Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-18

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS, ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE j TWO FOR SECOND, ONE FOR THIRD, BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS Trackman, W A. Willig Lincoln Fields at Hawthorne Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Havana Lad Uncle Bud HAVANA LAD Highthorne Highthorne 16 IHighthorne Silver Ace Highthorne Highthorne Highthorne Havana Lad Havana Lad 15 Havana Lad Lostahat Vero Lumen Vero Lumen Fair Player Uncle Bud 5 Float Away Bagnell Warrior Lad Whosyourgal Damos Damos 9 2 Liberty Flight Whosyourgal Damos Damos Bagnell Whosyourgal Hefetchit Ilefetchit Float Away Ilefetchit Whosyourgal Bagnell 7 Hagar Chanfon Hagar Dixies First Hagar Hagar 16 3 Dixies First Dixies First La Marie Chanfon Chanfon Dixies First 11 Country Butter Longanimity Dixies First Hagar Dixies First Chanfon 9 KNIGHTS GIFT Knights Gift Knights Gift Knights Gift KNIGHTS GIFT KNIGHTS GIFT 29 4 Little Snail Dina Belle Bean Pot Little Snail Dina Belle Little Snail 5 Bean Pot Little Snail Biz Dina Belle Stimula Dina Belle 5 MISS GAZER Lytta-Jane Bright Bronze Bosage Miss Gazer 13 5Bosage Nellie Weed Lvtta-Jane Miss Gazer Miss Gazer Miss Gazer Bosage 10 Lytta-Jane Bright Bronze Bright Bronze Lytta-Jane Nellie Weed Lytta-Jane 9 Abrek VANFLAG Tex Hygro Tex Hygro Tex Hygro 17 6TexHygro Layout TexHvgro Layout Valdina Vicar Vanflag Vanflag 12 Vanflag Vanflag Abrek . Vanflag Valdina Vicar Abrek 6 Miss Bobolink Babv Gold Baby Gold Tideover Miss Bobolink Baby Gold 14 7 After Lunch Miss Bobolink Greville Baby Gold Baby Gold Miss Bobolink 13 Tideover Brilliant Jr. Miss Bobolink Brilliant Jr. Intellect Tideover 6 Burning Sands Tensleep Teddy Kerry Teddy Kerry Teddy Kerry 17 8TeddvKerry Xam Teddy Kerry Santonian Grand Rush Here Now Burning Sands 7 Santonian Here Now Here Now Burning Sands Xam Tensleep 6 Trackman: C. H. Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS YANKEE NOTIONSYANKEE NOTIONSYANKEE NOTIONSYankee Notions Yanke Notions YANE NOTINS 31 1 Cloudy Weather Ed M. Bright Count Cloudy Weather Cloudy Weather Cloudy Weather 7 Never Alone Cloudy Weather Never Alone EdM. Never Alone Never Alone 3 Anita Chiquita Scenic Charm Anita Chiquita Anita Chiquita Ever Star Anita Chiquita 19 2 Ever Star Anita Chiquita Gay Dottie Scenic Charm Anita Chiquita Scenic Charm 9 j Juanita M. Saves Nine Scenic Charm Witchwork Scenic Charm Ever Star 7 Miss Marianna Miss Marianna Lauramar Miss Marianna Miss Marianna Miss Marianna 22 j 3 Lauramar Lauramar Miss Marianna Cashier Lauramar Lauramar 1 1 Gypsy Actress Nayada Jubilee Nayada Nayada Nayada 3 Happy Joan Happy Joan Vestibula Vestibula Happy Joan Happy Joan 17 4 Vestibula Vestibula Income Tax Happy Joan Turkey Foot Vestibula 15 Turkey Foot Turkey Foot Turkey Foot Turkey Foot Vestibula Turkey Foot 6 Always Flying Telescope Kathy Sea Tack Sea Tack Sea Tack 14 5 Sun Zev Sea Tack Sea Tack Telescope Take Courage Telescope 9 Take Courage Calm Port Telescope Calm Port Telescope Always Flying 5 Cherriko Might Step TRIM STEPPER TRIM STEPPER Trim Stepper 16 6Tomluta Cherriko Trim Stepper Snappy Verse Ackwell Snappy Verse Cherriko 9 Hit It Ackwell Cherriko Might Step Cherriko Might Step 6 Tiger Man Tiger Man Romance Boy Tiger Man Tiger Man Tiger Man 20 7 Unconditional Unconditional Ted Lewis Unconditional Unconditional Unconditional 9 Romance Boy Ted Lewis Unconditional Romance Boy Redbush Romance Boy 7 Precision