Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-05-05

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Gushing Oil Gushing Oil Gushing Oil Henrvs First Froth Gushing Oil 17 1 Henrys First Henrys First Govonder Gushing Oil Henrys First Henrys First 12 Johns Folly Froth Henrys First Govonder Goyonder Froth 6 Free Me Lucile T. Free Me Free Me Free Me Free Me 22 2 Moon Baby Free Me Easy Dixie Moon Baby Lucile T. Lucile T. ■ Munsee Miss Nicotine Gal Munsee Miss Top Choice Top Choice Moon Baby 4 Colonel Ky. Colonel Ky. Colonel Warsick Ky. Colonel Ky. Colonel 20 3Ky. Zoom Warsick Teapoy Fine Art Warsick Warsick 9 Bully Boy Fine Art Bully Boy Zoom Fine Art Fine Art 4 PROP Kings Hope PROP Prop PROP PROP 26 4 Countess Molly Eternal Son Royal Tulio Roval Tulip Grumpito Kings Hope 7 Kings Hope Royal Tulip Grumpito Kings Hope Countess Molly Royal Tulip 5 Fleecy Cloud Fleecy Cloud Blemish Fleecy Cloud Ted Yochum Fleecy Cloud 15 5 Ted Yochum Blemish Irvington Wreath O Rcses The Veep Blemish 8 Irvington The Veep Coynes Edgar Coynes Edgar Blemish Red Yochum 7 CROWNLET Hadnt Orter Oil Countess Hadnt Orter Crownlet 12 6Flynet Mutation Mutation Mutation Crownlet Crownlet Hadnt Orter 11 Hi Decker Free For Me Crownlet Hadnt Orter Hi Decker Mutation 6 Sonic Sonic Battle Morn Mameluke Battle Morn Battle Morn 14 7 Battle Morn Repetoire Repetoire Battle Morn Mameluke Sonic 10 Timely Reward Fanfare Royal Mustang Fanfare Fanfare Mameluke 7 General Custer Gay Henrietta Double Gift GENERAL CUSTERLands End General Custer 13 8 Double Gift Double Gift Golden Bolt Gay Henrietta Double Gift Double Gift 11 Uncle Otho Uncle Otho General Custer Uncle Otho Gay Liberty Gay Henrietta 7 Bold King Bold King Bold King Bold King Bold King Bold King 25 9 Whatanurse Whatanurse Whatanurse Convalescent Whatanurse Whatanurse 8 Bonnie Donnie Bonnie Donnie Free Gift Favorito Free Gift Convalescent 2 Trackman, J. J. Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS TECHNICOLOR Kenayr Kenayr Technicolor TECHNICOLOR TECHNICOLOR 23 1 Kenavr Technicolor Technicolor Kenayr The Farmer Kenayr 14 Little Geromo Little Geromo Aristocrat Genies Mate Genies Mate Genies Mate 2 Uncle Rob FATE Fearless Ken Hi Ante Fearless Ken Fearless Ken 13 2 Night Tour Fearless Ken Fate Night Tour Uncle Rob Fate 9 Bimebella , Hi Ante Vanslam Fearless Ken Hi Ante Uncle Rob 7 Shattered Shattered Best Arrav Sea Sweet Shattered Shattered 17 3 Liability Best Arrav Liability Shattered Sea Sweet Sea Sweet 9 Aliegee Sea Sweet Sea Sweet Best Array Liability Best Array 8 Smart Eve Jumpy John LASS QUEST Smart Eve Smart Eve Smart Eve 17 4 Jumpy John Smart Eve Chicks Delight Grey Scout Atomic Energy Jumpy John 7 Atomic Energy Pasha Nowloggin Pasha Nowloggin Lass Quest 7 - c Opening Day Bodens Pal Futuresaue FUTURESQUE Opening Day Futuresaue 14 S Bodens Pal Futuresaue Opening Day My Wash My Wash Opening Day 13 ** Pharlo My Wash Bodens Pal Opening Day Pharlo Bodens Pal 8 Rose Bed Rose Bed High