Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-09

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A Abbe Boy — 2d Bel Ace Skipper — 1st G.S Ackley — 1st Suf Admirals Tune— 5th GJS Alack Alas — 3d G.S All Aces— 5th Bel Almahmoud— 5 th Bel Alpho— 4th G.S Alwhirl— 2d Bel American Plan— 4th CD Anns Pigeon— 2d CD Anshirl— 8th Bel Applejack Jake — 8th CD Arcangela — 2d Spt Army Canteen— 3d Bel Artesian — 2d Bel Atomic Energy— 3d Spt Atrebla — 3d Spt Attention Sir — 7th G5 Aunt Ruth— 8th Spt Autumn Eve — 2d Spt Avoca Message — 3d Spt B B. B. Teddy— 3d CD Babbies Baby — 2d G.S Baby Jeanne — 2d Bel Balla Flight— 8th Spt Banned Baby — 3d G.S Banovina — 6th Spt Battle Cloud— 3d Spt Best Chance — 7th Spt Beach Beauty— 6th GJS Beau Jay— 7th GJS Bee and Bee — 5th CD Ben B.— 8th Spt Bengal— 3d Bel Bernzie— 72d Spt Bessie Vance — 2d Spt Better Luck— 8th Suf Between— 8th CD Big Boss — 8th CD Big Cannon — 8th Bel Big Muddy— 1st Spt Big Shrew— 7th G. S Bill Keefe— 5th Suf Bill Ross — 4th Bel Billcella — 7th CD Bimont — 8th Spt Bimebella — 1st Spt Bird Shot— 2d Spt Black Disc— 2d Suf Black Larkspur— 2d CD Blandystone — 1st Bel Blenlin— 7th Suf Blue Hedda— 7th GJS Blue Thanks — 7th Bel Blunt Remark — 4th G.S Bobs Ace — 7th Spt Bobs Pal— 6th Spt Bold Salute— 8th GJ3 Boom Boom — 3d Bel Breachopromise — 5th CJD Brick— 7th Bel .Bright Flare — 1st Bel Bright Player— 1st G.S Broad Back— 8th CD Broad Cross — 8th GJ3 Brown Clipper — 2d CJD Bryan G.— 5th Bel Bubbins — 4th Spt Buckleglrl— 7th GJS Bull Lead— 4th G.S By Gone Days — 4th CD By Road— 5th Suf C Cake Walk— 1st Spt Capt Gallagher— 8th Bel Cardinal Lady — 1st CD Celestia — 2d Suf Chall Wind— 2d G.S Charivari — 4th Spt Cherry Ripple — 2d Spt Choppy Sea — 8th CD Cinder King — 3d Spt Clan Na Gael — 1st Bel Clear Grit— 5th GJS Cochise — 7th Bel Cockofthewalk — 4th G.S Coley Bay — 5th Spt Colonel Mike — 7th Bel Colony Miss — 6th Bel Comedy Boy — 5th Suf Commitment — 5 th GJS Combat Boots — 1st Bel Costarita — 8th GJS Cotton Bud — 4th Suf Count Did — 1st G.S Country Boy LT. — 3d Bel Courts Maude — 1st Spt Crack Time — 8th Spt Cresson Knight — 2d Suf Criss Cross — 3d Spt Crown Royal — 3d Bel Cup King — 5th Bel Cutest Trick — 1st G.S D Daddy Joe — 6th Suf Dainty Affair— 5th CD Dans Chance — 1st Bel Dark Image — 1st Spt Dark Miss — 8th Bel Dark Tiny— 6th Spt Dealer — 6th GJS Deanna — 2d CD Debaby— 2d CD Delorah — 2d Spt Diatribe — 8th Suf Dick Glavin — 3d Suf Did Play— 2d CD Diesel Sand — 2d Spt Dingttau — 7th Spt Diregente — 6th CD Dixie Sweep — 8th GJS Dizzy Whirl— 4th GJS Dog Leg — 5th CD Don Bob— 5 th CD Donke Serenade — 6th CD Donna L. — 1st Spt Double O.