Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1952-06-16

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy ARLINGTON PARK Selections Made for Good Track ~ RACE TRACKMAN _ANPLCAZ ANALYST HERMI5 SWEEP CONSENSUS Doings New Hone Best Doings New Hone Best Doings Best Doings 18 IBest Kenwood Syndicate New Hone Best Doings New Hope New Hope 14 Easy Silver Best Doings Little Less Syndicate Syndicate Syndicate 4 Stephens Girl Stephens Girl Meditate Blue Jeans Blue Jeans Stephens Girl 15 2 Meditate Blue Jeans Stephens Girl Stephens Girl Meditate Blue Jeans 12 French Room Swiveling Swiveling Meditate Stephens Girl Meditate 10 For Rent For Rent Army Conscript For Rent Army Conscript For Rent 19 3 Nobility Nobility For Rent Nobility . For Rent Army Conscript 12 Hoopla Army Conscript Nobility Army Conscript Nobility Nobility 8 Unbridled Unbridled Unbridled Unbridled Unbridled Unbridled 25 4 Raintree Well Worth It Tattenham Well Worth It Famous Shake Well Worth It 5 .- Tattenham Famous Shake Well Worth It Tattenham Tattenham Tattenham 5 Jet Ace Plunger Old Fiddle War Teddy War Teddy War Teddy 16 5 War Teddy War Teddy War Teddy Plunger Dark Count Plunger 8 Plunger Old Fiddle Jet Ace Old Fiddle Jet Ace Old Fiddle 7 REAL DELIGHT REAL DELIGHT REAL DELIGHT REAL DELIGHT REAL DELIGHT REAL DELIGHT 25 6 Last Greetings WhirlaLea WhirlaLea Last Greetings Last Greetings Last Greetings 7 Whirla Lea Bella Figura Last Greetings Bella Figura Whirla Lea Whirla Lea 6 Volcanic Volcanic Volcanic Volcanic InseDarable Volcanic 22 7 Chicle II. Inseparable InseDarable Inseparable Volcanic Inseparable 12 Inseparable Abbe Sting Chicle EL Chicle II. Abbe Sting Chicle n. 4 College Big Inch College Flap Not Convidado College 12 8 Convidado S. McLaughlin Flap Not S. McLaughlin FlaD Not Flap Not 10 Flan Not Royal Bones Big Inch College College Convidado 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS • Brooketta Brooketta Brooketta Spotitrig Brooketta Brooketta 22 I Arbuckle Arbuckle Arbuckle Brooketta Remodeled Arbuckle 7 Monroe J. Farrells Folly Tripping Monroe J. Arbuckle Spotitrig 5 Cattaragus Cattaragus MissLawdy Athapascan Cattaragus 18 2Cattaragus Athapascan MissLawdy MissLawdy Athapascan Cattaragus Athaoascan 10 Tricopa Lets Think Athapascan Cattaragus Doctor McCabe Miss Lawdy 9 Blue Badge Allocation Indelibly Blue Badge Indelibly Indelibly 12 3 Waverly Indelibly Blue Badge Waverly Bill Twig Blue Badge 12 Golden Gesture Ocean Clipper Bill Twig Bern Key Calm Bay Allocation 5 Mother Morris Liberty A. Liberty A. Ripton Gav Henrietta Liberty A. 14 4 Liberty A. All Is On Gay Henrietta Mother Morris Liberty A. Mother Morris 9 Bother Mother Morris Ripton + Thesis Mother Morris Gay Henrietta 7 ~~ Rip Tide Rip Tide Golden ReRh Rip Tide Rip Tide Rip Tide 22 5 Fighting John Glue Rip Tide Some Town Otter Brook Golden Reigh 7 Golden Reigh Flying Turkey Flying Turkey Floral Trail Golden Reigh Some Town 2 DUSTLIGHT Bvronic BYRONIC BYRONIC BYRONIC 27 6BYRONIC Mister Perfect Royce The Peer The Peer Royce Royce f The Peer Byronic Royce Royce Mister Perfect The Peer 5 Inaccessible Kitty Whiskers INACCESSIBLE Inaccessible Inaccessible Inaccessable 24 7 Sgt. Abe • Inaccessible Kitty Whiskers Star Pigeon Polar Battle Kitty Whiskers 8 Polar Battle Sgt. Abe Sgt. Abe Kitty Whiskers Sgt. Abe Sgt. Abe 5 Arpege Arpege Arpege Magnus Arpege 19 8Sedgewood Arpege Mighty Fox Magnus Pro Tanto» Arpege Magnus 8 Pro Tanto Pro Tanto Pro Tanto Magnus Mighty Fox Sedgewood 5 Trackman, J. R. Batty AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP * ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Angle Bewitching Bewitching Angle Bewitching Bewitching 16 1 Patrol Wagon Ferryman Patrol Wagon Patrol Wagon Patrol Wagon Angle 12 Champs Deream Patrol Wagon Angle Bewitching Angle Patrol Wagon 9 Mae West Ringgoldian Ringgoldian Ringgoldian Mae West Ringgoldian 18 2 Mighty Ruler Mae West Mae West Mighty Ruler Ringgoldian Mae West 14 Ringgoldian Mighty Ruler Keno Fit Fiddle Mighty Ruler Mighty Ruler 6 Courtney Swing Cheer Springdale Golden Boy II. Courtney Courtney . 