Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1946-06-18

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS7 SELECTIONS Trackman, D. S. Fair Arlington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST FHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Andys Sis Chance Bea In Bloom Sweet Reward Verona Sands In Boom 8 1 Manraret In Bloom Verona Sands Margaret Andys Sis Andys Sis 7 Posy Making Merry Sweet Reward In Bloom Margaret Verona Sands 7 Valdina Bright Cherry Trifle Sons Style Cherry Trifle Cherry Trifle Cherrv Trifle 17 Sons Style OldWestbury Cherry Trifle Sons Style Sons Style Sons Style 11 Old Westbury Hop Picker Old Westbury Valdina Bright Old Westbury Valdina Bright 6 Kilgobbin Wise Tiger Kilgobbin Wise Tiger Wise Tiger Wise Tiger 17 3 Sly Tigress Kilgobbin Wise Tiger Cee Style Sly Tigress Kilgobbin 13 Adelara Inquietus Inquietus Sly Tigress Kilgobbin Sly Tigress 5 Warf Eternal Reward Warf Sweet Girlie Sweet Girlie Warf 15 4 Static Chaser Warf Sweet Girlie Eternal Reward Warf Sweet Girlie 13 Eternal Reward Sweet Girlie Phario Warf Phario Eternal Reward 7 COSMIC BOMB Cosmic Bomb Cosmic Bomb Milkwagoaioe COSMIC BOMB COSMIC BOMB 24 5 Milkwagoaloe Milkwagoaioe Milkwagoaioe Miss Mood Milkwagoaioe Milkwagoaioe 13 Miss Mood Miss Mood Miss Mood Patmiboy Miss Mood Miss Mood 6 Devastating Wallflower WALLFLOWER COME AND GO Wallflower Wallflower 19 6 Come and Go DorathyA. DorathyA. Wallflower Come and Go Come and Go 11 Dorathy A. Roman Belle Mighty Lucky Breezy Louise Dorathy A. Dorathy A. 6 7 Sky , GUY HOTTEL GuyHottel GuyHottel GuyHottel GuvHottel 23 Redrock Canyon Glennnort Porky Porky GlennDort Porky 9 Guy Hottel Spring Dun Glennnort Spring Dun Redrock Canyon Glenhport 5 Task Force Stand Easy Ho-Ho Stand Easy Task Force Task Force 14 8 Ah-Borne Task Force Stand Easy Task Force Stand Easy Stand Easy 14 Manadroit Just Tourist Just Tourist Air Borne Air Borne Ho-Ho 5 Trackman, H. J. McGuire Detroit Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS ibex Ibex ibex . IBEX ibex 27 Ilbex Scouting Scouting Sea Tack Sea Tack Sea Tack Scouting 6 Squeezit Squeezit . Old Smokey Scouting Scouting Sea Tack 6 2SSb??uff EWljkk Fly Whisk BABY SNUFF Fly Whisk Flv Whisk 18 S,llRHrEeon Tidy Moon Baby Snuff Fly Whisk Baby Snuff Babv Snuff 16 Fly Whisk Goodforme Goodforme Goodforme Goodforme Goodforme 4 TEEGREETZA Teegreetza Teegreetza Teegreetza TEE GREETZA 29 3EEGREETZA Holiday Humor Grace Hy Holiday Humor Holiday Humor Holiday Humor Holiday Humor 9 Volante Holiday Humor Grace Hy Grace Hy Empress Helena Grace Hy 4 Wow Wv Red Torch, Wow Wow Wow 22 4 S-1-6 Cindy Lee Wow Brown Hostess Cindy Lee Red Torch 5 Cindy Lee BrowaHostess Little Keith Riskaire Brown Hostess Cindy Lee 5 Senate Semper Avanti Senate Semper Avanti Senate Senate 18 5 paiYit DaiYit DaiYit Senate DaiYit Semper Avanti 12 Semper