Horse Foundation Heads: Origin of Great Thoroughbred Lines of All Time, Daily Racing Form, 1922-03-29


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II., 1 M by cy by l,v c. ;e. y. IL, ry ■ t, by by — t,, — — n- a ss n. by tV by T by h IE. j " by bT by bv ■ by by bv n. by ;*V by by id- rg ■v »• "r Ni :i- is. by by 1:1 ,„ . . by ■J a is- u, ise by by y- by L ul- St. m s by ™ e, j„ by is. et. , by by i,v by ■ by by in "■ Sir Sir -T by ■J "• »»- **■ r Wy »g- IE. I.. by t,v bv I.v ** . l,J kg nl ,St St. Sun u- Hin- "- U to| by by by bv ts. k kg 1,1 "• rd. HORSE FOUNDATION HEADS1 • J Origin of Great Thoroughbred . Lines of Ail Time. i a I a I Eclipse, Herod and Matchem, J From Which All Great Fam- I ilies Are Descended. i i — — i Every thorouglibred now in the world belongs to t one of three great lines founded respectively by tiie Barley Arabian, Byerly Turk and GosMphia Arabian. These lines are not known by the names 1 of these foundation horses, but by the names of l their elose-ep descendants -Eclipse. Herod and 1 Matchem. These were all extraordinary prepotent 1 sires and in the course of times theirs have ah- 1 sorbed all olher lines of breeding that were in i being in their times. All were also great race i noi-es. Eclipse in particular. He was never beaten i and of the three lines his is predominant at this i day. Eclipse was bred by the Duke of Cumberland, as t also was Herod. He was foaled in 17 4 and was f given his name because of a total eclipse of the i sun on the day of his birth. He was not raced i until five years old. He was an invincible, and I nothing ever got near him in his races. Sent into | stud service in 1771. his progeny in twenty-three r years won 90.23." . an enormous aggregate for that ; time. He was twenty-three years old when he died. February L»6, 17S7. He was a bright chestnut i in color and from every point of consideration was s a marvelous c~eature. His pe ligree was as follows: t r t rBartletta J Parley Arabian | rs„uirt...J C"ild"r9-- UettyLeede* I Sister to Old filters Snake and Country ,, i ■ Wench I Clumsy Sister 5? I P. /Hattaaa or B ,Iluttons J Mulso Il.-iv Tk ! Blacklegs. | Daughter of ~1" ril Klil,v J Coneyskius U *■ Mare. . i a - fBag Bolton I [Daughter of. -j §8 „„„,.„,„ „f o-= L Jox Club W w to = Uodolphin f tn ~ Arabian.. " . *M f v , H u Rcgulus. - y ,. fBaM GaUawag . l,ny T. t • I ■ Rohm- ... , . ,„ . i XJ I Country YV inch , 3 r Listers Snake ■ t. i... s t. Son ,, , . -Smith f ... , "J Daughter of of Snake. .1 ,, * -■- • Mother I Akaster 1 urk j I West- "| Lord dArcys i eru.... L, , I Old Montague I a L Daughter lt of J _ , , v ■ 1 Daughter of *- Hautboy I i Herod was a bay horse and was six Tears older I than Eclipse, having been foaled in 175S. He was I himself a aagatiar race horse. He won his first five races, three of which were matches for 1.000 1 gaill aa a side. He was sent to the stud in 1770 I and for a time outbred even the great Eclipse and in the course of nineteen years his progeny won : ? 1.007.. "JIT in nicuey, seven cups and forty-three hogsheads of claret. They believed in •something on the side" in those days. He died in 17S0, the same year that his grandson Diomed won the 1 first Epsom Derby. This Diomed was brought to I this country and founded a great family, of wiik-h I the perfect flower was Lexington. Through Diomed and the other famous Herod horse Gleiiooe there • is mire Herod blood in the Cnited States than in England. Herods ancestry was: i H. .verbs Turk rHTB.Ha rOfts tyusJigg] Daaghteraf Hart- J *■ Panker ner. . . . j Day -Curwens u I Sister to I Barb 2 Mixbury.. Daughter of 5" urwen Spot i fS * . :,y fClumsy I Bay Reg ,, ,. g .. L M chora. .J J3J I Wittys fSnialls Old Snail pjj I Milkmaid. Daughter of Cur- ~ I wens Gallowaj B* rI,-,i,"r /»•**»»* ] WJ CUUm*iBa«tgI«aiai f IM.ize. . . . I v. , , fOrag Crantham ,■ L on federate ,,•,, «]•_ S D ghtcr of Hut-la. Ll • s lands Black fcH Barb Q -Bethels J Arabian. .. I Salome.. J I. [ Grakasaa lDa„gl,!erofJ1/h;!"1,pior!.I, -s Daughter of Dar- I lag Arabian Mateheea, the third of the great fountain heads of breeding, was tiie elder of the trio, having been foaled in !7|s ,s was the fashion then, he was raced until he was five years old. He Avon six tretl races, such as were run at that time, and was not beaten until he was seven years old. He went into the stud in 17o9 at a fee of five guineas, which was increased to ten in 170.". twenty in 1770 and fifty in 177." . His line today is the : weakest ot the three, but is reviving in England. la lliis country it is best represented by Dick Wetlea and his brother. Dick Fiuuell. His pedigree was: f Godol- L Ilin l Arabiai L f~ r /-BaldCal- J St. Victor Barb loway | s Roxana.J Crey Whynot « JBIatarha faacaater Tart j w *■ . Chaaater..] W ! * Cream Checks a*- 3« I f | . fSirMostynsJKvf"rlysT"lk l »*» Daugli,er„f Crofts 3 3 f , Partaeri *■*" ■ [.Sister to fCurwen P.ay I MUbury..1 H:,rb v t. •Daughter of = Old Spot • r J Oglethorpes 8 Brown Maw. less.... S Arabian 3 rata- 4 L. .;.... ...... - I well... It,, . I Brimmer v i * t Daughter of.; ««. Trumpets dam I

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