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Advertise in Daily Racing Form. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COUBT CHICAGO, ILL. HarVey Ames, Inc. EARLE BUILDING BROADWAY AT 52d STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. WON! I Odds 6-1 Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction," and, of course, the only horse advised by this office, won at odds of better than 6 to 1. We attempt not the occasional coup but a conservative service that is commensurate in its success with years of experience, ability and a liberal expenditure of money. HarVe Transaction Toda Subscription, 00, in advance, by telegraph or in person. Mr. Ames personally is at the track and reports an exceptional opportunity that has been long prepared for this race. .TELEPHONE NUMBERS: Circle 259 1. 2592. 2593. 5749, 1434, I435 i Qdily Gode Service OF THE Weekly Racing Guide Two Release Daily of Highest Quality by Able Handicappera jB Noted I j M Sb Long Shot Specialist The Turks Release for Thursday: XAIOKIA: Six-Break-Feed. Will go well here. Budfetson 1 Information ylUm. Wizard From the West Watsons Release for Thursday: LATONIA: lire-Pad-SUnd. Looks like a cincb. FOR CODE. BUY ISSUE OF JUKE 18 WEEKLY Racing Suide 25 Cents All Newsstands. Subscription rates, per month fix months, .00; one year, 0.00. DAILY RACING CHART. Inc. Pakllskera 167-159 East Thirty-Second Street Mew York. 21. T. HHP WEEKLY BOOK, 35c AT AT.T, NEWSSTANDS DAILY SPECIALS OCCASIONALS, Hurrah! Again It Won YESTERDAYS SPECIAL: Colonel Shaw, .20, Won TUESDAYS SPECIAL: Cooncan, .10, Won MONDAYS SPECIAL: Dedans, .80, Won SATURDAYS SPECIAL: Long Point, .80, Won Again we CLEANED UP. Every day we are WINNING on the DAILY SHEET. TODAYS Special, 2nd Race Latonia is placed in the right spot and the connections are MIGHTY CONFIDENT and DOWN to a MAN. For this one rush to your newsdealer and ask for the Daily Master Clocker AT AT.T. NEWSSTANDS I BILLY KELLYS Code Book No. 303 KELLYS CODES FOR THURSDAY: LATONIA Egg-7-22-9-1-20-11. BLUE BONNETS Bun-22-26-11-20-2-4-23-12-26. DUFFERLN Rey-5-23-25-5-3-2-4. FAXUMOUKT Ham-5-3-S -10-19 -20 - 8. WASHINGTON Ham-16-12-26-8-23-26-9. AQUEDUCT Egg-21-23-4-20-23-22. A new book with new code published every Thursday. Price, one dollar. Sold by your dealer or direct from WM. BURKE KELLY 21 EAST 3RD STREET CINCINNATI. OHIO rilLL Beating the Races" lG-pagc booklet of real inside information by a retired turf speculator. No charge. Simply mail this nd and 4c postage to J. K. WILLIS 8122 SmSl- Subscribe for Daily Racing Form THE BELL ONE HORSE : 5 DAILY Yesterdays Bell Investment: RAN THIRD It is not our custom to offer excuses "when our horse fails to win. We do not promise 100 per cent winners because we realize that making good on such extravagant pledges is impossible. We have yet to make a promise that we have not fulfilled, and this Is the explanation for our constantly growing clientele of satisfied investors. The Bell is not a fly-by-night organization, but a sound institution, backed and operated by substantial business men with the idea of furnishing their own class of players with profitable firsthand information. Since June 4, when this service was inaugurated, our clients have enjoyed a continuous profit a record.unexcelled In the turf information field. Today s Bell Investment may not establish a new record so far as price Is concerned, but it is the safest medium for speculation that has come our way in a considerable period. Our connections advise us that the best jockey available has been engaged to ride and no precaution is being neglected to safeguard the interests of our clients In this matter. If any conditions develop which are not to the liking of our connections, this horse will be withdrawn, as was done