Avanti Senate Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt Semper Avanti Dai Yit 8 Bold Question Bold Question Bold Question Victim Dodos Girl Bold Question 17 6 FlonzanSam FlonzanSam Victim Bold Question Victim Victim 10 Increscent Victim Dodos Girl Increscent Florizan Sam Dodos Girl 6 7 iSSC0Lar SSandt ESCOLAR Escolar Escolar Escolar 27 Top Sergeant A Gold Bill Top Sergeant Top Sergeant Top Sergeant Top Sergeant 9 Flag Anchor Top Sergeant Gold Bill Seapar Gold Bill Gold Bill 4 Bradwin Plantagenet Plantagenet Plantagenet. Plantagenet Plantagenet 20 8 Swell Kid Plucky Muffin Swell Kid Plucky Muffin Distant Isle Bradwin 8 Distant Isle Bradwin Bradwin Swell Kid Bradwin Swell Kid 5 Trackman, C. J. Connors AqiiedllCt Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 Big Sun Tarawa Darby Dingbat Darby Digbat Tarawa Darby Dingbat 12 I Happy Lark Darby Dingbat Big Sun Happy Lark Big Sun Tarawa 11 Freddies Game Happy Lark Tarawa Freddies Game Happy Lark Big Sun 9 Slight Edge - Herodotus Western Front Western Front Herodotus Herodotus 12 2 Col. Steve Col. Steve Herodotus Col. Steve Col. Steve Western Front 10 Busy Edith A. Slight Edge Col. Steve Bright Player Bright Player Col. Steve 9 Kennebunk Cosey Kennebunk Kennebunk Kennebunk Kennebunk 22 3 Battle i Cruiser Kennebunk Abidale - Abidale Abidale Abidale 7 Abidale Battle Cruiser Battle Cruiser Battle Cruiser Battle Cruiser Battle Cruiser 6 Fighting Lady Fighting Lady FIGHTING LADY FIGHTING LADY Fighting Lady FIGHTIGLADY 29 4 Alrusha Alrusha Alma Mater Alrusha Akron Gal Alrosha 7 Akron Gal Alma Mater Alrusha Akron Gal Alma Mater Akrin Gal 4 HIS GRACE Sopranist Sopranist Sopranist SOPRANIST Sopranist 24 5 Sopranist His Grace His Grace His Grace Sam Bernard His Grace 13 The Problem The Problem Sam Bernard Darby Devon Darby Pevon Sam Bernard 3 Oatmeal PROOF COIL Ayahs Boy Proof Coil Proof Coil Proof Coil 17 6 Crack Time Ayahs Boy Oatmeal Oatmeal Avails Bov Oatmeal 10 Proof Coil Chaldon Heath Proof Coil Ayahs Boy Oatmeal Ayahs Boy 10 Butchie Butchie Butchie JarvisBay Butchie Butchie 20 7 LaPrmcesse JarvisBay White Wine White Wine White Wine JarvisBay 7 Jarvis Bay Farm Man Farm Man Farm Man Farm Man White Wine 6 Flight Nurse Snook Ship Flight Nurse Double Brab Spook Ship Flight Nurse 15 8 Cruiser Flight Nurse Double Brab SoookShin Flight Nurse Spook Ship 12 Topsy Rose Oakford Oakford Flight Nurse Oakford Double Brab 7 Trackman, A. E. Brown Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS To Town James To Town James To Town James Misrepresent Misrepresent To Town James 17 1 Misrepresent Misrepresent Misrepresent Grand Gay Grand Gay Misrepresent 16 Siganar Fogoso Fogoso To Town James To Town James Grand Gay 4 2FlamingDance MacFetchit Eternal Gold Eternal Gold Eternal Gold Eternal Gold 19 Eternal Gold Eternal Gold Golden Chin Sea Crest MacFetchit