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fmmmH!TTmmT Wednesdays Sportsmans Winners: ITOECNARLAYJSINCJ D|AQUR| # WQN 1 f W|l I ■ I ■ 1 11 BARASHKOVA, $ 7.64, WON B lil H .4 I H 8 «■ 111 Tuesdays Parlay: II lAWI fill 1 1 HI IJ PAR VALUE, $ 7.40, WON E4MAJLJLMJLaSL+ POINT BREEZE, 0.00, LOST a*- LET ME PROVE THAT THE "RACES" CAN BE BEATEN -WB ■T* THURSDAY— LIMIT WIN PARLAY— 50 FOR -« When I say "LIMIT PRICED WINNERS," I DO NOT MEAN "FAVORITES." A GLANCE AT MY PAST RELEASES PROVES THAT "I MEAN EXACTLY WHAT I SAY" and "BELIEVE ME" when I tell you that TODAYS TWO ARE THE "REAL" McCOY." TWO "GOOD THINGS" THAT SHOULD NEVER LEAVE THE "RESULTS" IN DOUBT ! ! WT FREE! SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY! FREE! TODAY ONLY! *«■ ■•"FREE! LIMIT WIN PJMLICO PARLAY! CONCRETE PROOF TO SKEPTICS!-*! Come with me today all you "Doubting Thomases" — 111 give enough proof to satisfy the most hardened turf skeptics that what I say goes. Ill give you a chance to give that "Bookie" of yours the "horse laugh" for months to come — and dont forget, these two limit Pimlico winners are free today to all new subscribers — dont miss them ! ! DONT HESITATE! SUBSCRD3E NOW! TERMS, DAILY! City clients, call in person or phone — FRANKLIN 6596— for messenger service absolutely no charge. Out-of-town clients, wire via Postal Telegraph or Western Union. Service wired by fast telegram. No delay ! ! JACK FIELD, 35 South Dearborn St. Room 708, Chicago, III. OCCASIONAL CODE: CHURCHILL: Wall-Call-Easy-Salt-Deed. 10-1 shot. Play win and place. Won Again YESTERDAYS TOP HORSE: AND OCCASIONAL CODE: Flaming Mamie .20, Won NOTE Again we call your attention to the fact that if you want the DERBY WINNER, be sure and ORDER YOUR COPY NOW from the newsdealers, before he sells out. Ask for the WEEKLY MASTER CL0CKER 35 CENTS, AT ALL NEWSSTANDS It Won YESTERDAYS TOP HORSE: Diaquri 4.16, Won Another TOP HORSE that BOUNCED DOWN IN FRONT at a MIGHTY NICE PRICE. We said GO THE LIMIT. ■/I/ f ""T"7V "TV" DIRECT STABLE INFORMATION Two Horses a Day — In Code Form PAYS FOR SIX DAYS SERVICE BILLY KELLYS RELEASES FOR THURSDAY: CHURCHILL DOWNS— S 3-20-16-3. AURORA— S-2-5-5-3. WM. BURKE KELLY 423 PLYMOUTH COURT. CHICAGO. ILL The Chicago Weekly Tort Bulletin and Sports Record Price, 85c— Ob Hale fcver*wn*r* — Pnw Sando TODAYS THURSDAYS FREE CODE: PIMLICO— May-Peoria-St. Paul-Omaha. CLOCKERS REVIEW PUB. OOL For Sale on All Stands— 35 Cents Per Copy Todays Free Code: PIMLICO— Brown-20-tS. TODAYS CODE PARLAY: PIMLICO— Spurs-4-24. CHURCHILL— Tail-9-19. SUPREME FLASH TURF WEEKLY Todays Free Code: PIMLICO— Jan.4-5-23-1. Todays Code Parlay: PIMLICO— Bench -23-21 and CHURCHILL — Table-3-li. Todays Pimlico Release: PIMLICO— Whip-21-25. Jockey Wm. Munden Americas Sensational Money Rider TERMS, DAILY FOR MY LAST-MINUTE PARLAY YESTERDAYS LAST MINUTE PARLAY: DR. FREELAND, .56, WON INTERPRETER, LOST W ANOTHER SENSATIONAL LAST-VI W MINUTE PARLAY GOES TODAY "WtL 0 FOR Two speed marvels go to the post for Jockey Munden and his followers. Every angle pertaining to