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Two Horses Daily Terms: 0.00 Daily Was 1 Right? TShouId Say So! Yesterdays Two Horses: CANYON, 5-1, Won CHANNEL, 15-1, Won All I can say is THAT ONCE AGAIN my army of followers won a fortune on my two horses yesterday. Dont cry Blame yourself, if you were not with Frank H. Coburn yesterday Then, dont cry But BLAME YOURSELF Nuff Sed? Why lose your money when I can make you win? Day after day, week after week, my army of followers are winning handsomely. My record alone proves to you that "I can make you win." Get me? DO YOU KNOW YOU "CANNOT WIN" trying to dope em out or GUESS atthem? Horses dont run that way. YOU MUST GET THE "RIGHT STUFF" and I am the man who gets the "Right Stuff." Thats all 1 can say. Now, if you are wise, you will rush your subscription at once Time lost Money lost. ,000 Reward ,000 will be given to any person or persons who can prove that the horses advertised above and below were not filed with this paper and released to my clients five hours before post time. W Today Boys, I have two horses TODAY, and from the "info." I have on both of these, makes it look to ME like another "DOUBLE HEADER" for my army of followers, and also these two horses should both pay SMASHING BIG PRICES, and my advice is UNLOAD STRONG AND REST EASY. Tuesdays Two Horses Johnny Jewell 7-2, Won Sleivebloom 15-1, Won Mondays Two Horses: Asa Jewell 7-5, 1-2 . 2nd Midwestern Lost Saturdays Two Horses: Escolane 10-1, Won Jaunebar ...18-5, Won Fridays Two Horses: Warfare 12-1, Won Knights Bridge 20-1, Won A 00 parlay on my two horses won ,000. I am on the grounds every day and see that each and every angle is well protected before my clients make any investments. My record of winners should convince the most skeptical turf followers that I must know something about the racing game. NOTICE MY NEW OFFICE IS OPEN TODAY EVERYBODY PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: BE SURE AND SEND FULL NAME AND ADDRESS ROOM 301, 76 WILLOUGHBY ST., BROOKLYN, N. Y. Bob Caldwell .00 DAILY 0.00 WKEKLY OXE HORSE DAILY ONE 1 HORSE DAILY YESTERDAYS TRANSACTION: COLLISION 10-1, Won TUESDAYS TEANS ACTION : ST. NICHOLAS 6-1, Won MONDAYS TRANSACTION: TOD RENESOR . 30-1, Won SATURDAYS TRANSACTION: FIRMAMENT 12-1,5-1, 2nd Thero are men paying all kinds of money for information, and are dissatisfied -with it. Now, there is such a thing as getting real live information, -when it comes from the right party. I am in a position to get it. All I ask is a trial and I -will soon convince you of the value of this information. Ipf-VERY IMPORTANT-l A 5.00 SUPREME SPECIAL GOES TODAY. THIS HORSE IS THE SUREST THING THAT EVER FACED THE BARRIER, AND MUST PAY 10-1 OR YOU GET ONE WEEKS SERVICE FREE TO MY DAILY TRANSACTIONS. HERES YOUR CHANCE, BIG PLAYER. DO NOT MISS THIS. ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO BOB CALDWELL 2S7 BKOADIVAY XE1V YOltK CITY JIM REARDON TWO HORSE SERVICE DAILY 5 WEEKLY RELIABLE IXFOIOIATIOX From an organization -with powerful connections at New Orleans. Results, not glaring advertisements, THE REARDON SERVICE. YESTERDAY OUR SERVICE WAS: CANYON 5-1, Won VAN PATRICK 6-1, Won TUESDAY OUR SERVICE. WAS: SLEIVEBLOOM 15-1, Won PULL O 1UX S29.S0, Won Nothing is gained or attained unless effort and outlay of money placed at the disposal of those working .for your success. , XM AS MONEY FOR YOU Invest today, profit tomorrow. Send 5 now. Make this a tig winning week. Both daily horses must pay at least 3-1 or you get additional service FREE. Send wires Western Union or Postal. J. REARDON ROOM 509, 106 PARK ROW NEW YORK CITY DAILY RACING GUIDE HAS THE WINNERS BUY IT EVERY DAY I Two Horses Tne Man Who a Day SlSiikNcrB Produced Most 0 Daily SLffliMBL Winners 3fO WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTIONS STOr LOSING YOUR GOOD 3I02TEY Wire 0, at once, and receive Phenoms information for one day and he thoroughly convinced who it producing real winning information. Enough said. Another winning douhle for all "Doubting Thomases" to take notice: PHENOM WIRED YESTERDAY: CHANNEL 15-1, Won RUBIEN C-l, Won BPJiIVATE INFORMATIONS I release the best information obtainable, besides m7 psrsonal efforts, also sparing no expense, trying my utmost to make each and every turf investment a successful return. If you are in the least skeptical, wire 0, for one clays service and be convinced that my record stands unexcelled. PHENOM WIRED TUESDAY: BUTTRESS 9-10, Won PRINCE If 9-2, Won PHENOM WIRED MONDAY: GAYLY ; :..9-2, Won CORINTH 3-1, Won PHENOM WIRED SATURDAY: ESCOLANE 10-1, Won SEA COURT ...S-l, Won PHENOM WIRED FRIDAY: KNIGHTS BRIDGE 20-1, Won WAUKULLA 9-3, Won