14 3 Battle Wave Courtney Golden Boy DT. Courtney Springdale Springdale 9 Springdale Rozs Boy Battle Wave Springdale r Battle Wave Golden Boy H. 7 Roberto La Nappe ROBERTO Roberto Roberto Roberto 24 4 Fancy Flyer Roberto Fancy Flyer Fancy Flyer La Nappe La Nappe 9 La Nappe Props Flying Mane La Nappe Props Fancy Flyer 6 Bakersfield The Pincher Bakersfield Assignment Bakersfield 18 5Bakersfield The Pincher Baltimore Jim Assignment The Pincher Bakersfield The Pincher 10 Baltimore Jim The Pincher Bakersfield Baltimore Jim Baltimore Jim Assignment 7 Home-Made Home-Made Home-Made Home-Made Home-Made 25 6Home-Made Flirtatious - Countess Jane Flirtatious Countess Jane Flirtatious Flirtatious 8 Countess Jane Flirtatious Countess Jane Flirtatious Countess Jane Countess Jane 7 STANDEE STANDEE Ruth Hanson STANDEE STANDEE STANDEE 30 7 Ruth Hanson Censorship Standee Harlem Maid Harlem Maid Ruth Hanson 8 Harlem Maid Harlem Maid Harlem Maid Ruth Hanson Censorship Harlem* Maid 7 Freedom Wins Roseborough Freedom Wins Freedom Wins Freedom Wins Freedom Wins 22 8 BlueRoxy Freedom Wins Irvington BlueRoxy Roseborough Roseborough 10 Roseborough Balbec Roseborough Roseborough Blue Roxy Blue Roxy 5 Trackman, W. C. Phillips MONMOUTH PARK Selections Made far Fast Track * RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS . Baccala Marked Game Baccala Baccala Baccala Baccala 21 1 Lone Degree Star Shooter Star Shooter Star Shooter Star Shooter Star Shooter 8 Supreme Baccala Marked Game Lone Degree Lone Degree Marked Game 6 Next Best Allah Vhy Slam Thru Allah Vhy Silver Spot Allah-Vhy 13 2 Bilkaiim Red-Emporor Red -Emperor Slam Thru Allah Vhy Slam Thru 8 Wisetta Bilkaiim Allah Vhy Red Emperor Slam Thru Silver Spot 5 Corf el Mariposa Rehearser Corf el Rehearser Rehearser 15 3 Rehearser Corf el Publick Rehearser Corf el Corf el 14 Garden Wall Rehearser Garden Wall Garden Wall Druids Lyrics Mariposa 5 Occupied Zone DEVILWOOD Devilwood Devilwood Deyilwood 21 4Brookshire Devilwood Devilwood The Posse Brookshire Her Duty Brookshire 8 Occupied Zone Domage South Point Thos. E. Lynch Brookshire Occupied Zone 6 Flying Pat Up High Tiger Jay Flying Pat TIGER JAY Tiger Jay 15 5 Tiger Jay Fancy Bonnet Fancy Bonnet Black Al Fancy Bonnet Flying Pat 13 Black Al Black Al Flying Pat Tiger Jay Flying Pat Fancy Bonnet 6 ROCKY HEIGHTS FLEET ACE Giggle FLEET ACE Fleet Ace FLEET ACE 23 6 Fleet Ace Stepchild Fleet Ace Rocky Heights Rocky Heights Rocky Heights 11 Giggle Giggle Stepchild Giggle Giggle Giggle 9 Oriole Town Sheik Dry Fly Dry Fly Dry Fly 12 7TarportKid Dry Fly TarportKid Donna Boorse TarportKid TarportKid TarportKid 12 Picture Card Paddys Hat Tarport Kid Oriole Picture Card Oriole 6 Prefect Gnu Tiny Admiral Prefect Prefect Prefect 19 8 Sunny Bones Prefect Prefect , Tiny Admiral Snowflares Gnu 7- Gnu Sunny Bones Busy Evening Zuzie B. Gnu Tiny Admiral 7 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Cruel Sea FaJandBit Fair Bit Froggy Fair Bit Fair Bit 16 1 War Colleen Y?W Colleen War Colleen Pussy Cat War Colleen War Colleen 8 Lochwin Froggy Lochwin Fair Bit Froggy Froggy 7 BULLOW Cock Feather Alexis Alexis Bullow 17 2Bullow Alexis Danherst Bullow Cock Feather Bullow Alexis 13 Tampero Alexis Baluster Bullow Cock Feather Cock Feather 8 American Way American Way Palaja Crooning Wind Crooning Wind Crooning Wind 13 3 Genancoke Flaming Comet Crooning Wind Hampton Roads Flaming Comet American Way 10 Crooning Wind Genancoke Hampton Roads Phiblant Palaia Palaja 6 Shine On Mr. Joe Puck SHINE ON Shine On SHINE ON Shine On 26 4 Gold Script Shine On Golden Earring Touch Control Mr. Joe Puck Mr. Joe Puck 7 Valanza Inca Touch Control Gold Script Tough Control Touch Control 4 Flower Queen Quisas Flower Oueen Ouisas Flower Queen Flower Queen 18 5 Quisas Little Flirt n. Rustic Charm Flower Queen Quisas Quisas 15 Rustic Charm Flower Queen Quisas Little Flirt n. Gracious One Rustic Charm 3 POST CARD Penocc Penocc Postcard Postcard Postcard 19 6 Penocc Postcard Lyceum Penocc Penocc Penocc 16 Suleiman Lyceum Sulieman Euclid Suleiman Suleiman 3 Busy Dream Alacrity Alacrity Alacrity Alacrity Alacrity 21 7 Cactus Foot Busy Dream Busy Dream Eagle Speed Cactus Foot Busy Dream 9 Alacrity Cactus Foot Eagle Speed Cactus Foot Eagle Speed Cactus Foot 6 0ctavias Daughter Octavias Daughter Octavias Daughter OCTAS DAUTER Octavias Daughter OCAS DAUTER 27 8 StandOff Kingfish Kingfish Wohneda Stand Off Stand Off 6 Kingfish Mr. R. Stand Off Stand Off Kingfish Kingfish 6

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