One Best: Oct. 24 He tubers Special: GRAY GABLES 2.80- WON SAM MENGEI, 3S.10- "WON We advised straight on each and a show parlay Oct. 23 One Best. Oct. 23 Members Special: AMERICAN FLAG S4.70-S2 WON JUPITEH .3.00-52 WON We advised straight and place and a place parlay. Our releases for the last two weeks appeared in previous issues of this paper and clearly demonstrate what can be done with a combination of real information and intelligent play. During th last year we havo only had five losing weeks and at any tinw that a paid week losos, wo give another week free. Our information is unequaled and all clients should be cleaning I up in great shape. Those dosiring to join our organization should wire their subscriptions at B once, with address and wo will at once send them information and instructions for play. I ONLY FIVE HUNDRED NEW SUBSCRIBERS WILL BE ACCEPTED ! , j IMPORTANT NOTICE TO S. 0. SERVICE SUBSCRIBERS Our next 0 One-Horse Special goes Tuesday. This horse must win or our next two Specials FREE. Old subscribers are urged to wiro new subscription on expiration of old subscriptions. By doing so they will avoid missing good ones, OUR LAST 0 ONE-HORSE SPECIAL WAS: SAM MENGEL 8.10- . . WON Sent all members in goad standing and filed in advance. Nothing sent out Saturday nothing going Monday. Tuesdays horse is also at Churchill and comes from the same source that sent us the suddenly improved SAM MENGEL, 5.10-52. WON. If Tuesdays horse docs not win, you will receive two more 0 One-Horse Specials FREE. Our Specials have been famous for the last year. On no account miss Tuesdays horse, as 20-1 is expected. We will not delay your service, but will send Tuesdays horse on receipt of. flO. Use Western Union no Festal here. S. O. SERVICE Jamaica, N. Y. NOTE. Tell telegraph company to send your address, as it prevents delay. Clifford S. Balle 156 FULTON STHEET SUITE 535 NEW YOKK CITY YESTERDAY THE SECOND ENTERPRISE Wracklane 15-1, WON Yesterdays horse, like Thursdays horse, paid a good price. Clients were told the name of the horse thirty minutes hefore post time. No money was returned to the track. THURSDAY THE FIRST ENTERPRISE RIGEtJU, WON With unlimited funds and influential connections, a client of this service has unlimited possibilities to enrich himself. The next horse starts Monday, October 27. This enterprise, like the first, will have the benefit of the personal supervision of Mr. Parker. Terms for this enterprise are five hundred dollars 00, payable strictly in advance. Only twenty-five subscribers will be accepted. Clients must be in position to be reached by phone thirty minutes before post time. This office will be built upon a policy of honesty, secrecy and a square deal to all. Above all, there will be no misrepresentations. Only facts will be published. The above policy will be adhered to at all times. LOUISVILLE RACKS COL J. J.SCHREENER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER Thirty years experience as docker. YOU" CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOTJ 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS You will find mo to be just ten yoars ahead of the present.day people in my line. Rush your subscription. Dont fail to send your address. From me you get track conditions and no scratched horses, but fit horses. My many clients will vouch for my marvelous success at Kentucky tracks. Consult a specialist of the. game. I wire ono or two horses daily at 11 oclock. Telegraph remittances or remit by express ordor in letter. Propositions not considered. Strictly cash only. WEISSINGER-GAULBEItT AlTS. APT. 58-A. LOUISVILLE, KY. YOU CAN BEAT THE RACES The Superior System and Handicap Tables copyrighted gives you all the information necessary to make you a winner. Givos exact worth of each horse; tells when and how to wager; gives comparative speeds of 22 tracks from mile to 1 1-4 miles; gives speed, weight and beaten "allowances. In use for years by a few successful oporators, but never before offered the public. Makos handicapping an exact science and is so simplo that anyone can use it. Absolutely eliminates guesswork. Gives highest porcentago of winners of any system ever devised. Can be used at or away from track. Tells when long shots will win; when favorites will be beaten. Order now, dont wait. Price, by mail, .00. Use it 5 days and if not satisfied, return It and your money will be cheerfully refunded. Edition limited. SUPERIOR SYSTEM P. O. Box 3101 V St. Station Washington, D. C. LONG SHOTS At Churchill Downs. Persons of integrity will be wired diroct from the track some of the best investments during the above I mooting. Reliable information and a real opportunity. Our old clients know our ability, Terms: Winnings of a straight play 24 hours after raco. I GREGG SERVICE P. O. BOX 1680 CHICAGO, ILL. I Wonderful Winning System A cool, conservative method, wherein success is assured. Can be played at or away from tho track, with large or small capital. It gives a few soloct plays each week. Won big money on a straight flat play. Stood tho acid test with WONDERFUL SUCCESS for seven years. My systom gives many good-priced winners. Rosa Yeta 10-1 Gray Gables ..522.80-52 Havana Eltrlc.?10.40-02 Matter Billy 6-1 Insulate 8-1 Sir Peter Sll. 80-12 Prince - Hamlet 5.10-52 Conceal 519.00-52 Oakwood 527.5002 War Man 513.90-52 Small payment down; baianco as you win. Facts regarding systems that will open your eyes, FREE. Write: WATSON CORNELL 341 West 45th St. Room 201 New York City Thursdays Horse Won Have nnothcr going Tnesdny that should, win, barring accidents. All clients who have proved as pood as tnclr word on last Thursdays horse will receive Tuesdays for the same terms. But my terms to others are 55, In advance, and tho winnings of a 0 straight play, to he. wired next day. S. WRIGHT 9112 112th St, Richmond Hill, N. J

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