Carrier Ballydam Ballvdam Ballvdam 14 6 Ballydam Ballydam Pay Window Richavoo Rose Bed Rose Bed 13 Richavoo Pay Window Evidence Rose Bed Richavoo High Carrier 5 Lucky Codine Lucky Codine Phantom Sea Kosadus Lucky Codine 19 7LuckvCodine Phantom Sea Phantom Sea Little Flower Lucky Codine Lucky Codine Phantom Sea 9 False Little Flower Boo Boo Shoo Little Flower Boo Boo Shoo Kosadus 5 Ed Heres Ed Heres* Ed Boss Jack Boss Jack Heres Ed 19 8Heres Timus Boss Jack Timus Going Places Going Places Boss Jack 12 Resume Timus Copper Cup Heres Ed Heres Ed Going Places 4 Frank Munns Leapolina • Leapolino Donna L. Donna L. Donna L. 13 9 Donna L. Gay Lee Golden Thorn Gay Lee Frank Munns Leapolino 12 Golden Thorn Donna L. Townlette Leapolino Leapolino Frank Munns 7 Trackman, J. R. Batty JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Title Bout Stevie Dear Stevie Dear Mad Madge Stevie Dear Stevie Dear 17 1 Child Wonder Mad Madge Title Bout Stevie Dear Mad Madge Mad Madge 10 Heaven Bent Title Bout Mad Madge Heaven Bent Title Bout Title Bout 9 Deflation Newsweeklv Newsweeklv Newsweekly Newsweeklv Newsweekly 20 2 Adamant Teddies Imo Teddies Imp Teddies Imp Inquiring Deflation 6 Thermilles Inquiring Deflation Inquiring Adamant Teddies Imp 6 MISSION Mission Platoon Mission Mission Mission 22 3 Poppaea Nullify Nullify Nullify Poppaea Nullify Nullify Poppaea . Poppaea Poppaea Nullify Poppaea 7 Balsam Suppressor Guard of Honor Guard of Honor Guard of Honor 12 4Lectioneer Battle Royal Guard of Honor Scotch Dream Balsam Battle Royal Balsam 9 Balsam Lectioneer Blue Gallant Suppressor Balsam Lectioneer 6 Charlie McAdam BUSY SIGNAL Indian Land Acuity Indian Land Indian Land 13 5 Acuity Sulmari Battlefuz Indian Land Busy Signal Busy Signal 11 Busy Signal Indian Land Busy Signal Sulmari Sulmari Acuity 7 " Lithe Next Move Next Move NEXT MOVE NEXT MOVE NEXT MOVE 25 6 Siama Renew Renew Renew Siama Lithe 6 Next Move Drifting Maid Nell K. Thelma Berger Lithe Renew 6 Combat Boots Basically Basically Basically Combat Boots Basically 17 7 Grand Egyptian Combat Boots Combat Boots Combat Boots Basically Combat Boots 16 Father Tiber Hull Down Amphiblen Out Point Hull Down Grand Egyptian 2 Armelle CONTROL Control Control Control 20 8Armelle Control Good Story Good Story Good Storv Armelle Armelle 12 Keep Watch Control Mel Hash Frost Bitten Good Story Good Story 7 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Cecil M. Cecil M. BALLINAKILL Cecil M. Cecil M. Cecil M. 20 1 Gnu Gnu Illustration Ballinakill Prince Cole Ballinakill 9 Prince Cole Dark Ned War Dauber Prince Cole Gnu Gnu 5 Handy Man Strolling Moon Hv Netherby Netherby 11 2Netherby Hy Pip Pip Showy Handy Man Hy Ty 9 Battle Cry Netherby Handy Man Once Only Bengal Trail Handy Man 8 Carry Me Back Ala Mowlee Dependable Ala Mowlee Ala Mowlee Ala Mowlee 15 3 Giachino Boned Up Giachino Giachino Carry Me Back Carry Me Back 7 In A Spin Kalluki EI Pacho Dependable Bull Hyde Dependable 6 Strings