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I itmamTT?nZ!rmmm LOSING DAYS NEVER BOTHER "FEELD" JTHE ORfVG I NAUmRARLAY Kl NG I clients, they know the "bookie" IfialgiljtitiigiyJ WILL PAY MORE THAN DOUBLE R lfl lM 1 I II DAME MARIECheTsII Lost rrl 4 VamMJLSLSLJi BARASNKOVA, 8.08, Lost 3 LET ME PROVE THAT THE "RACES" CAN BE BEATEN mr SATURDAY LIMIT WIN PARLAY 250 FOR "9 When I say "LIMIT PRICED WINNERS," I DO NOT MEAN "FAVORITES." A glance at my past releases proves that "1 mean exactly what I say" and, "believe me," when I tell you that todays two are the "real McCoy." Two "good things" that should never leave the "results" in doubt ! ! FREE TODAY! TWO SPECIAL WINNERS! ! Dont go down to the track today unless .youve got my two limit free specials "marked off" on your program. Remember, they cost you nothing ! ! DONT HESITATE! SUBSCRIBE NOW! TERMS, DADLY! City clients, call in person or phone FRANKLIN 0596 for messenger service absolutely no charge. Out-of-town clients,, wire via Postal Telegraph or Western Union. Service wired by fast telegram. No delay ! ! JACK FIELD, 35 South Dearborn St. Room 708, Chicago, 111. Weekly Racing Guide FOLLOW GUIDE COMMISSION HORSE FOLLOW THE GUIDE FOR WINNERS Readers in the following cities, call accompanying numbers: Chicago Readers, Call Wabash 7124 Cincinnati, Ohio ...Main 4200 New Orleans, La Main 3678 1 New York, N. Y .... .Bogardus 5900 San Francisco, Calif. Market 1624 St Louis, Mo , ..Garfield 4739 Cleveland, Ohio. ... .Kenmore 1153 or 1965-J In addition to the above release, other winning services given out by RACING GUIDE are the daily releases of Carmac and Asa Powell. , CARMACS RELEASE FOR SATURDAY: HAWTHORNE Hot-37-36. ASA POWELLS RELEASE FOR SATURDAY: f HAWTHORNE Warm-37-38. FOR CODE BUY ISSUE OF AUGUST 5 WEEKLY RACING GUIDE Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly Subscription Rate One Month, .25; Six Months, ; One Year, 8. 421 Plymouth Court Chicago, 111. LADY GIBSON, .40, WON WHITE LEGS, .64, WON were last Two Free Codes, 35 cents, all newsstands. Todays Code No. 746. Standard Turf Guide, Congress Bank Bldg., Chicago, III. j I THE CHICAGO WEEKLY TURF BULLETIN AND SPORTS RECORD Price 35c On Sale Everywhere Price 35c TODAYS SATURDAYS FREE CODE: HAWTHORNE: April-Dallas-Aurora-Boston. CLOCKERS AND HANDICAPPERS ALL STANDS 25 CENTS Todays Free Code: HAWTHORNE Black-29-30-19-24. YOU CAN WIN 00 ON TODAYS PARLAY Read Page 4 for Details COSTS ONLY 25 CENTS . 1 , j I 1 VjWilifM i 1 4t THE MAN WHO ROUTED THCl $ MYCTEBIOUV CHICAGO BOOKIES $ : 111 lr w V m acclaimed by every newspaper n the m COUNTRY FOR MY SUCCESS . MB SULLIVAN how ready again and bookies eotfr uke it GET A "NEW DEAL" WITH "SULLIVAN V YESTERDAYS PARLAY: THURSDAYS HAWTHORNE PARLAY: DISCERN, 1.78, Lost STIMULATOR, .24, WON SUN THORN, $ 9.84, Lost SCANDAL SHEET, .76, WON IT SULLIVAN ON THE WAR PATH! "BOOKIES" ON THE "RUN" Newspapers headlined MY ACHIEVEMENTS! Bookmakers throughout the country refused my transactions! r AM SHOOTING HIGH THESE DAYS AND HOTTER THAN EVER! DOUBLE HEADER TODAY! TWO PARLAYS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! 1- GET THE "DAILY DOUBLE" FROM SULLIVAN TODAY BEFORE GOING TO THE TRACK! W TERMS. S3 A DAY. CHICAGO READERS. Call at our office or phone RANDOLPH 9195 9196. Parlay sent to you with messenger. OUT-OF TOWN PLAYERS, telegraph at .once. J. SULLIVAN, 127 N. Dearborn St. Boom 1327, Chicago, HI. Daily Telegraph The "Pink Sheet" Price, 15 Cents ON SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS CONEY ISLAND SERVICE IP YOURE PLAYING THE CINCINNATI RACES, whether at the track or elsewhere, you will find the "Pink Sheet" the most reliable GUIDE TO PROFITS. You win find some of the FRESH HORSES listed among the Weekly Winner Forecasts, and the SOLID HORSES will be pointed out every day among the Bold Type Specials of Regren and Bassett. HIT AND RUN, McCarty Coney Island Tip, Paid, 5.00 PRESTIGE, McCarty Tip and Free Code, Paid, 9.00 CONTRABAND, Regrens Coney Island Pay-Off, Paid, 4.20 "THE "PINK SHEET" GAVE one of the two long