Arlington at Washington Park, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-24

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Trackman, W. A. Willi, ARLINGTON Of WASHINGTON PARK Selections Made for Fast Track *ACE PROB. POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS P KA Peace Again Zacaoet Zacapet Alorave Zacapet Zacapet Zacapet 24 1VOO j.vwr.m. Zacapet Peace Again Stoogie Zacapet Queen Kizzie Alorave Peace Again 11 Alorave Reklaw Peace Again Peace Again Peace Again Peace Again Alorave 8 _ P M Tetragal Doll Babv Amazed Doll Bab v Just Beans Doll Babv DollBabv19 2V0 j.jwr.m. Yesteryear Just Beans Doll Babv Just Beans Doll Babv Amazed Just Beans 1 10 Grand News Amazed Annie Alone Grand News Amazed Just Beans Amazed 9 ___ 3 4 00 P M Ken town Kentown Ken town Perplex Perplex Kentown Kentown 21 Dr. Bones Perplex Epiget Gentle Savage Gentle Savage Perplex Perplex* 15 , Anthology Gentle Savage Perplex Anthology Kentown Gentle Savage Gentle Savage 6 4 -r.jvi.m. 4-0 P M ESBLSHSF Cloudy Weather Cloudy Weather Hills Palm Trust Buster Limitation Cloudv Weather 13 Hills Palm Limitation Limitation Limitation Certie Hills Palm Limitation 11 Cloudv Weather Rosy Brand Azimuth Certie Cloudv Weather Cloudv Weather Hills Palm* 9 _ ~ 5-00 P M Pig Tails Pig Tails PIGTAILS Pig Tails Pig Tails PIGTAILS PIGTAILS* 34 5 ",,w ,Y1, * 5eeda, _, Begda Begda Begda Now Mandv Begda Begda* 10 1 Now Mandv Now Mandv Emolument Emolument Joan T. _____ Now Mandv Now Mandv 5 _____ 6 5-30 P M 2235. OCCUPY Occuov OCCUPY Occupy Occupy Occupy * 34 -#._»wi.iy. Albuldo Ogham Broadcloth Broadcloth Ogham Broadcloth Ogham 8 __ Ogham Albuldo Ogham Ogham Albuldo Ogham _ Broadcloth 6 7 6 00 P M ROMULUS Cabin Creek Meandvou Fair Tip Crest Crest Crest 13 * grest ; Unknown Reward Cabin Creek Cabin Creek Unknown Reward Cabin Creek Cabin Creek * 11 * air no Romulus Crest Marchon Bescar Georgie Drum Romulus 8 8 6-30 P M 5a?,Ta/ri, RasTaffari Gallant Dick Ras Taffari RASTAFFARI Ras Taf fari Ras Taffari 28 ™f«D«J Syrian Bov Night Raider Syrian Bov Flving Hostess Gallant Dick Gallant Dick 9 Old Main Road Flying Hostess Ras Taffari Night Raider Syrian Bov Syrian Bov Syrian Bov 1 6

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