MacFetchit 13 Treeland Golden Chip Flaming Dance Mac Fetchit Golden Chip Flaming Dance 6 3UncleMose Brevrome Brevrome Brevrome Toss Up Brevrome 18 Brevrome Toss Up Toss Up Baying Brevrome Toss Up 9 Thrax Baying Maroc Maroc Uncle Mose Baying 3 CHANCE PLAYER Chevalier Bimont Chevalier Chevalier Chevalier 16 4 Bimont Chance Player Townhouse Bimont Chance Player Chance Player 12 Chevalier Bimont Chance Player Townhouse Bimont Bimont 11 Dispose DISPOSE DISPOSE DISPOSE DISPOSE DISPOSE 33 5 Little Hoops Westwood Belle Little Hoops Heatwave Little Hoops Little Hoops 7 V"ft Little Hoops Miguelito Heyorta Miguelito Westwood Belle 2 Take Away Plebiscite Plebiscite Take Away Plebiscite Plebiscite 19 6 Plebiscite Take Away Take Away Plebiscite Take Away . Take Away 16 F. B. Eye F. B. Eve Allpulch Hill Sun F. B. Eye F.B.Eye 3 Over Over Over Over Over Over 25 7 Bus V.Z. Camera Man Splinter Valdina Valet Camera Man Camera Man 4 Splinter - Sir Kid Sir Kid Splinter Sir Kid Splinter 4 Pompous Fox Pompous Fox Joblots Pompous Fox Pompous Fox Pompous Fox 22 8 Joblots Joblots Pompous Fox Pharfox Joblots Joblots 12 Garden Pot Garden Pot Pharfox Joblots Garden Pot Pharafox 3 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Caesar B. Layawav Lavaway Caesar B. Caesar B. Caesar B. 16 1 Layaway Gallant Witch Homeward Bound Gallant Witch Gallant Witch Lavawav 13 Homeward Bound Caesar B. Chance Bras Nedlon Layaway Gallant Witch 6 Genancoke Creamery Virelay Creamery Virelav Creamery 16 2 Creamery Virelay Creamery Port Marly Creamery Virelay " 12 Scurry Gal Tacaro Sunted Genancoke Bowling Lady Genancoke Genaricoke 7 Ballistic. Gayward Dixie Sweep Dixie Sweep Gayward Dixie Sweep 15 3 Oreling Dixie Sweep Ballistic Oreling Dixie Sweep Gayward 12 Dixie Sweep Hush Hush Gayward Gayward Oreling oreling 5 SIS BRIER Sis Brier Oberod Oberod I Declare Sis Brier 14 4 I Declare Flying Raid Sis Brier Rosegay Rosegav Oberod 12 Rosegay Oberod Rosegay Flying Raid Oberod I Declare 7 5Anampsa HYGROS GINGER Hygros Ginger Tumble Bov Hygros Ginger Hygros Ginger 19 Hygros Ginger Tumble Boy Tumble Boy . Barbaras Girl Anamosa Tumble Bov 10 Barbara s Girl Anamosa Barbaras Girl Mend Tumble Boy Anamosa 8 Meadow Maid Meadow Maid CANNIKIN ROUND TRIP Cannikin Cannikin 17 6 Sori and; -nrlk,irl ?,ou5d TP Helen Dear MyMalcha Meadow Maid 12 Kounfl Trip My Malcha Meadow Maid Cannikin Meadow Maid Round Trip 10 7 SSSStSSi11 Dog OSullivan Music Music UPPER LEVEL Upper Level 14 Upper Level Upper Level Dog OSulhvan Upper Level Music Dog O Sullivan 14 Music Music Upper Level Dog OSulUvan Dog OSullivan Music 14 Comic Ann Comic Ann Comic Ann Comic Ann Comic Ann COMIC ANN 25 8 George Woody George Woody Wee Gray Wee Gray Wee Gray George Woody 8 Wee Gray Wee Gray George Woody George Woody George Woody Wee Gray 8

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