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Daily Racing Form Handicaps JEFFERSON PARK The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: New Orleans, La., December S, 1921. 1 Little Alfred, Mcintosh, Piedmont. 2 BUTTRESS, Benedict Vow, Sancy. 3 Charles Henry, First Call, Nettie May." 4 Richelieu, Carnarvon, Spugs. 5 Cloister, Arabian, Polvo. G Rubien, Antonia, French Canadian. 7 Lugs, Staunch, Glentilt. J. L. Dempsey. Xcw York Handicap. 1 Little Alfred, Mcintosh, Piedmont, Uncle Abe. 2 Mabel C, Lucifer, Benedict "Vow, Buttress. 3 First Call, Old Paige, Charley Henry. St. Quentin. 4 Spugs, Gen. Cadorna, Carnarvon, Mano- kin. 5 PROVIDENT, Cloister, Arabian, Polvo. G Isaman, Kinsman, Gold Mount, Jaunebar. 7 Demijohn, Fair Orient, Lugs, Glentilt. Chicago Handicap. . 1 Little Alfred, Uncle Abe, Mcintosh, Boot Black. 2 Benedict Vow, Buttress, Mabel C, Speck led Beauty. 3 First Call, St Quentin, Charles Henry, Burgoyne. 4 Gen. Cadorna, Carnarvon, Richelieu, Ar- ragosa. 5 Cloister, Arabian, Polvo, Provident. G Quanah. Kinsman, Antonia, Rubien. 7 FAIR ORIENT, Lugs, Tulalip, Demijohn. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Mcintosh, Boot Black, Uncle Abe, Littlo Alfred. 2 Lucifer, Mabel C, Red Seth, Benedict Vow. 3 Trust Official, First Call, St. Quentin, Burgoyne. i Telescope, Previeux, Gen. Cadorna, Mano-kin. 3 CLOISTER, Provident, Polvo, Arabian. G Kinsman, Bessie Hope, Gold Mount, Isaman. 7 Lugs, Fair Orient, Superbum, Glentilt. New Orleans Handicap. 1 LITTLE ALFRED, Mcintosh, Whirlwind, War IdoL 2 Buttress, Benedict Vow, Speckled Beauty, Mabel C. 3 First Call, St. Quentin, Charles Henry. Old Paige. 4 Arragosa, Telescope, Gen. Cadorna, Car narvon. 5 Provident, Arabian, Polvo, Cloister. j Jaunebar, Kinsman, Quanah, Royal Charlie. 7 Demijohn, Superbum, Fair Orient, Tula-lip. Observers Handicap. 1 Little Alfred, Boot Black, Uncle Abe, Mc intosh. 2 Buttress, Benedict Vow, Mabel C, Lucifer. 3 First Call, St. Quentin, Charles Henry, Trust Official. 4 Gen. Cadorna, Carnarvon, Spugs, Riche lieu. 5 CLOISTER, Provident, Arabian, Clock Stocking. 6 Kinsman, Quanah, Bessie Hope, Antonia. 7 Fair Orient, Lugs, Superbum, Staunch. Conscnsns of Handicaps. 1 Little Alfred, Mcintosh, Uncle Abe, Boot Black. 2 Buttress, Mabel C, Benedict Vow, Luci fer. 3 First Call, Charles Henry, Trust Official, St. Quentin. 4 Gen. Cadorna, Richelieu, Spugs, Tele scope. 5 CLOISTER, Provident, Arabian, Polvo. C Kinsman, Rubien, Isaman, Quanah. 7 Lugs, Fair Orient, Demijohn, Glentilt. HAVANA I The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: Havana, Cuba, 3Jeccrabcr 3, 1924. 1 Pony Express, Leslie, Attoo. 2 Joe Joe, Erlanger, Richard Murray. 3 CACAMBO, The Gaff, Silver Springs. 4 Perhaps, Jewell V. D., Ege. 5 Grandson, Christie Holters, Lasting Love. G Attorney, Feigned Zeal, Shingle Shack. New York Handicap. 1 Atto, Leslie, Ilena, Full Again. 2 Joe Joe, Virgie K., Miss Holland, Jose phine C. 3 Star Court, Little Smile, The Gaff, Pirate McGce. 4 Bucado, Ege, Jewell V. D., Perhaps. 5 Christie Holters, Lasting Love, Grandson: Phelan. G GRANDEST, Attorney, Peter Pierson, Shingle Shack. Chicago Handicap. 1 Leslie, Pony Express, Attoo, Ilena. 2 Virgie K., Joe Joe, Midnight Stories, Josephine C. 3 Cacambo, Gail Ford, Little Smile, Star Court. 4 PERHAPS, Jewell V. D., Bucado, Ege. 5 Christie Holters, Phelan, Grandson, Last ing Love. 6 Attorney, Peter Pierson, Grandest, Feigned Zeal. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Cleopatra Boy, Seba, Pony Express, At too. 2 Virgie K., Miss Holland, Richard Murray, Erlanger. 3 Little Smile, The Gaff, Star Court, Fore warn. 4 Ege, Bucado, Jewell V. D., The Dictator. 