on one occasion last week. STJBSCEIPTIONS, 5 By Wire or in Person. City subscribers who cannot call in person should telephone our office and we will arrange free messenger service. THE BELL 10 N. CLARK ST., SUITE 1102 CHICAGO, ILL. Phones: Randolph 5228-5229-5230 OFFICE HOTJBS 9 A. II. to 5 P. M. Daily. JOCKEYS Gregory and SmaUwood TWO-HORSE WIRE DAILY Before members of the Central States Newsdealers Group would agree to handle Gregory and Smallwoods Two-Horse Wire, they insisted on a practical demonstration of the value of the information. Jockeys Gregory and Smallwood readily agreed to this condition, and for five days they are filing their daily releases with this newspaper before making their information available to the public. They are confident that this five-day test will convince not only the newsdealers but the racing public as well that they have real information. Wednesday, June 22 JOCKEY GREGORYS SPECIAL: Hobcaw, 9.35, Won JOCKEY SMALLWOODS SPECIAL: Aromatic, 5.30, Won Tuesday, June 21 JOCKEY GREGORYS SPECIAL: DIGNUS 0.00; Won JOCKEY SMALLWOODS SPECIAL: LI EUTEN ANT SETH $ 8.80, 2nd Monday, June 20 JOCKEY GREGORYS SPECIAL: PETER WHIFFLE. ...9.50, Won JOCKEY SMALLWOODS SPECIAL: LEDGE 4.40, Won SPECIAL OFFER ! BIG SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL GOES SATURDAY, JUNE 25! This horse will be released free to all who send 0 for a weeks subscription to Gregory and Smallwoods TWO-HORSE WIRE, which retails for daily. You can save 52 and obtain this wonderful SPECIAL. Free ! Wire 0 today to CENTRAL NEWS COMPANY Sole Distributors for GREGORY AND SMAX.L.WOOD Suite 315, 17 W. Washington St. Chicago, III. mpv nui n THE MAN WHO CAN MAKE YOU WIS unuiii final Daily Special ALSO Occasional WAS I RIGHT? Yesterdays Special: WON AGAIN AT GOOD ODDS!!! Once more JACK FIELDS army of followers CLEANED DP as my advice was PLAY WIN ONLY! This one came from the same source that sent down Tuesdays Special. AVIATOR, 3.40, WON There is a RIOT for JACK FIELDS dally and SPECIALS. pjf mill 00 TODAY OK 0 INVESTMENT"! Rush to your NEWSDEALER and get JACK FIELDS and SPECIALS, then PARLAY BOTH, and you should win over 00 on a 0 BET! 1 TODAYS FREE CODES: FALRKOTSNT Dinner-Knee-Skin-Cream-Knee. LATONIA Dinner-Love -Knee-Fine-Lace. CHICAGO PLAYERS NOTICE: I KNOW THE WINNER OF THE THIKD RACE AT WASHINGTON TODAY. SHOULD PAY 8-1 OR UETTEIt, AND WIN SURE. "FREE TO EVERYONE." Call or phone. 36 W. Randolph St., Room 67, Chicago, 111. Phone DEArborn 4186 SUPREME FLASH - TODAYS FREE CODES: WASHINGTON PARK: June-80-7-17-15. LATONIA: March-14-1-17-24. TAD HOWE Jfe Room 601 fHffi 35 S. Dearborn St: andY Chicago ftSfmP TERMS: Daily MfiflT for 3 Days 4? 0 Weekly Xjff Colonel Seth, .00, Won Was my special yesterday. Erla Lee II., .70, Won Was my special Tuesday. Pug, .80, Won Was my special Monday. 0 flat bets won over 03 on my specials last week. Todays special is by far the best proposition of the week and should pay a handsome profit. Occasional clients and system players are ia-vited to check over my record at all times for the purpose of proving the superiority and money making possibilities of my information. Call or wire subscription. LOSERS, SKEPTICS, DOUBTERS, ATTENTION You have been rending my ads about the Ilaldwin method that wins on strictly flat bet bnsis. Positively no progressing. Wins on a or ,000 flat bet. Requires simply enough for ten bets. No handicapping, no selections used. Nearly ,000 winner this month, nearly ,400 last month; positive winner past five years. Subscribe nt once. Send 0 and receive system. Ilalance of 0 due 0 monthly. Office open 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. J. F. Baldwin, 1303 Lexington At., near 88th St., New York. Phono Lenox 0758. .

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