these races have been looked after in order that no mistakes will be made. Take my advice and dont pass it up. Rush your at once and get in on THIS GIGANTIC DOUBLE HEADER FREE— TODAY— FREE Take my advice, dont go to the race track until you have a chat with me. Ccmc up to the office and see me. I am sure I will make it worth your while. Dont forget, all readers are entitled to my big Sportsmans Park Special Free. ■•YOU DONT HAVE TO SPEND A"*i ■F" PENNY TO GET IT *m Out-of-town subscribers, wire your subscription at once. City clients, call in person. Address All Communications to JOCKEY WM. MUNDEN 123 West Madison St. «th Floor, Chicago, III. WEEKLY RACING GUIDE FOLLOW GUIDE COMMISSION HORSE Readers in the following cities, call accompanying numbers: Chicago Readers, Call Wabash 7124 Cincinnati, Ohio Main 4200 New Orleans, La. Main 3678 New York, N. Y Bogardns 6900 San Francisco, Calif. Market 1624 St. Louis, Mo Garfield 4739 Cleveland, Ohio Kenmore 1153 or 1965-J In addition to the above release, other winning services given out by RACING GUIDE are the daily-releases of Carmac and Asa Powell. FOLLOW THE GUIDE FOR WINNERS CARMAC CARMACS RELEASE FOR THURSDAY: PIMLICO— Wed.-l 1-22. ASA POWELL ASA POWELLS RELEASE FOR THURSDAY: PIMLICO— Fri.-1S-47. FOR CODE BUY ISSUE OF APRIL 29 TUESDAYS COMMISSION HORSE: THREAT, .46, WON THURSDAYS SECRET SOCIETY SPECIAL: SKUNK— Piccolo-52-17. WEEKLY RACING GUIDE Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly Subscription Rate— One Month, .25; Six Months, ; One Year, 0. 421 Plymouth Court Chicago, HI. HiUJilitiiliH 50 CENTS DAILY— ON NEWSSTANDS YESTERDAYS PRESIDENT: VOLTA MAID, .08, WON SPECIAL GOES TODAY— WIRE NOW TODAYS PRESIDENT: PIMLICO— Whip-15-20-6. PIMLICO— Spurs-7-8-11. TODAYS DIRECTORS: PIMLICO— Rat-6-16-23. CHURCH.— Dog-17-20-13. SIX DAYS DIRECTORS— ANDY. 145 West 41st St., New York City A. J. McKEEVER 145 West 41st St. Fifth Floor, New York City Todays Two Code Horses: PIMLICO— Coat-27-15-4-27 and PIMLICO— File-10-2-27-22. PRIVATE POOL PARLAYS Daily— Two Horses a Day MAN O WAR TURF WEEKLY- Todays Jockey Code: COW— Jones-27-32-40-24. Free Code: PIMLICO— Saddle-25-34-24-25. Code Parlay: CHURCHILL— Jack-55-31-61-45 and PIMLICO— Harry-27-61-45-15. ~~ GRAND STAND TURF WEEKLY FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS— 35 CENTS Todays Free Code: CHURCHILL— Prom-14-17-26-29. TODAYS CODE PARLAY: PIMLICO— Buddy-48-32. CHURCHILL— Irving-41-30. SYSTEM -PLAYERS --- NOTICE! A new fcco»er thai really beat* the races. Will tend out aew Kentucky Syrian on 10 day* tree trial. Mas! pick 3 winnen daily •t each track oi you owrui nothing Send or youi tree copy today. Write- SECOR PUB CO. De»t. 5 AURORA, ILL. I |fm ■ ~ • ■•■• ■ WT m ACCIAIMED BY EVERY HtVSPAPlR IN THE *J SB B . COONTKT FOR HY SUCCESS . I um m « . a* 4.»wi im m fA«. SULLIVAN aJL» NOV READY AGAIN* BOOKIES C5KT like jit *#| ~ m T WATCH MY * SMOKE." WEDNESDAYS PORTSMANS PARLAY: MONDAYS PARLAY: j gu£M*H*and WAYWD LAD, 0.08, .14, 2ND ffiU?,|;N MARIE JEAN, Ran Ran Second becond LOFTY HEIGHTS, .94, LOST TUESDAYS