Gold Bill Gold Bill Gold Bill Yawl Gold Bill 11 8 Maechance Yawl Maechance Yawl Maechance Maechance 9 Gold Bill Maechance Precision Maechance Precision Yawl 9 Trackman, C. J. Connors * Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS , Purple Heart MILLO Gusher Gusher MILLO Millo 20 Millo Gusher Millo Millo Gusher Gusher 15 Gusher Ringaway Deimos Ringaway Purple Heart Purple Heart 6 The Thane Tudor King War Dressing Tudor King Tudor King Tudor King 17 2 War Dressing Accord Tudor King The Thane The Thane The Thane 10 Accord The Thane Accord War Dressing War Dressing War Dressing 9 Bettys Bobby Calatan Bettys Bobby Over Calatan 11 3Allessandro Over Allessandro Over Calatan Calatan Bettys Bobby 11 Calatan Calatan Freespender Freespender Bettys Bobby Over 9 Pure Gold Pure Gold Pure Gold Clover Lea Pure Gold PURE GOLD 22 4 Forgetmenow Clover Lea Clover Lea Pure Gold Clover Lea Clover Lea 11 Darby Dune Forgetmenow Forgetmenow Forgetmenow Forgetmenow Forgetmenow 6 Rouge Dragon Mercator Rouge Dragon Rouge Dragon Rouge Dragon 17 5Mercator Ahmisk Floating Isle Rouge Dragon Ahmisk Ahmisk Mercator 10 Iron Shot Ahmisk Floating Isle Iron Shot Floating Isle Ahmisk 7 Larky Dav Jack SL. LARKY DAY Jack S. L. Jack S. L. Larky Day 18 6 Saguaro Larky Day Comanche Peak Larky Day Larky Day JackS. L. 16 Comanche Peak Comanche Peak Jack S. L. Saguaro Comanche Peak Comanche Peak 5 ETERNITY Prof essor Lee Eternity Eternity Eternity Eternity 20 7 Professor Lee Magellan Tarpan Transformer Professor Lee Professor Lee 9 Transformer Transformer Sirlette Tarpan Tarpan Transformer 4 Russian Valor Epicure WIRE BRIAR Ecolire Ecolire 10 8Ecolire Motie Brand Gallant Son Russian Valor Gallant Son Motie Brand Russian Valor 8 Russian Valor Motie Brand Wings Motie Brand Gallan Son Wire Briar 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Noahvale Noahvale Noahvale Garter NOAHVALE 22 INoahvale Garter Open Fire Garter Last Frontier Noahvale Garter 9 Rear Guard Last Frontier Senior Prom Open Fire Last Frontier Last Frontier 4 Friars Scout Friars Scout Rose-Red Fast Tempo Friars Scout Friars Scout 17 2 Meadow Dew Fast Tempo Meadow Dew Friars Scout Meadow Dew Fast Tempo 9 Rose-Red Meadow Dew Fast Tempo Wise Father Fast Tempo Meadow Dew 7 Intriguing Barry M. Foxscene Intriguing Barry M. Intriguing 14 3 Barry M. Intriguing Local Finance Red Jet Intriguing Barry M. 14 Red Jet Red Jet Barry M. Barry M. Foxscene Foxscene 6 Eric Knight Eric Knight Eric Knight Free Double Eric Knight Eric Knight 22 4 Nellie Mowlee Good Show Nellie Mowlee Eric Knight Free Double Free Double 9 Free Double Free Double Arbor Vita Arbor Vita Nellie Mowlee Nellie Mowlee 5 VALDINA PUNCH Valdina Punch Cyclorama VALDINA PUNCH Valdina Punch Valdina Punch 21 5 Cream Hy-Charlie Hv-Charlie SonOHal Countess Wise Hv-Charlie 5 Hy-Charlie Double Feature Son OHal Countess Wise Cream Cyclorama 5 Bov Angler BOY ANGLER OGHAM Ogham BOY ANGLER Boy Angler 21 6 Ogham Ogham War Page Boy Angler Ogham Ogham 18 Don Miller Free Transit Free Transit War Page Jo Agnes War Page 3 Chance Cross Miss Monarch Might Be Single Miss Monarch Miss Monarch 13 7 Miss Monarch Single Chance Cross Ginoca Chance Cross Chance Cross 1 1 Might Be Chance Cross Miss Monarch Chance Cross Single Single 8 Queen Echo Oueen Echo Josies Pal Queen Echo Pomiva Queen Echo 19 8 Pomiva Fleet Queen Queen Echo Pomiva Queen Echo Pomiva 1 1 Brown Flower Pomiva Pomiva Josies Pal Josies Pal Josies Pal 7

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