Telegraphic Form., Daily Racing Form, 1917-06-21

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v _ — p TELEGHAPH1C PMUL The hursts wklck seem heat in Thursdays races are: Latonia, Ky.. June 20. 1— Pin Tray, AngeUne, Hamilton A. 1 — Hasty Dora, Lady Katnem, saffron Cirl. I -Matin, Highland Lassie, Bird Lace 4 — Clare, Alert, Square Dealer. 5 — Old Miss. Sansyming, Sunflash. 6 — GRASMERE, Sun Maid, Margaret E. 7— Liudenthal, Chief Brown, Willd". J. L. Dempsey. Observers Latcnia Handicap. 1 — Pin Tray. Little Princess, Taaa lit, Angelina. 2 — Ginger Quill, Hasty tor.:, Ad. line L.t Lady Kathern. t— -Mab, Highland Lassie, Sophia Gateweed, Matin. 4 — Lire. Square Dealer, Day Dream, Alert. a— Old Miss. Saaayasiag, Safety First. Keuward. 9— GRA8MBRE, Sim Maid, Margaret E.. o.l Marcnmont. 7 — Chief Brown, Batekler, Southern League, Liudenthal. Jamaica, N. Y. , tana un. 1— High Vale. Portia, Add. . 8 — Sea Wave, Queen of the Water. Pleasant Dreams. 3 — St. Isidore, Baa Wave, Canon Bridge. 4 — LUCULLITB, Bugkouse, Green Gold. 5 — Ailcen ., Peace and Plenty, Miss 1eep. 9--Ambrose, EJ Bond, Carlton G. F. J. Ortell. Observers Jamaica Handicap. I— Portia. Hash Vale, Irish Harp, Dustpan IT. 2 — Swan Sonj;, Sunset II. , Pleasant Dreams, Sea Wave. 3 — Queen ef tlie Sea, St. Isidore, Canon Bridge, Nigel. 4— Lid ELITE. Green Gald. Drastic. Dekadam. f — Peace and Plenty, Josie A., Saasnancna, Queen Margat. t Pnatan J . an, Ambrose, Ed Pond, BteUarina. Connaught Park Ottawa. Out . June "0. 1— Scaacena. Dandy Lady Moore. 2— Moonlight II., Tropaeoluni, Early Light. 3 — Old Pap, Armine. t;ala Day. 4 — Fruit rake. w. Btormeat Entry, Back Pay. 5 — Cardome, Bird Han, Mlmmiehi. t — PerpetuaL Malheur, ShrapneL 7— ALSTON, Pairiy Birka. T. K. lynch. Observers Cor.nausht Park Handicap. 1 — Semcena. Little Sweeper. Divlaud. Laudator. 11 — Troneeelum, Bkosa% Bariy Light, New Haven. 3-old Pap, Arinine. Exmer, Woodruff. 4— THE MASQUERADER, Water Lady, Fruit Cake, Back Bay. fi — Bird Man, easterner, Beauty Spot, Bream Corn. «- Malheur, Perpetual, Counterpart, Galar. 7 — Aatralagy. Alston. Fairly. Birka.

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