Stings Changeling Strings Strings Strings 20 4 Devilkin Devilkin Devilkin Changeling Devilkin Changeling 9 Ginoway Changeling Inca Devilkin Changeling Devilkin 9 ~~ Little Harp LITTLE HARP Puppet Little Harp LITTLE HARP Little Harp 25 5 Choralier New Oxford Arthur Pilate Witch Way New Oxford Puppet 6 Puppet Choralier Little Harp New Oxford Choralier New Oxford 5 COUNTY DLIGHT County Delight County Delight COUNTY DLIGHT County Delight CNTY DLIGHT 29 6 On the Mark On the Mark On the Mark Why Not Now Why Not Now On the Mark 8 Why Not Now Why Not Now Why Not Now On the Mark On the Mark Why Not Now 7 Quickset Quickset Peacelaw Quickset Quickset 17 7Pennask Quickset Endtown Harmony Hope Pennask Peacelaw Pennask 9 Marketing Pennask Endtown Lock Control Pennask Peacelaw 7 Storm Bird Transhot Conewago Storm Bird Transhot Transhot 16 8 Transhot Storm Bird Transhot Transhot Storm Bird Storm Bird 15 Fixed Star Safety Lock Storm Bird Safety Lock Safety Lock Conewago 5 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track Egan Handy Sort Custody Shirleys Pride Sir Stephen Sir Stephen 9 IWish A Henry Wish Egan Sir Stephen Sir Stephen Custody Wish Egan 9 Mons Boy Gay Slated Wish Egan Wish Egan Custody 7 Gams Gams Brahmin Maid Esta Vez Gams Gams 16 2 Sweet Sixteen Esta Vez Sombor Sweet Sixteen Sweet Sixteen Esta Vez 9 Esta Vez Sweet Sixteen Our Dodo Gams Esta Vez Sweet Sixteen 7 Pensive Dannas Pensive Dannas Pensive Dannas Pensive DANNAS PENSIVE DNAS PENSIVE 27 3Dannas Tangent Althor Cross End Althor Althor Althor 7 Althor Cross End Freddie Baum Princess Hope Princess Hope Cross End 3 War Toro Annies Choice Idio Tulkinghorn Annies Choice Annies Choice 13 4 Musical Lady Idio Annies Choice Bounding Ace War Toro Idio 7 Annies Choice Tulkinghorn Bounding Ace Musical Lady Musical Lady War Toro 7 ROYAL DUKE Roval Duke Royal Duke Tony Jav Roval Duke Roval Duke 24 5 In Taste In Taste Tony Jay Royal Duke In Taste Tonv Jav 9 Tony Jay Sweep Miss I Trust Plucky Star Tony Jay In Taste 6 Luxe Algasir DE LUXE ALGASIR Algasir Algasir 19 6De Vital Sun De Luxe Algasir De Luxe All At Once De Luxe 16 All At Once Scipio Dukes Gal All At Once Edgeview All At Once 4 Lambent FAIR APPRAISAL Lambent Regal Lambent Lambent 19 7 Regal Lambent Fair Appraisal Lambent Peace Mission Fair Appraisal 10 Outland Peace Mission Regal Peace Mission Fair Appraisal Regal 8 Freedom Wins Sea Wolf Homing Pigeon Homing Pigeon Freedom Wins Freedom Wins 14 8 Bobs Ace Freedom Wins Sea Wolf Freedom Wins Homing Pigeon Homing Pigeon 13 Nassau Homing Pigeon Nassau Black Rover Nassau Sea Wolf 7 Monte s Pride Monte s Pride Montes Pride Montes Pride Monte s Pride Monte s Pride 25 9 Big Reward We Hope Scotch Cup Big Reward Wee Hope Big Reward 5 We Hope Scotch Cup Big Reward Boss H. Boss H, We Hope 5

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1950s/drf1951050501/drf1951050501_5_1
Local Identifier: drf1951050501_5_1
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800