Phenom Wired Thursday: Phenom Wired Tuesday: Phenom Wired Saturday Kinsman .2-1, Won Dave G oldie 6-1, Won Elector .,-1, Won Boot Black Third Elsass 13-5, Won Piedmont 10-1, Won Phenom Wired Wednesday: Phenom Wired Monday: Phenom Wired Friday Gnyljr 15-1, Won Good Will 18-5, Won Little Alfred S-l, Won Brinhley .13-5, Won Pete the Scribe ..7-2, Won Miss Kate 4-1, Won THE PHENOM AT NEW ORLEANS I am on the grounds, personally, at Jefferson Park, supervising a few private specials for some of the "largest operators" in the country. All private specials will be included in my two horse daily service, which is released daily through my New York office. With the assistance of my exclusive connections, I will produce results at the New Orleans meetings that will startle "the turf world." They call me "The Phenom" on all principal race tracks for the phinomsnal results I produced. Owing to my high standing on all principal race tracks it is impossible to give my identity to the Taring public, as my reputation would be jeopardized. My connections include! information from owners, trainers and jockeys, who will always be my pals. Remit 0, at once, for one days service and be convinced of profitable results. Wire remittance, giving correct address, to avoid delay. Address all communications, . THE FHENOM 799 BROADWAY ROOM 223 NEW YORK CITY GEORGE LAMAR Room 78, 33 Union Square NEW YORK CITY .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY STRICTLY ONE HORSE A DAY YESTERDAYS INVESTMENT Canyon 5-1, Won Yesterdays ?10O Special postponed. GOES TODAY. TUESDAYS INVESTMENT St. Nicholas ...6-1, Won YESTERDAYS 00 SPECIAL Sleivebloom 15-1, Won MONDAYS INVESTMENT Antonia .5-1, Won SATURDAYS INVESTMENT Escolane 10-1, Won FRIDAYS INVESTMENT Warfare 12-1, Won FRIDAYS ?100 SPECIAL Previeux 12-1, Won 6 to 1 or Better TODAY I ADVISED ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS NOT TO MISS YESTERDAYS HORSE. THOSE THAT PARTICIPATED IN YESTERDAY1 S INVESTMENT WERE WELL REWARDED. I HAVE AGAIN INFORMATION ON A HORSE FOR TODAY WHICH IS ANOTHER SURE WINNER AND SHOULD PAY AT LEAST 6-1 OR BETTER. DO NOT HESITATE BUT ACT AT ONCE. Very Important A grave mistake was made in yesterdays "ad." My terms are not .00 or 0.00 weekly, but are .03 daily or 0.00 weekly. This information is easily worth 5.00 daily. All those that forwarded me .00 will receive service just the same. Special Notice!! To all those subscribing for one weeks investment, I will give one additional weeks service absolutely frec--this includes my 00 Specials and all late Specials. Here is your chance to partake in a real smart proposition. Free Today ! Free Today ! Big 00 Special will be given FREE to all with todays investment. Your subscription MUST bo received not later than 1:45 p. m". or you cannot get rervice until the following day. WIRE WESTERN UNI.ON TELEGRAPH. ADDRESS ABOVE. , Frank Odom HORSES ONLY WHEN POSITIVELY READY "WON" AGAIN "WON" And once again I proved to you that I get the "real stuff." And once again my followers won." YESTERDAY "I GAVE" CHANNEL 15 -1, Won ONLY "ly advice was to 60 the "UMIT" to "WIX All my clients who received this winner must remit 5.00, which is the winnings of a .00 straight play, in order to get in on the next horse Friday. TUESDAY "I GAVE" Sleivebloom, 15-1, Won MONDAY "I GAVE" Tod Renesor, 30-1, Won These are the only three horsas I sent out. "Boy. oh, boy," what a lacing those "poor bookmakers" got from my army of followers on these 3 above winners. If you were not with me, you still have- a chance to "win plenty," and when I say win plenty, 1 mean it. This is the "surest" thing that ever faced the barrier at New Orleans. FridayDec. 12 Friday I have something that will "surprise" you going Friday. 20-1 "OR BETTER" is just the price this horse should pay and "win" in a common gallop. "I am so sure" this horse will win and pay the "above price, that, if it dont, I will agree to give you my next three horses absolutely free. Dont Hesitate ! If You let this opportunity get away from you Friday, you never will "forgive yourself." Mr. Player, if you wish to participate on this winner Friday, rush by Western Union or Postal telegraph and agree to send the winnings of a five-dollar straight play, and deduct the five you sent, after you have collected the winnings. FRANK ODOM 5 COURT SQUARE SUITE 9 BROOKLYN, N. Y. I Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing tho races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No chargo unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to X K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach, Fla.

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