— 2d Bel Dr. Mac— 8th GJS Dream Comfort— 5th CD Dreamer — 1st Suf Due Reward — 5 th Bel Duke Reed— 8th Suf Dulat— 1st Bel Duolc — 2d Spt E Easy Chop — 8th Bel Edemgee — 1st Suf Elaine O.— 4th Spt Eleanor S. — 2d Suf Ellehcor — 8th Suf Empty Talk— 2d Bel Endurable — 5 th Bel Escondida — 6th Bel Ess Kay — 1st Spt Excise Tax — 6th GJS Experimentum — 5th GJS F False Move — 5th Spt Favonian — 7th CD Feather Stitch — 4th Suf Fenolina — 2d Bel Fertile Lands — 4th Bel Fifth Wheel— 3d Bel Fifty-Five — 4th GJS Fighting Cloud— 3d G.S Fighting Hard— 1st Suf Fighting Pete— 3d Spt First Belle — 1st CD First Honey — 5th Bel First Nighter— 7th Bel Five Passes — 3d Suf Flaming Bush — 6th Spt Flare Monte — 8th CD Flatbush— 7th CD Flattop— 2d GJS Fleur de Lis — 1st CD Florida Farmer — 5th CD Florinda— 8th Bel Flussy — 8th Spt Fog A. Bolia — 3d Suf Forever Thine — 2d Suf Forethought — 8th Suf Four Flares— 5th GJS Foxy Pate — 8th CD Fredsel— 3d Bel Free Verse — 8th Bel Frenabilbepa — 5 th Bel French Rose — 2d G.S Frendswood — 1st Bel Frere Jacques — 7th CD Fusileer— 7th Suf G Gay— 1st Suf Gay Date — 1st Suf Gay Franka — 4th Suf Gay Order— 3d G.S Gay Patty — 8th GJS Gay Reveler — 1st G.S Gay Tempo — 1st CD Gaby Haugh— 3d CD Galoot— 6th GJS Ganado — 8th Spt Gary Leslie — 4th G.S Gates Mills— 7th Suf Gem State— 2d Bel Gerties Last— 5th GJS Gilded Hour— 7th GJS Glowing— 4th G.S Goin Places — 1st Bel Good Hostess — 4 th Spt Good Look — 4th G.S Golden Clover — 6th Suf Grand Actress — 1st GJS Greelac — 5th GJS Green Bowler — 8th GJS Greens Keeper — 3d Bel Gus G. — 5th Spt H Hackensack — 1st Bel Hal Seth— 2d CD Halcyon Blue — 8th CD Halcyon Duke — 5th Spt Halley— 5 th Bel Happy Bound — 3d Suf Hard Hitter— 3d CD Hasty Blen— 5th CD Hasty Count — 6th GJS Haywire — 3d Spt Heathers View— 7th GJS Heim Home — 2d Suf Helen May — 6th GJS HiBunty— 1st Suf High Mayer — 4 th Spt Highbinder— 4th Bel Highland Buzzer — 8th GJS Hod Carrier — 3d CD Honor Roll — 2d Bel Huachinango — 1st G.S Hypalong — 5 th Bel Hypostyle — 6th Spt Hywhinnion — 3d Bel I Idle Jane— 4th CD Idle Memory — 5th GJS Illini— 7th Spt Illstay— 4th Spt In a Spin — 4th CD Iron Don — 2d Spt Isotope — 6th GJS J Jacaranda — 5th Suf Jan-Rod — 3d Spt Jatak — 3d Spt Jeanette — 3d G.S Jeep Supply — 5th GJS Jerry Nash — 4 th CJD Jess D. — 3d Spt Joan Again — 5th CD JobyK.— 8 th Suf Joes Surprise — 5th CD John A Dreams — 4th G.S Johns Ex — 6th Bel Joiner — 6th GJS Journal — 8th Spt Jumping Judy — 5th CJD June Ayr — 8th CJD K Kentucky Son — 1st Suf Kidded— 4th Bel KibbyF.