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FRANK H. COBURN Two Horses Daily Terms: 0.00 Daily The Man That Can Make You Win Jnst as I predicted yesterday in my ad, that I had two sure winners for each and every person that subscribed to my information. WAS I RIGHT? BELOW IS THE ANSWER: YESTERDAYS TWO HORSES: GAYLY 15-1, Won BRINKLEY , 13-5, Won Cashing on long shot winners is an every day occurrence with my clients. I am connected with the shrewdest horsemen in the country. That is the reason why, when I release horses to my clients, the result is never in doubt. I am on the grounds personally to see that every angle is well protected before I release any horses to my clients. ,000 REWARD will be given to any person or persons who can prove that the horses advertised above and below were not filed with this paper and released to my clients, five hours before post time. Notice! Notice! Notice! Connections have forbidden me to operate personally, as they need my assistance at the track. I have left for New Orleans, where I will supervise all plays. I was compelled to give up my Chicago office because the commissions on the horses that I released could not be placed properly. TEMPORARY OFFICE 728 Vermont St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Use "Western Union or Postal telegraph, only until further notice. PERMANENT OFFICE will be opened in a few days, as soon as the proper location ran be arranged. Old clients will receive their information direct from Xcw Orleans race track until my New York manager is properly located. TODAY TODAY Frank H. Coburn will demonstrate what it means to be connected with the SHREWDEST HORSEMEN In the country, when I release two horses today. TUESDAYS TWO HORSES: DAVE G OLDIE G-l, Won LUCIFER Won MONDAYS TWO HORSES: RANTER 17-10, Won RIGEL ; 3d SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: VILLAGER S16.70, Won BALLOT BRUSH .50, Won SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: SPARKLE STAR 4-1, Won TIPPITY AVITCHET .90, Won FRIDAYS TWO HORSES: CLAVICHORD 9.40, Won CARDIFF .50 Won THURSDAYS TWO HORSES: JOELLA J 1.70, Won ELEMENTAL .70, Won WEDNESDAYS TWO HORSES: QUECREEK 3d SNOW MAIDEN" 3d TUESDAYS TWO HORSES: ROCK POCKET .70, Won MARY AGNES .30, .10, 2d TUESDAYS TWO HORSES: NOTE O LOVE .90, Won SENOR 3.20, Won MONDAYS TWO HORSES: GRAEME .20. Won SWINGING Won SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: TENSIVE 6.10, Won HOMING BIRD 4.00, Won WEDNESDAYS TWO HORSES: FRENCH CANADIAN 1.50, Won VRANA .50, Won TUESDAYS TWO HORSES: EDINBURGH 5.80, Won JUDGE PRYOR .30, Won SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: RAND EL 2.10, Won ETHEREAL BLUE .40, Won DOC RILEY THE DOCTOR OF SECRET INFORMATION . - ONLY 0.00 DAILY PgpTHE MAN WHO GIVES SERVICE AT ONCE-gi AGAIN THE DOCTOR PUTS OVER A HEALTH PARLAY! Yesterday the Doctor Prescribed: GAYLY, 15-1, WON BRINKLEY, 3-1, WON TUESDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Dave Goldie 7-1, Won Lucifer 9-2, Won MONDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Pete the Scribe 4-1, Won Stormalong .3-1, Won SATURDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Piedmont 10-1, Won Elector 5-1, Won FRIDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Eagerness . . 0.80, Won Lieutenant II 8.90, Won 1 HEALTH PARLAYS FOR SICK BANK ROLLS I pfTODAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBES- For everybodys sick bank 10IL as usual two very good long shot pills, that should win by a city block and pay automobile numbers, advising1, as a special dose, a pjjrSO-l WIN PARLAY !- He also says to all sick bank roll owners, to wire daily, for healthprescription parlay and know what it means to be healthy financially. Wire 0.00 early and your correct address for immediate service. DOC RILEY 5 CORTLAND ST., OFFICE 14A, NEW YORK CITY "REAL LIVE WINNING INFORMATION" Gocker Ted Malone SUITE 2 159 WEST 33 JIB ST. NEW YORK CITY TEKMS: 0 WEEKLY. TWO HOUSES DAILY" YESTERDAYS MIRE: Galleon 8-1, Won Gayly 15-1, Won Ted Malonc is now located at New Orleans. He is also directly represented at Havana and Tijuana. All information will be released from his New York office. This assures all clients of the best winning Information that monc3 can buy. Every horse advised for play will be well meant and every effort made to put brackets aronnd him. This service will, be worth thousands to you. This is your opportunity to fatten up a bank roll for Christmas. The service