shots that won at Saratoga ba opening day. SEA FOX, opening at 15-1 and closing at 10-1, was a McCarty Tip. SATURDAYS TWO FREE CODES: CONEY ISLAND Bome-37-40-45. HAWTHORNE Erie-27-46-41. TO DECIPHER FREE CODES BUY A TELEGRAPH CHICAGO DAfLY TELEGRAPH 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, DLL. per Month by First Class Mall per Month by Air Mail YOU CANT LOSE I With This FREE Bettins Method If you can pick- 8H winners or 1 out of 12, you cant lose with the SURETY BETTING METHOD. This Method sold regularly for .00 is being offered FREE to acquaint you with the Turf Worlds Leading Publication RACING NEW.S. SEND FOR FREE COPY Send in your name and address at once, and you will receive by return mail a copy of the SURETY BETTING METHOD, and a complimentary copy of RACING NEWS. For winners and timely articles on how to pick vinners, read the Racing News regularly. RACING NEWS 542 S. Dearborn St. Chicago CLOCKERS REVIEW SOLD ON ALL NEWSSTANDS 35c a Copy NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY YESTERDAYS BOOK STAR SPECIAL: CANDY MAN, 8.45, WON TODAYS STAR SPECIAL FREE CODE: HAMILTON Pink-22-25. TODAYS CODE PARLAY: H AW. Sadde-1 6-9. CONEY ISLD Blinkers-6-23. HEBE ARE TWO 2 LIMIT WINNERS TERMS, PAYS FOR CODE CARDS FOR SIX PARLAYS CLOCKERS REVIEW PUB. CO. 1674 Broadway Suite 914, New York City, N. Y. FBEE 10-1 WINNER FREE Have positive OKAY on another LONG SHOT WINNER, and its absolutely free. $ $. Call in person or phone DEARBORN 9297. JACK HURN, 36 W. Randolph St., Suite 800, Chicago. I WIN 0 PER WEEK I ON 0 CAPITAL Impossible Not at all. Send for a copy of the KENTUCKY SYSTEM mad prove to your own satisfaction that it can be done. 10 days free trial. No money dovra. Pay latex if satisfied. Write for you copy today. SecorPub. Co. Bept 5 Aurora, III. LIVE WIRE WINNERS rnrri "professional play sys- rKr r I TEM" and my "Racin9 Secrets" I1J-IU. mailed FREE on request, RACING REPORTER "Jl? ibh" CARL BRADY TURF WEEKLY 35c Sold on All Newsstands 35c Todays Free Code: HAWTHORNE Reno-54-48. TODAYS PARLAY: HAWTHNE: Tan-19-5. CONEY ISLD: Tan-7-25. NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY GRANDSTAND TURF WEEKLY FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS 35c Todays Free Code: C. I.: Earnings-29-44-71-71. TODAYS CODE PARLAY: HAWTHNE WheeI-30-52. CONEY ISLD Gear-52-49. MAN O WAR Code Parlay: HAW. Billy-59-43-59-53 and CONEY ISLAND Dick-55-61-27-53. Free Code: HAWTHORNE Saddle-35-8-34-37. Jockey Code: CAT Fator-41-22-44-42. COMPASS For Sale at All Newsstands 35 Cents Code Parlay: HAWTHORNE April-56-40-32-50 and CONEY ISLAND Nov.-78-52-76-46. Free Code: GREEN Eddie-20-46-28-32. Clockers Code: CONEY ISLAND Reo-51-11-25-35. New Issue Out 35 Cents FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS HAWTHORNE FREE CODE: Ten-Bab-Jog-Sky-Ivy. 5 FREE SPECIAL SARATOGA: Tee-Dig-Bab-Gag-Off. Watch this one win the UNITED HOTEL STAKES today. Never better and the connections are extremely confident they will win. OCCASIONAL CODE: HAWTHORNE: Tan-Fee-Met-Owe-Law. Has a world of speed and is, READY TO WIN. New CODE CARD is for sale at all newsstands. Price, 2. Good for one week. ONCE AGAIN Right Off the Bat the New Weekly Put Over- "... Saratoga Long Shot Winner: Sea Fox 15-l,Won Al Gern is at Saratoga and gave this one strongly. LAST WEEKS LONG SHOT WINNERS: FLYING GIRL, 8.60, WON JUST FUN, 0.10, WON MRS. LET, 3.40, WON And many other winners. Ask your newsdealer for the WEEKLY MASTER CL0CKER 35 CENTS, AT ALL NEWSSTANDS IF IX IF i r f DIRECT STABLE INFORMATION Two Horses a Day In Code Form PAYS FOR SIX DAYS SERVICE BILLY KELLYS RELEASES FOR SATURDAY: HAWTHORNE A-2-21-14-12. CONEY ISLAND L-22-16-8-26. Fridays Kelly Code Release at Hawthorne: ROYAL BLUNDER, 0.88, WON WM. BURKE KELLY 423 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO. ILL. RAY PAXON 320 East Third St. Suite 401, Cincinnati, Ohio SATURDAYS TWO FREE CODES: HAWTH 0 R N E Stand-23-21-1-3. CONEY ISLAND Stand-23-2-14-25. Advertise in Daily Racing Form

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