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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Flcnrea in Conseium Show Compaiatlre Ratings. Allowing s Polnu for 1st Todayi Bert 7 Points. 2 for Jd. 1 for 3d. Todays Bert la Black Type Trackman, J. R. Batty SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS . Blank Dismay Young Geordie Prince Joy Blank Dismay Blank Dismay Blank Dismay 17 I ™.euti.,f n K- Blank Dismay Bimebella Lieut. Ben K. Cascadian Prince Joy 6 Bimebella Prince Joy Lieut. Ben K. Bimebella O.K.Doak Young Geordie 5 Big Casino Bid Casino Sally Fin , Big Casino Chance Bea Bis Casino 18 2 Chance Bea Bentbrook Bis Casino Bentbrook Bentbrook Chance Bea 9 Bentbrook Chance Bea Bentbrook • Chance Bea Big Casino Bentbrook 8 Golden Hygro Golden Hygro Challeport Challeport GOLDEN HYGRO GOLDN HYGRO 19 3 Mr.ChooChoo Blewso Mr.ChooChoo Golden Hygro Challeport Challeport 12 Blewso DeckTalk Blewso Deck Talk Mr.ChooChoo Mr.ChooChoo 5 4 Keen Olo Keen Olo ETERNAL DREAM Eternal Dream Keen Olo Eternal Dream 18 £andSn?lPr,e,am Eternal Dream JimmiesBov Ranahead Eternal Dream Keen Olo 16 wilful Maid Ess Kay Sweet Comet Keen Olo Sweet Comet Sweet Comet 2 Brownanne Good Hostess Good Hostess Phantom Heels Phantom Heels Good Hostess 14 5 Phantom Heels Hadamar Baciagalooo Baciagaloon Good Hostess Phantom Heels 13 Crooa Hostess Brownanne Phantom Heels Good Hostess Baciagaloop Brownanne 6 TUNED UP Garrett C. Blue Agent Garrett C. Tuned Ud Tuned Up 17 6 Reouiree Tuned Up Tuned Up JimminyGosh JimminyGosh Garrett C. 13 Garrett C. Jimminy Gosh Garrett C. Tuned Up Garrett C. Blue Agent 5 Straeth BIG INCH . Mrs.Valenti SIDDONS Big Inch Big Inch 14 7 Beverly Burks Mrs.Valenti Little Milly Big Inch Straeth Siddons 10 Siddons Siddons . Straeth Silent Max Siddons Straeth 8 Star Call Star Call Can Step Topnard Grand Prospect Star Call 13 8 Maneen J°?nar,d , Maneen Star Call Topnard Topnard 10 Can Step Safety Lock Topnard Brill H. Star Call Can Step 6 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 £intina, Tintina Ever Lucky Tintina Tintina 20 I ;£raJaBoy SS"1*0, 11-6116 Tintina Thunder Hoof Irene 7 Tintina Thunder Hoof Ever Lucky Pouting Mac Trala Boy Ever Lucky 6 Chippewa Chief FLv Out CHIPPEWA CHIEF CHIPPEWA CHIEF Chippewa Chief CHTWA CHIEF 26 2 ftivercork Chippewa Chief Black Larkspur Invercork Invercorfc Invercork 8 King s Motive Invercork Invercork Kings Lady Be Brief Fly Out j Slamming Slam The Gink The Gink Slamming Slam Slamming Slam Slamming Slam 16 3 The Gink Impeller Bold Arrow Impeller The Gink The Gink 15 Impeller Slamming Slam Impeller The Gink Impeller Impeller 7 4?Away ?e5rt?,A-wray AndyB.W. Hearts Away AndyB.W. Hearts Away 19 Anns°«r AndyB.W. Hearts Away Copperstone Hearts Away AndyB.W. 14 Anay B. w. Copperstone Anns Fox AndyB.W. Copperstone Copperstone A 5K-?S«m Sft03?1 5Sck,ie„ Mist o Dawn MistVDawn Mist o Dawn 15 Mist o Dawn Mist p Dawn Check Up Appeaser PetroseGirl Check Up 8 VinitaToney Check Up Mist o Dawn Last Kiss Appease" PetrreeGirl 7 BALLAWEE g*? gasla Try Ike Ballawee Ballawee 17 6 JryIke . Ballawee . Ballawee Uncle Otho Try Ike Basla 10 George Gams George Gains Uncle Otho Ballawee - Uncle Otho Try Ike 9 Coo . Watch Andy Cross Duchess Do-Do Coo Coo 12 7 S",,, Po-Do Take Wing Take Wing Cross Duchess Cross Duches 7 Take Wing Coo Watch Andy Coo Take Wing Do-Do 7 Victor" Bay Acres Lictor Llctor LICTOR LTctcr 24 8 B.tJoA«Lf ¥ctOT-D Sugar Beet Bay Acre Bay Acre Bay Acre 12 Sugar Beet Sugar Beet t Bay Acre ~ Sugar Beet Sugar Beet SugarBeet 6 Trackman, J. J. Murphy BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 Good 9?,, CarlynRing Mons Beau Good Cry Good Crv Good Crv ~17 I EaD,erD£u Good Cry Fenny Poppers Manolita Manolita CarSnRine a CarlynRing Manolita CarlynRing Fenny Poppers CarlynRing MonsBeau 5 2 Bedazzle gawk Eye Hawk Eye HAWK EYE Hawk Eye Hawk Eye HAWK EYE 27 Sugarbush Suearbush Bedazzle Bedazzle Bedazzle « _— LadyMargarite Bedazzle Bedazzle Sugarbush Joan Anne K. Sugaroilsh 5 Sailors Choice Sailors Choice Uptown OILOMACY SaUors Choice Sailors Choice 18 3 Oilomacy Full Measure Teddies Imp Sailors Choice InquWng Oilorulcy 10 Full Measure Inquiring Sailors Choice Teddies Imp Oilomacy Uptown _5 LIBERTY RAB Happy Devil Point Chicot Happy Devil Happy Devil Happv Devil 19 4 Happy Devil Liberty Rab Happy Devil Liberty Rab FifeandDrum Liberty Rab 12 Fife and Drum Fife and Drum Liberty Rab FifeandDrum Easy Reach Point Chicot 5 His Boots His Boots His Boots His Boots His Boots His Boots 2? 