consists of two horses daily, for six racing days, and will cost you 0.00 per week. This Is just a fractional part of its value to you. We promise that every horse sent out by Clockcr Ted Malone will give you a run for your money. Judge for yourself. Subscribe and irot on the winning side. TUESDAYS WIRE: Dave Goldie 6-1, Won Miss Meise 13-5, Won 3IONDAYS WIRE: Banter 17-10, Won Stormalong 3-1, Won TODAY 50-1 PARLAY By all means get in on this parlay today. We never felt more confident of two horses Jn our career? "Enuff Sed." City clients, call. Out-of-town clients, remit by wire. 10 REACH RACING FANS ADVERTISE IN DAILY RACING FORM SUSS Two Horses Jk The Man Who a Day esi Produced Most 0 Daily Winners NO WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTIONS PHENOM WIRED YESTERDAY: GAYLY 15-1, Won BRINKLEY 13-3, Won PHENOM WIRED TUESDAY: DATE GOLDIE 6-1, Won ELSASS 13-3, Won PHENOM WIRED MONDAY: GOOD WILL 18-5, Won PETE THE SCRIBE 7-2, Won PHENOM WIRED SATURDAY: ELECTOR a-1, Won PIEDMONT 10-1 Won PHENOM WIRED FRIDAY: LITTLE ALFRED 8-1 Won MISS KATE 1-1 Won PHENOM WIRED THURSDAY: MABEL C 8-1 Won BOY O BOY 10-1 Won THE PHENOM AT NEW ORLEANS I am on the grounds, personally, at Jefferson Park, supervising a few private specials for some of the "largest operators" in the country. All private specials will be included in my two horse daily service, which is released daily through my New York office. With the assistance of my exclusive connections, I will produce results, at the New Orleans meetings that will startle "the turf world." They call me "The Phenom" on all principal race tracks for the phenomenal results I produced. Owing to my high standing on all principal race tracks it is impossible td give my identity to the racing public, as my reputation would be jeopardized. My connections include information from owners, trainers and jockeys, who will always be my pals. Remit 0, at once, for one days service and be convinced of profitable results. Wire remittance, giving correct address, to avoid delay. Address all communications, THE PHENOM 799 BROADWAY ROOM 223 NEW YORK CITY HARVEY AMES EABLE BLDG. BROADWAY AT 52D STREET NEW YORK CITT Yesterdays "HARVEY TRANSACTION" had not won a race in eight months and finished second, at very good odds and, of course, was not the favorite. "Harvey Transaction" TODAY As in the case of yesterday, past performances should be entirely ignored. Subscription: 00, by telegraph or in person. This office states facts, not illusions. "Harvey Transaction" means One Horse, not a collection. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592. 2593 and 5749 NAT HOLTER Information of the Better Kind ROOM 430, 156 FULTON STREET NEW YORK CITY ?7.00 DALLY TWO WINNING HORSES A DAY ?25.00 WEEKLY YESTERDAYS TWO HORSES: MONASTERY , 15-1, Won BRINKLEY .....3-1, Won SPECIAL NOTICE TO CLIENTS Bear this in mind, when I say TWO WINNING HORSES A DAY, I MEAN IT. If you get a horse that does not win, you will get one the following day in place of the losing one. And, remember, any horse less than 2 to 1 counts as a loser, as the favorites are your property and are not information. TUESDAYS TWO WINNERS: DAVE GOLDIE .6-f, Won DORIUS 4-1, Won MONDAYS TWO WINNERS: PETE THE SCRIBE 7-2, Won STORMALONG 3-1, Won Office open all day to callers. Out-of-town clients, wire money, via Western Union or Postal telegraph. AL KENNEDY DIRECT TRACK INFORMATION That comes from ths scene- of action. ONLY ONE HORSE DAILY SIX RACING DAYS 0.00 WEEKLY AND AGAIN WE WON YESTERDAYS ONLY HORSE Gayly 12-1, Won TUESDAYS ONLY HORSE Colonel Lit 6.00, Won MONDAYS ONLY HORSE Toddy Toast ...30-1, 8-1, 2d Last week was a winning week and so was the week before. WINNERS COUNT AND KENNEDY SURE HAS A BIG TOLL Eoys, I am out to break my wonderful turf record of last winter. Just watch my smoke. Nuf sed. Better subscribe NOW; 0.03 pays for ono weeks subscription to my strictly One-Horse Daily Special. Call at office; wiro or mail your fee. Al Kennedy ICG 1ark Row Suite CIO New York City 0.00 DAILY 510.00 DAILY J.DALY 54 WEST 36th ST. NEW YORK CITY Deal With Daly Daily A WINNER FOR YOUR MONEY Wednesdays Dig Daily Horse Monastery 15-1, Won Tuesdays Rig Daily Horse Lucifer , 4-1, Won Mondays Big Daily Horse Stormalong 3-1, Won THREE DAYS SERVICE THREE WINNERS We have the final word on todays Super Special-Expect 8-1 Wiro MONEY EARLY Western Union or Postal telegraph.

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