SPORTSMANS PARLAY WON i .flgJflEL1**! PEGGY LEHMANN, 4.90, ..Ail WON Horses names cannot be mentioned because of special reasons. FULL TILT, 6.48, WON REMEMBER, "YOU CANT WIN" IF YOU EXPECT TO PICK EM YOURSELF. REMEMBER, PARLAYS PAY MONEY*. W*~ WATCH SULLIVAN "SLAUGHTER" BOOKIES TODAY **■ Here is a chance for YOU to WIN 00 for every you bet on todays parlay— ENUFF SED ! TERMS. A DAY. Chicago players, dont go to the track before you see me. COME UP AND SEE THE LARGE CROWDS AT MY OFFICE. HOW THEY ARE CLEANING UP ON "SULLIVAN " PARLAYS every day! If you cannot come, PHONE RANDOLPH 9195-919*. Parlay sent to you with messenger. NO EXTRA charge for messenger. Out-of-town players, send . Parlay wired you fcy fast wire. J. SULLIVAN, 127 N. Dearborn St. Suite 1325-1827, Chicago, III. mffTEuttl The "Pink Sheet" Price, 15 Cents ON SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS Regren Pay-Off: 3.60 WW REGREN frequently sidesteps the choices to pick a horse that many of the track players overlook who do not follow his selections. CHILTENNY, 3.80, was such a winner at Aurora Tuesday, and he liked Chiltenny so well that he made him the AURORA PAY-OFF HORSE. ALL REGREN WINNERS PAY GOOD PRICES GETTIN EVEN, Regren Churchill Downs Tip, 7.02, WON TADCASTER, Regren Aurora Tip, 5.70, WON JACK BIENER, Regren Sportsmans Park Tip, 7.90, WON PAR VALUE, Regren Pimlico Tip, 7.40, WON — And a Good Many Others WW ARUNDEL, 3.80, was Lucky Larrys Calculated Play and a Bassett Pimlico winner. Lucky Larry, who tells you what to play and how much to play, had on Arundel at nearly 6 to 1. THURSDAYS TWO FREE CODES: CHURCHILL DOWNS— Poor-47-34-41. AURORA— Rich-41-3©-30. TO DECIPHER FREE CODES BUY A TELEGRAPH CHICAGO DAILY TELEGRAPH 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. per Month by First Class Mail per Month by Air Mail WILLIAM BROTHERS 2S7 FIFTH AVE. NEAR 29TH ST.. SUITE 601. NEW YORK CITY OUT OF EACH 00 WON IN TEN DAYS, PAY US 5 SPECIAL OFFER: WIRE S3 FOR YOUR SHARE OF EXPENSES— TEN DAYS SERVICE There are no strings attached to this offer. For ten days we will wire you a two-horse parlay. A ten-day trial should prove that we handle the best information obtainable at any price. Our connections assure you real information which should prove sensational. Todays Parlay Should Win and Pay 50 for — Receive 10 Days Service MONDAY, MAY 8, AT PIMLICO— SPECIAL TRANSACTION GOES— DONT MISS IT— SUBSCRIBE TODAY! We know that if you are on the square you will send in your share after we show the above profit. Those not fulfilling our requirements will immediately be taken off our telegraph list. You play a win parlay for ten days on the two horses we wire you. When the ten days are up, wire us 5 out of each 00 you have won and we will continue. Overhead expenses obtaining this information are enormous, In order to help with same, we require you to telegraph now via Western Union or Postal Telegraph, which amount may be deducted from oar share at the end of ten days. ■ — — ■— — — — — — —m and r*F£S*EF* RAY paxon * AMERICAS LEADING HANDICAPPER AND TURF 6V*#l~ll~tf THAT WOWDCRFUl TURF WEPaY ■ INFORMANT WIRE SHOW CONSIS- FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS-PRICE. 