5 Trough Hill Trough Hill The Heir Trough Hill Trough Hill Trough Hill 9 Navigate Adaptable Trough Hill Adaptable The Heir The Heir 3 kyk9s . Home Free - Bakersfield Hyohasis BAKER S FIELD Bakersfield 14 6 Hyphasis Lykos . Hyphasis Bakersfield Hyphasis Hyphit 12 Home Free Hyphasis Home Free Lykos Lykos Lykos ; J 7Africaine SIMPLESSE Simplesse Simplesse Irish Daughter Simnlesse 21 Simplesse Irish Daughter Little Bad Sails Simplesse iriTh Daughter 9 Irish Daughter Pay Window Furbelow Irish Daughter Sails AfricarSe 5 8Ayona Eb Preceder Preceder Eb~ ~ Eb~ ir Eb Shadow Shot Eb Eb Transatlantic transatlantic Pror-ivlM- in Transatlantic Transatlantic Transatlantic Avona ecfrcier *| Trackman, W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Master Showman GRO-UP Gro-Un Master Showman Thunder jet T Master Showman 13 I 1 Frontiersman Ficklerose Emory A. Beech Hill Master Showman ?Tn ThunderJet ThunderJet Master Showman ThunderJet S hiU Thunderiet N *« Benbow Benbow Benbow Benbow n.nu._. 2Benbow UncleMiltie UncleMiltie gayPrince UncleMiltie UncleMiltie UncteMiltie 8 Pucketeer Early Victory Hasty Mission Pucketeer Pucketeer Pucketeer 3 May First Sophocles Arthurian Charm Prince Arthurian Arthurian 16 3 Arthurian . Arthurian Sophocles Arthurian Sophocles Sophocles 9 Annies Choice ~ Strutawav Charm Prince May First May First May First 7 Valuta Valuta Symposium Blue Lantern Symposium Valuta ~~ 15 4 Blue Lantern Blue Lantern Valuta Valuta Blue Lantern Symposium 11 Scheming World Symposium Calumny Scheming World Valuta BIueLantern 11 East Indies East Indies East Indies East indies East Indies 20 5Stis a Prepared litis litis* Prepared litis litis 11 Sickle Flight Prepared Didapper Passemson Prepared Prepared and FLASH BURN Flash Burn FLASH BURN ARTHUR PILATE FLASH BURN - FLASH BURN 27 6 Bull Arthur Pilate • Chiloell. Dawn" ChiloeH. , Peace - Arthur Pilate 11 " Arthur Pilate ChiloeH. Arthur Pilate Flash Burn . Chiloen ChiKe H. Good Cony Cood Copy Peacelaw Good Copy Good Copy Good Copy 22 7 Operator Operator Good Copy Princess Gala Grand Mars Peacelaw 6 Peacelaw Let Me Thru Allnes Chance Grand Mars Princess Gala Operator 4 Compassion MackiesPall Galamilk Galamilk Compassion Compassion 14 8 Late Ship Compassion MackiesPall Late Shin Late Ship GamUk 12 Galamilk Late Ship Late Ship Compassion Galamilk MackiesPall 7 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Resoiet Resoiet Connie Morse - Barolo Resoiet Resoiet ib I JfTS? Miss Fluff Braganca Barolo So 7 Miss Fluff tt Connie Morse Goodrob Resoiet Connie Morse Connie Morse 7 KeeDee Kee Dee Doll Foot KeeDee KeeDee KeeDee 22 2 Enjoyment Adelantado KeeDee Enjoyment Doll Foot Doll Foot 8 Adelantado Enjoyment , Big Straight Doll Foot Adelantado Enjoyment 5 Wagel GRENADE Wagel Grenade Grenade Grenade 20 3 It Girl Hard to Get Grenade Peazy Peazv Wagel 11 Grenade Peazy Peazy It Girl Wagel Peazy Loran SET FREE Set Free Set Free SetFreo To 4Loran The Rhodesian The Rhodesian Loran Loran Loran Loran IB Set Free Set Free The Rhodesian The Rhodesian Ensa The Rhodesian 6 CECIL M. Honors Lotus Blossom Cecil M. Honors Cecil M. 15 5 Honors Great Admiral Great Admiral Honors Cecil M. Honors -14 Opal Blossom Cecil M. Trans Egret Lotus Blossom Great Admiral Lotus Blossom 6 Winter Wheat New Oxford Laran Winter Wheat Winter Wheat Winter Wheat 16 6 Whiffenpoof Laran Andy Handy Laran Laran . LararT 12 Laran Winter Wheat Lucky Ned Lucky Ned New Oxford New Oxford 6 Flight Nurse Trout Lake Trout Lake Trout Lake Trout Lake Trout Lake 21 7 Joes Sun Commodore K. Flight Nurse Flight Nurse Commodore K. Flight Nurse 9 Trout Lake Joes Sun Venci False Rumor Venci CommodoreK. I 0ozo Just Lovely Charlight OOZO OOZO OOZO 23 8 Big Elm Oozo Oozo Big Elm Flying Nun Charlight « Sunny South Little Rocket Big Elm Charlight Sandlot Jurt LoVeJr S

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