— 1st CJD Killeybegs— 8th GJS Kings Lassie — 8th CJD Kitty Whiskers— 3d Suf L La Scolaire — 1st CD Lady Forest — 1st Spt Lady Jacsun — 2d Suf Lady Miss — 4th CJD Lady Serenata — 8th CD Lake Mate — 3d Suf Lasting Way— 6th CD Late Breeze — 4th Spt Leadership — 8th GJS Leonidof f— 5th GJS Let Me Thru— 8th GJS Let Out— 1st Bel Likeasnot — 6th Spt Lilbon— 1st Bel-Lillys Filly— 3d CD Linda Jane — 3d CJD. Linwood Harry — 4th Suf Lost Angel — 1st CJD Lot O Luck — 6th CJD Lovely Venus — 7th Spt Lucky Devil — 1st G.S Lucky Micky— 8th Bel Lucky Month — 2d G.S Lyceum — 1st CD M Maekel— 2d G.S Mad Pass — 4th G.S Maid of Kent— 1st G.S Major Nick— 8th CD Mali Johnny — 4th Spt Mara Moo — 5 th Bel Marios Pride— 4th Suf Maryland Day — 3d GJS Mary Boniface — 2d G.S Mediate — 3d CJD Merita — 1st G.S Merry Xmas — 6th Bel Mess Boy — 1st G.S Mestiza — 3d Suf Mi Amiga — 2d Bel Midnight Rose — 3d Suf Mighty Broke — 1st CD Mike Ehret — 2d CJD Military Day— 2d Bel Min— 2d Suf Miss Canasta — 1st CJD Miss Lyonors — 6th Bel Miss Mim Jf : — 1st CJD Miss Pagan — 7th GJS Miss Pin Up — 2d Suf Miss Sigh— 3d Spt Miss Tex-Ann— 5th GJS Misty Eight— 5th Spt Mitzi Helen— 7th Spt Molly Flag— 2d Bel Mr. Dink— 6th CJD Mr. Happy— 8th GJS Mr. Zippo — 7th Spt Musical Kid — 1st Spt Muzzle — 4 th Bel N Neat and Tidy— 2d CJD Nebraska Cash — 8th Spt Nereid— 7th GJS Never Stop — 5th CJD Nickel— 2d Spt Nicotine Gal— 4th CJD Night Angel— 5 th GJS Night Crawler — 8th CJD Night Tour— 3d Spt No Leddie— 2d CD No Waiting— 5th Bel Noblest— 7th Bel Novadale — 2d Suf 0 Old Iron— 8th CJD Olea— 2d CD Onceuponatime — 3d CJD One Hitter— 7th Bel One Play — 2d CJD Othello— 8th Bel Our Bully— 7th Suf Our Merrick — 2d CJD Our Tommy— 4th Bel Our Yonkela — 4th CJD P Pams Boy— 2d Suf Pass Key— 5th CD Partridge — 7th Spt Pencell— 4th Suf Penniless — 6th Spt * Penserosa — 5 th Bel Perion — 3d G.S Peripatic — 2d Bel Permanence — 5th CD Pharlo — 1st Spt Phastaris — 2d CJD Pic One — 3dG.S Pic n Pay— 3d Suf Picadelia — 5th Suf Pincers — 5 th Suf Play Again — 6th Spt Play Request — 8th Bel Play Sure — 8th CJD Plumelette — 8th Bel Poignancy — 8th GJS Poison Arrow — 4th Bel Pompeian — 1st G.S Pontalba — 5th Bel Poodoo — 2d Spt Poppaea — 6th Bel Possingworth— 1st G.S Preacher — 5th GJS Prepotente — 8th Spt Pretty Valley— 4th Spt Prince Consort — 5 th Suf Princess Prim — 1st CJD Proud Reward — 8th GJS Purveyor — 5th Suf Q Queen Karling — 3d Spt Quickset — 8th GJS Quiz Me — 3d Suf R R. L. Light— 1st Spt Raidicat — 8 th Bel Ray K.