5 PHELAN, Grandson, Lasting Love, Celia. 6 Shingle Shack, Attorney, Grandest, Feigned Zeal. New Orleans Handicap. 1 Pony Express, Attoo, Leslie, Ilena. 2 St. Angelina, Joe Joe, Miss Holland, Richard Murray. 3 Little Smile, Cacambo, Gail Ford, Fore warn. 4 JEWELL V. D., The Dictator, Ege, Bu cado. 5 Grandson, Lasting Love, Phelan, Tanlae. G Feigned Zeal, Attorney, Grandest, Peter Pierson. Observers Handicap. 1 Pony Express, Attoo, Ilena, Leslie. 2 Virgie K., Joe. Joe, St. Angelina, Jose phine C. 2 Star Court, Cacambo, The Gaff, Pirate McGee. 4 THE DioTATOR. Perhaps, Ege, Bucado. a Christie Holters, Lasting Love, Grandson, Phelan. C Attorney, Peter Pierson, Grandest, Shingle Shack. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Pony Express, Attoo, Leslie, Cleopatra Boy. 2 Virgie K., Joe Joe, St. Angelina, Miss Hol land. 3 cacambo, Star Court, Little Smile, The Gaff. 4 Perhaps, Bucado, The Dictator, Jewell V. D. 5 CHRISTIE HOLTERS, Grandson, Phelan, Lasting Love. 6 Attorney, Grandest, Shingle Shack, Feigned Zeal. TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are: Tijuana, Mexico, December 3, 1924. 1 Vibrator, Smile Again, Miss Caltha. 2 Runleigh, Busy Bob, Barriskane." S Zing, Plunger, Piedra. 4 FRANK FOGARTY, Zealot, Glanmore. 5 Spread Eagle, Time Exposure, Paula Shay. C Bright Idea, Thats the Time, Girl Scout. 7 Halu, Little Clair, Fair Rowena. C. McCarthy. New York Handicap. 1 Smile Again, Miss Caltha, Bantam, Edna Y. 2 Walter Dant, Barriskane, Emma Wil liams, Smiling. 3 Piedra, Plunger, Au Revoir, H. Warren. 4 Zealot, Frank Fogarty, Glanmore, Wed ding Prince. 5 TIME EXPOSURE, Paula Shay, Barn Dollar, Spread Eagle. 6 Girl Scout, Thats the Time, Publisher. Bright Idea. 7 Little Clair, June Fly, Cruzcrn, Honey Dear. Chicago Handicap. 1 Miss Caltha, Vibrator, Bantam, Smile Again. 2 Runleigh, Walter Dant, Barriskane, Sample. 3 Piedra, Flame, Full o Fun, War Winner. 4 Frank Fogarty, Zealot, Glanmore, Dolph. 5 TIME EXPOSURE, Coeur de Lion, Firm Friend, All Over. G Thats the Time, Publisher, Girl Scout, Bright Idea. 7 Halu, June Fly, Little Clair, Hyanpom. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Miss Caltha, Smile Again, Caliban, Time and Tide. 2 Walter Dant, Barriskane, Runleigh, Smil ing. 3 Marine Corps, War Winner, Au Revoir, Piedra. 4 GLANMORE, Zealot, Frank Fogarty. Wedding Prince. 5 Coeur de Lion, Time Exposure, Paula Shay, All Over. ; G Thats the Time, Girl Scout, Millwick, i Publisher. 7 Fair Rowena, Little Clair, Halu, Honey Dear. New Orleans Handicap. 1 Twin Fox, Home Plate, Green Spring, Bowsprit. 2 Emma Williams, Smiling, Busy Bob, Bar riskane. 3 Marine Corps, Au Revoir, War Winner, Full o Fun. 4 FRANK FOGARTY, Glanmore, Wedding Prince, Martha L. 5 Coeur de Lion, Spread Eagle, Barn Dollar, Time Exposure. G Thats the Time, Bright Idea, Skit, Millwick. 7 Little Clair, Tingling, Halu, Hyanpom. Observers Handicap. 1 Miss Caltha, Smile Again, Vibrator, Ban tam. 2 Busy Bob, Emma AYilliams, Barriskane, Runleigh. 3 War Winner, Zing, Piedra, Flame. 4 Zealot, Glanmore, Wedding Prince, Frank Fogarty. 5 TIME EXPOSURE, Firm Friend, Barn Dollar, Coeur de Lion. G Bright Idea, Girl Scout, Publisher, Thats the Time. 7 Little Clair, Halu, Hyanpom, June Fly. Conscnsns of Handicaps. 1 -Miss Caltha. Vibrator, Smile Again, Twin Fox. 2 Runleigh, Walter Dant, Emma AYilliams, Busy Bob. 3 Piedra, Marine Corps, Zing, War Winner. 4 Frank Fogarty, Zealot, Glanmore, Wed ding Prince. 5 TIME EXPOSURE, Spread Eagle, Coeur da Lion, Barn Dollar. G Thats the Time, Bright Idea, Girl Scout, Publisher. 7 Halu, Little Clair, Fair Rowena, Hyanpom.

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