35c SPALS TENT PROFIT TUESDAYS FREE CODE: FIRE MASK, .38, WON THREE 0F THE gand£F* 0NE SEC0ND SATURDAYS FREE CODE: WEDNESDAYS WIRE RELEASE- PEGGY LEHMANN, 4.90, WON barney sexton, 7th churchia It Will Cost You Five Cents a Day ON slg™ER RECENT WIRE SPECI£ 2ND to convince yourself that COMPASS is actually pub- SETHS BALLOT, .82, WON lished for the player, working against the layer. YOUNG BILL, .16, WON AMDACC DIIQI IQUIKlf* f*f Paxon has a number of other winners of this kind up/irMo ruBLioninvj w. limjd up for his clicnts for the Iiext few weeks A 104 West 42nd St. New York City nunD«r of racers have been working out at both Churchill and Pimlico, and all appear to be in the TODAY S FREE CODE: prime of condition and ready for winning efforts. GREEN— Bill-46-60-42-44. Several of the racers have not faced the barrier TODAYS CODE PARLAY: during the past winter and will start at good odds. ""SKtEESSSS?** another wire special Todays Clockers Code: PIMLICO— Nash-55-37-47-47. SATURDAY M This racer will start at Pimlico and, from the word f* a T% DD A TV my trackman sends, the horse is ready and cant V/IVL Dm.JmJ I possibly lose. Other connections I have in various 35 cents TURF WEEKLY 35 cents cities claim a large amount of money is showing for Sold on All Newsstands the horse, and it comes from a clique which has put YESTERDAYS FREE CODE: over a number of betting coups during the past winter. VOLTA MAID, .08, WON RUSH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AT MONDAYS ONE BEST BOOK WINNER: ONCE ! ! ! HOOPS, 8.30, WON As I am allowed to release the name of this racer to SATURDAYS LONG SHOT BOOK WINNER: only a select few, I am taking this opportunity to warn PRINCE FARTHING, 4.60, WON you that when the quota is filled I will be required Todays Free Code: PIMLICO— Reno-24-52. t0 "turn all subscriptions over this amount. S todTys parlay!* WINNING CODE CARD SERVICE PIMLICO— Blue-6-18. CHURCHILL— Brown-1-24. Not onlv ,s th* wire SP**"1* showing a consistent For WIN parlays, see page 4, Carl Bradv, and profit but the dailv service has "eased a good per- clean up centage of winners at good odds. CARL BRADY a or wlre " an * vou •" rec«ve two Code Cards 1841 BROADWAY SUITE 1006 NEW YORK CITY good for two wecks bv return ma l or Saturdays Wire Special. If you desire both send .00. Start in today beating the races with the help of Ray JONATHAN BROS. Paxon — SIX PARLAY CODE CARDS— , ... . TODAYS CODE HORSES: I „ you request, we w.ll TODAY ty.v.c S D.DI PARLAY tv and j .re CHURCHILL-Lemon-22-11.5-12. mail code cards via AIR MAIL, special del.very. AURORA-Hickory-23-25-2-25. TODAYS CODES: PIMLICO— Cup-23-10-17-22. CHURCH.— Play-2-5-14-€. RAY PAXON 1W7 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY **• EAST THIRD ST. SUITE 4t1, CINCINNATI. 0. Advertise in Daily Racing Form Subscribe for Daily Racing Form

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