— 7th Suf Ray OSullivan — 4th Spt Recline— 1st Bel Recoup— 2d GJS Regal Glad— 8th Bel Reighs Comet— 7th CD Remove — 6th Bel Reno Uptart— 8th CJD Rialto— 3d Bel Richmond Jac — 1st G.S Richwall— 2d Spt Ring Kay — 8th Suf Riot— «th Spt Roadrunner— -7th Suf Rollaway — 3d Spt Roman Evening— 2d G.S Roman Jobe — 8th CJD Roman Way — 3d Bel Rosalu — 1st Suf Roundeleer — 5th Spt Royal Born — 2d Spt Royal Freedom— 2d Suf Royal Pigeon — 4th Spt Roy Chenault — 8th May Roy Ella— 3d Suf Roy Elmo — 8th Suf Ruddy— 6th Bel Rusty Brown — 1st Bel S Sam H.— 1st Bel San San— 7th GJS Sandglass — 1st Suf Scholar Time — 8th CD Scotch Bim — 7th CJD Seamans Pal — 4th Spt Seebit— 5 th Bel Seersucker — 6th Suf Senecas Pesty — 6th CD Sgt. Abe— 7th CJD Shako — 1st Suf Shallow Brook — 1st Bel Short Hills— 6th Bel Sierra— 5th CJD Silver Reward — 1st Suf Silver Skipper— 8th Suf Sing Tu Lee— 1st CJD Sir Gravitator — 7th Spt Sir Sweep — 4th G.S Sir Wash— 2d Spt » » Sir White— 5th Spt Sis Tartan — 5th CJD Slated— 2d Suf SUcker— 8 th Bel Sophocles — 4th GJS South Covert— 2d Bel Spring Tornado— 8th Suf St.Leona— 3d G.S St. Ram— 2d Bel Stage Play— 1st Spt Star Date— 2d Bel Star o Fire— 1st CJD Star Z. — 3d GJS Starry Cant — 5th Spt Steeple Jack— 7th CJD Sticker— r6th Suf Strategic Turn — 3d G.S Sun Call — 6th Suf Sun Distance — 4th Suf Sun Umber — 8th CJD Sunaway — 8th CJD Sungari — 6th Bel Sunny Bones — 8th GJS Sunny Star — 1st Bel Sunshade — 4th Suf Surpass — 5th GJS Surpassor — 1st Bel Survey — 4th Suf Swan Dive — 2d Bel Sweep Bolt — 6th Spt Sweet Pick— 1st CJD Sweet Talk — 6th Bel Swift Town — 1st Spt Swords Point — 2d Bel T Texas Bound — 3d Suf The Blue Hen — 7th Spt The Mast — 3d Bel The Procurator — 3d G.S Thomas Edward — 1st Bel Tia— 1st CJD Time Eternal — 2d CJD Timmy — 1st Spt Tintagelation — 3d Bel Tom Ferris — 1st Suf Tony Jay— 3d Suf Top Hope — 4th Spt Torpedero— 4 th Suf Tres Jolie— 5 th CJD Tunic — 8th Bel Two Day Air — 8th Suf Two Deuce — 2d CJD Tween Meals — 2d CD U Ula— 1st Suf Unabridged — 1st GJS Unapprochable — 6th Suf Uncle Rob — 2d Spt Unequal — 2d CJD V Vacance — 7th Suf Varodi— 6th Suf Vesuvio — 5th Spt Vio Video— 7th Spt Vlvante— 3d CJD .W Wamego — 1st Suf War Betsy— 2d G.S War Blues— 2d Bel War Ripple— 7th Suf War Ruler — 5th Spt War Talk— 5th CJD Water Buffalo— 1st GJS Watch Sweep— 2d CJD Water Waif— 5th CJD Welland— 2d Bel West Milton— 4th GJS Western Front — 2d CJD Whiz Whiz— 3d Suf Whose— 5th Spt Wise Brunette— 1st Suf Wise Dough — 5th CJD Wise Prophecy— 1st CD Wood H— 3d Spt Woodford Gal— 5th Suf Woodsie— 7th GJS World Empress — 5th GJS Wraggle-Taggle — 8th Bel Wunderprinz — 3d Bel Wynford IT.— 7th Bel Y Young Turk — 3d Bel Z Zetavine— 5th GJS

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